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He was very hot, but that wasn't going to stop him from thrusting deeper into him; trying to get as close as possible.


The perfect fit, like he was made for this. Every snap of his hips caused them pure ecstasy.


He wanted this just as badly. He knew by the way he angled his hips into him and met him thrust for thrust.

But it felt muted, numb and fuzzy like his hazed vision. He had no idea who it was beneath him, giving so much to him. The sound of his voice was drowned out by the ringing in his own ears. The ringing was just as fuzzy as his other senses were at first, but he had no time or piece of mind to spare on contemplating why. He felt his lover tense under him, his lithe body arching and trembling in pure pleasure. He was not far behind, he could feel his own orgasm coiled in the pit of his stomach. Then the ringing started to get louder, his pleasure started to diminish and that's when he realized the ringing was all too familiar.

"You have got to be fucking kidding me..." Seto Kaiba groaned and pushed himself up on his elbows.

Looking down at the midnight blue sheets and pillows beneath him instead of the fuzzy outline of a god, he cursed further under his breath. Every fucking time. Really? He'd heard that people can have orgasms in their sleep. Why couldn't it happen to him? Groggily, Kaiba reached over to slam his palm down on the alarm clock, effectively silencing it. Now he had to figure out what to do about this...problem. He barely had time for a shower, although, if he was honest with himself, it probably wouldn't take him long. The image of being inside that perfect ass was still fresh in his mind. Rolling over lazily and laying his left arm over his eyes to block out the morning sun, he reached down under the sheet. Sliding his fingers under the drawstring of his sleeping pants, Kaiba thought of how he looked, trembling in pleasure beneath him. He bit back a wanton moan when he wrapped his hand firmly around his aching cock. One slow stroke and all of the heat returned to his body. A second stroke and could see himself fully sheathed in searing, wet bliss. A third stroke and...

"Seto!" Kaiba jolted upright, snapping both arms to his sides to keep himself from falling off the bed. "Big brother wake up! Ishizu said you needed to be there by nine....Are you even awake yet?"

"I'm awake Mokuba!" He shouted from the bed, trying to calm his racing heart. "I'll be down stairs in a little bit."

"Okay!" Mokuba sang through the door.

Kaiba watched the door and waited for the sound of footsteps leading away from it before he fell backwards on the bed. "This is going to be a horrible day."


"I told you I'm not doing it."

"Oh come on Malik." Tristan whined from his praying position on the floor in front of Malik. "Just read it. Nothing's going to happen. You promised."

"What part of 'curse' did you guys not understand?" Tea interjected, although she had to admit the whole scene in front of her was hilarious.

"It's not a curse how we'd use it." Duke insisted from his place beside Tristan. "Come on...Like you said, it probably won't work anyway....I'll duel you for it."

"You'd lose." Malik stated, unimpressed.

"Well then you won't have a problem doing it. If I win you have to read the spell, if I lose you can...I don't know...what do you want Malik?"

Malik was silent and glanced up at Joey and Tea pleadingly. Hugging the golden book closer to his chest, he sighed. "Alright...If I win then I want a date with Atem."

"Errrr..." Everyone cringed at the idea. Yuugi was going to kill them.

"If you win, then we will...work something out. Scouts honor." Tristan held up his hand over his heart and Duke followed suit.

"Come on...you don't have anything to lose. Your sister is mad at you all the time anyway."

Malik nodded his head in agreement. They had him there. "Ok fine. Play me."


"What do you think of this, Atem?" Yuugi smiled and pointed to a clay bowl within the glass display case.

Atem turned from looking at some ancient egyptian golden jewelry displayed on a black velvet shelf to see the bowl Yuugi was referring to. "It's not as interesting as the jewelry."

"It is though. It's a piece of history. Just as important as the jewelry in it's own way. What do you think of it...I mean besides that it's a bowl. How does it make you feel to have something like this in a museum?"

Atem stared at the old and very ordinary clay bowl that many slaves and common people used when he was Pharaoh. It was, is and will always be just a bowl, but Yuugi had been showing him, as of late, that sometimes ordinary things can be extraordinary. This bowl was no exception in Yuugi's eyes. A trait that Atem both admired and envied. "It's...humbling I suppose. To see things from all classes in the same area with similar value. Like how you are trying to achieve with your governmental structure."

"He can be taught!" Yuugi giggled and nudged Atem gently in the side. "If it makes you feel any better, Atem. Everyone thinks the Pharaoh's things are infinitely more interesting than an 'ordinary' clay bowl."

"Good." Atem stated smugly, smirking over at Yuugi. "It is as it should be."

Yuugi's infectious laughter echoed off of the museum walls and straight into Atem's heart. Nothing was better than spending time with Yuugi. Especially when he was so overly excited to show him something new. Not that he wasn't excited to see things too but Yuugi had enough excitement showing for the both of them. "We had better go back and save Malik from the others. He looked very uncomfortable."

"He he. He did, didn't he? I wonder why?"

"It might have had something to do with the new exhibit. I believe I heard Ishizu telling him not to be late." Atem drolled before following Yuugi away from the display case and through the large room.

"The new exhibit...the books. Are they real?"

"The book of the dead and the book of life are in many cultures according to that history book you gave me to read. Why do you assume they are not real?"

"I didn't assume anything. I was just asking YOU since you were kinda there, if they were real."

"Yes, Aibou. They are real and very dangerous in the wrong hands."

"Did Ishizu talk to you about guarding them? From what I understand she's just leaving them out like the rest of the egyptian relics."

Atem raised a brow in thought at Yuugi's question. It was a good question. "No...Maybe you are right and they are not the real ones."

"It's not like Ishizu to lie like that...We should talk to her after the grand opening." Yuugi surmised before a very loud and very familiar voices rang through the entire museum.

"In your face! I told you I'd win!"

Yuugi cringed and turned to glance guiltily at Atem. "We'd better get back. That was Duke."

"What trouble have they gotten into now..." Huffing and crossing his arm over his chest, Atem muttered under his breath. "I swear sometimes it's like watching children."

Yuugi just shook his head, giggling again. After all, Atem was right.


"Fine fine fine! I'll read the damn spell. But like I said a million times; I am not a priest, nor do I have an item that will make it work. It's just like reading words off of a paper. It won't do shit!"

"Stop your whining and read it, sore loser!" Tristan forced Malik in a headlock before he knew what was going on.

Joey and Tea had a good laugh when Malik easily flipped Tristan over onto his back. "Ask nicely."

"Yeah Tris! Ask da man nicely." Joey chuckled and grinned down at his good friend on the floor before helping him to his feet.

"Fine. Please read it."

"And you don't care that you'll be cursed for life." Malik asked again, opening the golden book and moving the stiff golden pages to where the curse of Bastet was etched clearly. "And that Baste will make sure you are miserable and never have a happy life with your soul mate or anything like that."

"All we care is that it makes you a babe magnet! Can you imagine the tail we'd get being 'irresistible'?" Duke beamed, his eyes glassed over and a little drool dripping from the side of his mouth.

"Men..." Tea spat and shifted her weight from one foot to the other. "I seriously need to hang out with girl friends more."

"Or 'girlfriends'." Joey comically raised and lowered his eyebrows and nudged Tea in the arm.

"Go to hell Joey."

Malik huffed and glanced up at the clock. "Are you guys ready for me to read this or not?"

"Okay okay. Read."

Malik took a deep breath and began to read from the text in the best Ancient Egyptian he could muster. Having Atem there to correct some of the little differences in dialect and language helped significantly, even though Malik was pretty damn sure that it wasn't going to matter. This book was for Priests. He wasn't a priest. Even if he was somehow able to cast off the spell, there were other regulations for it. One, it was usually cast by women, and two it was approved by Bastet herself. He could read it until he was blue in the face, power oozing out of his ears and nothing could happen unless Bastet gave the go ahead. When he was almost finished, Malik looked up to name the victims of the curse and instead of seeing Tristan and Duke, his vision went behind them to see Seto Kaiba walking down the hallway, looking rather furious. Why was he here and who managed to piss him off so much? Joey was here with them. "Seto Kaiba?"

"Malik!" Duke and Tristan shouted pulling him out of his thoughts.

"Oh uh...Duke Devlin and Tristan Taylor." Malik blinked and then scowled at them closing the book. "There I did it."

"Malik Ishtar. Where is your sister?" Seto Kaiba commanded, zero humor in his voice.

Joey's wide grin remained but a spark lit up in his eyes the same way it did when he was ready for a fight. "Good morning to you too Money bags. Wake up on the wrong side of your mattress made of dead baby bunnies. I'm sure the bones can be annoying."

"Joey! That’s horrible." Tea scolded but had a hard time keeping a straight face. She'd spent too much time with these guys...

"Well it's better than the cold floor you sleep on, Mutt." Kaiba retorted without giving Joey a second glance. "Your sister insisted on my being here, where is she?"

"She’s in her office, Kaiba." Malik glared at him and pointed behind him down a small hallway. "Although I have no idea why she'd want you here."

"We are in agreement there, Ishtar." Kaiba stated plainly and continued his angered stride towards the hallway without another word.


"Atem. Is that Kaiba?"

Atem looked away from an artifact they were passing to see Kaiba storming towards them. "Well, he seems pleasant today."

"I was about to say the same thing." Yuugi giggled a little but Atem's attention was elsewhere.

Kaiba looked strange...or maybe the room was strange. Something was going on and he could feel it. He continued to watch Kaiba as he made his way towards them, trying desperately to figure out why. Luckily for him, Yuugi seemed to be noticing something different too. His stance immediately became almost defensive. Yuugi's never defensive among friends.

"Seto Kaiba. Of what do we owe your presence here this morning?"

"Cut the crap, Atem. I'm not in the mood." Maybe there wasn't anything  wrong with him.

"Good morning Kaiba. Are you feeling okay today? You're acting weird." Maybe there was something wrong with Yuugi.

The sincerity in Yuugi's voice and the straightforwardness of his words caught both Atem and Kaiba off guard. For some reason Atem started to feel jealous, and he had no idea who or what of. Kaiba recovered more quickly and barely  managed to stop the look of shock on his face. "I'm fine Motou. I would ask you why you are acting weird, but it's part of your geek squad requirements, I'm sure."

Kaiba took a step to move around Yuugi, turning his body just enough for Atem to get  good look at his chest. Around his neck were three medallions that he had not seen in so long. All with the symbol of Bastet on them. For a moment Atem couldn't speak from the shock of what he had seen,  but quickly realizing the danger they were all in, he made his voice work. "Kaiba..."

"What is it now?"

"Can I have those medallions?"

"What medal..." Kaiba looked down and shakily picked up the necklaces and removed them from over his head. "What the hell?...No I don't care. I don't have time for this."

Kaiba quickly tossed them at Atem, who barely caught them. "Thank you..."

He stormed away exactly how he'd came into the hallway, leaving Yuugi and Atem staring after him, completely confused. "Atem...what was that?"

"We need to talk to our friends." Atem scowled down at the ancient medallions. If they did what he thought they did...he was going to kill them.


"We don't feel any different Malik." Duke stated looking down at the back of his hands.

"Not even a little bit." Tristan sighed and shook his head. "Oh well. Babe magnet spell, unsuccessful."

"You both have serious issues do you know that?" Tea sighed, walking alongside Malik. "Did Ryou say when he was going to be by, Malik?"

"Oh yeah...He should be here soon." Tea smiled at the faint hue of pink coloring his tanned cheeks. "Bakura is coming with him."

"Oh great..." Joey groaned. "Now we have Money bags and Psycho here."

"Joseph Wheeler!" Joey practically jumped out of his skin when he heard Atem shout his name.

"Jesus Atem! Can't you talk a little quieter. We are in a museum and I know how you aren't used to following any kind of rules or anything but..."

"Quit rambling and start explaining why these were with Kaiba." Atem stomped over to Joey and shoved the three medallions into Joey's chest.

At first Joey thought Atem was joking but when he saw the old stone medallions he became really confused. "Atem I have no idea what the hell you're talkin' about."

"Do any of you want to explain?"

Tea pursed her lips and balled her fists. She hated it when Atem talked to them like this. Not that they didn't deserve it...every single time...but it was still rude. "We didn't do anything to Kaiba. He was cranky when he got here."

"I'm not meaning his mood, I'm meaning why he was wearing three medallions with the symbol of Bastet on them, unbeknownst to him."

Yuugi gently pulled at Atem's sleeve, a frown marring his handsome face. "Why do you think they had something to do with it?"

Before Atem could answer everyone looked down at their feet. Symbol of Bastet, they all knew what that was from. Malik, however, wasn't ashamed or deterred by Atem's behavior in the slightest. With a mischievous smile he responded. "Okay...so I may or may not have read....a spell...and accidentally said Kaiba's name instead of these two idiots."

"See. I had nothing to do with it this time." Joey huffed and pulled the medallions up to look that them better before the situation suddenly hit him like a ton of bricks. "Oh my god...Kaiba got the spell...So your tellin' me that Kaiba is irresistible...and you're mad?...Why are you mad this is funny!?"

"It's not amusing at all Joey. The last man I knew that had this spell on him begged my father to kill him and put an end to his misery."

Tristan scoffed and crossed his arms over his chest. "Atem...no man on earth would want to be put to death for being irresistible. It's a babe magnet spell. I'm sure Kaiba will be fine. We all have a bet that he's asexual anyway."

Malik, Duke and Joey all burst into laughter. Tea and Yuugi just shook their head in disgust. Atem took a step towards Tristan threateningly. "Did Malik also tell you that it controls the actions of the accursed as well?"

"What do you mean?" Yuugi questioned from behind him and that's when Atem realized they all didn't get it.

"The Curse of Bastet is to live a life without control of your's or anyone else's actions. This curse will affect us just as much as it will him." Atem explained. "So now everyone, male or female, that comes into contact with Kaiba for an uncertain period of time will be controlled by the curse. Everyone except those wearing the medallions. When I was a child a man came into my father's court and told him of The Curse of Bastet. His wife had cursed him after finding him with another woman. He left his home because he was unable to resist ANYONE, and EVERYONE was seduced by him. He couldn't see his family again. Bastet didn't give him Medallions or if she did they were lost or stolen. He had no one by the end."

The room fell silent for a moment while his story sank in until Malik finally spoke. "Atem, there is no way the spell could have went off. I can't cast spells."

"Normally, no. But it seems Bastet has it out for Kaiba...or one of us."

Joey rubbed the back of his neck  before holding a hand up to stop everyone. "So...Wait...I don't get it...What do you mean 'affected by the curse'?"

"He means we are all going to be really friendly with Kaiba." Tea laughed. "So much for a girlfriend. I'm apparently not going to have time."

"I'm sure he's just exaggerating." Duke glared at Atem from beside Tristan. "You are very melodramatic."

Atem opened his mouth to shout at him but Yuugi beat him to it. "No...he's right."

That was the last thing Atem wanted to hear. So that was why Yuugi was acting strange when Kaiba stormed up to them. Yuugi could feel it, he could feel it, but it wasn't strong enough to be noticeable. Maybe that was because Kaiba left soon after, or maybe it was because the spell was just setting. Who knows.

"I think you are all freaking out over nothing." Duke insisted. "I'm sure later today at the ceremony everything will be fine."

"Why wait? Let's try this theory out now." Joey suggested, very stupidly in Atem's opinion.

He didn't want Yuugi to be part of this...then again there were the medallions. "Very well then. Yuugi and I will wear the medallions. You all can see for yourself."

"There are three Medallions." Yuugi smiled and pointed to the tangle of stone in Joey's hands.

"Yes, and one is going straight to Mokuba."

"Mokuba is his brother." Tea gasped, appalled at the very insinuation.

"And Bastet is a cunt." Atem muttered under his breath taking the three medallions and putting one over his own before placing the other on Yuugi.

It was probably bad luck to speak ill of the goddess but he'd met her before. She would not take offense in this situation and he knew it. Hopefully this curse was directed at Kaiba and not to get to him. Glancing back at his friends, Atem left to seek out Mokuba and hoped his friends weren't getting themselves into more trouble.



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