One Last Party

BY : Chozin_Yi
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A lot has happened in the last few months. Z-One and the Ark Cradle have been defeated, and life for all the Signers was finally back to normal.

Although a big change was about to happen to our favorite twin Signers, Leo and Luna. They had received a letter from their parents who they haven't heard from in a long time, stating that they wanted their son and daughter to move with them to London.

It was a pretty big request and it made the twins feel very torn about it. On one hand, they could finally see their parents again, one the other though, they would have to say goodbye to all their friends, who've they've spent the biggest moments of their lives with and even risked their lives for.

It was a tough decision indeed, however after much thought (and a little tears) Leo and Luna decided to tell everyone that they were leaving to London.

Yusei, Akiza, Crow, Jack and the rest of their friends understood how big of a decision this was for them and supported them and their decision.

Two friends in particular however, were not entirely satisfied with this decision of theirs. Not that they didn't want to leave or anything, they supported them completely. It's just that there was something about the twins that they wanted to come to light, something that the twins themselves were not entirely aware of.

Leo and Luna's best friends, Dexter and Patty, both knew something about the twins that they haven't realized in all the years they've known each other.

The twins were in love.

"Dex, this is last time we'll be able to see them! We gotta make them realize that love each other before they leave!" Patty voiced her concern.

"Don't worry, I have a plan!" Dexter said before grabbing his phone and calling the twins residence.

On the day before the twins had to leave, Dexter and Patty were gonna visit their penthouse for a small "Going Away" party they wanted to have. Dexter also had a devious idea that he was going to put in motion during it. A little something involving a glass bottle with a magnet hidden in the cap and a big paperclip.

When the day came for the party, Dexter and Patty showed up at the penthouse with armfulls of potato chips and soda, the twins welcoming them happily.

The party was going pretty well, they all played music and danced, Leo and Dexter played some Duel Monsters, they watched TV together, everything was as fun a party should be.

And then, with a nod from Patty, Dexter put his plan into motion.

"So who wants to play Truth or Dare?" He asked, holding up the bottle he brought.

Blushing a little bit, both of the twins agreed, so they sat on one of the couches behind a table while Dexter and Patty sat on the couch on the other side.

They all grabbed some cans of soda, (Dexter making sure he had the same can as Leo, and Patty doing the same with Luna.) and then Dexter explained the rules.

"So here's how it goes. When it's your turn, you spin the bottle and when it lands on someone, you ask them Truth or Dare. But if it keeps landing on you and you keep asking Truth, you gotta do a penalty game." Dexter explained, adjusting his glasses.

"What's the cutoff?" Luna asked.

"No more than twice in a row."

With that, the game began and Luna spun first. It landed on Patty.

"Okay Patty, Truth or Dare?" She asked her ebony friend.

"Hmm, I guess I'll play it safe. Truth." She said with a finger on her chin.

Giggling, Luna asked: "Do you like Dexter?"

Patty and the brown haired boy blushed, Dexter scratching the back of his head.

"Y-yeah, we've been going out for a little while now..." She admitted.

'That's not all we've been doing...' Dexter thought to himself.

The game steadily went on, with them doing things like Luna doing a hand stand, Leo holding her by the legs and her crawling around like a wheelbarrow, Or doing jumping jacks, Patty downing a whole can of soda in one go, and Dexter trying and failing at lifting the coffee table with Patty sitting on it.

However though, they decided to put their plan into motion.

Dexter snuck the paperclip into Leo's empty can and then Patty took her turn, the rigged bottle now purposely stopping at Leo.

"Truth or Dare Leo?"

"Dare!" He said confidently.

"Take your shirt off!"

While a little surprised by that dare, Leo went along with it and took off his jacket, followed by his blue and gold tank top, revealing his young, boyish torso, Luna blushing at the sight of her secret crush's naked upper body.

While this was happening, Patty switched the paperclip into Luna's soda can.

Now Dexter spun the bottle and it predictably stopped on Luna.

"Well Luna?" He asked.

"I... I guess dare?" She said.

Dexter had to take a moment, as if he didn't already have an idea for her. Finally, he got the courage to say it.

"I dare you to... take your shorts off." He said that last part real quick, but Luna got the idea.

Face red and hands shaking, she stood and unzipped her shorts before gently lowering them down, letting everyone and especially Leo, get a good look at her milky legs and her green panties.

Leo gulped at the sight of his sister, a stirring in his loins making him cross his legs to hide his growing arousal.

In the meantime, Patty stole the paperclip back so it wouldn't seem so one sided.

Leo spun the bottle and it landed on Dexter.

"Dare." He said quickly.

"Take your shirt off too Dex."

Dexter pulled his suspenders off, followed by his bowtie, then he unbuttoned his shirt before tossing it away. Now he was also left with his young torso out for everyone to see.

Now Luna spun it next, and lo and behold, it happened to land on Patty.

"I dare you take your pants off too."

Strangely unashamed, Patty got up and unzipped her jeans, taking them off and letting the group take in the sight of her mocha legs and pink panties.

A few more rounds passed, and while the twins were preoccupied with Luna having to jump into the pool outside on the veranda and Leo helping her out, Dexter snuck the paperclip back into Leo's soda can.

When they came back in, Luna trying her best to dry herself with a towel Leo got her, they sat down and Patty spun the bottle. Of course it landed on Leo.

"Leo, I dare you to touch Luna's chest!" Patty told him, giggling loudly.

Both of the twins jaws dropped and their faces were redder than before.

"H-Hold on... Is this okay? Should we really d-do this???" Leo asked worriedly.

"That's the game Leo." Dexter told him.


Leo was interrupted when out the corner of his eye, he saw Luna rolling up her damp, red and gold shirt, letting him take in the view of her flat, pale chest, dotted with cute pink nipples.

"G-Go ahead Leo..." She said.

In the back of her mind, she knew Leo wanted this as much as she did.

Hesitantly, Leo reached out and touched Luna's underdeveloped breasts, her moaning as Leo took in the feeling of her soft and silky skin and occasionally diddling her nipples with his fingers.

Dexter watched intently as his pants grew tight in the front and Patty smirked at him before switching the paperclip again.

Now it was Dexter's turn again. This was it. If they wanted the twins to get together, it was now or never. He spun the bottle one last time, and it ended up with Luna.

As if she already knew the answer, she immediately said: "Dare."

"G-G-Give Leo a b-blowj-job...!" He barely managed to get out.

Leo sputtered and with a face redder ever before seen, immediately responded.

"Whoa whoa whoa!!! Isn't that a little much!? She's my sister! You can't just make her do that!!!" Leo was cut off though when he felt something fumbling with his pants.

He looked down and saw Luna unzipping his shorts and pulling his hairless, erect dick from his underwear.

"LUNA! WHAT ARE YOU-!?" Leo shouted, but the look on her face made him clam up.

"Leo, please! Let me do this!" She pleaded, face flushed and eyes wet as she took his pecker into her mouth.

Leo moaned and fell back a bit as the pleasurable surge through his lap made him lose focus. Dexter was now feeling himself through his pants and Patty chewed on her lip at the sight of this twincest sex show right in front of them.

"I-I love you Luna!" Leo shouted as his adorable sister sucked him off, his proclamation making her look up at him.

"I love you too Leo!"

She jumped up and kissed him deeply as she stroked his cock, Leo reaching his hands up her shirt and caressing her back.

Dexter stood up and tried to readjust his pants, his boner poking out in his pants.

"I need to take care of this." He told Patty, showing his tent off.

"Let me help you then." Patty said seductively, leading him off to the twin's bedroom.

As both green haired twins finished their make out session, Luna removed her shirt and her damp panties before climbing onto Leo's lap.

"Oh Luna..." Leo said as she sank her cunny onto his dick, popping her cherry as she yelped a little.

The hot, tightness on his penis felt amazing, Leo holding Luna close to himself and giving her pert little butt a light squeeze as she got used to his size. When she was ready, Luna started going up and down, riding her brother's cock as they both moaned in pleasure.

Her hips rocked back and forth as Leo thrusted up into her, their hips colliding together with every hump they both made.

"I love this so much Luna!" He admitted.

"Me too Leo!" Luna cried.

Soon though, their bodies began to build up to climax and they both cried out loudly as they both came, Luna squishing her girl juices all over his cock as he filled her up with his baby batter.

As they both came down from their shared high, Leo and Luna both looked at each other and kissed again, exploring their mouths long before breaking a part.

"Wanna go join Dex and Patty?" She asked slyly.

"You bet!" Leo grinned.

Luna climbed off his lap, his dick still hard as he followed her to their bedroom. They open the door and find Patty and Dexter butt naked as they 69 with each other, both noticing their friends in the door way.

Happy to see them joining, they all lied down and started a daisy chain with Luna sucking Leo, Leo munching on Patty's chocolate coochie, Patty milking Dexter's hairless dick, and Dex tongue fucking Luna.

This went on until the boys both came squirted their hot stuff into the girl's mouths as they came as well. Next, Luna and Patty got on their hands and knees facing each other as Leo got behind Luna and Dexter went behind Patty and started fucking the girls like dogs, Luna and Patty leaning in and kissing each other as they put their hands behind each other's head.

"AHHH I love cumming in you Luna!" Leo groaned happily as he creamed Luna again, Dex following behind and filling Patty up like a chocolate Bavarian cream doughnut.

Even after pulling out of their respective holes, Leo and Dexter's shriveled cocks twitched and grew hard again.

Now with Leo lying on his back, Luna climbed over him and started to ride him again, Dexter getting behind her and thrusting into her backdoor, much to her surprise. As the boys fucked each of her holes, Patty was watching of to the side, upset that she only had herself to play with as she toyed with her clitty.

Not wanting to be left alone, she crawled over and layed down with her legs spread and her ebony muff right over Leo's head.

Knowing what she wanted, Luna leaned down and started eating her out. This foursome continued on for a little while, until soon enough, one big climax made it's approach.





"I'M CUMMING!!!" They all cried.

Now they all lied together in bed, all naked as the days they were born. Dex and Patty cuddling as Leo and Luna did the same. As they drifted off to dream land, Leo and Luna both knew one thing was clear.

This will forever mark the last day they spent with their friends. And there was no better way it could've happened.

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