Anzu first date with yugi

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction so any character and act represented never happened in reality. Characters and places are property of Takahashi Kazuki I don't own YuGiOh and make no money.

Anzu prepared herself for her date with Yugi since she hoped she could get intimate with Yugi she dressed to catch his attention dressing a yellow tight tube top without wearing bra showing midriff,a pink bitch collar,tight pink shorts,long black stockings,ready to grab his heart.

As she went to the train station and waited she noticed the sleazy views she was getting,thanks to her body proprtions she ahd an obscene body not only that due to her choice of clothes she gained more attention yet she didn’t feel bad from being viewed and kinda liked that.

After waiting for some minutes the other yugi showed up as they started their date,they went to a café and started talking with anzu paying lot of attention to him yet the other yugi only talked about not knowing about his past and so on with anzu trying to support him telling her about her dream of going to USA and becoming a dancer and that time is limited,as they continued their date they went to a records store checking the music,going to a movie yet all of Anzu attempts failed in getting him close not even grabbing his hand in the movie made him react,as they continued they entered a cards store the other yugi bought some cards and was really happy explaining to anzu (this is the only time yugi looks happy,why he is not paying attention to me) thought anzu as they continued and reached the arcade.

Once inside Anzu asked yugi “what should we play” but as she finished they hear lot of people and a dancing machine with two men dancing there as one lose the battle “he won again” said one of the spectators with other saying “that’s because step jhonny is the best”

Step Jhonny turned around and said “Hey!! next,who is the one that wants to challenge me” as the other yugi heard that he said “dance battle game” to which Anzu said “ooohhh! Interesting” as jhonny heard her he said “hey babe,want to have a battle” yugi after hearing this he said “there is no need to be his oponent” with Anzu answering “mmmmhhh...i can’t escape from a dance challenge..this is soemthing nobody can stop me” as she trowed her jacket to the other yugi “heeyy anzu” said the other yugi as anzu answered to him “is fine” going to the dance platform,as the people started talking “girl you are cute” or “don’t get eaten by jhonny” as jhony said “let’s have some fun,i will hold back” anzu after hearing that got mad and said “no need to hold back” to which jhony answered “then be my company tonight if you lose” after hearing this anzu got a bit mad (how does he dare to say that in front of yugi) “I see so that was your objective you came here” said jhony as Anzu said “you made me mad”.

As the music started and both dancer got in position they waited until the first arrow showed up,as the game started Annzu was dancing really sexy with more people joining the spectators to se the girl breasts jiggling with each step it was rreally a view as more people joined they blocked Yugi view since he was short,Anzu movements were really erotic yet she didn’t made any miss in the game which frustrated Jhonny.

The audience said “she is perfect” while others said “ both have a perfect score up to now” as other said “she is a good challenge for Jhonny” jhonny was getting frustrated since was a good challenge for him and he could lose so started attacking anzu,he tried to push her around but anzu instead of falling on her butt she hold the arrows with her hands as she spread her legs as the audience said “keep like that babe” as anzu kept avoiding jhonny attacks,yet jhonny was missing the arrows of the game which gave anzu an advantage “a” said jhonny as the battle continued giving anzu her first victory as both prepared for the second song which was “barby girl” as the second song started he didn’t mind more the battle so he foccused on the sexy girlhe had at his side “I won’t lose not like this” thouht jhonny,Anzu on the other hand was focused on dancing without realizing her top was falling down showing a bit of her nipples with the only reason for stay in place was because of anzu erect nipples,anzu dance became really erotic with this song shaking her ass for the audience or spreading her legs while she pressed the middle button with her butt,without noticing jhonny was at her side at first he grabbed her butt yet anzu didn’t want to lose so kept pressing the arrows,as she tried to free herself from jhonny she lose step as holded her from behind and grabbed both of her tits “that’s dirty jhonny” said some people in the audience while others said “you are the best babe” as the song finished with Anzu still having her breasts grabbed by Jhonny without realizing her top didn’t cover her breasts so she turned around and raised her hands claiming her victory only then realizing her wardrobe malfunction after fixing her clothes she searched the other Yugi and went to the ocean “I can’t believe that 100 yen will reinforce my dream so much” as both kept talking jhonny showed up again challenging Yugi to a duel as they went to Kaiba Land,after dueling for a bit (I won’t tell the contents of the duel watch episode 53 of the anime in japanese) jhonny lost the battle and was trying to run away “you how long are you going to keep running away from yourself,if you have time to chase girls ass try to use it to improve and bet on your dance” said anzu to which jhonny answered “bet on my dance?” anzu aproached him and said “ at least you are more talented dancing then dueling” jhonny frustrated said “prepotent begginer,my own talent I understand it the best,being a pro dancer is a dream between a dream” jhonny and anzu kept talking but more friendly after knowing a bit more of each other,after a bit moreYugi and Anzu went to the museum “Sorry yugi I have other things to do” said anzu as she left yugi behind.

After walking for some minutes she reached the arcade seeing jhonny “how about a new battle in other place” said jhonny”well I don’t have problems” said Anzu as she licked her lips seductively,she wanted to release her frustration from Yugi date somehow somehow instead of a date was more like making the other yugi company as he played duel monsters and bought some cards,as the continued walking they saw a billboard in a store “haoh-sho-**-ken arcade” said anzu as she entered first,as she went inside anzu felt the smell on the air a misture of sweat,something like squid and other smells “guaah!! this is weird yet I want to keep playing”said anzu as she searched the arcade dance machine yet after being a few minutes inside she started to feel weird and went to the toilet “why that part is itching I want to dance but this doesn’t help” said anzu as she kept cleaning her pussy,once she got out she saw jhonny on the machine ready to play anzu aproached and throwed her japcket near a sofa,as they started to play everyone got close it was weird for that arcade to get girls since the usual ones just used that place to get sex with random guys so the place despite looking good, having good arcades,having good illumination the place reputation was on the floor and known as the place only perverts and sluts go around.

As they continued the duel Anzu started to feel more weird as her mind was numbing down and feeling more weird down there,all the spectators watched as anzu tube top wa hold by her erected nipples thanks to the good illumination they saw the girl shorts were a bit darker on the critch area as she made really erotic moves that made the crotch are more darker,just like that anzu won the first battle she started jumping celebrating her victory as she did that she saw a couple having sex on top of her jacket as she felt like something weird after watching the couple “ I will throw it away” said anzu while still jumping meanwhile the men kept praising her seeing her huge breasts jiggling “come on babe second battle” said jhonny as they continued their second battle this time anzu was more absent minded missing lot of inputs and was more foccused on the men supporting her and hearing them praising her then the game,halfway the song anzu just started twearking as the men started grabbing their cocks and rubbing them from the outside with the clothes on,anzu just kept making her dance as was getting more wet reaching la-la land,the men noticed her slit thanks to the clothes sticking to each crane of her body ,as she lost she the second battle yet didn’t mind and said the final battle as she watched how the couple having sex on top of her jacket was finishing with the girl using anzu jacket to clean the man cum “I bet that feels good” said anzu as drops of love juice fell on the floor craving and lusting “well babe how about you give us company if you lose” said jhonny as the crowd said “accept the challenge” other said “we will make you happy” yet Anzu mindnumbed as she was didn’t have any posibility of winning.

Anzu just accepted the terms of jhonny and prepared for the final battle,breathing more deep yet that made her worst as the music started anzu was just thinking on what she saw missing every input bending over to touch the arrows with her hands showing her butt to the men,dancing really erotic lying on her back while she spread her legs and smiling after some moments jhonny won the battle as he grabbed anzu hands he put some handcuffs in case she tried to escape “is your own fault for having such obscene body” said Jhonny.

All the men started to grope anzu body yet anzu was delighted at that feeling of pleasure”aaahhh!!...aahhhh!!…..feeelss!! goood!” said anzu as the men kept tocuhing each part of her body,the men kept touching her for a while as Jhonny kept watching her behaviour until he aproached her and started kissing her at first anzu was reluctant yet the more she felt that mysterious smell the more she started liking this kiss,jhonny started to feel she was being more pasionate putting more tongue on the kiss after he finished kissing her Anzu just smiled at him yet she looked really obscene like that “well I hope you are ready for black cock anzu” said jhonny as he took out his cock and rubbed it on Anzu nose which made her drool a lot as he pushed it on her lip anzu just opened her mouth and said “aaaahhhhhmmmmmmm” as she was about to

eat something really delicious,jhonny shove his cock on Anzu mouth as he was pumping in and out Anzu started to lick it and move her tongue “is your fault Yugi for ignoring me” said anzu yet after hearing this Jhonny unlocked the handcuffs,as soon as she noticed her hands were free she started grabbing his cock and masturbating him after some moments of doing this Anzu felt some hot splurts on her mouth which combined with all the groping made her orgasm as some of the men started to drink her love juice as she squirted and spasmed out “ there more” said anzu as other guy aproached her “wow I can’t believe you got this big so quick” said anzu as the man just shoved it deep her throat which made anzu cum at once,with each pump of the man Anzu kept cumming after some minutes of pumping her the man said “be sure to swallow it all” as he splurted his semen inside Anzu throat “what did just happen?” said anzu kinda confused as she saw several men in a line waiting for her blowjob after several minutes all the men had a fella as jhonny throwed a box of condoms which anzu grabbed,after tearing the package of one she put the condom on her mouth as she aproached Jhonny and put the condom on his cock using just her mouth “I don’t want to get pregnant”said Anzu “you are quite a skilled bitch,i bet you had lot of practice” said jhonny after hearing this anzu just blushed and smiled at him.

Jhonny raised anzu legs and spread them,as he did this anzu hold her legs in position while jhonny moved a bit her shorts on the crotch area revealing she wasn’t wearing anything bsides that and put his cock in position to penetrate anzu pussy (is impreessive how much is preading me open just the tip) thought anzu as she started teasing her clitoris “yuuugii...hurryy….put it in” said anzu,the only comment Jhonny said “So she broke alreeady ,well tonight we are all yugi” as he said that he put his whole manhood inside anzu pussy reaching to her innest insides parts “yugi… feeels so good!! is sho bish” said anzu as jhonny started pumping her out while the rest of the men kept rubbing her tights,ass and breasts, due to his huge size,her teasing her clitoris and the men groping her anzu came really quick “donsh ….shtop...keeep shoing it yugi!” said anzu while love juice kept splurting on her face with each thrust as she said that a man aproached her face and started to kissing her “I love shu shugi” said anzu as she kept kissing the man while jhonny kept pumping her in her absent minded post orgasm state she kept thinking she was with yugi after some minutes jhonny came even with the condom anzu could feel a lot of hot sperm as the condom started to fill up ·if all that went inside my pussy I would be knocked up at once”said anzu as jhonny throwed the used condom on anzu face “is such a waste not filling you up but well it was fun,you can do whatever you want guys” said jhonny as he left.

The men started to get naked for the session as anzu in la-la land kept seeing lot of yugi “hury upp yugi I want more” said anzu as she grabbed 2 men by their cocks,another men aproached anzu with a knife and made a cut on anzu shorts in the crotch area so they can dual ride anzu “so many yugi they are so big and fat I bet they feel sho goosh…” said anzu while the men started putting condoms “ they are so hard” said anzu while she got on top a man lying on the floor inserting herself on top of him as she did this another men put the tip of his cock on anzu butthole “I bet you would love the special time” said the man as he inserted himself to anal fuck anzu yet anzu was cumming just from that squirting and spasming out “moash...moash cocksh….moash yugi” she said as her mind was melting down,the men started to pump her out as a third one just aproached his cock to her face which anzu just grabbed and started to lick “it tastes like strawberry is sho delishious..” said anzu delighted in licking the cock,with each pump of the men anzu felt electricity running her body and more pleasure she could have felt even doing it with the man she loved,she didn’t felt guilty at all since she felt was yugi fault for neglecting her as she started moving her hips to please the men more after shaking her hips for some momments and the men pumping her the men came ,anzu took their condoms off and made a knot on them as she tied the used condoms on her shorts belt while the last one came while anzu looked how the man filled the condom which she used to tie her hair in a ponytail “change of players” they said as other took their places ready to fuck anzu,after emptying the box of condoms anzu still wanted more so said “come one guys we can still go even without condoms,i want more special time” which motivated the men again,getting raw cocks on her butthole and pussy made her orgasm at once “ aahhh!!...aaahhh!!..moar!!….cocks feel goosh!!” started moaning anzu as she shaked her hips yet she was so aggressive and skilled at shaking her hips it didn’t take too much of an effort for the men to cum inside her as she kept licking 3 men cock she ahd in front of her face “we are about to cum so be sure to swallow all” said the men as they came on anzu face “this is so delicious” said anzu with a lewd face as the men changed after a few hours anzu was still going yet all the men passed out even after feeling countless of orgasms she still wanted more so continued licking their cocks and riding them on her own one by one until a few hours later she passed out.

Anzu woke up from her dreamlike state only to find out the truth she was on top of a man with a cock inserted and all the men surrounding her had passed out yet instead if being disgusted she just said “maybe we should do it again it felt really good” as she put her hand near her crotch,she went to the toilet fixing her hair “it smells really good she said as she licked her hand,my pussy is hrobbing and tingly” said anzu while trying to calm herself splashing her face with cold water “I still can’t believe it I was able to beat the cock” said anzu as she put a really lewd face,as she passed by the unconscious men she started searching their clothes trying to find some money “is not my fault since you are the ones that raped me” said anzu,after searching in all the men clothes all the money she found 20 thousand yens “maybe I should do this again it felt good and I got lot of money to help me with my dream of being a dancer” said anzu as she started grabbing all the men phones inputting her cellphone number,after that anzu left going to her home in a cab without realizing she had all the used condoms tied to her belt and her ponytail was tied with a used condom.

After getting to her house she started taking a shower and tried to delete the marks she had on her body indicating how many men came inside but gave up “those bastards they used permanent markers” said anzu as she heard someone ringing her door so she hurried up and put her pajama once in the the door she open just to see yugi “yugi!! why are you here so early” said anzu to which yugi said “I was just worried about anzu since you never came to your home” anzu just said “don’t worry I’m fine I was with some friends in a sleepover” while thinking (was quite a sleepover it felt really good maybe I should keep doing this) after taking for a while yugi left as anzu went to rest for a bit.

As anzu days went by she decided to have another date with the other yugi while it was quite normal and no different they passed by an adult store which grabbed yugi attention (well he is a boy so is not a surpr…….) as she thought that she noticed the video that grabbed yugi attention,while her eyes had a mosaic it was quite clear it was her,seeing all the mini pics showing all that she did on her own will not only that the man pic had her handcuffed to the game machine while several men groped her (when did they…..ooohh!! I forgot there was a guy with a camera) thought anzu only to hear yugi reading part of the video “enjoy this slut having sex with unknown men while thinking she is with her boyfriend,what kind of slut would do that if she had a boyfriend it goes beyond perversion” said yugi as anzu thought (that perverted slut is right at your side besides is your own fault for ignoring me) “come on yugi let’s go I don’t like this kind of stuff” said her while pushing yugi as they continued their date.

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