A Lovely Remedy

BY : Chozin_Yi
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Disclaimer: I do not own Yugioh 5D's, nor do I make money off of this.

A Lovely Remedy.

A Yugioh 5D's One-Shot.

A Leo x Luna Lemon.

Hey Everybody! It's finally time I get back to one my favorite ships of all time!

This was actually a suggestion I received in the comments on AO3 in my last Leo/Luna Lemon back in April of last year. So my friend, if you're reading this, thank you so much for your ideas and your support!

Disclaimer Time!

1. I do not own Yugioh 5D's nor the characters featured.

2. This story is a Lemon, meaning it contains naughty and sexual content.

3. This story also contains, Straight Shotacon, Lolicon, and Twincest.

And with that outta the way, let's get sexy!


Getting sick just before the weekend wasn't what Leo had in mind, but this morning he woke with a sore throat and a migraine that made his head throb like Stewart Copeland was doing a solo inside his brain.

This meant that he had to stay home while Luna had to go to Duel Academy without him. Still, she made sure her brother had enough water to drink and medicine to ease his soreness.

"Are you sure you will be alright without me?" She asked him, already dressed in her uniform.

" *Koff* *Koff*, I'll be fine Luna. I promise." Leo said, his voice a tad gravelly as he lied in bed still in his pajamas and his hair undone from it's usual ponytail and reading down to his shoulders.

If Luna also had her hair undone, side by side you wouldn't tell the difference.

She started to walk out, before stopping at the door. After pausing, she turned and knelt over her twin and kissed his forehead. Leo blushed and smiled and watched as she left.

Leo turned over and tried to get some sleep. By the time he opened his eyes, he didn't know how much time had passed. He stiffly got out of bed and trudged out to the kitchen for a drink. As he opened a bottle of orange juice and took a long drink, out the corner of his eye, he saw something on the floor next to the trash can.

It seemed like Luna crumbled a piece of paper and threw it into the trash can, but didn't realize she missed it in her hurry out. Leo would have just picked it up and threw it away himself, if it weren't for the fact that he recognized it as a page from her diary.

He knew better than to read it if it really came from her diary, but if it weren't for the fact he saw what seemed to be some kind of lewd drawing amidst the creases and crumples.

Prepubescent hormones making him curious, he uncrumpled the paper and was able to see what was written on it. 

"Dear Diary,

i had another dream last night. ever since that time i saw leo drying himself after a shower last week, i couldn't get his naked body out of my mind!

i really want to touch his dick and suck on it! i want him to take me like a woman! i don't care that we're only 11 years old, i love him! i'm nothing without him, and he's nothing without me!

just the thought of us making love all night makes me wanna play with myself so much. what wouldn't i give to ride him or for us to taste each other!?"

Under that, there was a small sketch of seems to be Leo naked, sporting a proud boner.

For some reason, Leo felt his heart fly, like a huge concern he never knew he had was lifted away. Feeling a lump in his pants, Leo gently stroked himself through them as he walked out of the kitchen into the living room. Looking over at the clock and realizing that Luna would be home soon, Leo smirked and undressed himself, his hard cock bouncing as it was freed from it's confines.

Hiding behind where the door would be opened, Leo waited until it opened, gently stopping it from hitting him, he snuck around and closed it as Luna walked into the penthouse.

"Leo! I'm back!" She called before being grabbed from behind.

She gave a squeal before being hugged from behind and Leo kissing and sucking on her neck, she could feel something suspicious poking her butt.

"Welcome home Luna." He said sensually.

"L-Leo, what...?"

"I found that page you threw away. If you wanted a little fun, I wouldn't mind." He told her, gently humping the back of her skirt.

"Leo, are... Are you sure?" She asked, turning to face him.

The sincere smile on his face was all the answer she needed.

He pulled her to their bedroom and as Leo lied down on his back, his cock standing high, Luna stripped down until her flat chest and hairless pussy were out for him to see. Cock twitching, Leo watched as Luna climbed into bed and took it in her dainty hand.

Stroking it gently, she stuck her tongue out and licked up and down the sides, swirling around his glans and tasting the smooth skin as pre cum weeps from the tip. Taking it into her mouth, Luna sucking gently on his length and bobbed her head up and down in his lap, Leo moaned as he watched Luna, enjoying his blowjob.

Luna moaned too as she sucked, she was so happy that Leo enjoyed what she was doing to him. She was making her brother happy, and her loins tingled with need.

Popping it out of her mouth, Luna straddled him and tried to stick his dick into her girlhood. It was a tight squeeze and she hissed as it pierced her hymen. 

"Ooooh Luna!

" Leo!"

Forcing herself down, his cock was fully inside her body as Luna moaned, just putting it in the first time made her cum hard. Leo cupped her cheek in his hand and they both smiled as Luna began to bounce in her seat.

They both moaned as they experienced the taboo activity that adults kept secret from kids their age. And they now knew why it was kept secret. It was fun and it felt good!

They were sharing such a special and intimate moment, and they making each other feel good. If this was what sex was, they wanted to do it as much as possible!

"Faster Luna! I'm close!" Leo moaned, cupping her butt in his hands.

"Me too Leo! Do it with me! I wanna cum too!" She cried, her hips moving even faster and faster.

Soon they both came and Leo squirted loads of boy milk into her body, Luna moaning happily as she orgasmed and milked his cock.

Luna lied on her front next to him, both twins panting. She looked at him and they smiled at each other. Looking down, they saw Leo's cock beginning to stretch and stiffen.

"What else you wanna do?" Luna asked.


They both made sounds of pleasure as they used their mouths on each others private parts. Luna sucked on his penis as Leo fucked her with his tongue while kneading her butt cheeks.

After minutes of pre teen 69, Leo had Luna get on her hands and knees as he got behind her like a dog. Gently forcing his member into her sphincter, Luna gave a cry of both pain and pleasure as he began to fuck her up the butt. Luna reached down and diddled her pussy as he stroked in and out of her anus. His groin clapping against her behind, Leo groaned as he gradually went faster and faster.

After a while, Leo gave a cry as he squirted his cum into her backside, Luna smiling and biting her bottom lip as she felt his hot liquid fill her up.

After pulling out, Leo ran to the bathroom to wash up as Luna laid back and played with her pussy as she waited. Soon he came back, his cock bouncing as he walked.

"Wanna go again?" Luna asked, spreading her legs and presenting herself.

"You bet!" Leo grinned, as he climbed over her, sheathing his cock back into it's favorite hole.

He fucked her long and hard, both of them moaning and panting as the room reeked of sex. Skin clapping and childish voices echoing.

Soon, both twins came again and Leo pulled out his wilting cock as he kissed Luna deeply.

"Can I use my feet this time?" She asked.

Cock growing hard again in response, Leo nodded ecstatically. Sitting up with his legs spread, Luna sat opposite of him and rubbed his cock with her dainty feet, Leo moaning and humping her soles and toes. She loved how hard it felt between her toes.

Stroking it faster and faster, Leo moaned even louder until when it tribbed the first time, he got up and pushed her down, pushing his dick back into her pussy as she moaned.

"Oh Leo! Hump me!"

Fucking her like it was their first time all over again, Leo went fast and hard, Luna crying out in delight as her legs wrapped around his waist. Kissing her deeply, Leo and Luna moaned into each other's mouths and with each hump he made, they got closer and closer to release.

Eventually they came again, and here Luna decided it was time for dinner. After they were done and the plates were in the dish washer, Luna rolling up and down in his lap as he sat in his chair at the table, Leo stroking her butt until they came again.

Even when they were in the shower, Leo just had to do it again, and Luna happily bent over for him. Soon they came again and Luna used the shower nozzle to wash herself out.

And still, even when Luna was about to climb into bed, Leo tackled her from behind and dry humped her butt until he squirted all over her back.

Love really is the best remedy.


And there you have it everyone! Hope you all liked it! 

Chozin out!

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