Joey at duel academy

BY : Anon
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It was the first day of a new year at duel academy 

"I can't believe THE Joey Wheeler is our new teacher" exclaimed Cyrus "Do you think he is as good as they say?" asked bastion "no way he is a washed up hasbeen Yugi and Kaiba" 

"What the fuck did you just say about me you stuck up little shit?"Screaned Joey at the top of his lungs "Get the fuck down here now"

"y-yes sir"said Chazz "from now on it's daddy wheeler to you punk"responded joey 

Chazz walked down to the bottom of the room where joey was standing 

"on your knees bitch" chazz did as he was told joey dropped his pants revealing his massive 13 inch penis which was rock hard 

"remember everyone this is what daddy wheeler does to those who mock him" suddenly a golden stream came out of Joey's dick and covered chazz's face.

Chazz burst into tears "yeah that's cry bitch cry while I give you a golden shower i've been holding this in for a day because i knew some punk like you would mouth off"

Alexis upon seeing Joey's dick became as wet as Chazz's face

and started day dreaming about joey doing this to her 

"Totally licious" said Chumley

"and that's game said Jaden as joey finished 

"get the fuck out my sight chazz" 

"y-yes daddy" 

The End 


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