Yugioh Sevens: Mimi Helps Out

BY : Chozin_Yi
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Disclaimer: I don't own Yugioh Sevens nor any characters. I make no profit.

Mimi Helps Out.

A Yugioh Sevens One-Shot.

A Yuga x Romin x Mimi Lemon.

Hey Everybody! Yugioh Sevens has come to a close and as proud going away present, and to celebrate the eventual release of Yugioh Go Rush, I wrote a new Yugioh Sevens lemon!

Disclaimer Time!

1. I do not own Yugioh Sevens nor the characters featured.

2. This story is a lemon.

3. This story also contains Straight Shota, Lolicon, and Legal Loli.

Now let's get to it!


Yuga Ohdo is a smart boy for his age. Inventing "Roads" has always been his pass time. Which is why right now he's trying to invent a robot that would help repair his mom's car. 

Problem is, he has little to no knowledge on how cars work, so he's not sure how to program his new robot to fix it.

Inside his little shack where he would work on his Roads, the orange and yellow haired boy ran himself ragged trying to change out circuit boards, implant new capacitors, change out micro chips, but yet nothing he did would give him the affect he needed. When he inserted another motherboard into the robot, all it achieved was program it to peel bananas constantly and when it ran out, it tried to peel the labels off of oil cans next.

"Agghhh! What am I doing wrong!?" Yuga groaned before planting his face onto the keyboard of his laptop, inadvertently causing the computer to open a random website. 

Of all sites though, it had to be a porn site.

As the sounds of erotic moaning reached Yuga's ears, the 5th grader looked up and his jaw dropped at what he saw on screen. Immediately, he knew what he had to be seeing. This is what adults called Sex.

Once he had registered what he was watching, his dick began to grow and stiffen in his pants, making his shorts feel very uncomfortable. Unconsciously groping his junk, Yuga wondered to himself what it would be like to experience it.

Such an adult and taboo thing, it looks so fun! He made up his mind, he wanted to try sex.

Closing his laptop and standing up, adjusting his pants in the meantime, he left the shack with it in his arms and heading off to where Romin was at band practice.

At the Goha city concert hall, Romin was practicing her guitar skills while her cousin Roa and his band mates where out getting drinks when she sees Yuga rushing towards her. Smiling at seeing her friends, Romin hops off stage to greet him.

"Hey Yuga, what's the hurry?" She asked him.

"Romin, I found something pretty cool, but can you keep it secret?" Yuga asked her, holding out his laptop.

"What's so secret?" She wondered.

Yuga opened the laptop and showed her what's on screen, much to her shock and embarrassment.

"Y-Yuga! What is this!?" Romin cried, covering her eyes.

"I think this is what adults call sex. Doesn't it look cool?" He says excitedly.

Try as much to cover her eyes, Romin couldn't deny she was a tad curious about what was on screen and carefully looked through her fingers.

Much to her embarrassment, she felt a little wet and tingly in her groin.

"I guess, it seems pretty interesting. Those people do look like they're really enjoying it." The purple haired girl admitted.

"Yeah, see? I told you it was cool!" Yuga grinned.

Even so, Romin had something nagging her in the back of the head.

"So why are you showing me this? Are you saying we should so it?" She asked, face kinda red at the idea of trying this with Yuga.

"Well, truth be told I feel a little weird after watching this..." Yuga began, but didn't know how to continue.

"Do you even know how to have sex or what to do?" Romin asked, adjusting the guitar strapped around her shoulder.

"You do have a point." Yuga said, frowning as he closed the laptop.

Although Romin did get an idea.

"You think maybe Mimi would teach us?" She said.

Yuga grinned, thinking was on to something.

"Yeah! Let's go ask her!" 

It seemed like a good idea, Mimi Atachi was a 34 year old mother, but had the body of a grade schooler. It was because of this she initially tried to infiltrate Goha 7th Elementary as a student to spy on Yuga under orders of the Goha Corporation.

Even so, she instead became close friends with Yuga and his group, to the point that she is basically one of them.

As Romin texted Roa, telling him that she was leaving early to help Yuga with school work, Yuga called Mimi, asking her if he and Romin could come over, which Mimi said was okay, delighted to have guests over.

Leaving the concert hall, Yuga and Romin headed over to Mimi's apartment where she welcomed them both in.

"It's so nice having you both come and visit! Yoshio is out with his friends right now, so he won't be back for a while." Mimi explained, having Yuga and Romin sit on the couch.

"So Mimi, we've wanted to ask you for a favor." Romin said, Mimi raising an eyebrow.

"Could you teach us about sex?" Yuga blurted out suddenly much to Mimi's shock and Romin's embarrassment.

"Excuse me!? What are you asking me!?" Mimi cried, an edge of anger in her voice.

Yuga held his hands up in surrender trying to diffuse the tension.

"Atachi-san, we thought we'd ask you since well, you're the oldest of our group and would know about it the best." He tried to explain.

"But how could you ask that of me!? You're both too young to be talking about sex and all that!" Mimi said with what was ment to be angry pout, but it came off as very childish and cute.

"But Mimi! We won't tell anyone! We promise it stays between all of us!" Romin promised.

"Besides, look at the state I'm in!" Yuga said, standing up and dropping his pants and surprising both girls with his erect 3 1/2 inch cock pointing up at his chin.

As Romin looked at a penis for the first time in her life with wide eyes, Mimi was completely entranced. It was the first time in years she ever saw a penis. After taking care of her beloved Yoshio for years, sex had taken a backseat to her motherly duties. In her younger years, Mimi was the textbook definition of a party girl, going out to clubs and dancing, but most of all, she enjoyed getting together with men who didn't pay any mind to her childish body and was able to satisfy her very adult needs.

Now though, those years of having to repress her desires were coming back full force and her body grew hot with desire and her knees shook at the sight of Yuga's boyhood.

"O-Okay! I'll teach you! Just don't tell anyone else!" She demanded.

They both nodded excitedly and Mimi led them both to her bedroom, Yuga holding up his pants halfway as they entered the room where a huge Queen sized bed sat, a huge bed compared to it's occupant.

"All right! Let do this right! Strip!" Mimi declared, taking her dress off.

Yuga and Romin followed, removing their socks first and leggings respectively, then Yuga dropped his pants letting his boner out again while Romin unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall, revealing her flat chest.

As more clothes fell to the floor, all three were as naked as the day they were born, Mimi and Romin showing off their flat chests and hairless pussies and Yuga rocking his hard cock.

"First thing first! Oral! Yuga sit down and I'll show Romin how to do a blowjob!" Mimi instructed.

They both nodded and as Yuga sat down, Mimi kneeling between his legs and showed Romin what to do. She took his pecker into her hands and licked it all over, up and down the length and swirling around the glans, Yuga groaning at the feeling and Mimi becoming elated at tasting cock for the first time in years. She then took it into her mouth and sucked on it, bobbing her brown head up and down and massaging it with her tongue.

Romin watched in fascination while Yuga moaned from pleasure.

"Amazing Atachi-san!" He said.

Now taking it out of her mouth, Mimi had Romin try her hand at it, the purplette sucking on it wanting to please her friend. Yuga knew that Mimi was definitely more skilled despite how rusty she was, even so Romin enthusiasm made up for her own lack of skill.

Mimi also showed her how to lick his balls as well, which Romin did, liking how jiggly his sperm swelled nuts felt on her tongue. Now Mimi had let Romin take over as she watched while hugging Yuga from the side and holding her naked body to his own.

"Ahh! Ahh! Ahhh! Romin! That's so good! I feel something! I think-! I think-! OOOOAHHHH!!!" Yuga cried out as he had his first ever orgasm and sprayed his boy milk into Romin's mouth.

At first Romin looked panicked, not know what to do but Mimi gulped, showing her to swallow. As she drank all the cum in her mouth, Romin found the taste and smell was turning her on even more.

"How was that Yuga?" Mimi asked him.

"It was great!" He said with a grin.

"Now for the next part. See Yuga, girls can get oral too." She explained, motioning for Yuga to get and Romin to sit next to her.

Now spreading her legs and Romin doing the same, Mimi instructed Yuga on what to do, which he did, kneeling in front of her and licking all over the legal loli's pussy, Mimi crying out in happiness as she finally got to relive her younger days.

"Yes! Yes! Oh yes! Keep going! Oh Yuga your tongue is so good! Mmm! Push in! Push it in! OH YES! THAT'S IT! OOOOOH!" Mimi screamed, goading Yuga on while Romin felt left out, wondering when she was getting her turn.

Yuga though seemed to have understood her face as he crawled over to her began to service her too.

"OH! OH! OH! OH MY GOSH! That is so good! Yes Yuga! More!" Romin cried as his tongue danced all over her muff.

Mimi pointed out to him to give her clit some attention too, so Yuga flicked his tongue all over the bump and Romin squealed in delight.

"EEEEAAAAHHHH!!! KEEP GOOOOIIIING!!!" She cried, close to orgasm. 

When Mimi reached her arms around and tweaked her nipples, that set Romin off.

"EEEEEEEYYYYAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!" She cried, thrusting her hips forward and Yuga sucking in as much of her juices as he could.

"Not bad! You guys are fast learners!" Mimi said.

This time now she climbed fully onto the bed lied down with her legs wide open invitingly.

"C'mere Yuga!" She said, reaching a hand down and using her index and ring fingers, she spread the lips of her pussy, revealing her pink insides as she diddled her clitty with the middle finger.

Rock hard, Yuga crawled in front of her and she guided his penis towards her treasure, wrapping her legs around him and pulling him fully inside her as they both moaned loudly.

"Yes! Start moving Yuga! Fuck me!" She begged.

Trying to mimic those videos, Yuga thrusted his hips in and out of Mimi and the brunette cried out happily as he fucked her, her legs bouncing in the air and her grabbing his butt to pull him in deeper.

Romin watched in envy, diddling her pussy as she watched, hoping for a turn soon.

As Yuga's hips banged into her, Mimi was almost drowning in pleasure, having been deprived of it for so long. Soon she hit her peak and came, pussy tightening on him hard.

As she was coming down from her high, Yuga grunted.

"I'm almost there Atachi-san!" He said.

"Wait! Don't cum yet!" She said, making him take it out much to his disappointment.

Romin saw how hard and throbbing it was, leaking pre cum and feminine juices onto the bed.

Mimi now had Yuga lie down, having Romin climb onto him. This was how she had lost her virginity, and she wanted Romin to experience the same. At least it'll be easier since Yuga's cock was so small compared to an adult's.

Romin pushed down and while it did sting a bit, eventually she got the whole thing inside. Now feeling much more comfortable, Romin began to bouncing on his cock, riding Yuga with as much vigor she had.

As their young, child voices filled the room, Mimi watched like a proud mother and Yuga grabbed Romin's butt as he humped with her. 

"Oh! Harder Yuga! More! It feels so good! I love your penis!" Romin cried as she started to ride him harder.

"Romin! You're so hot inside! I can feel it! I can feel it again! I'm gonna cum!" He yelled.




Climbing off of him, her pussy drooled cum all over the place and Romin lied down, feeling fulfilled.

Even then, Mimi insisted they continue.

Hours passed as Yuga drilled both of them doggy style, 69nd with Mimi, layed back as Romin gave him a foot job then Mimi rode him.

The bedroom stunk with the smell of sex and Yuga and Romin lied side by side.

"We should really do again sometime!" Yuga said.

"Yeah! We gotta get our friends involved!" Romin agreed.

As the youngsters both dressed they headed out before Yuga turned back one last time.

"Thanks for the help Atachi-san!" He said before leaving, Mimi passed out on the bed covered head to toe in cum with a satisfied smiled on her face.


And there you have it guys! Hope you enjoyed it!

Chozin out!

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