Together Forever

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A/N: I tried to make a second one-shot of Luna and Dexter. Hopefully this one is a little better quality and I hope you enjoy it!

As Dexter sat on the edge of his bed, he was thinking about what was going to happen tomorrow. He was going to marry Luna. She was the sweetest, kindest, and certainly the most beautiful woman he could have ever imagined marrying. He never thought a woman like Luna would even glance at him, let alone want to date him. He was a nerd. A shy, quiet nerd, that really only got loud when his fravorite New Domino Sports teams were playing or if he was really angry at something (usually on TV or his laptop). Still, Luna didn't mind that side of him and she certainly didn't mind that she was a full head taller than him. Dexter had read online that lots of women refused to marry a man shorter than them, but Luna said that didn't matter. She would rather be with a sweet shorter guy like Dexter than a tall jerk any day of the week. Dexter sighed, as Luna had broken so many, what he thought of as, "dating rules." Still, there was one thing that didn't shock him as much, but it did sadden him a little bit.


A few nights before, Dexter had asked Luna to come over to his soon to be old apartment. He didn't say why, because he worried that she might get angry or upset. Still, he assured her that it was nothing bad, and that it was just a talk. When he opened the door, he quickly hugged Luna. "Oh Dexter," Luna said as she put her arms around him, "What's wrong?" Dexter felt like he should just get it out."Nothing. I just want to talk about the wedding night," he replied. Luna smiled. "Oh. You mean us having sex?" Dexter nodded shyly and was surprised that Luna was being so blunt. He led her to the couch and they both sat down. "I...I...want you to feel good," Dexter started. Luna smiled and gave him a hug.

"Aww! I figured you would want that sweetie, but what I want is to make you happy." Dexter sighed. "Well, maybe you should go first. After all, it might be painful for you and I want to help make the paind of your first time as small as possible." Luna frowned.

"Dexter. I...I'm not a virgin."

Dexter looked stunned, before slowly looking away and then at his lap. He felt like he wanted to curl up in a ball. This wouldn't be her first time? "I've actually slept with...a few guys," Luna added, "I'd figure I'd better come clean now, so that you aren't upset on our wedding night." Dexter turned to her.

"Did you get an STD?" he asked quickly as he leaned in close. Luna shook her head. "No. I made sure to ask the guys before I did it with them." Dexter wasn't finished with the questions. "What about pregnancy? Did you wear protection?" Luna nodded. "Yes I did. However, we won't have to worry about that, as I am on the pill. Remember?" Dexter nodded. "Okay," he said in a relieved tone, "And thanks for doing that." Luna giggled as she pulled him in close.

"Of course Dexter. It was a decision made by both of us." Dexter nodded and leaned his head on her. He then looked up at her. "Would...would it be okay if I ask you about your first time?" Luna made an uncomfortable face. "If not, that's okay," Dexter added quickly, "I understand if it's too personal." Luna smiled.

"No Dexter. It's not and I don't blame you. However, I don't want to reveal their name. Alright?" Dexter nodded and that sounded good. "It was after we were in London and I wasn't sure what kind of guy I was into. After a few dates, we had a fun time, and I lost my virginity. That's all there is to it." Dexter frowned. Maybe he shouldn't have looked at Luna as perfect, or the way her always thought of her as, an angel. Still, Luna figured now would be the time to reveal something to him.

"Dexter," she started, "I know this might come as a bit of surprise to you, but..." She paused and Dexter looked curiously at her. Luna finally smiled and felt confident to tell her fiancée the truth. "I am actually kind of a slut." Dexter's faced turned red and his eyes got as big as his glasses. He shyly looked away. "Oh. Really?" he asked. Luna giggled. "You haven't noticed?" she asked, "I mean, look how often I wear very little clothing. Heck, I wear short shorts for pants for most days of the year." Dexter had certainly noticed her consistent lack of clothing. Whenever they swam in the Tops' pool, Luna always wore a two piece bikini, the short shorts as she mentioned, and he even remembered her wearing a belly shirt on a few occasions. 

"I've noticed you not wearing a lot of clothes, but I've always been afraid to tell you," Dexter replied, "After all, I wouldn't want you to get mad at me." Luna gave him a small smile. "Aww! You're so sweet Dexter." She gave him a hug, but as she did, Dexter thought of asking a question. He was hesitan at first, but once Luna leaned back, he felt more confident. "Well, I guess now that it's out in the open, can I ask you some questions about that and the'm a slut stuff?" Luna nodded and leaned in closed, so that her long legs touched Dexter's. "Ask me anything," she replied, "And nothing is off topic." Dexter nodded.

"What made you want to show off skin all the time?" he asked bluntly. Luna looked him in the eyes, with a smile on her face. "Well, for starters, Akiza told me to never be afraid to show off what you have or feels comfortable. As I'm sure you've noticed, Akiza has never been afraid of showing off her boobs or some cleavage." Dexter nodded shyly, as his face heated up. Luna giggled and continued. "So, I felt the same way. To be honest, once I turned 13, I really took Akiza's advice. I had noticed my legs kept getting longer and longer. So, that's when I started wearing short shorts all the time." She looked down at her legs.

"And, to be frank, I loved it. I loved getting to show off what was working for me. Yes, I had guys my age stare and me and probably even older. Still, that didn't bother me at all. Akiza said she got stares when she first started to show cleavage and that wasn't even her fault, because her chest was so huge. However, after a while I learned to ignore it, and it didn't bother me at all. That's also why, when I started dating guys, I didn't mind their stares, because they were my boyfriend. However, I had the most fun with you Dexter." Dexter blushed and Luna laughed. 

"See! Exactly like that! You got all shy and nervous when I came out in my bikini and my belly shirt. You got ashamed if you stared at me and apologized. My other boyfriends didn't do that, even if I slept with them." Luna put her arms around Dexter and looked up at her, as she was taller than him even sitting down. That was despite the fact that her legs took up over half her body height. "You have a heart of gold Dexter. That's why I can't wait to marry and have sex with you." Dexter looked down.

"I know, but even though I now know it's not your first time, I still want you to feel good. So, can we still pretend like it will be? I already had a plan in mind." Luna nodded. "Of course. After all, it will be my first time with you, so think of it that way. I'm a virgin to having sex with you. Yes, we did make out a lot, but this will be all new to me and I want to know what your plan is or what you'd like for me to do." Dexter nodded.

"I was thinking of having you on top, the whole time. It was that way whenever we made out and I want it to be the same way in the bedroom, at least to start out." Luna nodded. "I got you. What else would you like or what do you need?" Dexter already knew how to answer that. "I'd like for us to do lots of foreplay to help with the pain." Luna hugged him. "Aww! So thoughtful. What else?" Dexter continued. "I don' want any toys or bondage or any of that crazy stuff." Luna laughed. "Don't worry Dexter. I know you don't like that kind of thing and neither do I. What else is on the list." Dexter again knew an answer for her. "Well, again, even though it's not your first time, I want to have lube, so that way, I can go inside you with as little pain as possible. And I'd...I'd..." Dexter stuttered  and shyly looked away. "What is it Dex?" Luna asked. Dexter shyly turned to her.

"Could...could you wear a green bra and panties?" he asked as he closed his eyes. "I...I know you might not have that, but I think you look best in green really turns me on when I see you in something green and it's my favorite color. I'll...understand if you can't or don't want to do that though." Luna leaned in and pressed her cheek on his cheek. "Aww Dexter! You're so sweet and of course it's okay." Dexter leaned back and looked at her. "I want to turn you on all day for our wedding day and that's especially true after the wedding. I do have some green bras and panties, as it's my favorite color too, but don't worry! I'll be sure to get you some extra special pairs to wear both that night and beyond." Dexter blushed. "Thank you. Although, I don't know much about lubes," he replied, "I think you should get it, as I want to make sure your side feels good." Luna leaned in close.

"Are you sure it's also that you don't want to go to the store and be embarrassed by buying lube?" Dexter looked down. "Well...that too." Luna laughed. "Alright Dexter. I'll get the lube, but don't be surprised when you see it." Dexter was confused. "What do you mean?" he asked. Luna smiled. "You'll see." 

End Flashback

Dexter knew that Luna wouldn't do anything crazy or have any crazy surprises for her. Still, as he finally climbed into bed and sighed. All he could think about was how he would compare to Luna's past experiences and he wondered if he would even be able to compete with them. He skipped his usual nightly masturbation for the second day in row, as he wanted to be ready for tomorrow night. That was all he could do to be sure that he would be at peak performance.

In Luna's apartment, which would be their soon to home together, Luna was getting ready for bed as well. Luna couldn't wait to put on her dress and say, "I do," to make Dexter her husband. On top of that, Luna was really excited about afterwards. Climbing into bed with Dexter and humping him until he came inside of her was going to be amazing, as well as taking his virginity. All these thoughts were making Luna wet and she was only in her bra and panties. Luna smiled and was about to put her hand on groin, when she stopped.

"That's right. I forgot," Luna said and pulled her hand back. Like Dexter, even though they didn't tell each other, Luna wasn't going to masturbate for two days in row before the wedding. Luna couldn't recall the last time she went two days without masturbating. "It's gotta be like, what? A long long time," she said. Like Luna had told Dexter a few nights ago, she admitted to being a slut. And that made her remember their conversation from a few nights before. 


After Luna told Dexter there would be surprises, he asked, "Can me about when..." He looked away. "When you realized you were a slut?" Luna smiled. "Of course Dexter. I'd be more than happy to. In fact, some of the things I'm going to tell you, even Leo doesn't know or very little about. You see...

Years ago...

It was time for the twins' 13th Birthday. As they had a cake in front of them, the other Signers, including Dexter, were there. As everyone handed out gifts, Crow had two, and handed them each one. However, it had a note on both of them. "Do not open until everyone has left," Luna read out loud, "Crow, what's this all about?" Crow smiled. "Just follow the instructions," he replied, "After all, I'm sure you'll each enjoy..."

"Hey. Hey. Hey. Who wants a piece of cake?" Yusei said interrupting him. Crow frowned, but Yusei smiled as he started cutting the cake.

Later, everyone was leaving and Yusei, Akiza, and Crow were the last ones to leave. Akiza and Yusei were trying to be the last two, but Crow was not going to be denied. Finally, Akiza tugged on Yusei's shoulder, and noted that her father said he wanted her home by 11. "Snap," Yusei replied and they quickly both hugged Leo and Luna. Yusei gave Crow a mean look, as he closed the door, with just the twins and Crow left. Crow gave him a big grin, as the door finally shut.

"Okay guys. Time to open my gift," he said with a hand on each of their shoulders. "But you said to wait until everyone was gone," Leo noted. Crow nodded. "Right. Right, but I'm here and it's my gift, so I think it's only fair that I get to see you guys open them." The twins looked at one another and shrugged. They then got the gifts and opened them. They were videos of two separate movies.

"Flying Dirty Dream?" Leo read for his title. "Woman Dominating at the Driving Range?" Luna read for her title. They saw a bunch of XXX and "Adults Only," on the covers. "Crow," Leo said in a confused voice, "Is this what adults call por...pornagraph..." Luna said it for him. "Pornography?" she finished for him, "We learned about this in school, but I thought it was meant for over 18." Crow nodded. "Yeah, but you two are at the age where you're learning about sex." Leo smiled. "I already learned about that! See the man takes his..." Crow stopped him.

"Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know that, but this will help you guys learn more. You'll get to see real people having real sex. Now. Is it like real life 100%? No, but it's certainly more that the little bits and pieces that you learned about at school. Trust me. It's better that you watch this stuff now, then wait until you're older, and have missed out on the great stuff." He gave them each a quick hug and headed for the door. "See ya later!" he added with a wink. He then shut the door. Leo and Luna both looked at one another.

"Well, lets go watch them in our rooms, since there is one for each of us." Luna nodded and they both headed to their rooms. Leo put his video in first and started watching. It was about a guy who was on a plane and it was full of busty women. "Akiza's chest is twice the size of their boobs!" Leo commented. For Luna, it was a much different one. It was about a guy who was getting golf tips from a female pro. It soon turned into the usual sexual stuff. As it did, Luna started feeling a sensation in her groin that she hadn't felt before. She started feeling it and wanted it to go away. She started rubbing it, through her clothes, and it just made the feeling more strong and feel even better. Luna continued, until she finally closed her eyes, and cried out. She suddenly felt, what she thought was, urine or water soaking her underwear and shorts. She quickly covered her mouth and was scared Leo had heard her. She watched for a few more minutes, as the woman was on top of the guy, as they laid on the golf course. Luna then saw the woman do the same thing as she had done, minus being on top of the guy.
Once it was over, Luna opened her door slowly, and went to the bathroom. She saw her underwear was soaked, along with her shorts. She knew she had to change into her pajamas anyways and quickly did, as she threw her regular clothes into the wash. When she brushed her teeth and was ready for bed, she went to Leo's door, and could hear him snoring away. Luna went back to her own bed and climbed in, wondering what just happened.

"It felt good and nice," Luna noted, "I'll have to do more research on it tomorrow." 

The next morning, Leo was gobbling breakfast, while Luna brought her laptop to the table. "Hey! No computers at the table!" Leo cried. Luna frowned. "Sorry Leo. It's just that I had some impotant information to look up." Leo was confused. "What kind of information?" he asked. Luna blushed. She had never thought about admitting to Leo what she did. Heck, he might tease her about it. Maybe it was best to keep it a secret, much like they did to Dexter when they first met Yusei. "Um...never mind," she replied and went back to eating.

Later, once Leo was gone to Dexter's and Luna could be in the privacy of her own room, Luna finally got to see what it was. "Masturbation," she noted. She then read how people said it was bad and was a sin, but there were also a lot of people saying how it was healthy for her. So, Luna had come to the conclusion that what she did was actually a good thing.

That night, Luna put the tape in again, and started rubbing her groin. Luna didn't understand what was so nice about the guy that made the girl want to be with him. To be honest, there was another male guy, one who wasn't so buff and muscular, that left just before the other two had sex. Luna thought he looked a lot nicer than him and she would have picked him over the guy who was making love to the woman.

When Luna went to school, she went up to Patty, who was busy on her phone, reading something. "Whatcha looking at?" Luna asked as she tugged on her backpack straps. "Just Darren," Patty said and looked at the famous movie star. "Isn't he dreamy?" Patty added. "Um...sure," Luna replied. "Wouldn't he be great in his swimming trunks? Oh! I can't wait until Summer and not just due to school being over." Luna smiled. "Um...yeah. Me too. Talk to you later Patty!" She waved goodbye and Patty waved back at her. Still, as Luna walked away, she didn't get it. Why were women so fascinated with guys that huge muscles and abs?

Yusei didn't have either of those and he has Akiza. Plus, as Luna looked around school for the rest of the day, most guys didn't either. So, Luna didn't feel very attracted to guys like that. A sweet, gentle normal guy sounded good to her. As Luna walked out, Leo and Dexter ran to her side. "Hey Luna!" Dexter announced, "Would it be okay if I walked home with you guys?" Luna smiled. "You're always welcome to," Luna replied, even before Leo could answer. The three of them then walked home together, talking about their day, and smiling.

Luna started the video just before bed and did the same thing throughout the rest of the week, but she found herself thinking less and less about what the two people were doing on screen and more about her being the one to get the guy making love to her. On top of that, when Luna changed from her school uniform to her normal attire, she found herself sometimes pulling on her shorts, to make them grind against her, and give her that same pleasure. "What are you doing?" Leo asked as the two of them watched TV. Luna quickly stopped pulling on her shorts. "Oh. Nothing," she replied. She then went back to watching the TV. Soon, there was an ad, promoting  short shorts on sale. Luna had always worn regular shorts, but maybe it was time for her to move on up to what most of the girls her age were wearing. Plus, Luna had always heard they were tighter than normal shorts and that could give her the friction she desired.

When Friday night rolled around, Luna went to the store, where they were having the sale. She found short shorts in many different colors. However, the color that stuck out to her the most was green and a forest green one. When she took them to the dressing room, she pulled them up and found them to be much different than her normal shorts. "Oh man!" she cried as softly as she could, "These are so tight!" The short shorts hugged her groin, but also gave her friction. Luna got them tightened and looked at herself in the mirror she was already getting aroused and she could tell they were tight just by looking in the mirror. She could easily see her groin outlined in the short shorts and she thought she might start masturbating right in the dressing room.

Finally, Luna's groin got used to the friction and she slowly found herself becoming less and less turned on. She was then able to look at the short shorts as more than just a masturbation assistant. "I look good," Luna commented on her lean, longer, and still growing legs. To be honest, Luna felt like she was really becoming more of a woman now and this really made that point.

Luna went back and bought not one, but several pairs of short shorts and some clothes to match. Still, she was hesitant  in showing Leo, as she knew he might get mad and draw attention to herself. So, Luna quickly stashed them in her drawers and made sure Leo didn't know about them. 

Before it was time to go to bed, Luna was about to play the video again. However, she stopped herself. "What am I doing?" she asked, "I don't need some silly sex movie to turn me on. Besides, I spend half the time closing my eyes and thinking about stuff." She turned the TV off and went to her bed. She crawled into her bed and wondered what she should do. She decided to go to her dresser and take out a pair of short shorts. Luna saw one of the green ones and picked them out. She then climbed onto her bed, feeling her lanky legs rub against the sheets. As she rested her head on the pillow, Luna debated on what she should think about. This was her first time without the video or anything to get her going. 

'Maybe I'll think about that Darren guy,' Luna thought.

She started with her handiness right hand and rubbed her groin. At first, Luna felt aroused, but she soon found herself attributing it due to starting to masturbate and not due to Darren being, "hot." Luna stopped and decided she needed a different plan. "What if I think about a guy I know?" she said aloud to herself. She then thought about her choices. Leo was obviously out. So were Yusei, Jack and Crow. That left her with Bob, Sly, and Dexter.

Bob wasn't ever on her mind that much and she didn't get to talk to him very much, so he was out. After Leo got into fights with Sly and told her about all the mean things he said, Luna decided that she had outgrown her liking of him. Plus, she had liked him for his dueling more than anything else and, if that wasn't enough, he never reciprocated  her feelings for him. That left...Dexter.

Luna smiled. She was friends with him for years and he was a really nice guy. Plus, she had seen him so much, that she could remember what he looked like. She had even given him hugs and he had hugged her back, so she had that going for her as well. Luna started rubbing her groin once more with her right hand and she found it to be much easier this time.

"Dexter," she said in a soft, gentle voice. Luna quickly imagined Dexter kissing her and hugging her. "Dexter," she said a little bit louder and her legs started to kick a little. Finally, Luna found herself in a zone.

"Dexter!" she cried even louder and Luna was off. He lean, lanky legs, who's thighs didn't touch (and didn't touch for a long time), really started kicking. Since Luna was laying down, she found her hips wanting to move too. She rolled onto her stomach and started grinding them into the bed. "Dexter!" she cried again and let her little, 13 year old body do what it wanted to do. Luna's mouth opened and she started breathing inconsistently. Her little short shorts were so tight, that Luna's butt crack and outline could be seen through her shorts. Luna kept kicking, humping, and crying in joy. 

At last, Luna finally came. Luna took a moment to catch her breath. She had never gotten that excited to the movie and it was way more intense and  fulfilling  now that it was over. Luna smiled once she calmed down. "That was great!" she said to herself, "And it was due to me thinking about..." She blushed as she said his name. "Dexter."

As time went on, Luna got used to wearing the short shorts when she masturbated. However, Luna soon got bolder and decided to try it with just her bra and panties on. Luna laid on her bed, in such a attire, and was moaning as she rubbed her groin with he right hand. He developing breasts stayed in a small green bra, as he lean, thin legs kicked. As she got hornier, her moans grew louder and more high pitched. Her stomach was starting to get sweaty, as it also was turning into a slight hourglass shape. Luna rolled on her side and her tiny, tight butt hugged her panties. Luna broke wind, but noticed more from the fact that it hurt coming out of her little butthole. than anything else

Luna continued rubbing and her breathing and moans were coming out at their own will. Finally, her voice got really high pitched and she said Dexter's name, as she laid back down on her bed. Her panties were wet and she tried to rub her groin even more with her lanky, thin thighs. She rubbed her groin, as she had small, mini orgasms after that. Finally, she was able to calm down and get out of bed, to visit the ladies room down the hall.

Finally, Luna got even more bold and started masturbating naked. 13 year old Luna rolled around on her bed, trying to get her orgasm out. Luna grabbed her tiny breasts with her hand and pretending like it was Dexter. she then grabbed her butt with her hand and squeezed it. "Oh man my ass is tight!" Luna said to herself. She continued rolling around on her bed, until she finally came. Afterwards, Luna had a big smile on her face. "That was awesome," she said to herself.

Luna decided that, after all these times of fantasizing about Dexter, she'll have to talk to him again. When she got to the weekend, Luna called him up, despite being 6 hours ahead of New Domino Ciy time wise. Luna hadn't told Leo about her new short shorts obsession, so she thought it would be best to try Dexter first. "Hey Luna. What's up?" Dexter asked. Luna smiled. "Dexter. I need your opinion on some new clothes I bought. Can you help me?" Dexter smiled. "Of course. Although. I'm not a fashion expert by any means." Luna giggled. She was close enough to the camera that he could only see her face and neck. Luna then stepped back, showing off her short shorts. "What do you think?" she asked.

Dexter immediately blushed. "You look...great," he replied and Luna's eyes grew wide. "Did you tell Leo yet?" Dexter added. Luna shook her head. "No, so can you keep it a secret for me?" Luna knew Dexter might spill the beans, but he could at least hold it for a little while longer. "Sure," he replied and Luna smiled. Seeing Dexter with his big glasses and big brown eyes being all shy and red in the face. Lust quickly got on Luna's mind. "Well thanks Dexter. Can I talk to you later?" Dexter nodded. "Sure. That sounds great." Luna smiled one last time. "No problem. Bye Dex!" Dexter said goodbye and Luna hanged the phone up. She then raced to her room.

'I know it's not bedtime yet, but I have to do it before I forget his cute, shy face.' In a matter of minutes, Luna was on the bed, naked, and masturbating to more thoughts about Dexter.

However, despite the fantasies about Dexter, which went on for a few years, Luna just attributed it to not having many guys to look at at school or in other places. Luna quickly confirmed this notion when she saw a student named Kyle at school. He had sleep brown hair and big blue eyes. Luna saw that other girls melted at him when he looked at them. Sure enough, one day after 2nd period, Luna closed her locker, and Kyle looked at her. Suddenly, Dexter was gone and Kyle was in.

Even though Dexter was out and Luna started dating Kyle, Luna still really liked Dexter and helping him through life problems. Kyle and Luna soon broke up and Luna met a new guy. There, she lost her virginity. It wasn't like Luna wanted or had thought about it, in more ways that one, but Luna honestly felt dissatisfied with how it went and it wasn't caused by it being her first. Luna soon met other guys and dated them, but she was still single when she flew back to New Domino City.

When she got there, Yusei, Akiza, and Dexter were all waiting for Leo and her to arrive. When they got there, there were hugs all around. Luna saw Dexter blushing, as it was his first time seeing the full adult Luna and how tall she was. Luna giggled at his shyness, but it instantly reminded her of when she first stated jerking off to him. A couple days later, Luna went over, and asked Dexter to go on a date with her. Dexter was stunned, but happy that someone like her would date him. It came up a lot that Dexter worried he wasn't good enough for her, but Luna had no problem telling him otherwise.

Finally, Dexter wanted to ask for Luna's hand, but he was afraid. Luna knew he did and Leo even spilled that he wanted to. Luna finally decided that she would be the one to propose it to Dexter. Luna led him to her Tops apartment and they had a great view of New Domino City. Luna asked if Dexter if he would like to live in a place like this and he said he would. Luna then asked if he would like to live with her. Dexter was shy, but answered yes. Luna giggled and finally asked the question. Dexter looked nervous immediately, but he finally said, "Yes."

Luna picked him off the ground and gave him a big kiss on the lips, which it took him a second, but he finally returned, as the skyline shined around them.

(End Flashback)

As Luna sat on the bed, she knew with all her heart that Dexter was the man she wanted to marry. He was sweet, kind, and oh so affectionate. He loved giving her hugs and kisses. Luna loved how he didn't care if it was in the secure privacy of the tops or out in public, he loved giving Luna affection. Even just simple gestures like holding her hand made Luna smile with joy. Dexter may also be a nerd and many of Luna's friends asked her why she was dating someone like him. Luna would always reply that she loves him no matter what and doesn't care what his  interests are. Luna didn't mind being taller, having more money, or wearing the pants (or in her case: short shorts) of the two. She liked Dexter the way he was. Not to mention, Dexter saw more to Luna than just long legs and good looks. He asked her if she was okay, having fun, or if she doing okay very often. Dexter cared about her and that was true even when they were kids growing up. So, Luna knew he had a heart of gold even before Luna masturbated to him or even started dating with him. Luna climbed into bed, pulled her eye cover over her head just like Dexter, and knew tomorrow would be a great day.

The next day went by quickly and neither Luna nor Dexter regretted not spending as much as they could have on the wedding. Dexter wore a big, red bowtie, which Luna loved, and Dexter loved her in a beautiful wedding gown. They said their, "I do's," kissed, and were soon being congratulated by all their friends and family. The dinner was great and dance was fun, but the two soon found themselves together, alone, in their quiet Tops apartment. Dexter had rushed through his bedtime routine, to make sure he was ready for Luna, and that she could take her time getting ready. Luna had gotten ready and checked her attire before shutting off the light to the bathroom and headed towards the bedroom.

When she got there, Dexter was in his bedtime clothes. Luna closed the door and came over to him. "Hey Dexter," she said as she sat down and gave him a kiss. Dexter sighed and hugged Luna. Luna put her arms around him. She knew he was nervous. "Don't be nervous Dexter. It's going to be fine." Dexter frowned as Luna leaned behind the bed. She pulled out a giant bottle of lube. "Are we going to use all that?" he asked. Luna smiled. "Not all tonight silly," she replied and then leaned in close. She looked at him straight in the eyes and she could see her reflection in his big, square glasses.

"But we are going to use it for many, many more times," she added.

Dexter blushed and Luna giggled. "Aww! You're so cute Dexter!" She leaned close to his ear. "I love you so much!" Dexter continued blushing. "I love you too," he responded. Luna smiled. "Should we undress?" Dexter nodded. "You go first," Luna suggested. Dexter nodded and took off his white t-shirt. Like Yusei, Dexter was simply average in appearance and Luna could see some fat on his stomach (as there should be). Dexter sighed as he pulled down his pajama pants and, just like with his shirt, he revealed an average body. Luna smiled and found her lower regions getting warm. Dexter may not have muscles, but like Akiza, just average looks and a sweet, kindhearted man makes her get wet almost instantly. Finally, Dexter sat down on the bed, in just his boxers. Luna stood up and was going to have a much you time like reveal.

Dexter looked over and Luna gave him a kiss, trying to get his confidence up. "You're so sexy," Luna noted and it made a smile appear back on his face.

Luna then leaned back and slowly took off her bedtime shirt. Unlike Dexter and just like Akiza, Luna had a body that many guys dreamed about. Lean stomach, an hourglass suggesting (but not perfect)  figure, boobs that were the usual New Domino DD size (but looked average in size and certainly not close to Akiza's size), and her long flowing green hair. Dexter felt himself getting aroused and he blushed as he tried to cover his groin with his hands. When Luna opened her eyes, she saw a shy, blushing, and covering his private parts nerd. Luna smiled as she set her shirt by Dexter's bedtime clothes, next to the bed.

For Luna's lower half of clothes, Luna thought she might make Dexter cum right then and there. She simply pulled her waist out and then let it fall to the floor. Dexter stared at her, what seemed like, mile long legs. Heck, Luna's groin was higher than the bed Dexter was sitting on. To top this all off, Luna was wearing, as Dexter requested, a green bra and panties. Luna saw his blushing face and smiled. "Do you like it?" she asked as she put her hands on her hips and spun in a circle. "Uh...huh," Dexter said slowly. Luna then walked towards the door, letting Dexter also get a good view of her butt. "Wait! Where are you going?" Dexter asked, not 100% sure what she was doing.

Luna smiled as she stopped at the door. "This," was all she said. She then turned around and started walking towards Dexter like a model on a runway, swaying her hips at him, with her hands on them. Dexter's jaw dropped and Luna leaned in close. "How about we have some foreplay to get us both aroused?" Luna asked, "Just like you wanted?" Dexter nodded shyly. Luna leaned back and smiled. "It'll be okay Dexter," she said in a much more normal tone. Dexter nodded, but she could still see he was nervous. "Don't worry Dexter," she said and gently laid him down on the bed, "It's going to be alright."

Luna put her arms around him and Dexter slowly did the same. Luna put her head over his shoulder. "You're no longer my friend, my boyfriend, but my husband. I have a ring on my finger to prove it and I love you so much. We're together forever and ever Dexter." Dexter smiled. "Forever and ever Luna." Luna leaned back. She then gave him a kiss and Dexter returned it back. Luna leaned back and Dexter gave her a kiss this time. Luna leaned back and then kissed Dexter, leaning his head down, to the pillow. Dexter tried to relax, as Luna kissed him some more. She explored his mouth and leaned back. Luna could feel Dexter's hips going back in a submissive position.

"It's okay Dexter," Luna replied, "No one is here, but me and you. I love you so much." Dexter out his arms around her. "I'll try," he replied. He leaned up and kissed her. He tried his turn at exploring her mouth, but it was rather quick. When he leaned back, Luna knew she wanted more. She moved her hands to his hair and started scratching his scalp. Luna knew Dexter loved that and she felt his shoulders slump in relaxation mode. Luna felt more relaxed too and knowing he felt okay was making her more and more eager to want to put Dexter inside of her. Finally, Luna leaned back.

"Why don't you play around with my body?" Luna asked. Dexter blushed. "Ar...Are you sure?" he asked shyly. Luna nodded. "Touch anything you want to Dexter." Dexter nodded, but he was afraid. "What if I took my bra and panties off?" Luna suggested. Dexter blushed. "You don't have to if you don't want to," he replied. Luna smiled. "I'd like to," she replied, "Is that okay?" Dexter took a moment. "I guess, if you're going to do it, why not do it now. Should I take my boxers off too?" Luna smiled. "Yeah. Why don't we?"

Luna leaned back. "Since you went first before, I'll go first now." Dexter watched as Luna reached behind her and unclipped her bra. She then gently laid it down, next to their neat stack of bedtime clothes. Dexter had never seen Luna naked before, so it was new for him. "They're...beautiful," Dexter remarked. Luna smiled. "Now for these," she said, tugging at her panties. She stood up and then undid them. Dexter's eyes grew wide again. He had never gotten to be in the same room as a naked woman like this before. Luna's groin looked like any other, but Dexter was curious about it and he leaned forward. 

"Not yet. You need to take your boxers off," Luna reminded him. Dexter nodded and stood up next to the bed. Luna watched as Dexter slowly undid his boxers. Dexter was still aroused from before and Luna smiled as he maneuvered his boxers around his cock. Once Dexter managed to get them off and around it, Luna smiled as it exposed his average length downstairs. "It's beautiful," Luna noted, taking a hint from him and her boobs reveal. Dexter shook his head. "No. It's not," he replied.

Luna gasped softly. "That's not true," she replied, "It's a wonderful penis..." Dexter turned slightly back to her as she finished, "I'm more than happy that it's going to be inside me very soon." Dexter sighed and sat back down. Luna came over and hugged him. She added a kiss on the cheek. "Any woman would be lucky to be with you and especially have sex with you." Dexter blushed. "Y...yeah?" he asked, but then followed it up with, "I don't know if that's really true." Luna had enough and pushed him down onto the mattress.

"I know it's true," Luna replied, "Because I'm the girl that will be with you forever and ever and I'm the one who's going to have sex with you Dexter. So, I know it's true. I'm proud to call you my husband and I'm proud to be lying in bed with you." Dexter hugged Luna and put his head over her shoulder. "Thank you Luna. Thank you for tolerating me." Luna smiled. "It's not tolerating," she replied, "It's knowing that, despite your lack of self-confidence, you're a sweet, sweet nerd." Dexter leaned back in her arms. "And that nerd is my husband." Dexter now had a smile on his face and Luna couldn't take it anymore. She had to get wet downstairs and get Dexter's cock inside of her. It wasn't a want. It was now a need.

Luna pushed him on the bed and rubbed his meaty thigh. She could feel Dexter jump in her arms and Dexter felt his heart skip a beat. Luna smiled and put her other hand on his back. She slowly got it lower and lower, until it hit his butt. She gave it a squeeze and Dexter jumped again. Dexter's hands had remained on Luna's lower back, but Luna wanted Dexter to be a little bold. She leaned back and had fire in her eyes. "Come on Dexter! Touch me." Dexter nodded, but Luna and him knew he was still scared. So, to make it easier, she took his hands with hers. Luna felt his hands start to relax and she helped guide him to where she wanted them to be.

Luna first wanted to try her behind, before going to the meat and potatoes of her chest. She guided his hands to her bottom and Luna gentle had him squeeze. Luna moaned and Dexter overpowered Luna's control, by taking off their hands as fast as he could. Luna stopped and looked down. "Luna. I'm so sorry!" Luna was confused. "Sorry for what?" she wondered. Dexter frowned. "For causing you pain." Luna's frown turned upside down. "You didn't hurt me Dexter. It felt good to have you squeezing my butt." Dexter was confused. "It did?" Luna nodded. "Yes. So, lets keep going with it." She took his hands. "Okay?" Dexter nodded. "Okay."

Luna led him back to her butt and Dexter gently squeezed it. Luna moaned and Dexter smiled. Luna then took his hands and took them off of her butt. "How about we move to something a little more risqué?" She then took his hands to her chest. Dexter jumped as Luna rubbed her chest with her hands. Yet, again, Luna moaned as she rubbed, and Dexter pulled back, just like a replay of before. "Luna! I'm so sorry for hurting you! If those porn videos I saw taught me anything, it's that touching a woman's nipple causes her pain." Again, Luna had good news for him.

"Dexter. You didn't hurt me at all. That felt good." Dexter looked up. "But...I want to be gentle with your breasts. I don't want to cause you pain, especially in such a sensitive spot." Luna smiled and felt Luna's horniness overtaken by joy. Most guys were not this sweet, especially when it came to sex, but Dexter was. "Oh Dexter." Luna hugged him and rested her left cheek on his forehead. Dexter just turned his head in the same direction as Luna and hugged. He didn't understand, but it felt good to be in one of Luna's hugs. When they both leaned back, Luna was nearly in tears.

"You're so sweet and care so much about me," Luna began. Then, Luna closed her eyes. "I'm so proud that I'm married to a guy like you and there's no way in a million years I would ever want to be with anyone else." Dexter wanted to make a point. "But what if I cheated on you or something?" he asked and Luna put her left fingertip to his mouth. "Would you ever cheat on me?" she asked. Dexter shook his head, "no." Luna smiled. "Then, I will never leave you Dexter." Dexter's eyes softened through his big frames and he hugged Luna. She smiled and whispered. 

"Let's get just a bit more foreplay in." She felt her groin. "I'm starting to a little wet from all your kindness." Dexter blushed and smiled. "Alright. Let's get on it then." Luna nodded and she pushed Dexter back down onto the bed.

Luna's hands were getting busy with Dexter's body and he was more than happy to help. Dexter was already turned on by a woman as kind, sweet, and of course beautiful as Luna being on top and making out with him. So, he wanted to be sure Luna could get just as turned on as he was right now. 

Luna's hands went all over him, from his thighs, to his stomach, to his shoulders, and finally to his face. "Oh Dexter. You're so hot. Even if other women don't see it, I do. I love touching your body and making you all shy and nervous." Dexter blushed as Luna giggled. She then felt her groin. "I think I'm ready, so let’s get the lubricant." Luna picked up the bottle by it's pump. "Do you want to put it on or should I?" Dexter bit his lip.

"You can, if you want." 

Luna gasped and smiled. "I'd love to," she said with her eyes closed. Dexter watched as she took a pump, rubbed her hands with it, and the started rubbing his penis. Dexter watched as it grew a little bit from Luna's hands, but not much. It was still average in size, even at it's max. "You penis is beautiful, just like you," Luna said as Dexter looked up at her. She continued to massage his privates as she talked. "You're a wonderful guy and I know you'll be an exceptional husband." She rubbed his balls and then went all the way up his length one last time. She looked him in the eyes. "I love you." 

"I love you too," Dexter returned to her. Luna smiled and then sat up. She reached out her hands. "Want to hold hands as we do this?" she asked. Dexter nodded and took them. Luna smiled at him. "This is going to be great Dexter. No matter what." Dexter nodded. "No matter what." Luna smiled and then got onto her knees. Luckily, her legs were long enough, that she didn't have to stand up. She then positioned herself over him. "Ready?" she asked. "Ready," Dexter repeated.

Luna leaned down, taking some of Dexter's cock inside of her. "Aaahhh!" Luna cried as she closed her eyes. Dexter gripped Luna's hands tight and had a worried expression on his face. "Luna! Are you okay? Luna!" Luna opened her eyes and smiled. "I'm okay Dexter. It's just that it's been a long time since I've had a cock inside of me. So, don't worry. There's hardly any pain. So, it's okay." Dexter frowned. "I'm sorry for causing you pain." Luna smiled.

"Dexter. It's fine. The pain is all gone. I'm sure I won't have any problem getting the rest of you inside of me." Luna took Dexter's hands and she sled down the rest of his length, until he got to the bottom. "I'm done," Luna said, "It's all inside of me." Dexter was breathing inconsistently. "How does it feel Dexter?" Luna asked. Dexter gulped. "Hot," he replied. Luna giggled. "Yes it is and you're no longer a virgin. Remember?" Dexter looked down shyly. "Yeah...right." Luna smiled as she leaned in close. "And I'm so proud that you saved your virginity for me Dexter." She gave him a kiss on the lips and squished him in a hug once that was done. "I love you so much," she added. Dexter blushed and leaned on Luna's chest. "I love you too Luna." Luna smiled.

"Well, should we get going?" Luna asked. Dexter nodded and took her hands. "Alright, but take it slow, just to be safe," he suggested. Luna nodded and slowly brought her hips up and then down. Luna and Dexter locked eyes as Luna continued riding up and down Dexter's average sized cock. Luna leaned forward and cupped Dexter's face. She gave him a big kiss and Dexter slowly tried to return it. Luna lead Dexter back down to the bed, as her butt and groin rose high in the air and back down Dexter's length. 

As Luna's lips kept going and her hips kept bouncing, she could feel her breasts bouncing too. So, she leaned back and brought Dexter's glasses covered eyes down to her chest. "Like what you see?" she asked. Dexter nodded, almost memorized. Luna giggled and, as she leaned in for more kissing, Dexter stopped her. "Luna wait!" he cried and Luna leaned back. Her hips came to a hault too. "Dexter. What is it? What's wrong?" Luna asked, her voice and face filled with concern, "Did I hurt you?" Dexter shook his head. 

"No. I just wanted to check in and see if you were okay. Are you in pain?" Luna smiled as he then asked, "What can I do to make it feel better for you?" Luna felt like crying, but didn't. "Absolutely nothing. It feels amazing Dexter." Dexter smiled and Luna started kissing, as her hips started moving too. Luna could tell Dexter's hips were so submissive. She didn't mind that though, as having a submissive husband, in this case, was showing off how sweet he was. Luna loved Dexter with all her heart and, even though Dexter had a lot of doubts about being good enough for her, little stuff like this proved that he loved her just as much.

Luna started roaming her hands around Dexter's body, as their groins got hotter. Luna then leaned back and whispered into Dexter's ear, "Get ready to hear some things that will turn you on." Dexter was confused, but Luna gave him a smile and a wink. She had planned this part for a while. "Oh!" Luna cried as she looked into the sky and closed her eyes. Her attention was on her hips and the pleasure she was feeling as she cried, "There's a nerd's cock inside of me and I couldn't be happier! I'm in love and married to a nerd name Dexter and I love him with all my heart." She looked at Dexter and he gave her a smile.

"I love you too Luna!" he yelled back and they both laughed. 

Luna leaned down and started kissing him again. Dexter thought he should do something similar for Luna. However, he didn't get the chance, as he quickly remembered something else. "Luna wait!" he said as he leaned out of the kiss. Luna leaned back and her hips stopped like before. "What! What is it Dexter?" Dexter frowned. "Are you okay?" he asked, "Are you in any pain?" Luna smiled. "No and I'm so proud that you care about me so much in the bedroom." Luna pushed Dexter down and continued going at it. Luna could feel the heat in her groin starting to heat up. Dexter did too, but he had to push Luna back.

"Luna. I'm so sorry," he said and Luna stopped. "What? What are you sorry for?" she asked. Dexter frowned. "I'm going to cum soon. I'm close." Luna was baffled. "Why are you sorry?" she asked. Dexter sighed. "Because we won't get to cum together. Like in the movies." Luna smiled. "Oh Dexter. I don't mind if you don't cum with me. I'll just keep humping you until I cum. So, don't worry. I can still keep going, after you cum." Dexter frowned. "Is that just as good? My cock will get smaller, as it takes time to get going again." Luna giggled.

"It will, because I'm having sex with you. That always means it will be good." Dexter blushed.

"Okay. Lets go," he replied. They took each other's hands and Dexter leaned back. Luna wrapped her legs around him and her hips really picked up the pace. It wasn't long until Dexter knew he was close. He looked at Luna one last time and then he leaned back, with his eyes closed. Luna watched him happily shout her name.

"Luna! Luna! Luna! Luna! Luna! Luna!" he cried and one last time, "LUNA!"

Luna felt Dexter cum inside of her and she cried in joy. "Yes Dexter!" she cried and Dexter leaned back onto the bed. Just like before, Luna got a good look at her now husband and closed her eyes. Dexter watched as Luna's hips sped up and she did the same as he did.

"Dexter! Dexter! Dexter! Dexter! Dexter! Dexter!" she cried and then had one last time, "DEXTER!" 

Luna leaned forward and Dexter caught her. "Yes Luna," he replied, just like her. It was a moment and then Luna opened her eyes up. "Luna! Was it good?" Dexter asked. Luna smiled. "It was wonderful Dexter." She then gave him a kiss on the forehead. "How was it for you?" she asked. Dexter smiled. "Really cool!" he cried. Luna got close to him. "Well, we're going to be doing that a lot more in the future." Dexter blushed and Luna giggled. Dexter then looked past her. "Looks like we have some cleaning up to do," Dexter noted. Luna and him looked at their groins. Cum and Luna's juices were being rejected by Luna for being on the pill.

"I'll get a sponge," Luna replied and got off of Dexter. "Be sure to clean yourself up and then I will too," Dexter added, before Luna left the room, "And then we can cuddle afterwards." Luna turned around and smiled. "Okay," she replied and grabbed her bedtime clothes. Dexter got his on and was ready when Luna came back. She had peed in the toilet and then got her clothes on too. Luna had a sponge and they both worked to clean up the liquids. "There," Luna said once it was out as best as she could, "I can always wash the sheets tomorrow too." Dexter took the sponge.

"I'll put this back, get cleaned up, and then we can cuddle." Luna smiled. "'Kay," she replied and got into bed. Dexter went to the bathroom and cleaned out liquid from his penis. He then rinsed the sponge and then washed up. Dexter headed back to the bedroom, happy that Luna had just gotten both married and had sex with him. When he got there, Luna was laying on her sides, under the covers, and had it opened up for him. "Come on cutie," she said seductively. Dexter blushed as, even after sex, Luna was being sexual. 

He climbed into bed and then Luna got on top of him. Luna gave him a big kiss. "I love you Dexter." Dexter smiled. "I love you too." His smile quickly went away. "Was our good..." He paused. Luna frowned. "Was it as good as the other sex I had?" Dexter shyly nodded. Luna smiled and wrapped her body around him, including her long, long legs. "Dexter. No matter what happened in the past, sex with you will always be the best. No one can compare to you Dexter and you're the best guy in the whole wide world. I love you with all my heart and getting to give you my heart, body, and soul to you is the best thing I can give to you. I love that I get to be your wife. I only want your cock inside of me, I only want your lips to kiss, and I want you to be the only man who I have sex with now until the end of time. And the reason is that you're the best man I could ever want to be with, live with, love with..." Luna paused and looked at Dexter's beautiful face. 

"And have sex with."

Dexter wanted to cry, even though the tears didn't come, and he put his head over her shoulder. "I feel the same way about you Luna! You're the only wife I want to be with and the only one I want to have sex with either." He leaned back. "I know I didn't say this during sex like you, but you're like a supermodel and an angel to me. You don't care about my pessimistic attitude or all of my anxiety. You love me with all your heart and now I get to have sex with a supermodel." Luna blushed. "And even though you're looks may fade, you're always an angel in my eyes, and I get to love and show my love with an angel. An angel named Luna. I got to give my virginity and my heart body, and soul to an angel. I love you Luna and return all your feelings back to you." It was Luna's turn to want to cry, but couldn't.

"Oh Dexter." The two of them kissed and smiled.

"Well, we'd better get to sleep. It's late," Dexter noted. Luna nodded and grabbed their eye masks. Luna took Dexter's giant glasses and put them in his case for him. As Luna got off of him, Dexter grabbed her shoulder. Luna quickly turned around.

"Can we...hold each other in our arms as we sleep?" he asked, "I..." He paused. "Pretended for years like I was sleeping with a woman by using a pillow, but's actually happening." Luna smiled. "Of course," she replied, "We'll be together for real and in our dreams." She hugged him and he hugged her. They put their eye masks over their eyes and went to sleep.

As the clock struck one, both Luna and Dexter they too were now one. They would be one now, forever, and until the end of time.

A/N: I hope this second one was better! I hope you enjoyed it!

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