For Eternerty

BY : Sethereth
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For Eternity

He sat on the roof of his uncle's gambling store, like almost every night, and looked up at the sky, watched the stars and felt the same thing he had felt since the beginning. It was unwanted feelings, wishes and desires that he did not allow to come up during the day, but which regularly overtook him night after night, like an avalanche and pulled him down. He felt abandoned, left alone, left behind – lonely!

It was not that he was really alone, because he was not. On the contrary, he had friends, many friends and they would never leave him behind! But no matter how many times he told himself that, in the end, knowing that he was never alone unless he wanted to be, made it easier. Because being with his friends, laughing with them, playing with and against each other or just spending time together, it was still just not the same as with HIM. With Yami he had never had to explain himself, well, he didn't have to with his closest friends either, but HE had always understood him, had known his innermost being! Yami had never had to ask questions about why or how Yugi did something he did. They had been one, completely. At least he had always felt that way.

And then suddenly fate had taken the saw and separated something, that Yugi thought should always have stayed together. It had caused Yami to leave, away from him and into a future, into a world where he could not follow him. Yugi really wished that Yami had found his eternal rest. He wished him peace with all his heart. Because if anyone really deserved it, it was him! That was what they had both been working towards, that had always been the plan. Yes, he knew all this, understood all this, was able to comprehend it, somehow accept it. But that doesn't make the feelings that were burning inside him any easier.

His friends all knew about his pain, understood it, but none of them knew the true extent of it! And he was never been able to tell them that until today, god, it had taken him almost one year to finally admit it to himself. Love. Yeah, love could be really nice and sometimes very cruel!

All of his friends, even Kaiba at some point, had told him he had to let go, let him go and move on, live on! Yami would do the same, this period of Yugi and Yami would be over, time for something new. He had tried that, and he tried it every damn day anew. He really did! And somehow, he succeeded, during the day! It worked as well as it could, he was alive, he had set himself new goals, he was actively trying to see new perspectives in life, well most of it! Often that didn't work, but now and then it did and he was glad. But as soon as the day drew to night, all those suppressed feelings came up, whether he wanted them to or not! And then there were good and bad nights. Tonight, it was a very bad night, the feelings for his lost Yami were omnipresent and could not be suppressed, no matter what he had tried to do! Finally he had just given up, they were there now and wanted to be felt. So he suffered from the pain of separation to him, as so often in this night, it was awful!

God it was pathetic that after two years he still had not managed to say goodbye to him, would probably never make it. And although he knew exactly that he was only scourging himself with it, his inner eye projected an image of Yami. He saw him standing before him again, facing him, so beautiful, so strong, so brave and so sublime, so infinitely far away from him and yet so close.

And already it was over and done with! The pain, all too familiar and daily companion in the night, drove into his heart, made it stop, stumble and once again it felt as if a hand in his chest would slowly but surely crush his heart. He never told his friends about this. Neither of the pain, nor of the panic that attacked him every time after that! They wouldn't understand it, he didn't even understand it himself!

Like every time panic rolled over him, he couldn't breathe, panting and struggling for every breath, clinging desperately to the wall of the house, and wishing it would stop! Yugi was very much aware that this reaction of his body was absolutely not healthy, but unfortunately he could not change anything. If he could, he would have grabbed all these feelings and locked them away forever. But unfortunately he could not do that!

God, it had been two years already and he still missed him like hell! He missed his presence, his jokes, his support, his way of seeing things, his courage and especially his strength!

I know they say that the space between

Can make it stronger than we've ever seen.

They might be right but I disagree

'Cause I've never felt stronger than when you're with me!

Yes, Yami came back to him after all. In his duel with Diva, when he really needed him, he had taken over for a few minutes, helped him, rescued him and then disappeared again immediately. And he wanted to be damned, but for a few seconds, he felt complete again! Only for a very short time, until the presence of his Pharaoh had disappeared again.

Had he really become so selfish, so selfish and unable to live alone without Yami? He knew no answer to this! Yes? No? And yes his friends were right, he should really let him go. But every damn time he even tried, his heart hurt so much that he really wanted to cut it out! And he couldn't stand that pain forever, so he had to deal with it, accept it and let it go! He have to, there is no other way!

He would deal with it, somehow. But what he couldn't handle… what he couldn't handle was the knowledge, that he would never see Yami again! He tried to come to terms with the fact, that they had had their time together and that he now would have to live with that. But he just did not want to accept it. No damn it! Not like that, he just thought it was so fucking unfair!

His opinion: they had not had enough time, together, for each other, for all the things he would have liked to do with Yami, all the things he would have liked to tell him. Because he had never been able to tell him how he really felt about him, how much he had meant, still meant and always would mean to him! And he was just too young at that time, had repressed all those feelings that were bothering him now because it was easier that way! Yeas he was a coward, he knew he was! And over the years, these feelings, which he secretly had for the Pharaoh, his Pharaoh, had not become weaker, but rather so much stronger! And it was precisely this unrequited love that caused him to stagnate, to block himself, to simply not continue! By all the gods, he had tried, but he failed! He had failed so badly, that in the end he had left love behind completely. He was meant for the one, or for nobody else at all!

Yes, there had been two others in his life in those two years. He had relatively quickly accepted, that he would never warm up to women. He was into men, end of it! It was as simple as that. And that he was gay had never been a problem for his friends. Somehow everyone had suspected it more or less from the beginning, even Téa. Even though she had been disappointed when he had told her about it! She had been in love with him and also with Yami, which did not even surprise Yugi. He had suspected it and couldn't even blame her. Who, who had met Yami, could not love him? In his opinion that was completely impossible!

And so he had first met Kagemaru. He had been three years older and had somehow managed to get around Yuri's barriers with his way. He was a head taller than Yugi and, like Yami, he had a charisma where Yugi could let himself fall. And he was gay and absolutely wanted to win Yugi for himself. Finally Yugi had given in, the two had become a couple and Kagemaru had been Yugi's first. But as time went by, it became clear that he was more interested in Yugi's fame as king of the games and Yugi's body than in his heart or himself. And when Yugi finally broke up, Kagemaru had become really mean and nasty to him!

To Yugi's surprise, it had been Kaiba who had made sure that Yugi had been left alone by his ex-boyfriend. He had started stalking Yugi, which had led to Yugi's outright anxiety attacks in the end. Finally, after a duel between Yugi and a young man it escalated, Yugi had won the duel and had gone to the VIP area to get his things, where Kagemaru had been waiting for him. Yugi had no idea how he had even gotten in there, but he didn't care. He had told his ex to leave immediately, but instead he had made a scene, grabbed him by the hand and tried to kiss him. At that time Yugi had freaked out, he had punched him in the face and then tried to get away. Unfortunately only with moderate success, because Kagemaru had pushed him against a wall and the two had wrestled with each other. In the fight he tore open Yugi's shirt and even managed to undo two buttons on his pants. Yugi had almost gone mad with panic, and it would certainly have been much worse, if Kaiba hadn't suddenly been standing in front of them as if grown out of the ground. And Kaiba didn't do things by halves when he was angry, he never had! And Kaiba had been very mad! He had practically torn his ex away from Yugi with just one movement and then thundered his fist into Kagemarus face with force! Yeah, with force, Yugi just couldn't describe it any other way! Then he had just taken a look at Yugi's condition, barked a short command into his microphone and his six bodyguards had plunged into the room. They had taken his ex to their chest without further words and then dragged him out of the room without listening to his protest.

To this day, Yugi still couldn't figure out exactly how or better what Kaiba had done with Kagemaru, but from that day on, Yugi was at peace with him again. Kaiba had not said a word, but had smuggled Yugi out of the arena via the back entrance and personally driven him home. After that three of his bodyguards had patrolled around the game store for a few weeks and Kaiba had called him to his place a few days later, and there had been a very long, very serious conversation with him and the CEO. Both where opponents for so long years, but not anymore. Now there are friends and after that everything both was fine with each other again, but Yugi had to promise Kaiba not to get involved with another guy for the next month! He could easily do him this favor, the promise to stay alone for a while, because he had no need for a lover anymore. Better he was alone and save, but with a crazy maniac and afraid! With that decision he could live!

And he keeps this promise for a long time! Only after 1 1 /2 years later he had met someone again he had met Daisuke, his second friend. Daisuke was the exact opposite of Kagemaru. He was just as tall as Yugu, very nice and gentle, very reserved, yet cheeky and funny. He was exactly what Yugi needed after all the drama with his ex. Daisuke had made him laugh and he had brought many things in Yugi back into balance in a very short time. Their time together had been beautiful, very much so. But as much as he likes him, he had to realize very quickly that Daisuke was not Yami, not even close! In their relationship, Yugi had been the Top, it had been a very interesting and formative experience, but Yugi had not been able to let himself fall in that way, it had not really satisfied him in the long run! He liked it, yes it was fun! But deep inside him, he had always known that he was not a top. He was a bottom, he needed the opportunity to give in, to let go and to trust a stronger man enough that he could feel comfortable in a relationship.

Moreover, Daisuke had been very nice to Yugi very quickly, they had only been together for a few weeks. That had gone too fast for Yugis taste, after all they had only known each other for a short time! And finally it was all over when Yugi's brain started to play a trick on him during sex one evening. Because he suddenly saw himself and not Daisuke anymore and he himself had taken Yami's place. The sex that night had been extremely hard, extremely grandiose and at the same time extremely strange, too strange! Yugi had never experienced anything like that with himself, and neither had Daisuke, because he was still very excited the next morning, and total in love with him. Too bad! Unfortunately, Yugi had not been able to share this happiness, for him this experience had only been a very clear warning.

The roles were reversed, but that's not how it was supposed to be! He had more or less fucked himself, Daisuke hadn't even been in this sex! The warning had reached him very clearly! Get your shit together Yugi, or I will do it for you, your choice! And he was quite sure that he shouldn't give fate any more opportunities to intervene!

And when he blocked any further approach from Daisuke afterwards, it was practically a slap in the face for him. Yugi was forced to tell the truth, because Daisuke deserved that and so he finally told him about Yami. He hadn't gone into much detail about anything, but he didn't have to. Daisuke had ended the relationship after that, but he would never forget his last words!

"I cannot compete with a ghost Yugi. From the beginning, I felt that something was holding you back, but I never knew what and I didn't want to push you. I love you, but you do not love me. Yes, we've only just gotten together, but I stand by my feelings! But you, you love only him, I can see that now! I would fight for you, Yugi, if I had a chance. But it seems that no one can win this fight, because you won't let them, you will no one ever let them! This hole in your heart will never be filled as long as you block the access. And you have closed up your innermost self very tightly and are apparently waiting for a miracle! It must hurt terribly to love someone so truly with all you’ve got and to know, that you possibly will never see him again! And please believe me, I'm really sorry for you, I really am! And just because I understand that, because I understand you, I'm going to leave now. I wish you only the very best and can only hope that this man you love so much, deserves your true love, that he is really worth waiting for maybe forever! That you will perhaps never love again and will remain alone forever because of him! Goodbye Yugi."

These words had hurt terribly, but he had let his friend go anyway. Why? Because Daisuke had told the truth. As long as he kept loving a ghost, he couldn't love anyone else. And that he loved his Pharaoh, with all his heart and soul, that was the unvarnished truth! As terrible and painful as this love was, there was nothing he could do about it and the worst thing about it was, he didn't want it any other way!  

Sometimes I wonder why you even care,

'Cause even when I leave you're always there with me!

And like a candle makes a brighter place,

This mark you've made on me can't be erased!

And so he was and remained alone. Maybe Daisuke was right, maybe forever. Sighing and sad, Yugi leaned against the shingles and grabbed a pack of cigarettes. Yes, he smoked sometimes. Yes, it was unhealthy. And yes, in those moments he so fucking didn't care! He lit one on fire, inhaled deeply and then breathed out the smoke again in a grey mist. He watched the mist slowly rise and get lost in the night sky.

Daisuke had said a miracle. Yes, he probably did just that, he waited and hoped that fate would finally come to its senses. But miracles only exist in fairy tales! Yet he would dare to make one attempt, just one! He felt he was in the right mood to talk to the gods and the universe. Either he did it now or not at all

"If someone is listening up there, maybe I am just talking to myself! I would like to express a wish. Just a single one, after all, Yami and I have saved the world often enough, don't I at least deserve someone to listen to me? Don't I deserve some happiness, too? What have I done that you are so cruel to me?" he didn't get an answer, but he didn't expect one either. 

"I only wish one thing, that we could meet again and be together! I know that my wish is complicated and certainly causes some problems, but that is always the case, isn't it? But I wish it with all my heart. A life with the love of my life, I would give everything for that! Do I ask too much? I don't think so!" the night was still silent and infinite sadness took hold of him. He had said it, wishes only existed in fairy tales!

So he addressed his next words exactly to the man to whom his heart belonged and would always belong.

"Yami... I miss you so much! Without you my life is grey and boring, it's hard to make sense of my future if it doesn't include you. And I hope you won't forget me, because I will never forget you! I know that I have no right to want or ask for anything else. I should be happy for you that your soul has finally found peace and quiet. And so I do, really! But I want you to know that I love you, that I have always loved you in my own way! I should go on living my life without you. I tried that, I try that every day anew, but it is so hard! I wish I could have told you all this before you left. My Pharaoh, my King, my other me, my Partner, my Heart, my Friend, my beautiful Love - please don't forget me!

I wanna be so far gone in you

So far nothing else will ever do

I wanna be so far gone in you

In you!

A single tear rolls down his cheek, falls on the roof and glitters there in the moonlight. Yugi ignores it, breathes out, sighs and takes the next move. Again the smoke floats into the sky, again he watches it. When the cigarette is finished, he squeezes it out in a small ashtray and then climbs over the skylight back into his room. He undresses, goes into the bathroom, washes, puts on underwear and then lets himself fall into bed. His heart is heavy with grief and yet he just can't help himself. He thinks of him, sees his face in front of him, glides into old memories and then closes his eyes. This is the only way he can fall asleep when he thinks of him, then the pain is a little easier to bear!


In another time, another place and another life, a man who looks very similar to Yugi is sitting alone in the dark. There are times when he can simply rule, where he is the ruler, where he does what he was born to do. And then he misses nothing, then he is fine. Here he has his family, his friends, his confidants, his employees and servants. He has everything a Pharaoh has to have just like that, he misses nothing, he could have everything he wants. Anything but a companion. For he does not want to have one, although all in the kingdom wish it for him. They do not want him to remain alone, and many suggestions have been made, one more terrible than the other!

But he has rejected every single one of them, he doesn't want any! Not even a Slave of Love does he have now. In the beginning yes, there were some, but that was a long time ago. Not anymore, now he remains abstinent and has been for more than a year. He must, because his body refuses any physical contact in the meantime!

Why? Because he only wants one more, a very specific one and that is exactly what he cannot have! Because HE is not here, he is in his time, he lives his life, he breathes and leads his own destiny. Without him, as it should be! He knows that, knew that from the beginning, but no one has prepared him for the many lonely nights, for the longing, for the pain of separation that came but never left again!

Yes, that was how they both decided in the end that he would go back to his time, find peace. He wanted it that way back then, it had to be that way, but often, very often he even regrets his decision bitterly in the meantime. Because he misses him so much, it really hurts him not to have him at his side! It took him a while to realize why he is doing so badly. When he knew, he did not feel like laughing. Fate is really playing a joke on him, right? Love? It could be! But then the truth became clear to him. Yes, it was love. He had not been prepared for it, had not reckoned that love would practically just jump at him, without his love even existing in his time!

Because he loves him with all his heart, now and ever. It wasn't always like that, it just happened with time. In the beginning he always just looked after him, protected him, made sure that nothing ever happened to him. That was not love, but affection and pure protective instinct. And he needed that protection too, they needed each other. Back then, when they were one. By all the gods, how much he missed this bond, this closeness, this connectedness, his light and his laughter, his warmth and his trust. For that is what he received unconditionally, absolute trust in him, no matter who, no matter what. Yugi would never have left his side, before that happens, hell would have frozen over!

Now he is an adult and he no longer needs a protector. He should let him go, at least just take a Slave Lover, so that at least this enormous pressure that has built up inside him is finally reduced again. But he just does not want it and neither does his body. Meanwhile it seems like betrayal, of himself and of him. This impossible love is toxic, he knows that himself, but yet he is not willing to give in. Not now and probably not later, probably never!

He could go back, he knows that. Not forever, but at least for a while. He could visit him, see how he is doing. And yet he won't do it, because the pain would take on epic proportions when he sees him and can't talk to him, can't take him in his arms. They are separated, that's how they should stay! It's better for both if it stays the way it is, right? Or not? These feelings get him all mixed up, because if he was wrong the first time, he might have been wrong about everything else, right? 

Sighing, Pharaoh leans back in his armchair, takes a sip of wine, eats a few grapes and looks into the night. The stars glitter in the firmament, the moon shines in its full splendor, it is full moon. He doesn't know what to do with himself, he doesn't want company, nor is he a good one himself. And this thought... he never lets go of it. It's stupid and dangerous, for both of them, but if he just takes a quick look and then immediately goes back to his time. Just so he knows that Yugi is okay, that he can handle it. This thought is so attractive, absolute impossible to ignore, he clings to his seat. Here it is night now, no one would miss him for the next few hours! His decision is made, he stands up resolutely, writes a short note for his people on a papyrus and then reaches for his puzzle, which is always very close to him. He puts the chain on and the familiar heaviness immediately calms him.

Then he uses his power, presses lightly on the eye of the puzzle and it lights up. Then the Pharaoh has disappeared in glaring light. All his thoughts are fixed on Yugi. He doesn't have to search for him at all, his whole striving is simply directed towards him. His inner compass balances as if Yugi were his very own North.

Then he is back, in his future and Yugi's present. He stands in the shadow of a house and can even spot Yugi almost instantly. He sits on the roof of the toy store, as he did before in the darkness. He is alone, has lowered his head and his whole attitude conveys only one thing, sadness. The pharaoh frowned. Why? He goes a little closer, quietly and carefully he approaches the building, looks around and then climbs the next tree like a cat. He continues to stay in the shade for the time being and takes in the sight of his soul twin very deeply. But he does not like at all in which condition his partner is at the moment. He is definitely sad and then he even cries, a single tear runs down his cheeks. He knows that this question suggests itself, but once again, why? What happened that makes his Yugi so sad? He lights a cigarette, which doesn't particularly please the pharaoh. He would never have done that before, and HE would never have allowed such a harmful way of doing things in the first place! Smoking is unhealthy. Meanwhile Yugi smokes in peace and quiet and watches the smoke. His shoulders are lowered, he keeps sighing not very softly and then suddenly he starts to speak loudly. Hearing Yugi's familiar voice again is already giving the pharaoh a hard time, but the words of him almost kill him!

"If someone is listening up there, maybe I am just talking to myself! I would like to express a wish. Just a single one, after all, Yami and I have saved the world often enough, don't I at least deserve someone to listen to me? Don't I deserve some happiness, too? What have I done that you are so cruel to me?" 

Yamis eyes are getting big. Yugi is definitely not happy at the moment, he can clearly hear that. But more than that, he is angry, sad and he wants to wish something from the gods?! Oh dear, such wishes are dangerous, very dangerous even! But already Yugi continues and the pharaoh is speechless!

"I only wish one thing, that we could meet again and be together! I know that my wish is complicated and certainly causes some problems, but that is always the case, isn't it? But I wish it with all my heart. A life with the love of my life, I would give everything for that! Do I ask too much? I don't think so!"

Who is he talking about? Hope paired with a little fear, worry and jealousy is spreading in Yami. Could he mean him? After all, he did mention him just before? Does he mean him? Does he love him? What should he do, if Yugi really loves him? Should he make himself known, or should he rather stay in hiding? For a few seconds it is silent again and then Yugi answers the questions of the pharaoh, all at the same time.

"Yami... I miss you so much! Without you my life is grey and boring, it's hard to make sense of my future if it doesn't include you. And I hope you won't forget me, because I will never forget you! I know that I have no right to want or ask for anything else. I should be happy for you, that your soul has finally found peace and quiet. And so I do, really! But I want you to know that I love you, that I have always loved you in my own way! I should go on living my life without you, I tried, I try that every day anew, but it is so hard! I wish I could have told you all this before you left. My Pharaoh, my King, my other me, my Partner, my Heart, my Friend, my beautiful Love - please don't forget me!

The Pharaoh swallows hard, there are his answers, all of them! So Yugi is just like himself. Both of them suffer from the absence of the other, they both love each other, they both can't be together, but both would like to be. Fate can really be very cruel!

Yugi has finished smoking his cigarette, gets up and goes back to his room. Soon afterwards the light goes out. The pharaoh waits a little longer, then he climbs over to the window and looks in. His Yugi lies in bed, he hugs one of his pillows, buries his face in it and seems to whisper something. Even when the window is closed, the pharaoh can read Yugi's lips very well. His name, again and again his name. Oh Yugi…

His mastery is now put to the test. What should he do? If he leaves now, everything will stay as it is and the longing will eat them both up with skin and hair at some point! But if he stays now, it will be even more painful in the end, for both of them. Nevertheless, it can hardly get any worse, he thinks to himself. He has already reached his absolute limit and so has Yugi! What does he have to lose? He can't die again, even though he has his own body now. And Yugi... yes, he is mortal, but the way his partner suffers, or rather has suffered, this is not exactly the most flourishing life!

He missed him and Yugi miss him too! And suddenly he has no desire to play the punching ball for fate anymore! Yugi is right, don't they both deserve at least a little bit of happiness? They have indeed saved the world several times, doesn't that count for anything? And even if the gods don't mean well with them, what he couldn’t understand, there must be a way, some way, where they can be together. A way that doesn't involve a temporary separation for both of them.

Then he made his decision, for himself and for Yugi and that decision is final! He no longer wants to be separated from Yugi. If he must, he will renounce his tron, his kingdom, his land, and no longer want to be Pharaoh! Not if he cannot have his partner at his side! But unfortunately he cannot stay here either, at least not for long. He must go back, but he could take Yugi with him. Not for long either, but there must be a way to make their relationship work. It just has to! 

I've stood alone and I've fallen down

Your hands were there to pick me off the ground.

Sometimes I cry cause I can't believe

Your love is big enough to cover me!

Yami opens the window with a pinch of magic and slides silently into the room. Yugi is sleeping and for a second he feels remorse, but then Yugi turns from the side to his back, his fingers reach into the sheets and again the pharaoh hears him murmuring softly.

“Yami…” his fingers turning, search and the Pharaoh also knows for whom.

"I just can't reach you? Where are you now? Why are you so far away from me?” there is silence for a moment, Yugi is dreaming, then he speaks again.

“Why have you left me? Was I so bad for you? Do you hate me? Was I not enough for you? I missed you so much these two years and yet you never came, never came back!..." he turns to the side again, but his sleep is not a good sleep, he moves restlessly back and forth, clenches his fists again and again, pinches his eyes together and then rolls back onto his back. To see Yugi like this hurts the pharaoh! Again his voice, but only very quietly, Yugi almost whispers to him.

“Yami… I know why you’re gone I understand it now! You have put your fate above yourself, above me, above both of us. I understand you and it’s okay. Stay calm in your country of death, your people need you. I can wait, I will wait, I have too...” and again a single tear rolls down his cheek.

Okay, that's enough now! In the next second he is with Yugi and above him. He takes Yugi's face in both hands, bends down to him and just kisses him. Yugi's eyes open fluttering and obviously he can't understand who is kissing him! With huge purple eyes he stares at Yami, just can't understand it!

"Yami? Is that you?" the pharaoh nods and smiles at Yugi.

"Yes, I am here. You have called for me, I have come!" Yugi's eyes become even bigger, his lips start to twitch and then they fill his eyes with tears. Yami doesn't think anymore, he just hugs his partner, holds him as tight as he can and Yugi cries in his arms. For a long time, Yugi just can't calm down, the pharaoh gently swings him, caresses his tense shoulders and kisses him again and again on the head. Finally, he finally succeeds in calming Yugi, and the two of them continue to hold each other tightly.

"Is this only a dream? Am I already dreaming of you out of sheer longing?" Yugi asks in Yamis arms a bit muffled, but the Pharaoh only shakes his head.

"No, you are not dreaming. I'm really here because of you. Only for you!" Yugi remains silent for a moment and then nods before finally looking at him again.

"For me?" a sigh, then a smile

"How do you always do that, that you drop everything because of me? You didn't have to come Yami, but I am still infinitely grateful to you for doing it. I missed you like hell!” Yugi's voice is rough and so full of longing that the pharaoh has a lot of trouble to give a proper answer to it.

"I will and would always come for you if you need me! Have you forgotten that we are partners? That we even shared an existence? I don't look away when my other half is so sad and misses me so much that he even start smoking!” Yugi laughs.

"I don't blame you for this!" the pharaoh grins and Yugi grins back.

"Well, thank God. I would still be much happier if you could stop this aberration. You still smell of smoke!" Yugi just shakes her head.

"This is the most irritating conversation we ever had!" Yami laughs again and nods, but he doesn't give in!

"Won't be our last one in this respect if you want to keep smoking these weird things!" Yugi's eyes grow big again.

"What does that mean?" he wants to know in a very low voice and Yami comes closer and closer to Yugi's face.

"This means that I intend to become an active part of you again! The two years of separation, even if it is my own fault, have humbled me and are enough for me for good. I want you back!" Yugi blinks but doesn't seem to come up with a common denominator.

"What?" Now they are nose to nose, their eyes are interlocking.

"You heard me! I want you back! And this time I want you all to myself, once and for all! I missed you as much as you missed me! I heard you talking outside, you don't need to ask the gods for help, it's no longer necessary. I'm here and this time I'm not going away without you again! I don't know how yet, but I will find a way for us to be together. Damn it Yugi, I love you too, more than I can even tell you now!" Yugi blinks again, tries to digest what he has heard but his feelings run amok and he only knows how to express himself in one way. Direct attack!

"Damn Yami!" Yugi surprises the pharaoh by simply pulling him towards him and kissing him. Both gasp into the mouth of the other one. The kiss is sweet and connected with a lot of tenderness, but also full of longing and desire, if such a thing is even possible! Finally they separate again, both gasping for breathe, only to stare at each other.

"I cannot believe that this is real. That you should really be here!" Yami just smiles and then kisses Yuri's neck, giving his partner goose bumps of a lifetime.

"Don't you want it to be real?" he asks in a low voice and Yugi pulls his face back to himself here with a jerk.

"Are you crazy? Of course I will! There is nothing I wish for more! But I would never have even considered, that this wish could ever come true!" Yami nods and then smiles grimly. Fuck fate!

"It has just come true Yugi. As I said, I can't stay forever, this is not my time! But I can stay for a few days, 5 days to get it exactly right. And I can then take you with me for the same time, or I will take you with me for 5 days, there is no discussion about that!” Yugi gasps, then laughs softly and shakes his head again.

"Whatever gave you the idea that I would let you go back into your time alone again? Forget it! You're stuck with me and if it can be arranged, even for the rest of your existence! And there's no discussion about that either!" This time it's Yami who shakes his head laughing.

"I expected nothing else from you Yugi. We will both find a way, whatever it may be! And even if we have to change the sphere every 5 days from now on, so be it! Because I missed you too long, too much! The time without you also seems to me absolutely senseless. For what do I have eternity for, if I can't spend it with the one I love? And on this occasion I would like to ask you to forgive me, my beloved. For leaving without looking back! I'm so sorry, it must have hurt terribly!" Yugi nods and then he laughs softly.

"Yami, there's nothing to forgive!" Yugi buries his face on Yami's neck, crying and laughing at the same time now.

"This must be a dream, it sounds much too good to be true!" Yami smiles and drives through Yugi's hair again and again.

"But then it is a very beautiful dream! In this case, we both shouldn't wake up anymore!" Yugi smiles and pulls his pharaoh away for another kiss. The kiss begins gently, but becomes more and more stormy. Yami pushes Yugi back onto the mattress, bends over him and then presses his body against his partner's. Yugi immediately wraps his arms and legs around him. The couple lies there, both hearts beating in unison.

Sometimes I've wondered if you're even there,

but when I feel far away you meet me there.

And like a candle makes a brighter place,

This mark you've made on me can't be erased!

"Yami I do not want it to end!" the pharaoh understands Yugi immediately.

"Me neither! And neither will it. Never! We'll find a way, somehow!" Yugi nods and then his gaze becomes firmer, more urgent, more definite. He has made a decision.

"Good. Then let's seal that promise, here and now! Love me Yami, take what has always been yours!" Yami just nods, there is nothing more to say. His lips seal Yugis while his hands wander. Yugis do the same, the pharaoh just has it much easier, because Yugi doesn't wear much more than just underwear. When finally all sheaths have fallen, both groan in relief. To finally be so close is simply indescribable!

Caressing, rubbing and massaging fingers. Lips kiss, nibble, whisper. Licking tongues, feeling, tasting. The intoxication is boundless! With nice love, patience and devotion opens the Pharao Yugis body, makes him ready for himself. Then Yugi opens his legs for him, invites his pharaoh. He is ready for him, more than just ready to let him love him.

"Take me!" the pharaoh does not need more than these words. He slides into him, they merge with each other, lips on lips, skin on skin, flesh in flesh. A groan, a gasp, a whimper, and there are no more barriers between them. Then the dance begins. First slowly, then faster and faster they move. They do not let go, not for a second. Their mouths remain connected, they share one breath, one heart, one soul. Their gazes interlock again, their love burns brightly, even if both wanted to, there is no escape!

The speed is constantly increasing, even faster! The fire is fanned to the melting point, even hotter! The cliff is getting closer, a tidal wave of lust rolls inexorably towards them, ready to devour both of them, and they are only too willing to be swallowed up by it. Then the time has come, they both jump, fall, tumble, tumble over each other and the wave of lust breaks over them powerfully! The climax makes both of them scream their names, they cling to each other as if their lives depended on it and then both tremble. Salvation!

I wanna be so far gone in you,

so far nothing else will ever do!

I wanna be so far gone in you.

In you!

I wanna be lost in you.

like a ship in the night.

I wanna get lost in you,

underneath your sky.

I wanna be lost in you,

like a ship in the night.

So far gone tonight!

It takes a long time until both of them have come down from their high altitude flight again. They just stay on top of each other, buried in each other and enjoy this casual closeness.

"That was wonderful! God I love you so much!" whispers Yugi quietly and kisses Yami tenderly on the chin. Yami just laughs and rubs his nose against Yugis.

"That was it! And I hope there will be a lot more of it from now on!" Yugi just laughs and rubs his face against Yami's neck.

"I don't mind! I've been wishing for this for ages and I've literally been dreaming about it for years!” Yami raises an amused eyebrow.

"Another dream and wish, eh? Well, I fulfilled both of them this time as well. We will sleep together very often and be as close as we can be. Agreed?" Yugi kisses his answer with a grin. Yami also lets it happen with a grin before he continues quietly.

"Back to the topic. I love you too and all the gods may stand by me, I told you already, I don't want to and will not do without you anymore! We wasted two years, that's enough!" Yugi just nods.

"Then let us find a way Yami. I never want to be separated from you again, come what may. Let's fight if we must. Together!" Pharaoh nods and they kiss again. Then Yami gently withdraws from Yugi, lies down next to him and he immediately snuggles up tightly to his pharaoh. Yami also holds him as tight as he can.

"Together Yugi. Because I will not leave you again!"

"Good, that's what I wanted to hear. Because I can't stand it a second time for sure! The time without you was just terrible and the world will have to dress warmly if it tries to separate us again!" Yami grins broadly and happily down at Yugi.

"You speak from my heart, my beloved partner! If it has to be, then it will be you and me against the rest of the world! Again, remember? We will also master this challenge, just like we all mastered before! When we are together, we can do anything!" they kiss each other with pure love, heart an soul. 

The promise was given, sealed and can no longer be undone! Arm in arm the couple finally falls asleep. This will be the first night of many where both fall asleep together completely calm and contented. The night is restful and waking up is even more beautiful. They both enjoy being together again, both know that it might not be easy, but they want to be together and they are determined to stay together.


Sometimes it goes strange ways. It always has its own head, you can't steer it, you can't turn it away, you can't play poker with it - has no chance to escape it!


It always interferes from time to time when something extraordinary happens. When certain constellations occur, when it is so strong and pure enough to outlast time! When certain people come together, when it is so powerful that it overcomes every limit of possibility!

When love and Fate join, so that what belongs together can be together. If this case occurs, then both make sure that it stays that way! This is a very powerful constellation!

Then this love is meant for eternity!

I wanna be so far gone in you.

so far nothing else will ever do!

I wanna be so far gone in you.

In you!





Lyrics from "So Far Gone" by Thousand Foot Krutch.


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