In The Dead of Night

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A soft knock brought Yami out of his light slumber, and he gazed in mild surprise at his soul room door.

“Enter,” he murmured, knowing the only one it could possibly be. 

Sure enough, the bronze door opened gently as if on a breath of wind, and a petite figure slipped shyly in, closing the door soundlessly behind him. Just inside, Yugi paused uncertainly, gazing in wonder at the interior of his other’s soul room. It seemed to him like stepping into ancient Egypt itself. The walls were elegantly ornamented, and figurines and totems of various Egyptian gods, goddesses, and symbols stood promiscuously around him, although the place gave a sense of order. A massive bed stood along the near left wall, with its head against the clean white barricade. Translucent curtains framed the bed, but were drawn at the moment. The whole place held an air of majestic regality, making Yugi’s own modest house seem inferior.

“Like it?” The former pharaoh’s amused voice reached Yugi through his awed trance.

“It’s different from the last time I was here.” His eyes abandoned their wanderings to rest upon his other half, who was reposing on the bed.

Yami gave a small smile. “I can change it according to my preferences.”

“Is this what your room looked like in the past?” Yugi asked, noting the essence of Egyptian royalty.

“Yes. At least, this is how I remember it. So,” he leaned forward slightly, “What brings you into my humble chambers?”

Briefly Yugi wondered that if this was humble, then what was Yami’s idea of luxury; then he realized that he was being facetious. 

“I couldn’t sleep.”

Yami smiled and motioned for Yugi join him. The boy complied, padding softly over to the massive bed his dark half reclined on.  Rising to a sitting position, Yami leaned over and pulled Yugi onto the bed and into his lap, wrapping his muscular arms around the boy’s waist. He then leaned back onto the soft pillows, and the lighter one lay back into the protective embrace. Yami placed a gentle kiss just below Yugi’s ear, enjoying the shiver that rippled through the boy’s form.

“Are you tired?” His low tenor voice was like a wave of warm water flowing over Yugi’s soul, and his skin tingled pleasantly at the feel of Yami’s breath upon it. He closed his eyes as his breath caught in his throat, preventing speech, so he shook his head in response.


Startled, Yugi’s violet eyes flew open, and the Game King flipped them over, pressing down on him with his body. Their faces were inches apart, and Yugi lost himself in the other’s crimson eyes, filled with unreadable intensity. A hand reached up to stroke his cheek, and Yami marveled at the velvet softness beneath his fingers. Tentatively, he began to lay a trail of feather-light kisses along Yugi’s face and neck.

Each press of Yami’s lips on his skin felt fiery hot and left him mewling. He arched his head back, giving Yami better access, and a puddle of warmth pooled between his legs. The spirit’s lips left him, and he whimpered in protest before they returned, gently pressing to his own. Unsure how to respond, he pushed back timidly.

Gaining confidence from the other’s response, Yami ran his tongue along Yugi’s petal soft lips, and they parted readily, granting entrance. The dark one moaned at the boy’s deliriously delicious flavor as he explored his now accessible mouth. His hands moved to pull Yugi’s head closer, unable to sate his thirst as he drank of his indescribable taste. The smaller boy whimpered into his domineering mouth, smothered beneath him and drowning in bliss.

Reluctantly the Game King broke the kiss, and as the two lay panting he busied himself with the removal of the younger’s shirt. Once off, it was tossed in a random direction over Yami’s shoulder, forgotten instantly as he examined the newly exposed flesh at his disposal. 

His hands roved over Yugi’s suave skin, finding flawless smoothness beneath his fingers. He brushed a nub with his thumb, and it hardened and peaked under his touch as the boy cried out softly, trembling below him. His lips closed over the peak, and Yugi moaned and arched sensually up into him as textured tongue moved over his sensitive flesh.

The hot mouth left him, and Yugi gasped at the sudden coolness as the air chilled the wetness on his skin. Tender kisses fell upon his face and neck, and his eyes slid shut as he quivered under the gentle ministrations. Then suddenly without warning, Yami began to grind his hips into Yugi’s, and the latter cried out at the incredible friction. The soft kisses never ceased, and the smaller one writhed beneath the combination of carnal pleasures varying between two extremes. Dimly Yugi became aware that they were both nude, so it was now flesh rubbing on bare flesh.

The glorious movements halted abruptly, and the younger boy issued a soft sound of protest. Then he felt a sudden invasion at his entrance, and he squirmed uncomfortably as the lubricated digit pushed inside him. It moved around a bit, stretching him, and distracting kisses were trailed along his perfectly angled jaw line. A second finger was added, then a third, scissoring and expanding gently, preparing his virgin entrance for what was to come. Tears stung beneath his eyelids as the pain intensified and he whimpered softly.

Yami bit his lip at the pained expression marring his light’s treacherously beautiful features, but knew that if he didn’t prepare him, what he planned to do next would be excruciating. His fingers probed deeper inside Yugi, and he brushed a sweet spot inside that caused an electric tingle to ripple through his little body. Yami continued to press that cluster of nerves, effectively numbing the pain of being stretched, and Yugi keened softly in pleasure. When he felt he was ready, the Game King withdrew his fingers and Yugi whimpered at the absence, feeling strangely empty. 

The spirit spread the smaller boy’s legs apart and settled himself between them, positioning his hardness at Yugi’s entrance. Gently, he pushed inside, and the lighter one’s face contorted in agony as he felt as if he were being torn slowly in half down the middle. Hurried apologetic kisses found their way over the powder soft skin of his face as the other continued to ease his way inside him. At last Yami was buried completely in Yugi’s warmth.

Ra, he was so tight! Never had the former pharaoh felt such tight hotness in his entire existence. It was all he could do to keep from pounding into him with all his might; the feeling of Yugi’s hot walls closed around him would have been enough to snap his last thread of restraint. Only his love for him preserved his self-control, overriding his desire.

The boy’s taut muscles finally relaxed, so Yami began to rock his hips gently, moving slowly within him. Immediately the pain evanesced, replaced with sheer bliss as Yami thrust in and out of his tight canal. A low moan escaped Yugi’s lips as the pace increased; the Game King growled softly, unsatisfied with the angle. He pushed the younger boy’s legs farther apart, shifting slightly. Instantly a white-hot pleasure exploded in Yugi’s mind; he screamed out, and his muscles involuntarily tightened almost painfully around Yami as he struck the spot again and again. 

All coherent thought flew from their minds as a feral and frenzied passion seized them both. Yugi’s slender legs wrapped around the other’s lithe hips, driving him in deeper, as Yami pounded relentlessly into him with reckless abandon. Each thrust brought them closer to the edge, leaving Yugi pleading, begging, sobbing for more. He threw back his gorgeous head, his mind reeled in a state of vehement ecstasy, and his scream was smothered into Yami’s bruising kiss as he released hard over them both. 

The scorching liquid washing over the dark one was more than enough to send him over the edge; with a final thrust he embedded himself into his light completely, ejecting his essence deep inside him. Spent, the he pulled himself out slowly, collapsing beside Yugi and wrapping his strong arms around him as they caught their breath. Yugi raised his shimmering violet eyes to meet Yami’s crimson gaze, murmuring a soft admission before slipping into an exhausted slumber.


Yami brushed his lips against Yugi’s temple, smiling softly. 


“I love you too… Aibou.”

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