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As kids waited in school for the bell to ring, there was a loud scream. “Ahh!” a girl cried both loudly and a bit erotically. A few people turned to her, but they quickly went back to doing what they were doing before.

The girl’s shirt was torn in the middle and her huge DD chest hanged out. The girl next to her smiled. “Just go to the office and get a new one.” The girl nodded and jogged to the office, her chest bouncing all the way there with every step. Some guys took a glance, but then went back to their conversations. The girl got to the office and the front desk woman smiled.

“Another shirt break?” she asked. The girl nodded and the woman reached down. “Here,” she said and handed her a t-shirt. When the girl put it on, it stretched so that each chest had a D on it for her DD breasts. The girl then happily skipped out of the office, without a worry or care.

To get you caught up to speed, you probably need to know a few things.

The first thing is that this is New Domino City College. It is known as the friskiest college in the world. Part of the reason is that all the girls here have DD breasts or larger. Some people said it was caused by the amount of milk New Domino City drank, but it was also partially caused by genetics. The women who settled her had big chests and the tradition had continued for over 100 years.

Because of the women’s large chests, all of the girls that attended were required to take birth control pills. Due to the school’s friskiness, many “adult” things happened after school, although the who and what was kept secret by many students.

Another thing done after school was sports events. However, New Domino was terrible at them. Yet, they sold out every event and it was because of, you guessed, boobs. The cheerleaders came out in their green red and white bare midriff uniforms, and the whole stadium went crazy.


The cheered even louder when the cheerleaders did their famous, “Bounce Bounce,” dance, where the cheerleaders would jump up and down, bouncing their huge DD breasts. Of course, any female student watching would join in, as only the girls who bounce their chests the fastest got selected being cheerleaders. The remaining girls were called, “The student cheerleaders” and they would all bounce their chests with the girls on the playing surface.

With the female student body all bouncing their chests, that didn’t mean the rest of the audience weren’t getting in on it as well. The mothers would join in bouncing their chests as well, making their husbands drool. As for the rest of the guys in the stands, they would do the only thing they could think of: masturbate.


Guys would have contests to see who could do it the most often and who could hold it the longest. If you made it through the whole game, without blowing your bing, you were considered a champ by your fellow male peers. Of course, even females got turned on by the bouncing, and they too even held similar contests as well. Even with the bad teams on the field, people would always come to see those big, green, bouncing tits.


With the attendance being so high, New Domino was able to get large scoreboards, some of the largest in the entire country. However, since the product wasn’t very good, New Domino could only use them for one thing only: the cheerleaders boob bouncing. The cheerleaders practice throughout the year and could easily go an entire game just bouncing their DD’s up and down, even through halftime and intermissions. This meant that even if you had trouble seeing the cheerleaders, you could always watch the chests going on a huge HD screen on both sides of the playing field.

On top of getting people excited during games, the New Domino cheerleaders had won countless awards for the cheerleading, both at state and even national level. There just was something about those huge DD breasts that made people go crazy and want more of it.

As two girls walked through the hallway, they were both excited. Both of their boyfriends would be playing in the first football game of the season. Luna was dating Yusei Fudo, a long, lanky individual, while Akiza was dating Dexter, a dorky, also lanky man. While neither one was considered to be a hunk, both of them never understood how they landed with two beautiful women like Luna and Akiza.

Unlike most of the female students that attended, Akiza had bigger than DD breasts. Instead, they were, DDD. While, that didn’t seem like much, it was to everyone else. Girls oogled at her larger chest and Akiza never minded the stares or guys drooling. She had gotten used to it a long time and ago and she barely even noticed it now. On top of that, being nearly 6 feet tall, (5’11 ½” to be exact), also made her stand out.

Luna was only 5’7”, but that was still tall for a female and most of her height was from her long, long legs. She too had a DDD chest and she enjoyed being with Akiza, as she learned to ignore the guys, much like Akiza did. As they walked home, they both got ready for the game. They luckily got to live with the guys, as the guys saved money from their scholarships. That meant, they could help cover the cost of living off campus. Of course, with Akiza and Luna both being really rich, that helped too.

As the girls went into the games, they saw the usual things. The scoreboards were not turned on yet, but they were already surrounding where the cheerleaders would be. The girls saw that just about every woman’s chest was bouncing, even for fans of the visiting team. The girls found their seats, after getting some refreshments.

The two girls looked around at the 75,000 seat stadium, knowing that in just minutes, it was going to be going crazy soon.

Soon, the announcer came on over the speakers, “Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time for the best and bustiest cheerleaders in the world! You’re New Domino City Double D’s!” Everyone in the stadium erupted and Akiza and Luna looked at one another. They knew they were going to be the only women not going crazy right now.

“Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!” the crowd chanted, wanting to see the usual dance. The camera crews got into position, so that each cheerleader would have a camera focused squarely on her bouncing chest. Once they got into position, only the cheerleaders themselves could hear them all say at once, “All right! Lets bounce!”

The girls started their soon to be hours upon hours of bouncing. The crowd roared with delight at the sight and, instantly, the big screen was filled with the picture of bouncing boobs. Guys immediately started jerking off and you could the fapping sound with ease. The other females in the stadium started bouncing along, including mothers, and the student cheerleaders did too. Heck, even the visitor fans did too, as they normally did (despite most not having a DD chest or larger).

“What a bunch of sluts!” the announcer yelled loudly over the excitement, but no one minded. Finally, both teams were about to come out, even if the crowd was clearly more interested in the off the field excitement.

"Now introducing the players !!!!!" The announcer said in an uninterested tone.

"At QuarterBack #10 Dexter Wilson! Dexter was nerdy, lanky guy, and while he may be a nerd, he had a very sweet heart. At Wide Receiver # 88 Yusei Fudo. Yusei, like Dexter, was lanky and lacked muscle. However, the meaty and muscle players were about to come out.


“Now it’s time for #80, tight end, Jack Atlas! Jack was now your more typical football player, with huge muscles and his tall, towering frame. Wideout #85 Placido Sanderson. Placedo was short, but muscular too. Running back, #25, the flying bird of New Domino, Crow Hogan! Crow flexed his arms, even as the crowd continued to cheer on the cheerleaders, and very few girls took notice of him.

The big the powerful the 338 lb defensive lineman #99 Jakob "The Crusher " Williams. A huge man, shaped almost like a square, came out, with his stomach giggling as he jogged. #76, Bob The BullDozer Griffin. Bob was big as well, much like his nickname stated. The 235lb CB #21 Bruno "shutdown" Valentine. Bruno was a tall and slightly muscular man with blue hair. He wasn’t lanky, like Yusei and Dexter, but he wasn’t buff like Jack and Crow.

List of Notable players:

#10 Dexter Wilson

#88 Yusei Fudo

#80 Jack Atlas

#85 Placido Sanderson

#25 Crow Hogan

#76 Bob Griffin

#99 Jakob Williams

#11 Leo Williams

#21 Bruno Valentine

Now time for the game folks against last years #1 Defense and Offense Virginia. A new and improved New Domino City vs an experienced national champion Virginia. Let's go to the game folks. The coin flip and New Domino won it with heads and they elected to receive the ball and recieve left.

The kick went up and it landed on the 1 yard line. A tough spot for the up and coming offense. Dexter came out with the offense and he came out with the white uniform red full compression long sleeved shirt and white and green gloves and shoes and pants with long white and green and red socks. He said the play in a flash " Alright TRIPS LEFT 10 STRETCH ON ONE. Ready break." Dexter said and got under the center from his own end zone and pretended to hand it off to crow who ran left drawing attention from everyone but Dexter had the ball and ran as fast as he could. Dexter had daylight and a clear spot at the endzone.

"Oh my God folks he's at the 50!!! The 40!!!!! The 30!!!!!! The 20!!!! The 10 !!!! !!!!!! TOUCHDOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " the announcer yelled into the microphone " A 102 yard RUSHING TOUCHDOWN wow what a play from this freshman QB."

Dexter was picked up as he celebrated his TOUCHDOWN with a celebratory handshake and leap with the fans. He went to the sideline and sat and drank the Gatorade as he was high fived by Jack and Yusei and his fellow teammates. While barely hearing anything because the cheerleaders were bouncing causing the audience to go wild and crazy.

“That’s my Dexter!” Akiza said to herself. Luna smiled. “Are you going to treat him afterwards?” Luna asked. Akiza smiled. I always treat him after the game, win or lose. It’s the least I could do as his girlfriend. Besides, he’s also helping pay for our housing too.” Luna nodded. “Yeah. I hope Yusei scores so that I can treat him too.”

New Domino City: 6  Virginia:0

The Kicker kicked the PAT ATTEMPT and it is good!

NDC: 7  Virginia:0

Dexter Wilson: 1 rush 102 Yards TD Long: 102 yards * Longest run in school history * * first NDC freshman QB to get 100+ Yards in a game and shortest TD in NCAA history :10 and longest run in NCAA history.

The Virginia Head Coach was pissed off at his defense for giving up such a big run and the early TD. After the kickoff the Virginia team was 1st and Goal from their 20 yard line and in ShotGun formation. The snap came and Bruno spotted it was pass and he got in front of it. Since Bruno was a Former Receiver and it was a corner route Bruno picked it off and ran it home for a 20 Yard PICK SIX. Touchdown !!!!!! Bruno gave a bounce bounce chant and the cheerleaders got even louder.

NDC: 13  Virginia: 0

Bruno 20 yard Interception return for a TD.


NDC: 14  Virginia: 0

This game was getting out of hand and after a 3 & Out the Virginia team was forced to punt. Leo called for a fair catch and the drive started on the NDC 34 yard line. Dexter called a play and hiked the ball. Evading all defenders and running until Yusei was wide open for a 66 yard TD from Dexter.

NDC: 20   Virginia: 0

“There we go Yusei! Tonight is going to be extra special for you!” Luna cried. Akiza laughed. “Luna! You say that during every game, even if Yusei goes for negative yardage.” Luna shrugged. “So what? Like you, I just want to reward Yusei for his hard effort and for helping pay for our housing. He’s a really sweet guy.” Akiza laughed. “So is Dexter. Despite being on the football team, Yusei and Dexter are really big softies.” Luna laughed and they agreed, as they turned back to the game.”

Dexter: 1/1 66 Yds TD 1 Rush 102 Yds TD

Yusei: 1 rec 66 Yds TD


NDC: 21  Virginia: 0

The Virginia offense  got something going with their run game but were only able to score a 45 yard field goal.

NDC: 21 Virginia: 3

End of Q1 : NDC: 21 Virginia: 3

The second quarter started on a touchback and Dexter wanted his tight end Jack atlas so he went to him for a gain of 55 yards. Then after 2 unsuccessful plays due to a drop by Placido and no gain on a run he audibles his play to a HB Counter Run to crow which got him 25 yards and a TD.

NDC: 27  Virginia: 3

“Go Crow!” his mothers yelled as they started touching themselves while getting wetter and wetter. Yes, Crow had two mothers. They were former New Domino College students and cheerleaders. Even though they might not have the figures they once did, they still loved their DD breasts and loved bouncing them, just as much as all the other females in the stands. Although it was kept secret, Crow had a very very intimate, incest relationship with his mothers. It’s one of the things that kept them close, even as people still harassed him about having two moms.Crow didn’t mind going at it with them at all, as they had shown and let him experience sex for the first time. With that in mind, Crow didn’t feel like he should do it with anyone else.

Dexter: 2/3 121 yards TD 1 rush 102 yards TD

Yusei: 1 rec 66 yards TD

Jack: 1 rec 55 yards TD

Crow: 3 rush 27 Yards TD

Dexter handoff to crow left end 2 yard rush 2 PT CONVERSION SUCCESSFUL

NDC: 29   Virginia: 3

After a 102 yard kickoff return the lead was trimmed to 19

NDC: 29   Virginia: 9


NDC: 29   Virginia: 10

A touchback made the drive start on the 20 yard line. Dexter's first pass was to Placido for 30 yards. Next play was a 40 yard run by crow hogan. Next play was a 10 Yard TD pass by Dexter to his tight end Jack Atlas.

As Jack scored, he went over to his girlfriend Carly, who was one of the cheerleaders. “Are you still bouncing?” he asked her. Carly nodded. “Just as fast as before you came out here,” she noted. Jack smiled. “Good, because we’re going to be doing some really hard bouncing in bed later tonight.” Carly wet herself at the thought, as she kept bouncing, and Jack ran back to his teammates.

NDC: 35   Virginia: 10

Dexter: 4/5 161 yards 2 TD 1 rush 102 yards TD

Yusei Fudo : 1 rec 66 Yds TD

Jack Atlas : 2 rec 65 Yds TD

Placido: 1 rec 30 Yds

Crow: 4 rush 67 Yds TD

After another 3 & Out the NDC offense took the field at their own 10 Yd line. Dexter from under center to his star WR Yusei Fudo gain of 34 Yds. Dexter from shotgun to jack for 36. Dexter PlayAction to Leo for 20 Yd TD.

NDC: 41    Virginia: 10

Dexter : 7/8 251 Yds 3 TD 1 rush 102 Yds TD

Yusei: 2 Rec 100 Yds TD

Jack: 3 Rec  101 Yds TD

Leo: 1 Rec 20 Yds TD

Placido: 1 Rec 30 Yds

Crow: 4 rush 67 Yds TD

HALFTIME: NDC: 41   Virginia: 10

After the Bounce Bounce sweepstakes, winner gets to have sex with two cheerleaders regardless of gender, (congratulations to Sly Alex Anderson), we go back to the game. During the halftime show Leo and Jakob each exchanged a passionate kiss because of Leo's TD and Jakob's 3.5 Sacks

A Virginia 46 yard TD PASS gave them some life on that sideline. Jakob felt bad about letting the Virginia QB slip past him but Leo gave him a pep talk and grabbed his junk and kissed him passionately while telling him to go sack a QB and this is his game.

NDC: 41   Virginia: 16


NDC: 41   Virginia: 16

NDC drive from the NDC 5 yard line. Dexter's first passes incomplete. Crow run for 50 yards to midfield. Dexter PlayAction 50 Yard TD PASS to Placido.

NDC: 47   Virginia: 16

Dexter:8/11 301 Yds 4 TD 1 rush 102 Yds TD

Yusei: 2 Rec 100 Yds TD

Jack: 3 Rec 101 Yds TD

Placido: 2 Rec 80 Yds TD

Crow: 5 Rush 97 Yds TD

Leo: 1 Rec 20 Yds TD


NDC: 48  Virginia: 16

End of Q3 : NDC: 48  Virginia: 16

The game was already over but the players didn't want to go off. To them this wasn't a game to win they played for fun. So from the NDC 20 Yd line the drive began. So on the current drive Yusei and Jack both caught 2 passes for a total of 30 yards. Then Dexter from under center after he was flushed out the pocket saw Leo open for a 50 Yd TD pass. All that could be seen was people going crazy because this is the first time since 2045 season in which NDC started 1-0

NDC: 54 Virginia: 16

Dexter: 10/13 381 Yds 5 TD 1 rush 102 Yds TD

Yusei: 3 Rec 115 Yds TD

Jack: 4 Rec 116 Yds TD

Placido: 2 Rec 80 Yds TD

Crow: 5 Rush 97 Yds TD

Leo: 2 Rec 70 Yds 2 TD


NDC: 55 Virginia: 16

The game was over at that point and the back ups were put in there for the remaining time and the game ended.

Final: NDC: 55 Virginia: 16

Dexter: 12/15 381 Yds 5 TD 1 rush 102 Yds TD


Yusei: 3 Rec 115 Yds TD

Jack: 4 Rec 116 Yds TD

Placido: 2 Rec 80 Yds TD

Crow: 25 Rush 180 Yds TD

Leo: 2 Rec 70 Yds 2 TD

Jakob: 16 Tackles 5.5 Sacks

Bruno: 14 Tackles 2.5 Sacks INT returned for TD

Once the final horn sounded, the girls continued bouncing, until all the shaking of hands was done. The women in the stands finally slowed down as well. The screens went off as soon as the last cheerleader chest bounced. As the guys headed to the locker room, Jack and Crow came over to Dexter. They had teased him for a long time about not being buff and were feeling guilty after his great performance.

“Hey Dexter. Listen,” Crow started, “Jack and I want to say that we’re sorry that we’ve made fun about you for not having huge muscles like us.” Dexter turned to Jack as Yusei came over. “Yeah. I’m sorry,” Jack admitted. Dexter smiled.

Will you apologize to Yusei as well?” Dexter asked. They all turned to Yusei who grinned. Crow and Jack nodded. “We’re sorry for making fun of you for not being buff,” Crow said. “And making fun of you for being lanky,” Jack added. Yusei smiled. “Apology accepted,” he replied. Jack got a smirk.

“Now that that’s out of the way, you do know I got one more yard than you? Right Yusei?” Jack said, edging Yusei on. “Yeah, but I can easily get past that over the rest of the season, and you do know my TD was longer right” Yusei replied. The two had a friendly rivalry on who will will do better than the other. Both of them turned to Dexter and begged him to throw to them more. Dexter smiled.

“Only if you guys get open,then I'll be able to throw the ball to either one of you guys.”


"If you guys can't get open then I'll just run myself through the line just like Dexter. "Crow said as he gave Dexter a noogie.


The four of them laughed. Just like Jack and Crow,  Leo and Jakob came over to congratulate Dexter and Yusei because of their monster games. Leo was energetic, but Jakob was somewhat shy about it. Jakob was a monster on the defensive line but off the court he was a total sweetheart. He helped the homeless and he was the one who would be dominated by Leo and he listened to female singers and even when Leo and Jakob were home and didn't have practice or anything to do he would walk around naked just for Leo.

Still, after a few laughs, Yusei and Dexter smiled at them. “So, what are you going to do now?” Yusei asked. Leo smiled, as he got on top of Jakob's towel covered lap with his chest and entire front in Jakob's view.

“Going home to get some humping on,” Leo replied,while sitting on Jakob's lap and kissing all over his chest and lips and he tried to move his hand down to a special place of Jakob.  “Jakob loves a good humping after a game,” Leo commented.

"I can't lie I do love a good humping. Especially after I get 5.5 sacks on a QB. It feels so much better. Also I love it when Leo shows his work on and off the court," Jakob says as he feels Leo head down lower to his place. Jakob saw this and he removed Leo's towel and started jacking off Leo aggressively.

Yusei and Dexter laughed at the comment but then left as soon as Jakob started doing Leo. Yusei and Dexter were the first people that Leo had ever came out to. They both accepted Leo for who he was and now, he was not shy about talking about his sexuality to them. “You going to get some humping from your girlfriends?” Leo called as he got onto his hands and knees. Yusei and Dexter stopped, but didn’t turn around, as they could tell from Leo’s voice. “Jakob! Jakob! You're so naughty. Jakob ooooooooh god I love your penis! It hurts so much but feels so good,” Leo said in a fast breathed tone and screamed as Jakob penetrated him slowly with his 9 inch penis. Dexter and Yusei looked at one another.

“I hope so,” Dexter replied, answering Leo’s original question, “After all, they refuse to bounce their chests at games.” Yusei nodded. “Yep. Only for us, so after spending 3+ hours of seeing women bounce their boobs, their chests must be begging to bounce. They all laughed and Dexter and Yusei waved goodbye to Leo, still not turning around. Leo didn't notice them leave because he was too busy getting humped by Jakob. He was already rock hard and he knew it was only a matter of time until it was his turn to hump Jakob. After a 4 minutes and lots of screaming and pleasure Jakob pulled his penis out of Leo's ass. It caused him to moan in pleasure and turn to lay on his back while Jakob released his genetic DNA on Leo. Leo then got on top of Jakob and started doing him in a similar fashion. Leo was rock hard from the sex he just had and it was easy to plow into Jakob with the same speed and precision that he had just been given. Guys walked around them, as if it was no big deal, and finally, Leo came inside of Jakob. They then laid on the floor together, for several minutes.

After the players got showered and dressed and used the bathroom it was time for interviewers. " So, Jakob, what contributed to your monster game?" a reporter said into a microphone.

"Uhh let's see. I would say that it's the defensive coordinator calling such good plays and for John giving me signals to change the play. Also it was my teammates and my school motivating me so much especially this cute 2 TD man right here," Jakob said as he gave Leo a kiss.

"Thank you for your response. Dexter, Yusei, and Jack a question please." The reporter stated as he saw New Domino's offensive big 3.

"Dexter how does it feel to have started off your college career with such an amazing game?"

”It feels great! You know? My girlfriend was watching and I’m just glad I could make her and all of our fans happy.” The reporter nodded. “What about the New Domino City Double D’s? Did their support and keeping the fans going all game long help?” Dexter nodded. “Of course it did. There’s a reason why they’ve won so many awards. They are the bustiest and bounciest cheerleaders in the world. To keep our fans excited for 3 straight hours sure shows us how good they really are.”

In the girl’s locker room, it was similar to the player’s locker room. Everyone was naked, but there were no interviewers. The girls were all sweaty and taking turns in the shower. Boobs were bouncing as girls washed their hair and they looked over their uniforms, which were sweaty from all the bouncing. All of their panties were soaked, as they had all orgasimed multiple times throughout the game. Cheerleaders were rubbing their chests together, having bouncing contests, and even getting out any urges that they had still built up. Finally, the cheerleading coach stood on a bench, in front of a ton of naked women.

“Alright girls! That was great. The team won, for once, and it was due to your bouncing and your breasts. The energy was ecstatic in there and hopefully the team can win more games. However, to show our support, we need more bouncing! I want to hear moans from you and let them know why we’re the friskiest school in the world! We are the New Domino Double D’s and we’re the bounciest and bustiest cheerleading squad in the world. When we have practice on Monday, we’re going to make sure we can last at least a couple more hours of bouncing by the next game. Just in case New Domino goes to OT, that’s when we need you the most. So, who’s the best cheerleading squad in the world?”

“We are!” all of yelled and all of their breasts bounced with them.

 Later. Dexter sighed as he was getting out of the shower. Dexter, Akiza, Luna, and Yusei all lived in the same place, so he knew he was going to have friends to come support him when he got there. As he left, Akiza and Luna were waiting for Yusei and himself. They were all smiles as they went home, the girls complimenting them on the game. Dexter still was stunned that a woman like Akiza wanted to be with him and Yusei was stunned that a woman like Luna wanted to be with him.

Even though both were on the football team and attended a school with many busty, beautiful, and frisky woman, they knew they could go elsewhere to find a man. Certainly, both thought they could go for a guy who could at least have some arm muscle, as Yusei and Dexter were not into getting ripped. Yet, they both didn’t mind that their boyfriend wasn’t a hunk with 6-pack abs and ripped arms. They were happy for the sweet, lovable guys that they were and that made both men very happy.

When they got home, the couples cuddled on separate couches. This was Yusei and Dexter's favorite thing to do late at night after a game. Yusei and Dexter each resting there head in there girlfriends DDD chest just feeling how soft each breast was and how secure they felt. Almost like a motherly feeling. Dexter was peace with his life and having Akiza hold him tight was heaven on earth. Dexter was a sweet person in real life cold blooded on the football field and a sexual God in the bedroom. Akiza was always in and out of the hospital because Dexter sometimes tore one of Akiza's tendons or broke something. It was that good. Akiza had an orgasm for nearly half an hour when she did Dexter the very first time.

Dexter always loved it when Akiza rode him, as he could see her smiling and enjoying the sex. However, Akiza would many times beg him to dominate her, so he did it to her. In every way possible. He gagged her with her panties, tied her hands together with her bra, and used her pants to tie her to bed posts. He'd then choke her while she was gagged. One time, he throat fucked her so hard to the point Akiza was out for half an hour. All she felt was his cum drowning her throat and feeling his muscular hand choking her throat feeling like she almost died from pleasure. Another time was when he slapped her and punched her hard she tried fighting back, but that only made the sex harder and more pleasureable for Akiza. Dexter would bite Akiza's nipples to the point she screamed and she's tears up. He also slapped her to the point she was red and he spit in her face while pissing on her face. Akiza didn’t mind the urine and even suggested he should poop in the bed once, but Dexter had declined. Akiza honestly loved being dominated and she loved when he did it. He made her feel pleasure unlike no other. Even though she had to coach Dexter the first time they lost their virginity, he soon grew into a sex slave master. The most recent time was when he choked her while deep dicking her and he punched her to the point she slapped him back, but this made Dexter mad to the point he gave Akiza anal without Akiza's consent. Akiza was so hurt and yet felt so much pleasure when they had anal . At first, it was so hurtful to her and she didn't like it at first, but Dexter kept going and she grew to love it. Even though it was her first time, she still felt pain and she quivered loudly. Dexter humped her ass so hard, so much her poop was filled with blood. Then, he let her poop out all she had to, which was a bloody mess, and he did something that shocked Akiza.  When she told Luna, she was shocked to find out as well. He got two sets of jumper cables and he got the machine she and Luna used to masturbate when they were away on games. The girls would do it over video calling and they would all masturbte together. He placed the jumper cables on Akiza's nipples and he placed a dildo inside her vagina and her ass. We weren't talking about regular dildos we were talking about dildos that were double that of a horse and wide in girth to the point it was unreal. He set the speed on the highest possible and he started the jumper cables he places on her nipples and clitoris. Since Akiza was tied up to a chair she couldn't move and was forced to take the pleasure when she felt it she felt her heart race up and her womb and ass feel so much hurtful pleased since Akiza's ass was still virgin like she still felt hurt and she felt pleasure. Akiza's heart rate was going up and she felt pain and pleasure she felt the duldos tear her up and her tongue couldn't stay inside her mouth. It was only a matter of time before Akiza started squirting uncontrollably and her breast milk came out uncontrollably and she passed out from pleasure after that. The dildos came out of her and Akiza's fluids and milk and blood came from her. Dexter saw this and immediately unties her and held her unconscious body and he helped cater to it gave her a bath and clothes her and he gave her medicine and drinks and watched her come too and he kissed her and she said damn that was some good ass sex. Still, the two were very much in love and affectionate when it came to bedroom love.

Tonight, Akiza needed Dexter. Going over three hours without bouncing her breasts while all the other women were going crazy in the sex orgy like stands, made her extremely horny. All those breasts bouncing, many of them about to break their clothes, and expose their bras. Heck, even thinking about it made Akiza excited. Of course, Akiza and Luna were both straight, but had masturnbated to the bounce bounce of other girls and even their own breasts. Their truly was something about it that made everyone, no matter how old, horny. Akiza looked down as Dexter rested his head on her DDD’s.’My tits are so huge,’ Akiza thought, ‘And there’s a nerd laying on them. A sexy, sexy nerd!’

Akiza couldn’t wait to get it on with Dexter, but she knew that Luna and Yusei were going to be getting it on in a nearby bedroom soon as well. Akiza knew that Luna and Yusei were nearly identical when it came to both their personalities and experiences in the bedroom.

Finally, Dexter took her hand, and gave her a look. “Should we go to bed?” he asked. Akiza nodded and they went on their way. Luna looked at Yusei and they both knew that they weren’t going to bed for real. Luna smiled and Yusei got up. He took her hand and they both went to another bedroom, as they went to, “bed.”

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