The Pharaoh’s Servant

BY : Drake
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The Pharaoh’s Servant

Mana walked briskly down the halls of the palace, her heart pounding in her chest. She had taken this route a few times before, but never with the intent she had no.

Be calm and direct. He will surely listen… She bit her lip. No. I know he will. How could he refuse?

She reached an intersection and, instead of going straight while looking to the right out of the corner of her eyes, as she had done before, she turned right. The two guards on either side of the doorway at the end of the short passage stood up straighter and became alert at her approach. Mana stopped several feet before them and bowed her head.


The guard just stared at her, not suspicious but not welcoming either. “These are the Pharaoh’s personal chamber. None may enter but members the Royal Court.”

“I know. Please inform that Pharaoh that one of Master Mahad’s trainees wishes to speak with him.”

The two guards looked at each other, and the one who had spoken rapped on the door twice before pushing it open, stepping inside, and shutting it behind him. Standing in place, Mana strained her ears to see if she could hear what was happening on the other side, and barely heard whispers. She stopped herself from flashing a mischievous grin.

Soundproof door. I’m almost disappointed.

After a few seconds the door opened and the guard emerged and stepped back to his post. “He will see you.”

“Thank you.” Mana bowed her head again and calmly walked forward. She pushed the door open and then pushed them shut behind her. When she faced forward, her breath caught in her throat.

The Pharaoh’s chambers… I’m finally in the pharaoh’s chambers…

The room was a cavern, stretching high overhead. Two doors on the far side of the room led to other rooms Mana could not see, curtains in the doorways providing a barrier. One wall of the room held a balcony beyond rows of stone columns, and the other wall was a gigantic mural depicting the ancestry of the kings of the land.

The object of Mana’s interest was seated at a wooden table, examining some scrolls.


The command made Mana’s knees shake for a moment – deep and commanding, yet also gentle. She walked forward to the edge of the table and descended to her hands and knees, her head to the ground. She inhaled deeply as the position filled her head with fantasies.

Soon. Very soon.

“Look at me.”

Mana raised her head.

The Pharaoh loomed above her, seated atop a wooden chair inlaid with ivory and gold. Thick, muscular limbs gripped the arm rests, the Millennium Pendant rested on a thin rope against a white tunic stretched tight across his broad chest. Eyes, piercing violet, stared down at her from beneath a shock of tri-colored hair unlike any other man in the palace.

Mana’s eyes momentarily darted to the Pharaoh’s skirt, wrapped around to the right side of his waist and held in place by a leather belt, the fabric dipping between the gap between his thighs. She stopped herself from licking her lips.

“My Pharaoh.” Mana again bowed her head. “Thank you for seeing me.”

“Stand.” Mana obeyed the command, standing and looking at the Pharaoh evenly. He looked up at her with mild curiosity. “I know you, do I not?”

“We have not met in person, my Pharaoh, but I’ve no doubt you have seen me before.” She put a hand to her chest. “I am Mana.”

“One of the aspiring mages training with Archmage Mahad.”

“Yes, my Pharaoh.”

The Pharaoh nodded. “And why do you come here today?”

Mana steeled her nerves. Her heart fluttered in her chest, her knees wanted to give out, her body was heated. But she had recited this conversation in her head a hundred times. She would remain calm. “I believe it has been some four months since Master Mahad chose the group of us from the village to train with him. I expect soon he will choose one of us to formally become the Apprentice Archmage.”

“Yes, very soon.”

“My Pharaoh, if I may, I would ask that you please have me named to the position.”

The Pharaoh’s brow creased. “I have absolute faith in the ability of my Archmage to choose a worthy successor to the Millennium Ring. I can think of no reason why I should make his decision for him.”

Mana breathed. “Master Mahad will be making his decision based on the magical aptitude we display in training, but I can offer you services and skills that the other trainees cannot…. Services and skills that I have not made Master Mahad aware of and cannot demonstrate in training with him.”

“Oh?” The Pharaoh waved a hand. “Explain.”

“I would, but I must request permission to speak openly, my Pharaoh.”

Mana waited a moment as the Pharaoh considered her request, and then finally he nodded. Mana let the tension leave her body in a show of relaxation – for the Pharaoh’s benefit more than her own. She stepped around the table and away from him, casting her eyes on the floor.

“It was just over three years ago when I first saw you. I believe you were being ferried to the construction of some temple. I was going about my daily routine in the village when your procession passed us and we knelt in your presence. When I saw your litter approach, I dared to look up and see the Pharaoh with my own eyes.”

Mana stopped, remembering that day. She still felt her body flush when she recalled the moment she first saw the Pharaoh.

“I had never seen a more handsome man in all my life. I should not have been surprised, you are a god incarnate among us, but I was stunned all the same. I regained my senses and lowered my head before one of your guards noticed and disciplined my insolence for looking at you, but I still saw you clearly. As the procession continued on and we returned to our lives, I stood and watched you go. And the same thought kept circling my mind over and over.”

What she spoke next was a dramatization of the truth, but it was far from a lie of what had actually been in her head at the time. Mana gathered her courage and spoke the secret she had never uttered to anyone else.

“I thought to myself ‘I wonder what his cock tastes like’.”

She turned her head and looked at the Pharaoh: he had sat up a bit straight, his head held a bit higher. He had been disinterested before – she could not blame him, a king would not be concerned with the anecdotal musings of a peasant – but now he was paying rapt attention. Mana looked away.

“I apologize for my thoughts that day. To think a peasant woman like me would ever be worthy of touching the Pharaoh is almost a blasphemy. Yet I could not help myself. I kept thinking it throughout my day.” Mana felt her undergarments moisten, more fantasizing aloud than remembering. “I could picture it so vividly. Presenting myself before you in the palace, kneeling before you, pledging myself to you… and then you’d stand and order me to stay on my knees as you walked up to me and removed your clothes…”

Mana smiled. “I touched myself that night, imagining what it would be like to be in your arms and between your legs.

“I swore the next morning I would do anything to make my dream a reality. Your High Priest Seto had made his way from the streets to the palace through hard work and determination, why could I not do the same?”

Mana looked back at the Pharaoh, still watching her. “I still trained in the art of magic, but I also began to train myself in the art of sex. I thought that surely the Pharaoh would be pleased to have a servant in his court who can excel at both. Then when the decree was put out that Master Mahad was looking for an apprentice, I offered my services, caught my eye, and was one of the handful of mages he chose to train in the castle while he decided on a successor.”

Mana turned fully to the Pharaoh, her heart pounding in her chest as we spoke. “The day Mahad presented us before your court was the first day since your trip through the village that I had seen you. The years had only made you more handsome to my eyes.” She looked down at the Pharaoh’s skirt, hoping her eyes weren’t deceiving her when she saw a bulge in the fabric. She licked her lips, though not for the show of seduction she was attempting. “I had dreamed of the day I would be presented to you in the throne room. In my dreams, you called me to stand before you, and commanded me to suck your cock right then and there, before the entire royal court.”

She forced herself to look up at the Pharaoh’s face again. “And now I am here. I formally offer you my services, Pharaoh. As your Royal Archmage I would stop at nothing to do Master Mahad proud and be the greatest mage this world has known. And as your Royal Cocksucker I would lavish attentions on you such that all men in the land would weep in jealousy. Both my mind and my body will work for your glory for the rest of my days, if you will allow me to.”

Her speech finished, Mana inhaled sharply and bowed her head, avoiding eye contact. The flowery narration of her life had been for a show, to convince the Pharaoh of her intentions. Yet she had spoken no lies in her need and her dreams to get her lips wrapped around his dick. Even now her undergarments were thoroughly soaked with the lurid images she had conjured for herself.

“I see.” The Pharaoh’s voice made Mana raise her head. He was looking at the table in seeming disinterest, the wood and charcoal pencil in his hand slowly tapping on the stone. “You offer me the services of a slut.”

Mana did not flinch at the word. She had been called far worse, and besides, she had come to terms with the reality of her aspirations and had no shame about them. “Yes.” Mana nodded. “But I will be your slut, my Pharaoh. No man would ever touch me again or even look upon my body, I swear this.”

“I would not allow so anyway.” The Pharaoh tilted his head from side to side. “I am more pondering why I would need a slut in my court when I have a dozen concubines who would service me right now if I ordered it, all at once, even.”

“I am aware,” Mana replied; she had rehearsed his rebuttals and prepared appropriate responses. “Yet I think you will find my body is as desirable as any of theirs, if not more. And, as I have said, my skills in sex have been well-practiced. I cannot speak for their ability in bed, but my own is surely just as great.”

“And the partners you have had in the past? Shall I take a woman into my bed who has spread her legs for so many others?”

“All in the name of perfecting my technique for you, my Pharaoh.” Mana bowed her head. “All that I did was in the name of becoming a better lover for the day I would one day love you. When my partners leaned over me, it was your face I saw, and when I reached my climax, it was your title I bit my lip to keep from crying out. They were a means to an end, nothing more.” She waved a hand. “If I may offer my perspective, my Pharaoh; you would not appoint an Archmage who has never cast a spell, or a Architect who has never built a structure. Why would you take a lover who has never had sex?”

The Pharaoh did not respond to that, and Mana silently considered herself a victor, that she had refuted all his reasons to deny her with respect and logic.

“You make many lofty claims of skill and experience, Mana.” The Pharaoh spoke at last. “But I find words are useless in circumstance such as this.”

“I entirely agree, my Pharaoh.” Mana smiled widely. She took a few purposeful steps forward. “But I would not expect you to take me at my word.” She stopped before the Pharaoh and slowly sank to her knees before him. Looking into his eyes, Mana whispered, “allow me to prove myself to you with action.”

She waited, her heart pounding in her ears, her pussy dripping between her legs. The Pharaoh looked down at her impassively, holding her gaze.

After an eternity of waiting, he nodded.

Mana couldn’t help but grin widely and giggle. “Then please, my Pharaoh, sit back and enjoy yourself.”

Mana shifted forward on her knees, gently nudging the Pharaoh’s legs apart so she could situate herself in the appropriate spot. She reached to the belt holding his skirt up, her fingers dancing around the bulge just below it, and undid the clasp. Mana pulled the belt out and let it clatter to the floor beside them. With nothing holding the Pharaoh’s garment in place, she unfolded it from either side and her prize sprang into view.

Dozens of cocks had passed between Mana’s lips in the years she dedicated herself to mastering sex for the day she would please the Pharaoh. Whatever the size of shape of them, she’d always fantasized that the Pharaoh would surpass them all.

She was not prepared for how correct she was.

The Pharaoh’s cock was a behemoth, a titan of manhood. It was thick enough that her thumb and fingers would struggle to touch when she closed her fist around him, and so long Mana could have wrapped both her hands around it and still have the head and some length beneath it left bare. And the head, as large as a spearhead, vibrant red and visibly throbbing. Not a bit of hair marred the Pharaoh’s flesh, allowing her an unobstructed view of two massive, swollen balls hanging from the base, like ripe plums.

It was, quite simply, the most perfect cock Mana could imagine. Yet even as her mouth watered and her lips flushed in preparation to be wrapped around that thick head, her resolve faltered. Fear and hesitation crept into her heart. Such a thing could not possibly fit all the way inside her, no matter which hole she took it in. She would sooner attempt to swallow a loaf of bread whole than the dick in front of her.

“Is something wrong?”

Mana came to her senses. “A-apologies, my Pharaoh.” She could not let him know her fear, he may well dismiss her right then and there. “I have… just never seen such a cock before.” She carefully reached out and took it in her hand. The flesh seared her palm and filled her fist as she wrapped her fingers – sure enough, the nail of her forefinger just barely brushed the skin of her thumb, such was the Pharaoh’s girth.

Finally touching it, Mana’s fears gave way to her lusts. At least, she was on her knees ready to suck the Pharaoh’s dick. It was in her hand, inviting for her to take it in her mouth and show it all the ways she had dreamed of lavishing attention on it.

Mayhap she had no hope to take it all. But by Ra, she couldn’t help but try.

Without another thought, Mana’s head came forward and she engulfed the Pharaoh’s prick in her warm, wet, waiting mouth.

For a first try, Mana got a fair bit more than the head in. She moaned low, her eyes rolling back. So this is what a king’s cock tastes like. A heady, rich taste, like a thick wine. And like a wine Mana quickly became intoxicated by it. She dove her head down further, taking more between her lips. She gripped the sides of the Pharaoh’s chair for support as she forced herself deeper. As more of the Pharaoh’s dick filled her mouth she swabbed her tongue over it, licking and lapping at it feverishly. She felt the head tickle the back of her throat and she paused before she choked herself.

Sitting there, her head buried deep in the Pharaoh’s lab, his dick buried deep in her mouth, Mana let out a long moan. She withdrew her head slowly, savoring every inch passing over her lips. When she got to the head she let it stay and bathed it with her tongue. A sweet, sticky taste met her tastebuds and she gobbled it up. The Pharaoh’s pre-cum. It was as delicious as she had known it would be. Mana turned her head from side to side, both to make sure every bit of the head knew the touch of her tongue and to give the Pharaoh a show. She made sure the head pressed against her cheek, bulging out obscenely.

At last Mana pulled back, her need for air finally overtaking her need for cock. She looked at the Pharaoh’s throbbing dick, her spit glistening along a bit more than half its length, and licked her lips. She said nothing, did not even look at the Pharaoh, as she dove back in.

Now that her mouth was acquainted with the prick it was going to spend the rest of its life sucking, Mana let herself run wild with making it at home. She ran her mouth along the length, pressed kisses to the head, licked up the spit she had left behind and sucked it down. She used her hands to stroke what her mouth couldn’t reach, giving the lower half of the Pharaoh’s cock a handjob that made her fingers sticky with spit and pre-cum. With her other hand she scooped the Pharaoh’s balls and brought them forward. She wrapped her tongue around them and suckled, trying to get them in her mouth, but alas there wasn’t enough room. Mana settled for bathing the balls as thoroughly as she had the head, slurping every inch of them.

A creak, and the Pharaoh’s cock was pulled away. Mana sat back as the Pharaoh pushed his chair back and rose to his feet. She looked up at him and saw fire in his eyes. He said not a word, merely stepped up to her, grabbed the back of her head, and guided it back to his crotch. Mana opened her mouth and leaned her head up to catch his head in her lips and then let the Pharaoh push her onto it. The new angle let her take him deeper and she groaned at this realization.

She bobbed her head back and forth happily, her neck and the Pharaoh’s hand on her head letting him pound her mouth. This was no mere blowjob not, but a proper face-fucking. Mana gripped the Pharaoh’s thighs for stability as her mouth and tongue worked, sucking the Pharaoh into her mouth over and over. He had both hands in her hair now, and on other occasions she might have been happy to just let him hold her in place and thrust between her lips. But for this first time, her pride and her desire wouldn’t let her – she didn’t want the Pharaoh to fuck her face, she wanted to give him a blowjob.

Though evidently one can do both at once.

Yet even as her body nearly burst with joy at the Pharaoh’s wild thrusting between her lips, Mana knew it was time to take it to the next level. She had promised the Pharaoh a slut of such sexual prowess that his concubines could not compare to her. Her genuine enthusiasm was evident and it translated well into a blowjob unlike what he was used to, but she could do more. Mana knew that a cock this large was not used to being deepthroated – after all, if the Pharaoh had any of his lovers capable of such a feat, he would have no need or want for Mana.

Time to put my training to the ultimate test.

Mana stilled herself and reached up to the Pharaoh’s hands. When she touched his wrists he stilled, and Mana gently took his hands away. She was left to set her own pace again. With a deep breath, Mana steeled her nerves, closed her eyes, and began her final trial.

She began sliding her head further down the Pharaoh’s dick. The head pressed against the back of her throat and she could already feel herself starting to choke. No. She relaxed her throat and grabbed the Pharaoh’s backside, using it to push him into her mouth. A bit more, a little at a time. All she had to do was prove she was capable of it and she would secure her spot in the Pharaoh’s palace for the rest of her life and have decades to practice and get her throat used to taking such a massive object down it.

Her throat was sore and she was struggling to breathe. Mana sucked in air through her nose and kept going. Would her determination push her body beyond its limits, or would her body give out first? Was this going to be how she died, choking to death trying to fit the Pharaoh’s impossibly huge cock into her throat?

What a way to go.

Mana felt something brush her lips. She brought a hand around and felt for it. Her fingers found two objects, round and hot, dangling just before her chin. The Pharaoh’s balls. Mana opened her eyes and saw the curve of flesh where the Pharaoh’s body curved out into his shaft. Had her throat not been preoccupied, she would have cheered.

I did it! I got him all the way down!

If she truly was to die from having the Pharaoh’s dick shoved down her throat, Mana would now go to the stars happy.

She began to withdraw, carefully sliding the cock out. Her lungs filled, her throat relaxed. When only the head was left in her mouth, Mana made sure it made a loud pop as it emerged from her mouth. She couldn’t stop herself from falling back, using her hands to catch herself. She coughed and gasped, her eyes watering.

From behind her, a deep chuckle. Mana turned her head and saw the Pharaoh smiling down at her, a hand leisurely stroking his dick that was slick with her spit.

“You are the first woman I have met to fit all my cock into your mouth,” the Pharaoh whispered. Mana’s chest swelled at the praise. “You are indeed every bit the experienced slut you promised you are.” The Pharaoh held out a hand. Mana reached out and let him pull her to her feet.

“Thank you, my Pharaoh.” She smiled proudly and looked down at the glistening cock tapping her legs. “Shall I return to my knees and finish you?”

“That won’t be necessary.” Before Mana could respond, the Pharaoh had pressed her against the table and leaned into her, his eyes boring into hers. “You did claim you possess a body as desirable as any of my concubines.” The Pharaoh looked down and rubbed his hands along her bare shoulders. “I will see if you have told the truth.”

The Pharaoh seized the front of her dress and ripped, the sound and rush of air on her chest making Mana gasp. The Pharaoh ignored her and reached down to tear again, finishing the job. Mana’s ruined dress fell to the ground, her torso bare. The Pharaoh then undid her belt and tossed it away, and tore away her skirt without bothering to unfold it. Only her lower undergarments were left, and the Pharaoh pushed them down her thighs to reveal her dripping core, then used a foot to push them to her ankles, where she stepped out of them.

Now fully nude, Mana bit her lip. The Pharaoh’s eyes raked over her, head to toe and back again, repeatedly. She had no doubts he liked what he saw, if the twitches from his dick were an indication. Mana knew what she had – her legs were long and well-shaped, her hips wide, and her ass was tight and firm. Her proudest asset though was the first thing many noticed about her, for she had been blessed with a large, bouncy pair of breasts that made men stare in lust and women stare in envy. Noticing the Pharaoh’s eyes lingering on them, Mana gave a few discreet thrusts of her torso to make her tits jiggle. I wonder how his cock would fit between them.

“Do any of your concubines have a body like this, my Pharaoh?”

“No.” The Pharaoh reached out and grabbed her breasts, palming and squeezing them. She moaned through closed lips. “Truly, your body is beyond anything my concubines could offer. Especially these.” He tweaked her nipples with his fingers and bounced their heft in his palms.

“You flatter me, my Pharaoh.” Mana pushed herself into his hands, thrilling at his touch. “Please, play with my tits as much as you want. You can taste them if you like.”

“I would very much like to, but another time.” The Pharaoh gripped Mana’s ass and lifted her to sit on the edge of his table. “For now, I need to cum, and I think your mouth has earned a rest. So you may lay back and enjoy what your Pharaoh can do to you.” A hand on Mana’s chest pushed her onto the table, the new position bringing her pussy up.

She had only a moment to realize what was about to happen before it did. When the Pharaoh thrust into her, it was not gradual or gentle – he hilted himself immediately. Mana screamed, her back arching. The Pharaoh’s cock filled her in ways she didn’t know she could be filled, stretched her out to fit him. She collapsed on the table, eyes wide.

“I was gentle with your mouth to not harm you,” the Pharaoh’s voice came. “I was assured you would not be able to take all of me and let you take time to adjust. But I find with cunts, they are more forgiving and quicker to adjust. As you now know too.”

That was all the warning Mana had before the Pharaoh began to pound into her with a speed and stamina unlike anything she experienced before. His hands held her by the thighs to keep her steady while his cock plowed into her again and again and again. Mana’s cries were somewhere between screams and groans. Against such a sexual assault she had no hope to do anything but lay there and take it. Her hands sprayed out on the table, looking for something to grip but finding nothing.

The Pharaoh is fucking me. The thought was the only coherent idea Mana’s mind could comprehend, and it was enough to make her cum. She had been thoroughly soaked from the revelation that was tasting the Pharaoh’s prick, and feeling it inside her pussy was more than she could take from thought alone. The Pharaoh, though, did not stop, continuing to thrust wildly.

The royal chambers filled with the ragged sounds of Mana’s moans and slapping flash. Her legs flailed in the air on either side of the Pharaoh’s hips, spreading wide to give him all the room he needed to fuck Mana into the table. The wood and stone creaked, scrolls rolling to the floor and writing utensils clattering soon after. Mana’s world right then consisted of nothing but the sight of the ceiling and the sound and feeling of the Pharaoh’s dick pumping into her.

Despite his claims of needing to cum, the Pharaoh was seemingly tireless. She recognized the signs of impending climax; his breath was getting haggard, his thrusts a bit more erratic. But where other lovers would slow now and let loose their climax, the Pharaoh continued fucking her as fiercely as ever. He must have the energy of Ra. Mana laughed and it turned into a staggered moan. He could fuck me for hours and not tire. Oh how she would enjoy pushing his stamina to its limits in every way she knew.

He lowered himself over her. His thrusts became more shallow but only slightly slower, as he grabbed and squeezed her tits. “You will fulfill every duty required of the Royal Archmage’s apprentice, and when the day comes you will fulfill the duties of Royal Archmage. You will prove a worthy heir to Master Mahad’s legacy and make him proud.”

Ye-e-e-e-e-s…” Mana cried.

“And when I send for you, you will come to me ready to be fucked. Anywhere, anytime, anyway. If I wish to push you against the wall in a hallway and take you from behind, I will. If I wish to have you ride me while I sit in my bath, you will. And if I wish you to awaken me every morning with your body—”

“You don’t need to order it!” Mana called. “I’ll do it willingly, my Pharaoh! You will wake up every morning with my lips on your cock and fall asleep with it buried in my pussy! I’m yours to fuck however you choose! If you ordered me to drop to my hands and knees before the entire Royal Court and take your magnificent prick up my ass, I would obey!”

“Be careful, Mana. I may take you up on that idea.”

“Please do!” Mana raised her head as best she could to look up at the Pharaoh. “I’d let all of Egypt know that I get to get fucked by the Pharaoh every day, that I get to suck his cock as my morning meal, that I get to crawl into his bed and let him feast of my body every night! I’d let you blow your load on my face and walk around the palace making sure everyone knew who it came from!”

“And if I ordered you to cum for me, would you do it?”


“Then as my first order to you as my Royal Cocksucker, Lady Mana, I order you to scream for your Pharaoh as you cum.”

Mana obeyed. She threw her head back and screamed the Pharaoh’s title, doing her best to make sure all the city and beyond knew that someone had just finished getting their pussy filled by their king. Her cum gushed, flooding her lower body and oozing out to the table. When her orgasm subsided she fell back on the table, quivering.

“Very good.” She felt the Pharaoh lean up and slide himself from inside her. She heard footsteps and turned her head to see him rounding the table to stand beside her, a hand rapidly stroking his cock. “Allow me to reward you for being such an obedient servant.” A few more movements of his hand was all it took.

Jets of hot, white cum erupted from the Pharaoh’s prick and landed on Mana’s face. She moaned long and low as she was painted with the Pharaoh’s seed, opening her lips wide to let a few shots land in her mouth. She almost came again from the taste, like heavenly ambrosia. Yet even as her face dripped in cum, the Pharaoh’s orgasm continued. He stepped closer and aimed his cock at her body, spraying her neck and breasts with streams of white. Mana lay her head back and let him, relishing every small impact of cum splattering on her body.

A hand on her had turned her to the side and she felt the Pharaoh’s head poke through her lips. The spurts were less powerful now, but he still came enough to fill Mana’s mouth. She gulped it down like a thirsty traveler, and the Pharaoh was generous enough to let her drink her fill and then some.

At last his climax ceased, and the Pharaoh stepped back, leaning on the table and breathing deeply.

Naked but for the ample covering of royal semen she had just been plastered with, Mana lay spread out on the table, her head hanging off one side, legs dangling off the other, hands spread at her sides. Her body ached from the hard fucking she had just received, her face and tits were caked in drying cum, her throat and mouth were still sore from deepthroating the Pharaoh, and her clothing was probably damaged enough it would never be worn again.

She smiled happily. I’ve been waiting for three years to feel like this.

“Well, Lady Mana.” The Pharaoh looked at her and reached over to stroke her hair. “I believe I will be needing to have a talk with Master Mahad.”

“Thank you, my Pharaoh.” Mana blinked prettily at him. “I look forward to spending the rest of my days serving you as best I can.”

“Indeed.” The Pharaoh took Mana’s hand and carefully pulled her to the edge of the table. “To be clear, if you are Royal Archmage, you will fulfill your duties as such.”

“Of course, my Pharaoh.” Swinging her legs to the floor, Mana bowed her head. “I respect Master Mahad deeply and have learned much from him. I will not dishonor him.”

“Good.” The Pharaoh nodded. “I hope he will say the same.”

“I’m sure he will.” Mana looked at the Pharaoh’s dick. Soft and limp between his legs, it was still an intimidating sight. “If I may ask, my Pharaoh, are you very busy the rest of the day?”

The Pharaoh smiled. “While I appreciate your eagerness, Mana, I am afraid that I do have duties of my own to perform.”

“Do you need to perform those duties right now?” Mana raised her eyebrows and took the Pharaoh’s hand, caressing it a bit as she guided it up her hip and onto her breast.

When his fingers squeezed, she knew his answer before he gave it. “I suppose I can spare a bit more time.”


The door pounded three times and creaked open. “My Pharaoh.” Master Mahad swept into the room, closed the door behind him, and bowed his head. “I wish to speak to you.”

“Of course. Step forward, Mahad.”

Mahad began to do so as he raised his head, but froze when he saw the Pharaoh.

The Pharaoh was currently seated on a hair by a table in the middle of the room. And on her knees in front of him, entirely nude, was Mahad’s student Mana. At least, Mahad was fairly sure it was Mana. It was difficult to get a good look at her features with her upper body bouncing on the Pharaoh’s lap. The girl who resembled Mana was holding her breasts together as the Pharaoh’s cock thrust between them, her head ducked down to kiss the head every time it poked up. On a particular thrust it was held there and she took the head into her mouth, messily slurping at it.

“Step forward, Mahad,” the Pharaoh repeated, looking at his Archmage.

Eyes not looking away from the lewd sight, Mahad continued his approach. “My Pharaoh, may I ask, is that my student Mana?”

“Yes.” The Pharaoh looked down at her. “She came to speak to me earlier and asked to be named my Royal Cocksucker. I granted her request.”

“I… see…” Mahad struggled to look away from the sight of his student moving her breasts up and down the Pharaoh’s manhood. As well-endowed as he knew Mana was, with the Pharaoh’s cock between them she seemed so much smaller. He was uncertain what he envied the Pharaoh for more, having such a large manhood or being able to thrust it between such a lovely pair of breasts.

“Mahad, this is not the first time we have spoken when a woman has been in my chambers.”

“No, my Pharaoh. But…” Mahad took a breath. “I am not used to that woman being one of my students. Or actually seeing what you are doing with them.”

“True enough.” The Pharaoh patted Mana on the head. “Mana, perhaps you should stop for a moment.”

Mana tore her lips from the tip of the Pharaoh’s prick. “Do I have to?”

“You are making Mahad uncomfortable.”

Mana stood up, allowing Mahad an unobstructed view of her magnificent breasts – as well as the trails of semen, some dry and some fresh, that covered her torso and face. Mana bowed her head. “Apologies, Master Mahad.”

“Yes, Mana… could I bother her to put on her clothes, my Pharaoh?”

“They’re not wearable anymore,” Mana said with a cheeky grin, wiping the corner of her mouth and sucking her finger. As if Mahad needed clarification of how or why her clothes were unusable.

“What do you need, Mahad?” The Pharaoh asked.

Mahad regained his usual composure. “Actually, my Pharaoh, I wanted to speak to you about Mana herself.”


“Yes. She has been a standout among the students I have trained. I was going to discuss with you my desire to name her my formal apprentice.”

Mana squealed. “Oh, thank you, Master Mahad, I accept!” She rushed forward with her arms spread, but Mahad held out a hand to stop her before she could hug him.

“Perhaps later, after you have bathed?” Mahad prompted.

Mana looked down at herself. “Yes, my apologies, Master.” Even as she apologized though, she began using her hand to wipe herself off and lap at her fingers.

The Pharaoh nodded. “I am pleased to hear this, I was concerned our interests for Mana would conflict. But now we all three have arrangements to our liking.”

“Indeed…” Mahad awkwardly looked over at Mana sucking on her fingers. "She seems very happy in her new... 'position'.”

Mana nodded eagerly as she removed her fingers from her mouth. “I am pleased indeed, Master Mahad.” She got a small smile on her face. “I think I am going to enjoy being in this 'position' for a long time to come.”

“I am sure the Pharaoh will, too.” Mahad replied, trying not to look at his king in his current state.

“Is there anything else, Mahad?” The Pharaoh asked.


Mana bowed again. “Then if you don’t mind, Master, I will return to my duties.” She dropped to her knees in front of the Pharaoh and got into position to place his dick back between her tits.

As Mana started to bounce them again, the Pharaoh met Mahad’s eyes. Mahad lifted his brow and let out a breath; the Pharaoh gave a small tilt of his head.

“She is a dutiful servant.”

“Indeed. I take my leave then, my Pharaoh.”

The Pharaoh nodded and Mahad turned to leave, the sounds of Mana’s breasts smacking against the Pharaoh’s thighs only slightly outpaced by the sound of Mahad’s footsteps.

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