Music Can Touch You

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Chapter 1: Who needs a pop star for a babysitter?


"Why the heck do I need a babysitter!?" Leo exclaimed.

"Because I don't trust you home alone anymore after you almost destroyed the T.V. during one of your rage quits while playing video games the other day!" Luna told him sternly.

"It at least it better not be the mean old lady from the first floor!" Leo grumbled.

"It's not, her name's Rin, and she was kind enough to volunteer to watch over you for today. I met her the other day, and she lives in the penthouse in the building down the street from us." She explained to her brother.

"Wait a minute, her name is Rin, and she lives in the Penthouse down the street? As in Rin Kagamine, the pop star!?" Leo asked, suddenly starstruck.

"Yup. Not so upset about having a cute pop star babysitting you now, are ya?" Luna teased.

Leo then broke out of his starstruck stupor, and pretended to not care.

"What? No, course not!" He said, looking away pouting with his arms crossed.

"Righhhht." Luna said sarcastically with a cat smile.

She opened the front door and before she stepped out, she turned to face her twin brother.

"She'll be here in about 5 minutes." She said before shutting the door.

Leo pretended to brush her off, but when the door was shut, he gave a loud whoop of excitement. He contemplated one what he should do while he waited. He thought about playing some video games, but remembering Luna's words, he decided that he didn't want to risk a repeat of his episode the other day. So instead, he decided to sort his card collection.

He spent his time switching cards to and from his deck, until he heard the front door open.

'Oh my god, she's here! She's here!' Leo thought to himself, blushing madly.

He then noticed a blonde girl of 14 peeking around the corner. She had a white ribbon in her hair and big, bright, blue eyes and an adorable smile.

"Hey there little buddy! You're Leo, right?" She asked.

"Y-yeah!" Leo stuttered slightly, blushing harder.

Rin walks over and sits next to him on the couch after setting a book bag on the floor next to her, and then takes a look at what he's doing.

"So what ya doing?" She asked, smiling sweetly.

"J-just going through my Duel Monsters collection." Leo replied.

"Oh yeah! Duel Monsters! I used to play this a lot with my brother Len when we were younger, but kinda fell out of it when our music careers took off." Rin explained, picking up Leo's Power Tool Dragon card and looking at it.

"Really? You played before!?" Leo asked excitedly.

He couldn't believe that Rin Kagamine used to play Duel Monsters!

"Of course. Do you wanna play?" Rin asked kindly.

"I would, but I don't think I have enough in my collection for a custom made deck." Leo said sadly, upset that he couldn't play his favorite game with a cute pop star that he idolized.

"Well that's a shame... Aw well. Hey! I got an idea! You see, my Brother Len and I are working on a new song, it's a duet between us, and I wanna know if you'd be fine with hearing it, and seeing if it's good." Rin asked him, winking sweetly.

'Holy crap, she wants to sing for me!?' Leo couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Yes! I'd love to!" Leo said excitedly, stars in his eyes.

Rin smiled, and reached into her book bag and removed a script from it. She turned to the right page, cleared her throat, and began to sing.

(Play "Rin Rin Signal")

"Itsumo machiawase no jikan ni
Hayaku tsukisugite shimau yo,
Anata ga kuru no wa itsu datte
Jikan-doori ja nai no ni ne."

As Rin sang her first verse, Leo couldn't believe his ears and he couldn't take his eyes off of her. Rin's voice just resonated inside of him, his heart beating faster and his breath catching.

"Sokkenai taido o shita tte,
Gaman dekizu ni niyakechau,
Anata no peesu ni wa kanawanai ne
Chotto kuyashii."

Leo face turned red, and he felt a tightness in his pants. He discreetly tried to fix his shorts and crossed his legs to hide his arousal.

"Konna kimochi wa kitto
Hajimete no koto ka mo shirenai,
Dou shiyo sonna mujaki na me de?
watashi o minaide."

Leo couldn't take anymore, and he stood up and ran to his bedroom before Rin could get to the next verse.

"Leo?" Rin called after him, but the green haired 11 year old ignored her and ran to his room.

Leo slammed the door behind him and he ran to his bed and kicked his shoes and socks off, followed by his shorts and underwear. He took hold of his hard, hairless member, and began to stroke himself off, moaning and imagining Rin jerking him off and whispering sexually in his ear with her adorable voice.

Little did he know, that Rin was coming to check on him, concerned about him since he ran off so suddenly.

"Leo, are you okay little buddy?" She said opening the door, only to find the young boy touching himself on his bed.

She stood there in surprise as Leo gasped and tried to cover himself, unsuccessfully. They both stared at each other like deer caught in headlights, Leo still cupping his junk in his hands.

Then, Rin grew a wide seductive smile.

"Awww, did my little buddy grow a little stiffy?" She cooed.

Rin walked over and took off her shoes and socks, followed by her leggings before crawling onto the bed with him.

"Did Leo get hard from Rin Onee-Chan's singing? Was he touching himself thinking about me?" Rin flirted seductively, moving his hands away from his lap and taking his boner in her right hand.

"Ahh!" Leo moaned a little once Rin touched him.

"Do you want me to Jack you off little buddy?" Rin asked in a husky, sultry voice, gently rubbing his hairless phallus.

"Yes please!" Leo whispered.

"Or maybe, I could do something better, if you like?" Rin asked, tracing a finger in and down his penis.

"Yes please!" He whispered again, nodding furiously.

Rin giggled and sat up. She reached down and pulled her shirt off, revealing that she's not wearing a bra and exposing her perky A-Cup breasts. Leo gasped in awe of seeing his first ever pair of tits, and Rin giggled and shook her chest, making her mounds jiggle.

"See anything you like?" She teased.

Leo's cock twitched, as if in response.

Rin giggled again, and she made Leo sit up so she can removed his jacket and shirt, tossing them on the floor before making him lie on his back and spreading his legs, getting between them and taking his cock in her hand.

She gave the tip a kiss, making the green haired Shota gasp, before beginning to lick all over the head, getting it nice and wet. She took her time and licked up and down the length of his dick, getting every angle she could reach wet, Leo panting as waves of pleasure built up in his penis. Rin took her time to lick and taste every part of Leo's schoolboy sized pecker, and licking up every trace of pre cum that oozed from his hole.

Rin then took it up a notch and took his whole member into her mouth, making Leo moan loudly as his cock was taken into a hot and wet cave, that licked around and around as it sucked his length, her lips gliding up and down the skin and Rin looked up at him with her bright eyes. Leo moaned even louder as Rin hummed as she sucked, the vibrations making his first ever blowjob even better. When Rin then opened her mouth wider and let her tongue snake down to lick his small, hairless balls, Leo felt the familiar rush in his cock and he cried out as he came in Rin's mouth, the blonde teenage girl drinking it all up happily.

When Leo came down from his high, he looked down to see Rin licking her lips seductively.

"Did ya like your first ever blowjob Leo?" She said huskily.

"It was amazing!" He said faintly.

She climbed up and kissed him on the nose.

"I just have to say, I'm happy that you're okay with this Leo. One thing that not many people know is that I LOVE young boy's like you. I love to teach them about the facts of life and show them how much fun sex is. But out of all of the boys I've ever met, you're the most special. I don't know how to describe it, but doing naughty things with you of all people just feels so right." Rin monologued, caressing Leo's cheek.

"Am I really the most special?" Leo asked, hardly daring to believe it.

"I'm serious, I'm not lying. You Leo, are one of a kind!" Rin kissed his nose again.

Leo smiled and leaned in. Rin, knowing what he wanted, leaned in as well and they both kissed, moaning into each other's lips. They broke apart and Luna noticed that Leo's cock had grown hard again.

"So, are you ready for best part?" Rin asked him, sitting back and unbuckling her shorts and tossing them off, followed by her white panties, revealing her clean shaven pussy.

Leo stared, open mouthed at the sigh of Rin's hairless muff, it looked so smooth and silky.

Rin giggled at Leo's face and she straddled his waist, reaching down and pointing his cock up at her lower lips, before lowering herself down taking him inside her vagina. Leo gasped and groaned, going through sensory overload from having his cock inside such a wet, tight, and velvety place. Rin cooed and ahh'd as it filled her, and as she took her A-Cup boobs in her hands, she rocked her hips back and forth, gently grinding her pelvis into Leo's, the two of them moaning as they made sweet love. "Fucking", just seemed to be the wrong term in this situation.

As Rin rocked herself on top of him, Leo tried to reach to touch her legs or her butt, however Rin stopped him, and instead had him put his hands under his head, making him just lie there and take it as she grinded on him. Rin continually gave small gasps and cooed as her hips rocked to and fro, side by side, front to back, just moving everyway she could to make it pleasurable for them both.

"So how is it Leo? Do you love having sex?" She said sensually.

"I can't believe how hot it is inside you! If this is sex, now I know adults make such a big deal out of it!" Leo moaned.

"How about we switch it up? Do you wanna fuck me like a man now?" She asked him, teasingly.

Leo nodded, so Rin stopped moving and climbed off of him, his dick now feeling cold as it touched the air.

"It's a good thing I'm a dancer, otherwise I'd be really sore." She commented, now lying down and taking Leo's spot on the bed.

She spread her legs wide and reached her arms out toward Leo and he got between her legs.

"Come into my hot, lubricated pussy Leo!" She said.

Leo gulp and when he got in position, he thrusted forward and sunk into her ocean.

"Oh! That feels so good! Mmm! Fuck me Leo! Fuck me, my favorite little buddy!" Rin moaned.

Leo obeyed, and started to hump her gently, the blonde girl cooing again and wrapping her legs around him, putting her feet on his butt to encourage him to do her harder. Leo gradually went faster and faster, and soon, Leo was railing her like a man, Rin now leaning up to watch him fuck her as she had her right legs on the bed and her left one in the air, Rin tilting her head to the right and moaning away with pleasure drunk look on her face and a glassy look in her eyes, her tongue sticking out as well.

"Oooooh! Fuck me! Fuck me little buddy! Fuck Onee-Chan like you mean it!" Rin cried, her perky tits bouncing very slightly as Leo banged into her.

Soon, Rin was so pleasure drunk she couldn't even make coherent words any more, and she was moaning so loudly, that if they lived in any other floor of the building, she would be heard from every room.


Leo fucked as much as he could, and even though his hips ached more and more, he had to get to the finish, he HAD to reach his orgasm and share it with Rin.

Soon, Rin's pussy started to pulse and tighten, her legs began to twitch, and her voice started to crack. Finally, as Leo humped her just a few more times, she cried out in orgasm, her scream being so loud it hurt Leo's ears.

Feeling Rin clamp onto his dick, Leo went over the edge himself, and just before his balls rose in his sack, and pulled out and stoked himself off, until the rush overcame his senses and he came all over Rin, his squirts reaching up to her face and hair, Rin closing her left eye and opening her mouth to catch any as it squirted all over her face, her hair, and her left eyelid.

Rin swallowed and wiped her eye, Leo pulling out of her and lying down next to her, trying to catch his breath, feeling like he just ran a marathon.

"You are an amazing lover Leo. I would love to do this again some time." Rin told him, giving him a kiss.

"I would love it too, Rin Onee-Chan." Leo said quietly.

Leo fell asleep and Rin helped tuck him into bed, before grabbing her clothes and going to take a shower. She was about to step in when she got a call on her cell phone. She took it from one of the pockets in her pants and answered the call.


"Hey Rin, how'd it go?" A voice similar to hers, but just a little more masculine asked her.

"Len, it was amazing! Leo was such an amazing lover! How about you?" Rin asked her own twin brother.

"It was great! She was adorable and such a fast learner! I think we both found keepers!" Len replied.

"Sweet! Can't wait to hear all about it when I get home! I going to take a shower right now." Rin explained.

"Okay, you better hurry, she just left and should be coming back right now!"

"Got it!"

With that, Rin hung up and jumped into the shower, cleaning herself off as fast as she could before getting out and drying herself off before getting dressed again.

Once she was done, the front door opened and Luna walked in with a bag of groceries. She seemed a bit tired, and her clothes seemed a little disheveled, as if she had get them on in a short amount of time.

She greeted Rin and the girls hugged each before Rin left, giggling at the though of what Luna might discover when she walks into her and Leo's bedroom.


End of Chapter 1.

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