Yugioh Sevens: I Spy

BY : Chozin_Yi
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We begin our story at Goha 7th Elementary, where our main cast of Yuga, Rook, Romin, and Gakuto attend school at. It happens to be the following day after the Rush Duel between Yuga and Romin, where it can be said they officially became friends.

Despite not being an avid duelist, Romin actually put up a decent fight against Yuga, even so, the red and yellow haired boy came out triumphant. Romin was a good sport and took her loss in stride, thinking that maybe dueling wasn't that bad after all.

Anyway, it was during recess time where we now find Yuga hidden in a storage closet for the gym equipment with his laptop on his lap as he typed away. With all the recent buzz going around with Rush Duels, Yuga was curious to hear what other kids in school thought about them.

As such, he sent out his drone Kaizo, (Who was out on a passive mode to avoid drawing attention to himself.) To sneak into the more private sectors of the school to hear what their private thoughts on Rush Duels were. Currently, he remote pilots Kaizo into the locker rooms where there would undoubtedly be some students changing after gym class.

However, he's surprised to see that the boy's locker room was actually vacant. Where is everyone? He was piloting Kaizo towards another destination when he passed the girl's locker room and over heard some strange sounds. It sounded like kids moaning.

Concerned that maybe somebody was hurt in there, Yuga had Kaizo head in there, only to find probably the most shocking thing he has ever seen.

Inside, he sees what can only be described as a full blown orgy in the girl's locker room!

Having Kaizo hide up in a corner of the room, Yuga just stares wide eyed and open mouthed at the live porno going on before him. Boys standing around getting their hard hairless dicks sucked by the girls, girls having their equally hairless vaginas licked, and others just straight up fucking. They were all so into it, nobody would even have noticed Kaizo to begin with.

Yuga swallowed a lump in his throat as look on.

"Is... Is this what the older students call... Sex?" He said to himself.

He can't help but look on in envy and a twinge of jealousy. He also realized something that hasn't happened before. He was hard.

Blushing in embarrassment, Yuga couldn't help it, but he unzipped his shorts and pulled down the front of his underwear, letting his own naked dick free as he began to rub his hard three and a half inches.

He really couldn't believe what he was doing, and yet he was drawn to keep doing it, the feeling of touching his private area was so forbidden and unknown to him, but now he was exploring it as expected of a boy his age.

However, that soon came to a close.

He heard the door to the equipment room open and light flood the room from behind his back.

"There you are Yuga! Everyone was looking for you!" A girl's voice said behind him.

Yuga panicked and tried to zip up his pants but he ended up jumbling around his laptop and making it fall to the floor, letting Romin Kirishima get a good look at what he was watching.

Curiously, the purple haired girl walked over and knelt down to see what Yuga was watching.

"Wait Romin! It's not what it looks like!" He tried to defend, fixing his shorts.

However he was surprised to see Romin not just with a blush on her face, but an interested look was there too. She seemed fascinated by what was going on screen.

"Wow, so this is sex?" She wondered curiously. "I thought that was something only older people do. Huh, looks kinda cool."

Yuga was amazed to see Romin had a small smile on her face. She then looked over at him.

"Are you curious about sex Yuga?" She asked him honestly.

Yuga blushed, but he said what was on his mind.

"Y-Yeah, I mean, not before now, but seeing all those other kids going at it like they've been doing it their whole lives, it kinda made me a bit jealous." Yuga admitted.

"Yeah, it is kinda strange that all those other kids are so into it and we never knew until now. Makes you wonder..." She trails off.

"Wonder what?" Yuga asked.

"Oh, I said it makes you wonder if sex is really that good. That's what I meant." Romin explained.

"Is it?" Yuga wondered himself.

"Well I wouldn't know, I never did it before." Romin pointed out.

"Right, me neither." Said Yuga.

They both continued watching intently, Romin feeling her panties and leggings getting a little moist and Yuga groaning a bit as his erection strained against the inside of his pants.

"Yuga..." Romin said, getting the red and yellow haired boy's attention. "Would you like to try it? With me, I mean?"

Yuga blushed again and contemplated what to do. Should he do it? Is Romin really okay with it? Isn't it weird to do sexual stuff at his age? But then again, everyone else was doing it.

"I think... I think I'll do it." He admitted, wanting to understand the enigma that is sex.

Romin smiled a bit and nodded before standing up.

"Let's head to your place after school. That should be private enough." She said.

Yuga nodded and grabbed his laptop, making Kaizo leave the locker room and come back to him before closing the laptop.

"C'mon, class is gonna start soon." Romin said, turning around and walking away.

As he followed her, Yuga couldn't help but notice how high up her skirt is, he could just barely see her tight butt cheeks trapped in those skin tight gray leggings she usually wore. He gulped again and tried to will his erection from coming back and tenting his pants.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful compared to what the two had witnessed earlier. Both Yuga and Romin found it difficult to concentrate on their school work, Yuga having to adjust himself a lot due to his dong straining his pants, and Romin had to struggle to keep her legs shut so no one would see how humid her leggings have become.

Finally the school day ended, and Yuga and Romin met up at the front of the school, ready to head over to Yuga's place. Thankfully, Gakuto had to stay behind to work on whatever he does as class rep, and Rook said he needed to check on something at home, so the boy and girl pretty much had the rest of the day for themselves.

They both walked to Yuga's house, and again, Yuga was drawn to the sight of Romin's skirt riding up over her tight ass.

When they finally got there, they went around the house to Yuga's little shack out in the backyard.

"It's funny really, that we were here yesterday to duel, now we're here for something else entirely." Romin awkwardly chuckled, Yuga nodding as he understood the implication.

He opened the door for her and lead her inside his little shack, where he invents all of his roads. The place looked exactly like it did the previous day, cluttered with tools and scrap.

"Are you sure this is a good place to do this?" Romin asked, unsure of her surroundings.

"Yeah it'll be alright, come over here!" He said, leading her to a corner of the shack that was hidden from view.

Behind some stacked containers, there was a small bed.

"Why do you have this here?" Romin asked him curiously.

"Heh heh heh, it's in case if I'm working on something in here, and I'm too tired to go back to my bedroom." Yuga answered, scratching the back of his head.

Romin nodded in understanding and she sat on the bed, kicking her heels off and crossing her legs. Yuga followed suit and removed his sneakers and socks, joining her up on the bed.

"Oh Romin! How lovely to see you!" Kaizo said, flying in to bask in the purple haired girl's presence .

Yuga however flipped a switch on him and turned Kaizo back into his passive mode.

"Yeah, wouldn't want him active during this." Yuga pointed out.

"Good call." Romin smiled.

"So, what should we do?" Yuga asked, now that they're here for the deed.

Romin blushed again.

"I guess we should just get naked first." She said.

Knowing that this is what was needed, Yuga and Romin both took their time getting ready, Yuga tossing off his red jacket as he and Romin then removed their shirts.

Yuga was amazed seeing Romin topless, she only had the slightest hint that she was growing boobs, but other than that, she was pretty much flat.

Still, Yuga didn't really care, it was the first boobs he ever saw in person, so he's not complaining!

He and Romin then moved on, Yuga pulling off his shorts and Romin doing the same with her skirt and leggings, a damp spot very prevalent on the crotch.

They both looked at each other in their underwear, an obvious tent in Yuga's boxers and Romin's purple panties all moist.

"Together, okay?" Romin asked.

Yuga nodded and they both grabbed the edges of their underwear.

"3, 2, 1!" They counted down, lying back and tossing off their underwear together, sitting back up and now getting a good look at each other's privates.

Yuga marveled at her smooth and hairless pussy, Romin equally as fascinated by his three and a half inch member pointing up at the ceiling. She leaned over to get a better look at it.

"So this is a penis." She said in wonder, reaching down to touch it.

Yuga moaned, loving the feeling of someone else touching his hairless cock.

"That feel good?" Romin asked.

"Yeah, can I touch you now?” He asked.

Romin nodded and sat back, spreading her legs so Yuga had access to her girly parts. He reached down and cupped her muff in his hand, Romin giving a pleasured hum as he touched her.

"Wow, it's so wet and smooth!" He said in awe.

"So what do we do now?" Romin asked, not sure where to go from here.

Yuga thought about it for a moment, then reached over to Kaizo and turned a video playback option, the orgy they witnessed earlier now playing on the screen.

"You recorded that?" Romin said, impressed that Yuga that far ahead.

"Yeah, just in case, ya know?" He said.

They both watched as girls knelt in front of the boys and began to suck their dicks.

"So, I put this..." She said, taking hold of his dick again. "...In my mouth?"

"Seems like it." Yuga agreed.

Romin nodded again and had Yuga lie on his back, spreading his legs to give easy access to his cock. She lied on her belly between his legs, kicking her dainty feet in the air as she took hold of his member.

Taking a breath, she started out slow by licking up and down his pole, Yuga moaning as she did. Her cute little tongue swirled around his glans and Yuga held her head and egged her on. Romin, feeling a little more confident, took it up a notch and took his stiff, pencil dick into her mouth, sucking on it like a lollipop, Yuga giving a satisfied moan as she sucked his cock.

"Awesome!" He gasped, looking up at the sight of Romin bobbing her purple head up and down in his lap.

After a few more suckles, Yuga began to feel a surge in his loins.

"Uuhh Romin? I feel weird! I think I need to go the bathroom!" He panicked.

Not knowing any better, Romin urgently took it out of her mouth right before Yuga gave a sudden gasp and his hips bucked up and down as squirt after squirt of white came out of his tip and sprayed Romin in the face, catching her off guard.

Dumbfounded at being squirted on, Romin wiped some off her face with her hand and looked curiously at the liquid.

"S-Sorry Romin! I didn't mean to do that, but I couldn't hold it!" Yuga said worriedly.

Surprisingly, Romin licked it off the back of her hand, finding that it tasted kinda salty, but other than that, it wasn't bad.

Hearing satisfied groans coming from Kaizo's playback, they looked and saw the boys groaning like Yuga did and it appears that the girls were willingly drinking the white stuff coming from their penises too.

"So that was supposed to happen." Yuga noted.

"I can kinda understand why those girls would like drinking that stuff." Romin said, licking her lips.

They then noticed some girls lying on their backs, now with the boys using their mouths on their privates. Yuga felt his cock stretch out and stiffen from seeing that.

"Want me to do that to you Romin?” He asked.

Romin giggled and playfully cupped her groin in her hands.

"I guess that would be fun." She figured.

She was about to lie down when Yuga stopped her.

"Wait, look at that!" He pointed out.

They both looked at a nearby bench in the video and saw a girl on top of another boy and it appeared they were both using their mouths on each other.

"You wanna try that?" He asked eagerly.

Romin giggled again, face flushed and a small, eager smile on her lips as she nodded.

With that, Yuga lied down again as Romin climbed over him.

"Wow!" He said , loving the view of Romin's immature pussy right over his face.

"Be gentle with me, okay?" Romin said before taking his cock back in her mouth.

Yuga gave a pleasure moan in response, then took her teensie butt in his hands and lowered her down to give a solid lick on her slit.

Romin gasped and moaned as her pussy was pleasured for the first time in her life as she continued to suck off Yuga. The youngsters lied there, enjoying the sensations the other's mouth on their privates, Yuga licking and sucking on Romin's puss puss, and Romin sucking his penis like a baby in it's mother's teat.

6 Minutes of pre teen 69ing later, Romin was the first to reach her peak.

"Mmm! Mmm! Mmmmm! Mmmumming!!!" She cried, voice muffled by Yuga's cock as her hips were bucking repeatedly into the boy's face as for the very first time in her young life, she came.

With each buck of her hips, she gave a big suck on Yuga's cock, 1 suck, 2 sucks, 3, it was too much, Yuga cried out as he jizzed in her mouth this time, the purple haired girl drinking it like milk.

With both of them spent from their orgasms, Romin climbed off of him and lied down next to Yuga, both of them panting as they smiled at each other.

"Man, if that was fun, I can't even imagine what sex is like!" Yuga said, Romin nodding in agreement.

Yuga paused the video and for a moment, they just lied together, talking about sex. Just the idea seemed so foreign to their young minds, exposing themselves to each other, doing things so obscene that they would never have wrapped their heads around if they hadn't seen it for themselves.

"How do you think it started? All those other kids getting together and having sex with each other?" Romin wondered.

"I don't know. I kinda wonder that myself. " Yuga said, raising an eyebrow.

Little do they know, the school orgies are ment to be an outlet for the kids to vent their anger and frustration at Goha Corp. Goha never intended for this to happen, but since it works, they just let them have at it.

Not that Yuga or Romin were able to figure all that out.

"So, you wanna get to it now? Sex, I mean." Romin says, reaching down and stroking Yuga's reawakened cock.

"You think you're ready?" Yuga asked.

" I've been ready. "

Romin turned over into her back as Yuga sat up on his knees in front of her as she spread her legs, ready to take him in as she rubbed her little clitty.

"This is gonna be so much fun!" Yuga said as he positioned himself in front of her, Romin smiling in agreement.

When ready, Yuga took hold of his cock and thrust it into Romin's pre teen baby cannon, the purplette giving a sharp hiss as she felt a strong pinch inside her.

"You alright? I didn't hurt you, did I?" Yuga asked, concerned.

"N-No, I'm fine. It's my first time, so it stung a bit. I'll be fine." She reassured him.

Yuga nodded and as he took in the feeling of the hot wetness on his cock, he began to stroke in and out of Romin's pussy. Romin moaned as pleasure replaced the soreness, and as Yuga got his hips going in rhythm, she found herself loving the feeling of intercourse! She moaned as she looked down, fascinated by the sight of Yuga's cock disappearing inside her with each hump he made.

Yuga was loving it too, her pussy felt like wet velvet on his cock, in fact, it felt like everything you'd want to feel on your cock! Yuga moaned along with her, their hips clapping together each time he humped her, Romin wrapping her legs around Yuga's waist and begging him for more.

"I can't believe how good this is!" Yuga said, his hips going faster.

"Me neither! I wanna do it every day!" Romin shamelessly admitted.

He pounded her again and again, Yuga biting his bottom lip from just how good it felt. Soon though, they needed to reach their end.

"I'm gonna explode Romin!" Yuga cried , more than ready to cum again.

"Do it inside me! I wanna feel it!" Romin begged, close herself.

With one last push, Yuga emptied the tank inside her, filling her up like a cream pie as Romin came as well, her body shaking in pleasure.

When he was done, Yuga sat up and pulled out of her, white goo trailing out of her hole.

"We have got to try that again!" Romin said excitedly.

Yuga's shriveled cock twitched and grew long and hard again in agreement.

"Oh hey! Look at this!" Romin pointed out, unpausing the video and looking at the screen again.

Yuga looked at some more boys and girls having sex, but this time with the girls on top and bouncing on their dicks.

"I call bottom!" Yuga said excitedly, getting on his back again.

Romin giggled and straddled him, taking his cock in her hand and lowering herself down, taking him inside her wet cave again.

They both gave exaggerated moans at the same time and Romin took the lead. By now, she was humping away on top of Yuga. The red and yellow haired boy was absolutely loving the view of the naked purple haired girl on top of him, riding his hard cock like a little champ.

Yuga reached his hands around and played with her tight butt, cupping and jiggling her petite cheeks as the moaning echoed off the shack's walls. Romin's bounces got faster and faster, and soon, their faces went red as they moaned loudly and shared another orgasm together.

As Yuga was trying to catch his breath, Romin climbed off of him and leaned down to suck all of the remaining cum off his shriveled penis. As she was doing that, Yuga looked back at the screen and saw something that made him do a double take.

It looked like there was a couple who were doing it doggy style, but when Yuga realized something, his cock stretched back to full length inside Romin's mouth.

It was so obscene, so wrong, and yet so arousing.

"Look at those two!" He pointed out.

Romin ceased her sucking and looked up.

Looking closely, it appeared that the boy actually had his penis inside her butt!

"That can go in there?" Romin said in surprise.

"It looks like they're having fun." Yuga noted, seeing how happy they both looked.

"Let's try it!" Romin said excitedly, getting on all fours and reaching back to spread her butt cheeks, giving Yuga a good view of her puckered, pink rose bud.

Feeling like his cock was getting harder, Yuga got behind her like a dog and poked her backdoor a little bit, before easing his dick into her sphincter.

"Oh my god." Yuga whispered to himself, finding it hard to believe that he's now fucking her up the butt.

"Oh wow!" Romin said in awe, amazed that it slipped easily into her dirtiest hole.

When ready, Yuga got his hips going fast, fucking Romin's ass with a renewed vigor. Romin giggled and moaned as it slipped in and out of her butt repeatedly, loving the feeling of having something so hard inside her anus. Yuga loved it as well and was moaning loudly too. It was much tighter than her pussy and felt great on his pre teen cock.

Owing to how much tighter her ass was, Yuga came sooner than before, filling up Romin's butt with creamy spunk.

When he was done, Yuga pulled out and Romin got off the bed to fetch a soapy washcloth to clean him up. As she wiped him down, his cock began to grow again, making it easier to wipe him up.

When he was all clean, Romin pushed back onto his back.

"I still got an hour until I have to go home. Wanna keep going?" She asked with a cute head tilt.

"Would I!" Yuga grinned.

Giggling, Romin climbed up and began to ride him again, bouncing in her seat as she and Yuga moaned a symphony.

After cumming inside her, she climbed off and Yuga's dick twitched before it started to stretch again.

"Let's do it again!"

Now Romin found herself being fucked on the bottom again, Yuga driving his dick deeper and deeper inside her until he came again.

"Do it again!"

Now she was blowing him again, Yuga fucking her head until he came and she swallowed it all, and even then he got hard AGAIN!

"Again! "

And yet again, they were fucking, Yuga drilling her butthole as they laughed and moaned together.

Getting ready to cum again, Yuga pulled out and started jacking off to her face.

"Stick out your tongue!" He begged.

Romin did so, and after jerking off to her slutty looking face, Yuga released his cum all over her face, her hair, her tongue, and her eyelid.

By that time, they were officially spent. Lying on their backs as Romin licked up all the cum on her face and Yuga stretched and played with his flaccid cock.

"Hey Yuga?"

" Yeah? "

"Do you think those kids would mind if we joined them tomorrow?"

The following day, when recess time came, Yuga and Romin told Rook and Gakuto that they had a project they had to work on together, so with that excuse, they ran for the girl's locker room.

Turning the corner and heading inside, they found themselves right there in the middle of the daily Goha 7th Elementary orgy.

A blue haired girl who was riding some boy's cock on the bench looked up and saw them standing there.

"Oh my god! Come on you two, get in here! It's a party!" She said eagerly.

Grinning at each other, Yuga and Romin stripped bare and Yuga found himself on the bench in a 69 with her.

Being the inventor of the new and ever growing popular Rush Duels, and now no longer a virgin and in the middle of an orgy at school, Yuga Ohda thought to himself:

"What a time to be alive!”

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