Compliance Kills

BY : Fragile_Phantom
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Author's Note (Important!): I modernized the timeline a bit so things like PS5's exist.
Joey is 20.
Most importantly because I like Joey's Brooklyn accent I've messed with his origin a bit so it makes sense. While everyone else has their Japanese names, Serenity and Joey maintain their English dub names because in this they're from the United States.
Their mother is a Caucasian woman from the U.S. while their father is a Japanese man from Japan. When they divorced Joey's father moved out of New York and back to Japan, bringing Joey with him. The relentless teasing Joey got because of his accent made Joey actively try to maintain it out of stubbornness. Serenity does not have a Brooklyn accent as their mother also moved out of New York after the divorce, and unlike Joey, she didn't care about keeping the accent.

It wasn't supposed to be this way, he was supposed to graduate and make something of himself. He was supposed to become a world-famous Duelist, but one by one his plan's had backfired. Two years out of Highschool and Joey still hadn't managed to get out from under his father's grip, he wasn't sure what more he could do.

He'd been 18 by the time he'd graduated, and he'd had every plan of moving out provided his father gave consent. And had, initially. He'd managed to room with Honda for nearly two years before being shoved to the side in favor of his buddy's new girlfriend. How that knucklehead had managed to score was beyond the blonde, not that he wasn't happy for the guy. But after awhile they'd wanted a more private living situation, together, and Joey could understand that...but it still had hurt.

A few months had passed and Joey was still sore about having to crawl back to his father and beg to move back in. Yugi hadn't been an option, nor had Anzu, the both of them had taken off to the United States months prior. They were off achieving their dreams, and Joey was happy for them. He was happy for all of them...but it still felt like he was being left behind. No one seemed to have time for him anymore.

Maybe that's why he didn't exactly mind the long hours at the sleazy stripclub he bartended at. It wasn't so bad when he had nothing to do with his free time anyways. Even if the pay was shit, the tips were still good. Often times better than the pay itself. Especially when he was waiting tables when the club was short staffed. If it weren't for the rude, touchy customers he'd almost prefer it. He'd probably be able to actually start college if he did this for a year or so.

The uniform did leave something to be desired though. Joey wasn't all that eager to don the ass hugging, black jean shorts. Nor the blue fishnet stockings, knee high top sneakers with blue laces, and black croptop with the club logo on it.

But worst of all was the dog collar, ears, and tail that he had to wear. When he'd become desperate enough to actually apply for the job the manager had insisted he'd make a good golden retriever. Joey had known the attire would call for something skimpy, he'd even known he'd likely be wearing a tail. The club was called The Sleazy Stray afterall, every employee had some type of animal-like get-up. But he'd hoped for something a little more intimidating, like a dragon or even a tiger. Not some damn dog.

"If Kaiba could see me now..." the blonde bitterly murmured for not the first time.
Joey let out a sigh as he looked in the mirror, fussing with his hair as he did so.

His shift was about to start and tonight he'd be waiting tables. His free hand was busy picking at the back of his short-shorts, the fucking shorts were even more uncomfortable than the thong peeking out of them. He hated tight clothes, the blonde preferred loose, more baggy things.

Not that it actually mattered, he had to make money somehow and few people where eager to hire someone who'd barely passed Highschool. Somehow graduating alone was no longer enough for a minimum wage job. Sex sells though, always has really, and it probably always will.

Putting on a fake, more friendly smile, Joey checked his makeup one last time before walking out on to the mainfloor of The Sleazy Stray. Seeing as he'd be the only male waiter on the mainfloor tonight, he'd be pretty busy. Some customers were pretty particular about getting the right kind of eye candy.

Already being flagged down, Joey made his way towards a handsome raven-haired man and what appeared to be his piece of ass for the night. Judging by how hard the woman with him was trying to keep his attention, it was unlikely that they were a legitimate couple. Joey had gotten pretty good at reading customers since he'd first started working here.

"What can I getcha?"

"Three Silver Bullet's for me and a Melon Bar for her," the man smirked," Go ahead and get me a Blow Job too."

Joey almost couldn't stop himself from rolling his eyes when he turned around," Got it, be back in a minute."

The dude was clearly some hotshot just trying to impress, whether it was him or the girl Joey was unsure. He didn't care either way, the flirting customers had become nothing more than a nuisance by now. Joey was almost looking forward to the dude making an ass of himself. He had a strong suspicion the man couldn't handle his alcohol.

About eight and a half hours into his shift his coworker, Abiko, tapped him on the shoulder," We need you on the VIP floor, Chiba was feeling sick and had to ditch."

"...I only have an hour and a half left before I clock out," Joey raised an eyebrow at the woman," You sure I shouldn't finish down here?"

"The VIPs are more important than anyone down here, that's why they're VIPs," Abiko explained with just a hint of snark," Besides Ito will be here by the time you clock out, so go already."

Joey nodded and headed towards the indoor balcony, only to immediately duck out of sight and back to Abiko upon seeing a familiar face," I can't be seen up there."

"Why? VIPs tip better, you know that J-"

"That's not the problem," the blonde insisted, looking back and forth between the balcony and Abiko. Had he been seen?

"There's someone up there who I really don't want to see," Joey stressed," I can't live it down if-"

"That's not my problem, I'm busy enough as it is," Abiko snapped, she never was one to tolerate such small complaints," I've got enough on my plate and the man who rented out the entire VIP balcony requested a male waiter. So go."

Joey frowned as he made his way back up the stairs. He needed this job, even if it meant being seen by Kaiba of all people.

"What kinda asshole rents out an entire floor?" Joey pouted as he made his way up the final step and towards Kaiba. Unable to put on his usual work persona, Joey crossed his arms and looked down on the seated man.

"Whaddya want, moneybags?"

For the briefest of seconds Joey swore he could see shock on the prick's face. But just as quickly it was replaced by a smirk.

"So this is what's become of the mutt, I'm almost surprised."

"Just tell me what you want," the blonde growled," I don't have all night."

"That attitudes going to come out of your tip if you keep it up, puppy," Kaiba sneered

"You probably tip like shit anyways," Joey mumbled, still he did his best to at least look neutral about seeing Kaiba.

"Three Wise Men, make sure everything is top shelf, mutt."

"Yeah, whatever..."

Joey was back with Kaiba's desired drink within seconds, the VIP room had its own mini bar so there was no real need to go downstairs. A shame, if it weren't for the brunette's watchful gaze Joey would've been half tempted to spit in it.

"Here, that all?" Joey could hardly keep himself from glaring.

"No, actually..."

A yelp of shock left Joey's throat as he was pulled down by his collar. Kaiba flexed his fingers, as if he was testing the material," Sit down, pup. I desire company."

The blonde nodded and took a seat on the far side of the couch, he did his best to hide the anxiety this situation was causing. It seemed that Kaiba was already a little drunk, or at the very least tipsy. He must've been here before Chiba had gone home.

"So, uh, what exactly am I supposed to do..."

Kaiba turned to Joey and stared," You should know how to do your job."

"Most people don't rent out entire floors," the blonde countered," There's not much to do with only you here."

"Then wait until I tell you what to do," Kaiba scoffed," Stupid even for a dog."

"I'm not a dog!"

"You're dressed like one."

"It's my uniform!" Joey bit back, anger building in his eyes,"You're such a-"

Once again Joey found himself being grabbed by the collar," Watch it, Wheeler. I won't warn you again. You're lucky I'm feeling generous enough to deal with a mutt like you at all."

The blonde scowled, but kept silent. What could he say? Nothing that'd get him any tips he may have lost back that's for sure.

But god damn this shit was awkward, and boring as fuck. Kaiba hadn't said a word since Joey had gotten there, it was like he was in his own little world. Just running his finger along the edge of his glass and staring off. He'd hardly paid the strippers any attention.

Once or twice Joey could swear Kaiba had glanced at him, but it could've been a trick of the light. What was the point of coming here if you weren't going to have fun?

Maybe seeing Joey had ruined Kaiba's mood and he was just too stubborn to leave. Well fuck him, let the bastard sulk. Joey didn't want to entertain him anyways.
It was only towards the last few minutes of his shift that Kaiba actually started speaking to him.

"I'm sure you know it's company policy not to reveal your patrons identities."

"You'd just rat me out if I told anyone about you," Joey huffed," I'm not enough of a dick to tell anyways."

"Then we've come to an agreement," Kaiba hummed

Before Joey could say much of anything else, Kaiba dropped a couple hundreds in his lap," Don't spend it all at once," he murmured. And with that he was gone, just in time for Joey to change, pack up, and head home.

It was just past 3:30 am when Joey made it home. He'd spent his whole walk trying to process what had happened and why Kaiba been there, ultimately Joey decided the brunette probably just didn't want to go out of town for a good time. Why he'd tip Joey so well was still a mystery, maybe it'd been spite...or payment for his silence.

The blonde was knocked out of his thoughts when he was pushed onto the bed by his drunk of a father,"I'm not in the mood for this old man!"

The drunkard in question mumbled something unintelligible as he insistently kissed at Joey's neck. He knew Joey wouldn't do much to stop him, if anything at all, it had been like this for years. You can only fight so much before giving up.

It usually only got as far as a one-sided make-out session anyways, and it's never led to any real penetration aside from oral. Joey would sooner blow his brain's out than give up his virginity to his bastard of a father.

Remaining still as his father felt him up, Joey stared at the ceiling and tried to zone out. It wasn't difficult, the blonde had years of practice afterall. He only responded when he realized his father was speaking to him,"Wha?"

"Are ya a virgin," he slurred," Don't make me repeat myself Joey."

The blonde in question froze," Why does that ma-"

His father squeezed at his wrists,"Don't talk back. I'm ya father, I havuh right t'know these things."

Weighing his options, Joey ultimately decided it was best to just answer the question. His old man didn't even seem like he was in any condition to fight if it came down to it. The blonde was positive he could make a run for it if need be,"...I am."

"Good, good," the older man snorted before pushing himself off of Joey and lumbering towards the doorway. He must've gotten bored," Can't give ya'self away to jus' anyone, it'd be uh waste."

Joey shuddered, getting up and moving his dresser in front of the door when his father left. He didn't like the sound of that, not one bit. Maybe his old man was getting bored with their current arrangement.

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