Hassleberry the Sex God

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"Hassleberry," shouted Syrus as he entered his friend's dorm.  Hassleberry, who was asleep woke up and opened the door.  Syrus fell to the ground as the door opened.

"What is it, bud?" asked Hassleberry.  Syrus took out a note.  It was from Mina, one of the girls from the orgy.  Hassleberry grabbed the note and read it.

"Hassleberry, me and the other girls told everyone we knew at our academies about you.  They are all so impressed by what we've told you that most are heading to Duel Academy for the school tournaments two days from now just to meet you for some "alone time" if you get my meaning.  Some of our friends are not even duelists and they wish to see you as well and are heading to the Academy as well.  If I remember, Mindy and Jasmine wrote to me and the other girls about that nice meadow you three found in the middle of the jungle.  It seems like the perfect place for some "privacy." 

Love Mina"

Hassleberry put down the letter and headed to the gym.  Syrus looked at the letter.  "Maybe I should start working out," sighed Syrus.

Hassleberry did a quick workout at the gym, doing push-ups, sit-up, lifting weights and pull-ups.  He was done within two hours and he headed to class.  When it was over, he headed to the jungle to reach the meadow and did some more exploring of the area.  He followed the river and found a secluded beach, only accessible to the path he had taken.  He noticed a small hut near the area and looked around.  It was Damon's old hut from when he lived in the jungle.  Now abandoned, he noticed it had a bed big enough for two people and was surprisingly comfortable for someone who lived in the jungle.  Hassleberry headed to his dorm and grabbed some supplies to decorate the hut to make it more inviting.  As soon as he made it back to the hut he began redecorating the place and cleaned the place up.  After several hours, he looked at the place.  It wasn't feminine, but it did have an inviting decor for anyone wandering in.  The wall was covered with posters of Duel Monsters, the floors were wiped clean of dirt, dust, and dead insects, the bed was sanitized and had fresh sheets placed upon it.  Hassleberry looked outside and looked at the beach.

"A regular home away from home," grinned Hassleberry.

Hassleberry soon headed to Obelisk Blue and saw Alexis alone.  He walked up to her.  "Hi Alexis!"  Alexis turned to him and said hi.  "Have you seen Mindy or Jasmine?" asked Hassleberry.   Alexis nodded.  "Jasmine is at home on vacation and Mindy is in the dorm."   Hassleberry walked into the dorm and found Mindy, struggling with her deck. 

"Hi Mindy," said Hassleberry.  Mindy blushed immediately after hearing his voice.  "HASSLEBERRY" squealed Mindy with hearts in her eyes. 

"I think I found Damon's old hut near the meadow, I was wondering if you'd like..."  Hassleberry did not need to get far with that sentence.  Mindy jumped into his arms, startling him.  "Will this lead to a little fun time?" asked Mindy grabbing his crotch.  Mindy walked outside with Hassleberry saying goodbye to Alexis as the two walked into the jungle.  Alexis watched the two and sighed.  "I really should have joined that tournament."

Hassleberry carried Mindy bridal style to the hut and when she saw the hut, miles from Duel Academy, she stripped down and watched as Hassleberry did the same, making her blush again at the site of his bodybuilder physique.  Now completely nude, Hassleberry laid down on the bed and Mindy jumped right on top to feel his muscled bod on her skin, her breasts being squished by his powerful pecs, her torso rubbing against his tight firm abs, and Hassleberry's cock rubbing her clitoris.  She ejaculated fluid from her vagina and soon felt Hassleberry's hands on her head pulling her to his face.  Mindy soon opened her mouth and felt Hassleberry's lips on hers.  The two began making out for over three minutes and soon Hassleberry grabbed Mindy's torso and pulled her upwards.  He then grabbed her legs and pulled her further upwards until her pussy was at his mouth.  He lifted Mindy's legs up, his biceps bulging while he did it and soon began licking her, making her moan.  Hassleberry began digging into her with his tongue, making Mindy squirt out some fluid. 

Mindy stood up and turned to Hassleberry's cock while he sat up.  Opening her mouth and standing between his legs, she began began to lick the tip of Hassleberry's cock feeling it growing inside her.  She made a slight nibble to the tip, pleasuring Hassleberry.  She then started licking the shaft of his mighty cock and grabbed his testicles, enjoying the weight of them in her hands.  She stopped licking the shaft and placed the handsome muscleman's testicles in her mouth, enjoying the taste and rubbing them around with her tongue.  She then opened her mouth wide open and began to place the entirety of his cock slowly into her mouth.  She looked up at Hassleberry's buff body and began rubbing her own pussy, getting turned on. 

Hassleberry lifted her up on the bed and laid down.  Mindy blushed seeing Hassleberry's erect cock and slowly sat down on it, screaming with pleasure with every inch entering her.  Mindy then shook her body, causing Hassleberry's cock to rub inside her, making her scream with orgasmic lust. 

Hassleberry, his cock still inside her, sat up, causing Mindy to lay down.  He used his hands to grab her back and soon grabbed her butt. Mindy put her arms around Hassleberry's broad shoulders and Hassleberry stood up, lifting Mindy up.  He then began to flip her upside down and began licking her pussy some more enjoying the fluid.  Mindy, giggling at how strong Hassleberry was, began stroking the muscleman's meaty cock and placed it into her mouth some more, enjoying the taste of her pussy on it.   After several minutes, Hassleberry flipped Mindy rightside up again and place his cock back into her pussy. 

He soon walked to the beach, the vibrations of his walking causing Mindy to slide up and down on his cock.  Though breathing hard from pleasure, she watched as the hut got shorter in the distance and soon saw sand on the ground.  Hassleberry laid Mindy down on the sand gently and got on his knees and lifted Mindy's legs.  He began shifting his pelvis back and forth causing his shaft to continue sliding in Mindy, filling her with lust and made her moan with pleasure.  Hassleberry then let go of her legs and held onto her arms as he continued sliding his shaft inside her.  Slowing down slightly, Hassleberry and Mindy shared another kiss and soon he grabbed her torson and laid down on his back.  Mindy placed her hands on Hassleberry's pecs and soon Hassleberry raised his arms and began fondling Mindy's breasts.  Mindy soon got up from Hassleberry's cock and laid down between his legs and began licking his shaft once more.  Hassleberry got up and laid Mindy down and grabbed her legs, lifting them in the air.  He then placed his cock back inside Mindy and began shifting his pelvis.  Mindy was in orgasmic bliss and was covered in sweat from it. 

After several hours of sex, Hassleberry was reaching his climax.  "Where do you want it, Mindy" asked Hassleberry.  Knowing he was ready to cum, Mindy asked him to cum over her hands.  Hassleberry got his cock out of Mindy and soon saw her open hands joined together.  Hassleberry ejaculated into Mindy joined palms and laid down with his arms over his head.  Mindy dropped Hassleberry's cum over his nipples and biceps and licked it off her hands.  She washed the remainder off into the sea and began to lick it off his bulged biceps and then laid down on him, placing her nipples onto his, transferring most of the cum on her.  She licked the cum off her breasts and then licked it off his nipples, cleaning them both up.  Hassleberry was pleased with his new hangout and was looking forward to a good several days. 


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