"Playing" Sex

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Disclaimer: I do not own Yugioh 5D's nor the characters featured. I make no profit.

"Playing" Sex.

A Yugioh 5D's One-Shot.

A Leo x Luna Lemon.


Hey Everybody! I'm back again with a new story! Now just to preface, this story is an inspiration by the hentai doujin "Playing Sex" by Gotoh Juan. If you love Loli x Shota, I recommend you check it out!

It's part of a tankoban called "Doutei Jirushi".

Disclaimer Time!

1. I do not own Yugioh 5D's nor the characters featured.

2. This story is a lemon, meaning it contains sexual content.

3. This story also features, Straight Shotacon, Lolicon, and Twincest.

Now let's get to it!



We open at the Tops Penthouse, the residence of our favorite green haired twins Leo and Luna.

Currently in the living room, Luna was busy doing her homework while Leo was browsing the web on his laptop. They sat side by side on the same couch dressed in their usual attire; shorts, short sleeved jackets, a blue muscle shirt with gold trim for Leo, a red long sleeve shirt with gold trim for Luna.

As Luna was working on her math, Leo noticed a notification on his laptop, saying that he just got an email. Checking the tab, he saw it came from his best friend Dexter. Opening the email, he saw it was a link to a video titled "Check out our new game!"

"Hey Luna?" He said to get his sister's attention.

"Yeah?" She said, turning to him.

"Check it out, Dex and Patty sent us a video!" He said showing her the screen.

Reading the title, Luna asked: "What kind of game are they talking about?"

"Let's see."

Leo clicked on the video and it began to play, showing Dexter and Patty on screen waving to the camera before they began to make out. The twins both blushed. They knew that Dex and Patty were a couple, but it was kinda strange that they would send them a video of them kissing. To them, it was something so foreign and adult at their age.

However, it only escalated as Dexter and Patty began to strip naked.

"HUUHHH!?" The twins both gasped.

As Dexter pulled his boxers down, his bald dick sprung up and hit his belly just as Patty removed her last article of clothing, showing over her naked chocolate body. Leo and Luna began to feel very strange in their private parts as they watched Dex and Patty make out again, this time holding their naked selves close and exploring each others bodies.

Then it got even more intimate as Patty began sucking on Dexter's pecker. Luna felt her lower body getting hotter at this and Leo gulped, absent mindedly rubbing the front of his shorts and wondering how it would feel having his dick sucked.

The video then reached its craziest part as Patty lied down on the bed with her legs wide open, Dexter climbing up and inserting his member into her girlhood, beginning to hump her with a practiced rhythm.

As the noises of Patty moaning in pleasure played from the laptop, Luna and Leo both shared the same thought, is this what adults called sex?

"Wow, his penis is going inside her." Luna said in wonder.

"That looks so cool!" Leo said.

Luna looked over at her brother and asked: "Boys get hard when they think of naughty things, are you hard now Leo?"

"Yeah, it makes me wanna rub it." He replied, eyes still glued to the screen.

"Want to? You ARE rubbing it!" Luna said, face flushed as she watched Leo rubbing his bulge.

Just then, Luna had a crazy thought, but still, she really liked it.

"Hey Leo, do you wanna see each naked?" She said, removing her jacket.

"Huh!?" Leo gasped.

"I mean, it could be fun, c'mon Leo! Try it!" She explained, now having pulled her shorts off and showing off her green panties.

As more articles of clothing fell to the floor and the video of Dexter and Patty fucking played in the background, Leo and Luna both ogled at each others nakedness, Luna's flat tits and smooth pussy exposed and Leo's hairless cock jutting out from his groin.

"I really like your penis." Luna admitted, face red but happy as she gently rubbed it.

"L-Luna, can I see yours?" Leo asked, liking the tingles she was giving him.

Luna sat down on the couch and lied back, her right leg on the couch and the other on the floor, letting Leo have a good view of her loli pussy.

"Wow!" Leo said as he knelt on his knees and gently explored her privates with a finger. "It's so wet Luna!"

"Yeah, it gets like that when i'm... Horny." She admitted, loving the jolts as Leo toyed with her pussy.

"Luna my dick is so hard, what do I do?" He asked, his cock was so rock hard it was driving crazy.

"Want me to try licking it?" She suggested.


Leo sat on the couch as Luna crawled over and took his cock in her hand.

"Whoa, it's feels so stiff." She mentioned.

Leaning her head down, Luna gently began licking the head, making Leo gasp and moan as her tongue danced over his sensitive helmet. Liking the taste, Luna upped the ante by taking his length into her mouth and started to suck and bob her head up and down.

"Aww Luna! That's awesome!" Leo commented, loving the feel of his very first blowjob.

As Luna's lips glided over his cock, it began to leak pre cum all over her tongue. She strangely liked the taste and kept up her work as Leo tried not to buck his hips and choke her. Soon though, he felt a surge in his balls and pressure building inside him.

"Aw! Something's happening to my dick! Luna something's coming!" He tried to warn her, but soon he groaned as he orgasmed for the first time inside her mouth.

Luna's eyes widened as the salty liquid shot into her mouth and dribbled onto his lap. She swallowed a few gulps and found it was a strangely alluring taste and smell that made her loins almost burn with need.

"Wha- What is that white stuff? Did that just come out of my dick?" Leo said, amazed that something so dirty felt so good.

"Did that feel good Leo?" Luna asked him.

"Yeah! It was awesome!"

"Do you wanna try sex?" She said, catching him off guard.

"Really? I mean, we're still pretty young aren't we?" Leo said unsure.

"Yeah but, Dexter and Patty are doing it and no one will know besides us. It couldn't hurt right?" Luna suggested, casually diddling her pussy at the thought.

Leo thought about it, but he guessed she was right, it couldn't be that bad, plus the thought was making him get hard again.


Grabbing the laptop for reference and leaving their clothes behind, they ran naked to Luna's bedroom. Following what Dex and Patty were doing, Luna lied on her back with her legs open, inviting Leo to plunge into her.

Climbing over his twin, Leo pushed into her wet depths, breaking her virginity and making Luna cry out in pain.

"Ow! Stop Leo! It hurts!" She said, teeth clenched and gripping the blanket.

"I'm so sorry! Should I pull out!?" Leo asked, concerned.

Luna responded by wrapping her legs around him to stop him from pulling out.

"No! Just don't move! It'll stop, I really want to do this Leo!" She urged him.

Luna was determined to see this through and understand why sex was such a big deal.

"J-Just go slow, okay?" She told him.

Leo understood and slowly began to stroke in and out of her. It felt amazing, the tight and wet velvety depths of her pussy tugged and caressed his cock in a way that her mouth or hands don't even compare to.

Luna was loving it too. How his hard prick plunged inside repeatedly, hitting pleasurable spots she never even knew she had. On top of that she loved how close she got to be with Leo, holding their naked bodies so close together and his dick poking around in her, it felt like the perfect hug.

They both moaned loudly as wet sounds and clapping of skin on skin filled the room, Leo humping her more and more.

"Oh Leo! Keep going it feels so good!" Luna egged him on.

"Luna your pussy is amazing! I can feel it twitching!" He said, heat building inside his loins. "That white stuff is gonna come out again!"

"Stay like that and do it inside me! I'm feeling something too!" Luna begged, getting close to climax as well.

Soon they both cried out as Leo erupted inside her, triggering Luna's orgasm as well and she wrapped her arms and legs around him tightly and peppered him with kisses.

"Sex feels great huh?" Leo said happily.


He pulled out and his cum dribbled out of her and onto the blanket.

"Wow, your white stuff is leaking out of me." Luna noted as she watched it drip out.

"That's kinda hot!" Leo said, dick twitching.

"And you're still pretty hard too!" Luna noticed, stroking his cum covered cock.

"Yeah! I wanna do it some more!" He admitted.

"Okay, then I'll be on top!"

With that, Leo lied down on his back as Luna straddled him and eased down onto his cock, the semen still on it and inside her made it go inside much easier and now she was comfortable on top of him.

"Ahh! It feels good like this too!" She said, starting to bounce in her seat.

Leo moaned as he held onto her butt while she rode him, never before had he felt so close to his beloved twin.

Hopping up and down in his lap, Luna cried out in pleasure as his dick drilled her over and over again, her clit grinding against his pelvis with each rock and roll of her hips.

After a few minutes, they both came again, Leo shooting his preteen load inside her a second time.

Even then, their appetite for sexy time wasn't even close to be satisfied. They watched more of the video and tried many more positions, Leo getting hard and cuming every time and Luna loving having her pussy creamed again and again.

Now they were spooning with Leo behind her, holding her left leg up as he probed her harder and harder.

"Sex is awesome! Even after doing it and doing it, I can't get enough!" Leo cried.

"Me too! Me too!" Luna agreed.

"I'm gonna squirt again Luna!" He moaned, getting close.

"Yes! Do it inside me!" She screamed just as he erupted inside her once again. "I LOVE IT!!!"

Tired as hell, cum leaking out of her as Leo rubbed her thigh, Luna turned around and cuddled with her brother.

"We gotta tell our friends at school about this!" Leo said.

"Great idea Leo! Then we can all play "Sex" together!" She said, kissing him.


And that's that! I hope you all enjoyed that one!

Chozin out!

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