Fun & Games in the Red-Light District

BY : konokoz
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The cool gritty streets of Domino city’s red-light district were Yugi and Yami’s secret playground. Located a few stations away, the lurid place was a welcoming contrast from the family-friendly trading card scene of downtown Domino. Yugi took in all the night’s exhilarating sensations. He meandered past smokey pachinko parlors, late-night establishments ran by shady yakuza, and dark alleys from where hushed moans of forbidden pleasure and other clandestine dealings sounded. His nostrils were filled with the collective smells of deep-fried grease from food stalls, sewage from open gutters, and skunky marijuana that permeated the air, and he watched a pack of decked out sports cars and street bikes race down the street, their obnoxious engines deafening onlookers as they ripped by.

The sleaziest of humans stalked these streets, and there was an unspoken “don’t ask, don’t tell” rule among the patrons and purveyors of the district as they sold and browsed for illegal drugs, forbidden tech, underage students for “dates,” among other obscure wares. Yugi recognized but ignored the faces of those students from his school, and they ignored him as that unofficial rule applied to them as well, or else they would all be risking expulsion from school. They were all here to work or play. Down here, people didn’t give a shit about you, nor did anyone give a shit about Duel Monsters, and it was perfect. As much as Yugi loved the game and his “king of games” title, indulging in his secret hobbies was refreshing, and of course his other half was intrigued with the idea of partaking in more—illicit activities.

During his first few visits to the district, the people gawked at him, shocked that such a small child was roaming the dangerous area at a time when most were at home watching cartoons and getting ready for bed.

“Little boy, you shouldn’t be here,” concerned prostitutes said to him. “Are you lost?”

But by now, as he swayed past them in his dark coat, leather pants, flashy buckles and belts, and his large round eyes glazed over from the intoxicating feeling of the bindings cutting into his skin underneath his coat—the women learned to avoid him. He groaned from the squeezing feeling around his chest and torso, between his thighs, and the weighted sensation in his asshole from the steel anal plug he inserted before leaving his home.

He arrived in front of a love hotel, where a group of high school girls were smoking cigarettes and waiting for patrons. His body was on fire from his deep state of arousal making his hot breath form small visible humid clouds in front of him. If it wasn’t for his coat, his erection would’ve been difficult to hide.

The girls backed away from him, knowing that he was “the weird one,” and their street prowess detected a shadowy aura of danger that surrounded the boy’s small stature.

He scanned the passing crowd of men in long dark coats, their eyes glimpsing at the girls, and a few at him, but only quick guilty glimpses. Packs of horny old men prowled these streets, and he had to find the right one so he could start his turn in their night of fun.

Yugi, Yami’s ephemeral visage emerged next to him. Your heart is racing. I’m curious as to what you’re planning.

“Go back in, Yami. You’ll ruin the surprise,” Yugi said aloud, smiling to himself.

The girls moved further away from him.

But you’re so excited that you’re shaking. It’s starting to affect me.

Yugi could hear the aroused edge starting to line Yami’s usually calm voice. It made him shiver in excitement, knowing that he was the reason for turning him on.

“No peeking. You’ll have to wait.”

An older balding man appeared from the stream of people and walked toward him. He couldn’t take his eyes off Yugi.


Yugi gave him a little wave. “Excuse me Oji-san, are you looking for a date?”

The stranger fell to his knees in front of Yugi, devouring the fun-sized high schooler with predatory eyes.

“Oh my God. Y-you’re so small,” the man’s sweaty hands shook as the back of his hand stroked Yugi’s cheek. “and…b-beautiful.”

“Ha, thank you.” Yugi smiled gently, leaning into the man’s hand.

“Just…like him…” he murmured.

The hair on the back of Yugi's neck stood up, and he shuddered as the man actually started drooling.

“How much?” he asked.

“No charge,” Yugi smiled. “I just want to have some fun with you.”

 “Are you an…elementary school student?”

Yugi linked his arm into the man’s. “Maybe,” he winked, and he put a finger to his own lips as if telling him to keep it a secret.

The stranger practically carried Yugi to the hotel’s entrance.

Is he the one you’re playing with tonight? Yami asked apprehensively.

He thinks I’m an elementary student. This should be fun.

This man is unstable. I sense he’s dangerous.

Aren’t they all?

Just give the word, and I will intervene.

Of course.

The dingy hotel room smelled its usual sweaty and stale cigarette odor. The walls were yellowed from the years of past smoking tenants. To the right, there was an extra old chair, a small bathroom, and a door that led to the small balcony where they sometimes liked to stand and marvel at the busy streets below. The bed had gaudy purple sheets, and on the nightstand was a stack of adult magazines, a box of condoms, and a half-used bottle of cheap lubricant.

Yugi barely had time to remove his coat before the man embraced him.

“W-what can I do?” he asked, clutching his shoulders.

“Anything you want.”

“Really?…U-uncle Masu can do a-anything?”

“Anything,” Yugi winked.

The stranger knelt then crushed his lips to Yugi’s, his eager tongue forcing itself down his throat. Yugi threw his arms over the guy's shoulders and moaned as the man pawed through his wild hair, down his slender torso, then squeezed his ass.

The man finally released him then Yugi stepped back and began unbuttoning his shirt. “Okay, are you watching?”

“Yes,” the man answered, but Yugi wasn’t asking him. He was looking past the man and saw Yami appear. Yes, Yugi.

Yugi flung open his shirt and revealed an intricate array of thick scarlet ropes. Their diamond patterns wrapped around his pale neck and knotted down torso. He stepped out of his pants, revealing more ropes that squeezed around his thighs, his lack of underwear, and a full-sized throbbing erection.

Yami looked surprised. My. That’s-

“H-holy shit,” the man’s jaw dropped. “Shibari? You like shibari?”

Yugi grinned, “It’s my first time trying it. Do you like it?”

It’s stunning, Yugi.

Yugi’s cheeks flushed, and he allowed all the emotions that he had been holding back to flood through him, sure that Yami was feeling every lusty nasty emotion. Yami’s equally dirty thoughts flooded him as well.

“I wish I could have seen your pure white skin first, but this is okay too,” the man said, curtly. “What is that chain around your neck?”

“It’s something special to me,” Yugi threw the puzzle over his shoulder, so it hung behind him out of the way. “Don’t worry about it.”

The man attacked Yugi’s mouth again with his tongue. “This can’t be real,” he kept repeating as he moved his lips down to Yugi’s sensitive neck then to his hard pink nipples, frantically sucking on them.

“This can’t be real. I must be dreaming,” he went further down, suddenly engulfing Yugi’s cock. The boy groaned aloud and closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of the man’s enthusiastic wet mouth sucking him.

Yugi had been waiting to have this fun all week. This was his secret hobby. He loved sex. All and any kinds, he wanted to try at least just once. Rough, kinky, dom, sub, sensual, or strange, with whomever he picked for the night or hour. He wanted to be tied up, collared, whipped, spanked, and walked on a leash, everything. People believed that just because he was small and quiet doesn’t mean he didn't like or couldn’t handle it rough.

He shivered as he felt an influx of Yami’s emotions flood his body again.

Painful arousal. Jealously. Deep longing. Blood lust.

When Yugi opened his eyes, he saw Yami was masturbating, and he moaned, almost cumming at the sight of him behind the man. It was always a treat to see him being naughty since it was such a rare sight.

“I wanna suck your cock now,” he reached for him.

“Really?” The stranger responded. He stood up and tripped out of his pants and underwear, and his dick sprang forward. Yugi only had to stand to reach the man’s cock, and it smelled sweaty and was covered in wiry pubic hair, but he grabbed it with both hands and inched its chubby tip into his mouth. He slowly sucked in more and more until it hit the opening of his throat then he pulled it out and stroked it.

Yugi, I know you can suck it better than that. Yami had appeared right next to them, and he was still stroking his own cock.  

Yugi moaned louder, hearing Yami's sexy voice closer to his ear, and feeling his mixture of emotions growing stronger. He took more of the man’s cock in, almost to its base. Its pungent precum coated his tongue, and his wiry hair tickled his nose. Yugi gave his scrotum a gentle squeeze, and the stranger shut his eyes tight as he groaned and pulled on Yugi’s hair. “That feels good, Hiro-chan. Keep going…”

You're thinking about sucking someone else's cock, aren't you? Perhaps Joey’s or even Kaiba’s? I know you’ve fantasized about them both many times.

Yugi pulled at his own cock as he sucked faster. God, he always knew what to say to get him off! He had been thinking of his best friend’s and bitter rival’s cock. It was terrible, he knew, but he couldn’t help it. But most of all, he desperately wished it was Yami’s.

The man gripped his head harder and started bucking his hips wildly.

“Wow, you’re really enjoying sucking my dick…you’re such a slut.”

The bastard paid you a compliment, Yugi. What do you say?

“Thank you,” Yugi smiled up at the man.

“I want you…” he was blind with lust by then, “now!”

Yugi sat back on the bed and lifted his leg to carefully pull out the silver plug from his ass. Then he turned on his hands and knees and presented his open hole to the man. “Look, I’ve already prepared for you, Uncle Masu,” he let out a deranged giggle.

“You’re a very naughty boy, Hiro-chan.”

Yami stood in the corner, his sharp red eyes were feral and possessive as he watched Yugi about to get taken by the unhinged stranger. The man hastily prepared with the sticky hotel lubricant then impatiently thrusted himself into Yugi.

Yugi cried out from the sudden intrusion then the man hunched over him, putting all his weight on Yugi’s body then frantically fucked him. His thrusts were so quick and frenzied that Yugi couldn’t take a proper breath.

“Hiro-chan—” the man kept whimpering. “You feel so good….Uncle Masu is….Uncle Masu is so sorry. He’s so sorry, but he can’t stop.”

He was all the way inside of Yugi, the base of his cock slamming into his ass. Yugi clutched at the sheets, and his own cock bobbed and slang stringy beads of precum at each hard thrust. The depravity of it all made it so good for him.

The lights flickered around them, and he noticed abnormal shadows began to creep up the walls as he felt Yami's hunger and jealousy becoming irrepressible.

“He’s messing up my insides,” Yugi reached out for him. “I wish he was you—I want you to mess me up, Yami. I’ve waited all day.”

“Hey, who are you talking to?”

“No one, Uncle Masu,” Yugi panted. “Just keep fucking little Hiro-chan as hard as you can.”

The man pinned Yugi’s shoulders to the mattress, pulled out, then roughly reinserted himself. Yugi screamed at the rough force. Over and over he angrily assaulted Yugi like this and shoved his face into the blankets.

“You’re a bad boy, Hiro-chan. Begging so shamelessly. Uncle Masu has to punish you!”

With one hand, the man pulled at the puzzle’s chain around Yugi’s neck, twisting it tight, cutting off his air, and with his other hand, he brutally spanked Yugi’s ass cheek in rapid succession, causing tears to sting at the corner of his eyes. His head tingled, and white stars flashed in front of his eyes as the man kept tightening and loosening the chain around his throat, but the suffocating feeling was sending him over the edge.

 This pathetic man doesn’t deserve to fuck you. Yami appeared next to the bed beside Yugi, kneeling in front of him to watch his euphoric teary-eyed expression in his large round eyes. The only name he should be saying is yours.

“Yami…” Yugi wheezed.

Yami leaned over and kissed Yugi, their tongues out and dancing against one another’s. Yugi could barely feel Yami's tongue or his phantom fingers combing through his sweaty hair. In his ghostly form, his touch was only so slight. Just a teasing tickling sensation that only made Yugi want to feel him even more. He was done with this man now. He wanted Yami.

“What are you doing?” The man yanked Yugi’s head back by the roots of his hair, unknowingly breaking his kiss from Yami. His thrusts had gotten more erratic signaling his impending orgasm.

Yami’s eyes had darkened with irritation.

Do you want me to kill him when he finishes?

“No! Don’t kill him!”

“What—” the man asked, but Yugi could feel he was close.

“Don’t stop, Uncle Masu! I’m almost there too!”

“I’m sorry, Hiro-chan, but I can’t—” he gripped Yugi’s hips and let out an ugly exerting grunt.

“He’s cumming! He’s cumming inside me, Yami!” Yugi shouted as the man came hard and deep into him.

He seemed to have gone on for a while, but once he was spent, he rolled off Yugi and flopped onto his back.

A heavy silence took over the room, but the man eventually broke the silence with a long remorseful groan.

“Oh no. Oh no. What did I do? What in God’s name did I just do?” the man panicked, pulling at the wisps of hair on the sides of his head. “I can’t believe I did that…with a child…thinking of Hiro-chan….Oh no…oh no! Nononono! Hiro-chan…” he groaned sickly and rocked back and forth. “No one—no one must find out about this! Never…You’ll tell. You’ll tell everyone won’t you, you slut? My life would be over. I'll go to prison for the rest of my life. Uhhh…Hiro-chan…I can’t let you leave. I’ll have to ki-”

“You’ll do no such thing.”

A deep threatening tenor reverberated from beside him, and he turned to find the boy sadistically grinning at him.

The man tried to quickly sit up, but the boy pounced on top of him, straddling him firmly in place. He laughed wickedly, and it sounded drastically different from the sweet childlike voice from a few seconds ago. In fact, the boy now looked kinda different, almost bigger, his eyes sharper and savage—his smile more horrifically crazed. He dug his nails into the sides of the man’s sweaty balding head.

"Did you have a good time fucking my partner’s ass? I mean—Hiro-chan’s ass?” More vicious laughter burst from him, and the shadows on the walls behind him seemed to grow larger, threatening to engulf the entire room. “No point in regretting it now because it’ll be the last memory you’ll ever have," he hissed. "Mind crush."

Between his hands, the man violently convulsed as blood trickled from his flared nostrils and foamy pools of saliva frothed from the sides of his mouth. Yami could feel the man’s brain slosh around inside his skull as it liquified into mush, and a few moments later, the man’s eyes rolled into the back of his head then he stopped moving.

Yami let go of his limp body then kicked it off the side of the bed, hearing it hit the floor with a hard thud.

Yami! I said don’t kill him! Yugi said, his naked ethereal form appearing.

“I didn’t," Yami grabbed the man’s pants off the floor and rifled around in the pockets. "I just scrambled his mind. He won’t be a threat to anyone else.”

They heard the man groan on the floor, still physically alive but forever brain damaged. 

Yami found his wallet and took the few bills of cash from it then found a lighter and a pack of cigarettes and lit one. He relaxed back against the bed and exhaled the smoke. “You're too trusting and naive, Yugi. I warned you about him.”

Yugi laid on his stomach next to him.

I guess you're right, he admitted. Before Yami came into his life, he didn’t have the balls to start partaking in his carnal hobbies, let alone come to the district by himself, but now knowing that his protector was watching over him, it made him more confident. Maybe too confident. Perhaps he was taking advantage of Yami’s strength too much.

It’s still kinda messed up whenever you do that sort of thing. Maybe he had a family he needed to take care of.

Yami rolled his eyes and sucked the cigarette some more.

“Oh Yugi,” he exhaled another stream of smoke. “Even after getting assaulted and almost murdered by a scourge of the Earth, you still don’t want to hurt anyone. I don't know whether to love you for that or knock some sense into you.”

Yugi playfully spat his tongue out at him.

"Do that again." Yami threatened him.

He did it again even harder.

Did you like my surprise?

Yami glanced down at his body and was reminded of the ropes. “Oh yes. What were these bindings called again?”

Shibari. Remember when we were looking through that bondage magazine the other week, and I told you I wanted to try it? I ordered them from the catalog. Like it?

"Love it," he responded, and his naked proof was starting to rise and stiffen between his legs. "It pissed me off that fool didn't appreciate your surprise."

It’s ok. It was for you. Yugi said.

He loved the way Yami's toned body looked wrapped in the scarlet diamond designs. He was starving to touch him all over. He loved being one with Yami, but at times like these, he wished he was a separate being so that he could touch him properly.

I hadn't ever seen you so turned on before, Yami. Your intense emotions were going to make me cum. Were you that aroused from watching me play with Uncle Masu?

Yami’s cigarette bobbed between his teeth causing sprinkles of ashes to trickle onto his chest. "I was aroused by the aching expression on your face and the lusty euphoria overflowing deep into your very core,” he stated, matter-of-factly. “I could feel every ounce of your thrumming pleasure as these scarlet ropes compressed against your sensitive body, elevating you closer to your alleviating climax, and it was making me lose myself every second that passed. ‘Uncle Masu’ was an ungrateful cur.” He spat that last part. He then turned to Yugi and opened his arms. “But you can come play with daddy now if you’d like."

Yugi was ready to pounce on Yami, eager to feel him for real this time, but before Yugi could voice his longing, a loud knock came from the door, but the guest already let himself in.

It was one of the nameless yakuza that ran the hotel. He avoided eye contact with Yami, who was sporting a full hard-on in ropes, nor did he acknowledge the groaning old man lying face down on the floor.

“If you’re done in here, come down to the basement. The boss is ready for you,” he said then quickly left.

Yami snuffed out his cigarette and got up from the bed, quickly putting his clothes back on.

Wait I haven’t finished yet!

“You’ll have to wait until I’m done then.”

But that’s not fair. Yugi pouted, but Yami wasn’t listening.

He had a wicked grin on his face, and Yugi could feel his elevating adrenaline pulsing through his veins. It made him shiver. Whenever he got like this, it was no use in talking him out of it.

Oh well, at least the sex was better when he was done with his games.

Wait Yami, at least put this back in, Yugi gestured to the steel plug he left on the bed.


Yami went downstairs and entered the hotel’s humid basement. The small room’s lights were dim, and he deeply inhaled the thick cloud of marijuana smoke that smothered the air. A rowdy group of spectators circled a small folding table in the middle of the room, where a sweaty scared-looking man was sitting at the far end. Yami knew the empty chair at the other end of the table was his spot, so he sat down then groaned as the plug in his ass pushed further in. The thing was pressing against his prostate, and it was starting to make him feel good just as his partner said it would.

The crowd jeered and cursed, ready for the show to start. Then a blonde-haired man wearing a flashy white suit stood in front of the crowd and shushed them. His face, ears, neck, and wrists were adorned with shiny piercings and tattoos, and a bundle of custom-made long-tipped gold throwing darts stuck out his jacket pocket for everyone to see.

“Here’s the man of the hour, folks!” he gestured to Yami.

A while back, Yami and Yugi learned this man was the local yakuza boss named “Bullseye” that was in charge of this hotel and other establishments on that block. When word spread that this strange short looking kid was playing different games on his turf and was beating all challengers, he sent his underlings to retrieve them.

Bullseye approached them, suspicious yet curious to see if they were willing to take on some extreme bets for him, offering big amounts of money, but being equally suspicious, Yami refused. They only wanted to play for the thrill of the challenge and the opportunity to discreetly prowl the streets of the red-light district unbothered.

“He ain’t lost me a single game yet! So, let’s jump right into tonight’s game! Russian Roulette!”

“What does this game consist of?” Yami asked.

“You ain’t never heard of Russian Roulette? It’s simple,” he pulled out a silver revolver from the back of his pants. “I load one bullet in the chamber. Six rounds. Each of you take turns holdin’ it to your heads until one of you unlucky fucks gets your head blown off. Simple, don’t fuckin’ die!” he laughed.

“Please Bullseye-sama,” the scared man at the table pleaded and grabbed for the yakuza's hand. “I-i’ll get your money by tomorrow, I swear! Please, just spare me!”

Bullseye pulled out one of the long-tipped gold darts from his jacket pocket and stabbed it through the man's hand causing him to let out a pain-filled scream.

"Don't ever fuckin' touch me you piece of shit!" Bullseye snarled. "I’m tired of you runnin’ from me! I gave you plenty of time to pay me back, so this time I’m leavin’ your fate to the Gods.”

The man screamed again as Bullseye yanked the dart out of his hand and smears of blood dirtied the small table.

Yami didn’t know this indebted man, nor did he fully understand the situation, but he quickly learned since roaming this district that no one was truly innocent here, and in situations like this, it was either him or his opponent. So there was no room for remorse or pity when you bet your life.

Yami, this game is too dangerous! Yugi appeared. The chances of you shooting yourself isn’t something that can be easily predicted. Even though there are six chambers, you could die on the first turn.

“All the more exciting.”

I don’t know about this. We should sto—

“Did I interfere with your fun earlier?”

No, bu—

“Then sit back and let me enjoy mine. I’m not going to die, partner. Have faith.” Yami said even though he was already starting to sweat.

These dangerous games were one of the few times when Yami felt all his senses come alive. When he was teetering the line between life and death. Heart-pounding exhilaration mixed with gnawing fear and hopeless uncertainty. All these new yet familiar emotions overwhelmed him, and he bit his lip to keep from howling with elated madness.

Bullseye cleaned off his dart then returned it to his pocket before slamming a bottle of sake on the table. “This is gonna be one of you fuckers’ last drink, so drink up!” He loaded a single bullet into the revolver’s chamber, spun it, then slammed it on the table. “Start, bitches!”

Without hesitation, Yami picked up the revolver, held it to the side of his head and pulled the trigger.

Click. The chamber was empty.

Half the betting crowd cheered, and the other half cursed. Yugi sighed with relief, but Yami was all grins, reaching for that liquor bottle on the table and guzzled the spicy liquid halfway down. Both of them were going to feel that later.

He presented the gun to his opponent across the table who had turned green and let out a pathetic cry as he accepted the revolver. His wide fearful eyes pleaded with Yami as if he could help him find a way out of this, but after that useless gesture, he slowly raised the gun to his head and shut his eyes.

Click. The chamber was empty.

The man slumped in his chair with heavy relief, and the crowd roared with more mixed reactions. Sweat poured down his forehead as he pushed the gun back to Yami then drank heavily from the bottle on the table, spilling it down the front of his shirt.

Again, without hesitation, Yami picked up the revolver, held it to the side of his head then pulled the trigger.

Click. The chamber was empty.

The crowd reacted with fervor. “Die, kid! I got money on the other guy!”

“That’s right, you spikey-haired son of a bitch! You better not splatter your brains out! I got big money ridin’ on you!”

“What is your name, friend?” Yami asked his opponent before passing the revolver to him.

The man accepted the gun with trembling hands. “I-I’m not your fuckin' friend. And it doesn’t fuckin' matter because I’m a dead man after this.”

“Maybe, but perhaps not. This seems to be a game of chance. The next turn I could die, and you would be spared. With every turn you are presented with is a new chance at fate.”

“This isn’t fate, you freak! One of us is goin' to die! I’m about to have a heart attack and you’re just sittin' there like this is a game of fuckin' chess or somethin'!”

“Even so, it’s best to die with pride.” Yami drank more from the sake bottle. He really liked Japanese alcohol.

The man raised the gun to his head and pulled the trigger.

Click. The chamber was empty.

The man whimpered again then shoved it back to Yami.

There were three more rounds left, and the next one could be the one with the bullet. He and Yugi could die in the next second. He was gambling with his partner’s body. Yugi…Did he secretly hate him for this? Would he hate him for all eternity if they died because of him? But he couldn’t stop now. The rush of adrenaline with every turn. The burn of the sake in his abdomen. These constricting ropes. His partner’s sympathetic aversion for violence but his quiet shivering excitement. And by the Gods this intrusive steel plug in his ass! All these chaotic sensations were driving him further into demented rapture.

Yami grabbed the gun and put the barrel in his mouth, licking at the metallic gun powder inside the barrel’s opening, then squeezed the trigger.

Click. The chamber was empty.

“Mm, Yugi, you’re right…” he slurred. “This plug feels perfect…” he groaned and slumped back into his chair. The crotch of his pants bulged out with an erection the size of the pyramid of Giza, on display for everyone to behold.

Yami…Yugi moaned. His partner was drunk and way past his limit too.

The crowd laughed and pointed.

“What I tell you guys!” Bullseye laughed. “I told ya this asshole gets off on this kinda shit! He’s a real sick fuckin’ lunatic! That’s why I keep him around!”

The man at the table looked sick and offended at Yami’s demented carnal expression.

“This isn’t fair…” he muttered. “This isn’t fair! I-I have a wife and child! So what I placed a few bad bets? Does that mean I have to die while this sick fuck gets to live! IT’S NOT FAIR.”

“Oi! Shut the fuck up and do your turn!” Bullseye yelled.

“I’m not dying…I’m not dying! I don’t deserve this!" Something snapped in the man’s eyes. "YOU’RE THE ONE THAT’S GOING TO DIE HERE.”

He stood, and a woman in the crowd screamed as he pointed the gun at Bullseye. The gun clicked but nothing fired.

But before he could fire again, Bullseye angrily lunged at him and knocked the gun to the floor. A few other thugs managed to wrestle the man down onto the table, and it collapsed as he fell on top of it.

Bullseye and his goons viciously punched and kicked the shit out of the man for almost a whole minute as he screamed and cried and apologized. Yugi turned his head away, but Yami watched on.

Once they finished, they propped his broken body back down in his chair. His clothes were ripped apart, and his bloodied, purple face was swollen beyond recognition.

“Listen here you pathetic fuck,” Bullseye spat in the man’s face. “You’re lettin’ this kid show you up when you should have just accepted your death like a goddamn man. And guess what, it’s still your turn and you just wasted your saving bullet. Now go! And if you try somethin’ stupid again, my boys are going to hunt down your fuckin’ wife and daughter and rape them to death in front of you. Got it!”

The man had no life left in his eyes as Bullseye shoved the gun at him. The man’s side of the crowd roared in anger and threw trash and dumped liquid on him as they knew their bets had lost. The slits of his swollen eyes looked at Yami who only shook his head sympathetically, but respectfully kept his eyes on the defeated man as he raised the gun to his head and fired.

The other side of his head exploded out and blood and wet clumps of brain matter showered onto some of the crowd as his lifeless body slumped to the side. Yami’s side of the crowd cheered in victory, and Bullseye laughed.

Now drunk and his cock still on hard for everyone to see, Yami staggered from his chair and headed towards the exit.

“Hey guy!” Bullseye yelled. “You sure you don’t want a cut of the money this time? After all, you were actually about to die earlier since that stupid asshole fucked himself.”

“No. Just bring me that other stuff…and a woman.”

Bullseye gave him a weird smirk. “Suit yourself, you sick fuck. I got a new shy girl that needs breaking in. She’s a kid like you, so go crazy.”

He barked the name of one of the girls behind him, and a small girl in a low-cut blouse and mini skirt appeared. She had light-colored hair with a big yellow ribbon tied around her high ponytail. Her round dark eyes looked nervously at Yami. She definitely looked out of place here.

Yugi gasped. Holy crap! That’s Miho! T-that’s Anzu’s best friend!

The girl yelped as Bullseye slapped her on the ass.

“Go with him. Do whatever he says,” he slipped a small plastic baggie into her pale cleavage and waved her away. She then apprehensively followed Yami back up the stairs.

What’s she doing here? His partner sounded anxious. Is she working as a date girl here? I wonder if Anzu knows she works here?

“Seems unlikely,” Yami couldn’t care less.

“Did you say something to Miho?” she timidly asked.


Once they were back in the room, a groan came from the side of the bed, and Miho shrieked as she saw the naked old man lying on the floor.

“Hiro-chan….” his drooling vacant face groaned into the carpet.

“I-is he okay?”

“Never mind him,” Yami pulled her closer and was at eye-level to her ample pale cleavage. “Just focus on me, girl.” She was slightly taller than Anzu, but the height of his women didn’t matter. The taller the women, the more fun it was to climb them.

“Oh right. Bullseye-sama told Miho to give you this,” she pulled the small baggy from the front of her blouse.

Yami snatched it from her, opened it, and used his pinky nail to scoop out a small amount of its fine white powder then swiftly inhaled it. He snorted and hacked and his whole body shook wildly. They were both going to feel that too.

Hey, don’t do too much of that stuff! Yugi shouted. It makes me get random nose bleeds at school.

"I’ll cut back," he took another bump, and growled like an animal. “Oh fuck yes, partner! Fuck yes! That’s amazing!” he snarled and paced across the room to the balcony.

He flung the door open, and the night breeze almost knocked him to his knees as it licked refreshingly at his sweaty skin. This stuff unlocked something in him. It made him feel even more alive than anything in the world. He felt like he could fly out the window and back to Egypt!

He jerked back around to the girl, who had now backed against the front door, looking terrified at his erratic actions.

“Do I frighten you?” Yami approached her again.

“S-sorry—Miho is still new to all this and…” she cocked her head. “You look familiar. Has Miho seen you before?”

“Perhaps,” he wiped his nose then cupped her chin and grinned slyly, making her shiver. 

"S-sorry," she pressed more into the door, "but will you give Miho a minute to freshen up first, please?"

Yami let her go and watched her round bottom and long pale legs leave into the bathroom. His cock was painfully straining against the front of his pants.

Yami, you can’t have sex with Miho, Yugi said. She’s too close to Anzu. What if Miho tells her?

“Are you scared, partner?” Yami licked the front of his teeth. “Is this not the type of excitement you craved?”

Yeah, but Anzu…

“This girl is dim-witted and barely recognizes us. Besides, I’ve seen how you have eye’d this girl and Anzu when they are together at your school. I recognize the erotic thoughts running through your mind. You really can be quite the pervert.”

Yami reveled in the feeling of his partner’s mortified embarrassment.

Hey! That’s not-

“If you’re uncomfortable with this, just say the word, and I’ll stop right now, but you’ll disappoint me, Yugi.” he shook his head in mock disappointment. “I thought you had more gall.”

Yugi huffed at the pharaoh’s smug tone.

Fine, you freak. Just as long as we don’t get found out.

Miho reappeared from the bathroom, still looking wary of Yami. “Sorry for the wait…um, what’s your name?”

“Call me King.”

“Wow, that sounds cool! Is that a nickname for something?”

“It means the King of Egypt,” he stroked her face and she blushed.

Yami! Yugi shouted.

Yami chuckled, but before Miho could ask more questions, he nudged her against the wall and kissed her. She shut her eyes and moaned in protest, but he kept his lips against hers until she gave in then slowly parted her lips with his tongue and slithered it in. From the side, Yugi watched Yami’s hand creep underneath Miho’s top.

“Pharaoh...” Yugi cooed. It made him jealous but also aroused to see him seducing someone else in front of him.

The pharaoh gave him a teasing grin as he slid his tongue further into Miho’s quivering mouth. He pressed his knee between her legs to keep her from closing them then went to kiss the crease of her warm neck. His erection pressed into her thigh, and she yelped.

“M-Miho’s sorry, but this is moving a bit too fast. Maybe we can slow down…” she said, nicely trying to push him away.

Yugi flinched as he felt the strong jolt of irritation from the pharaoh.

Yami wait—

“Enough playing coy, girl.” his voice was harder, and his pupils dilated another size, but he quickly took a breath. “Miho, you may not know this, but I’ve had my eye on you for a long time.”

“You have?”

“Yes, and I know you attend Domino High School, yet you work here in the red-light district for extra money, which is forbidden. You don’t want everyone at your school to learn about this, right?”

She looked horrified, and her round eyes glistened with a hint of tears. “No. Please don’t tell on Miho…”

A sadistic grin stretched across his face. “Then Miho better be quiet and let me have my way with her.”

He went back to kissing and sucking on her neck and she shook, trying to keep from crying.

“Don’t cry, Miho. I promise I won’t stop until we both get off,” he chuckled darkly. He wasn’t really going to expose her, but it was fun to scare her a little and feel her soft body trembling in his hands. 

He loved the fresh scent of her. He had been with a few women since his time here with Yugi, but he never got enough of their beautiful sighs and moans, their supple curves, heavy breasts, and the hot moist valleys of their inner thighs.

He suddenly released her breasts from the top of her blouse, and she out a wonderful gasp of surprise as he gently sucked on her soft rosy nipples until they stiffened up to his liking. He playfully nipped them with his front teeth causing Miho to gasp and moan with each teasing nibble.

As his mouth and one hand was busy with Miho’s breast, his other hand went down underneath her skirt, but she reflexively shielded her hands against her private area.

“Move them, Miho,” he commanded quietly but firm.

She slowly moved her hands away, and the pharaoh’s fingers found their way into her thin and very moist panties.

“Miho, naughty girl,” he mock reprimanded her.

“It’s not what you think! It’s just—Miho thinks you’re very handsome.” She hid her blushing face with her hands. “She’s not a pervert or anything!”

But he didn’t care what her excuse was. The heat emanating from her aroused slit made him growl. He parted her slick swollen labia and used his two fingers to tease her little hard clit. She relaxed her head against the door and draped her arms around his shoulders as he continued to suck on her breasts and tease her clit. She began to pant, and her moans got louder, and she pulled his head into her breasts as his fingers sped up and he bit her nipples harder. She parted her legs further to make more room for his fingers.

“Take those off.”

She didn’t resist as she dropped the wet panties to the floor then kicked them aside, and she whimpered when the pharaoh inserted two fingers into her slick pussy. He slid them in until he was three knuckles deep then slowly pulled them out. He did this over and over until she was voluntarily thrusting her hips to meet against his fingers. 

Her wet insides allowed him deeper in until he felt the soft pallet of her g-spot then roughly thrusted his fingers in and pressed as hard as he could against her sensitive spot.

Miho screamed. “King-sama! Keep doing that!”

She kissed him roughly and let him keep finger fucking her as her velvety juices squirted all over his hand.

“I enjoy— slutty women like you, Miho,” he said between her wanting kisses. “Get them a little wet— and they bend to your whim, just as they should.”

“That’s not true,” she tried to protest but kept pace with his thrusting fingers. 

“Enough back talk, whore,” he pulled his fingers out and licked them clean. “Suck me off now.”

With a longing whimper, she knelt then undid the front of his pants, and his hard cock sprang out. She gasped in shock as she noticed the ropes around his thighs but didn’t have time to comment as the pharaoh forced his cock between her lips.

He buckled forward as the wet warmth of her mouth engulfed his tip. She bobbed her head forward and backward, inching in more of his shaft, and her inexperienced tongue gently lapped underneath the head. He thrusted his cock in further until he felt it hit the opening of her throat. She put her hands on his thighs, and pushed away, gagging hard, but he brought her mouth back and fed her again. He was enjoying watching her struggle to keep her lips around his cock. He had half a mind to make her lick his asshole if he didn't already have that wonderful plug inside it.

Yugi felt bad for Miho being on the receiving end of the pharaoh's callous bullying, but he was in love with the faces he was making as he was being sucked off.

His head was thrown back, and his eyes were shut tight. He hissed and groaned deeply as he pistoned his cock in and out of Miho’s slobbering mouth. It really was such a treat to see him like this.

She’s sucking you so well, pharaoh. I keep forgetting how much you love oral sex.

“That’s right. She’s a good whore…mm…she pleases me well,” he combed her bangs from her face. “Do you like sucking me off, Miho?”

“Mmhmm,” she nodded with a mouthful. 

“Then go deeper again,” he thrusted hard once more and groaned at the feeling of her throat tightening, but she pulled back and retched again.

I bet when you were the king of Egypt, you had lots of women, didn’t you? Just imagine back then on your throne, so many girls with their soft lips and wet mouths sucked your cock for hours on end. It was now Yugi’s turn to tease him with his tickling breath against his ear, and he stroked his abdomen with phantom fingers. The pharaoh shivered hard at the light sensations while imagining all the beautiful women at his disposal. So many girls taking your royal cock into their throats and drinking your cum. Maybe a few boys too?

“Maybe lots of boys…” he leaned down and pressed his lips to Yugi’s, a feathery teasing sensation that only irritated him.

He grabbed Miho’s ponytail and thrusted until the base of his cock was pressed against her lips and held her head still. He watched her struggle to breathe for a few moments, her mouth humming on his cock, then he let go. She pulled her head back and gasped for air.

Pharaoh, be mean to me too. Yugi pleaded and knelt next to Miho and taunted him with his open mouth.

The young king growled in frustration. “Lie on the bed, girl,” he brought her to her feet then pushed her onto her back on the bed. He yanked her skirt up then spread her legs out wide, exposing the glistening pink of her bare pussy.

“No! Don’t look at it like that…” she tried to close her legs, but he was already between them.

“Quiet, woman,” he barked. “I don’t have any more patience for your coquettish performances.”

He knelt and nudged his tongue into her sopping wet cunt. He viciously lapped at her slit like a starving dog, and she cried out for him to keep licking and squeezed her legs around his head, while her fingers tangled into his wild hair. He used the tip of his tongue to tease her clit then once he felt her legs start shaking, he stopped and tongued as far as he could into her pussy.

“She tastes so good, partner. Give it a try.”

Next thing he knew, Yugi was now the one between Miho’s legs with her bare pussy in his face. Her erotic pink color and musky scent made him lose his breath. He had been with other women too since they started prowling the district, but this felt different. This was a girl he knew and admittedly had dirty thoughts about. Plus, she was so close to Anzu…..Anzu…was her pussy just like this?

His dick grew painfully hard at the thought of his childhood crush laid out in front of him, begging for him.

He plunged his tongue into Anzu’s soft pussy, and her beautiful voice sighed in pleasure. Her silky juices gushed out onto his face with each thrust of his tongue. She tugged at his hair as her hips humped against his face, and her sexy dancer’s legs wrapped tighter around his head, and he wanted nothing more than to get choked to death by them.

You like it, Yugi? I know you’re thinking of Anzu, my perverted little partner, the pharaoh teased him.

Yugi was drunk on the taste of Anzu’s erotic pussy. He pinned her thighs further apart and kissed her inner thighs then sucked roughly on her clit. He even took a moment to trace the rim of her tight asshole with his tongue which made her squeal with pleasure. He went back to ruthlessly tonguing her pussy, catching the silky threads of her juices against his tongue each time he pulled out and ignored her cries for mercy as he felt her legs begin to tremble.

“Miho’s gonna cum!” she panted, but the pharaoh took back over and stopped his licking.

She looked at him with sad pleading eyes, but he was sick of waiting. He dropped his pants around his ankles then threw her legs over his shoulders and swiftly thrusted his cock into her pussy. Her creamy pussy sucked him in further causing him to almost lose his footing.

She laid back and let him thrust as hard and deep as he could into her, and he snatched her shirt up and watched her tits bounce with each forceful thrust.

“More, King! I want more!” she moaned and pulled him down onto her.

He produced the small plastic baggy from his shirt pocket then poured a little of its powdery substance between Miho’s sweaty breasts then huffed it through his nose. He shot back up with a reinvigorated roar and started up another round of manic thrusting. His heart was racing and the sweat that poured off his body in rivers threatened to drown the girl beneath him.

Yugi appeared beside Miho’s head, frantically stroking his cock near her open mouth.

Anzu…he panted. Anzu…

The pharaoh let out a mean growl, and the lights flickered and thick black shadows moved down the walls and crept towards the bed. “I want to fuck you both!”

“Huh?” Miho said.

But he slid out of her then grabbed her by the arm, dragging her over to the balcony. “I want the world to see us both,” he tried to pull her out the door, but she resisted.

“No! Miho can’t let people see her like this!”

But the pharaoh grabbed her by the waist and forced her to bend over the balcony’s rails. He brought the chair over to stand on, and once his cock was at an optimal level with her ass, he grabbed her hips then thrusted back inside her cunt, and she shrieked.

The rails shook with each of his forceful thrusts, but Miho did little to fight back as the pharaoh picked up speed, the base of his cock colliding with her soft ass with each thrust. Her hot pussy had become so wet, that his abdomen was slick with her juices and the sounds of their slippery fucking and grunting echoed through the street. The people below stared up at them, whistling, or jeering with disgust. Some had pulled out phones and started taking pictures.

“No, they’re looking!” Miho cried and covered her face, but he grabbed her arms.

“Let them see! Let them all see! Admit it, you harlot—you want to get caught. You want your friends to find out about your— Nasty. Little. Secret.” He punctuated each word with a vicious thrust of his mean cock.

He bent her further over until her head and upper torso dangled halfway over the rail. Her breasts spilled out of her blouse for the audience below to view. They flopped up and down as the pharaoh continued to fuck her rough and thoroughly.  “Jonouchi…Anzu…Honda, even Kaiba! You want everyone to find out about the real you—the true you that loves getting tied up in ropes, sucking off strange cocks, and getting fucked by Dirty. Old. Men. Humiliated. Crying for more until you pass out. You’re nothing but a perverted little man, isn’t that right, Yugi?”

He grinned sadistically at his partner, who was leaning next to Miho, furiously pounding his cock, and twisting his nipples with that depraved euphoric expression on his face he had earlier when that pederast was fucking him.

Pharaoh….Yugi called out to him longingly. I want to be punished too…. it’s not fair…I want it too…

“I’m going to punish you alright, and when I get a hold of you, I’m not holding back.” The space between his eyes blazed then his radiant gold third eye awakened and pierced the very soul of his depraved little partner, and he felt every agonizing sinful emotion that had taken over him. The shadows on the sides of the building stretched around them, also threatening to consume everything around them.

“Miho feels strange,” she moaned, and a sliver of blood trickled from her nose. “Her head feels funny….like it’s going empty…”

She cried in ecstasy, no longer caring about the people watching her, nor the fact that she was dangling over the flimsy railing at the risk of falling a few floors down onto the pavement.  “More King…More!”

It’s not fair…I want you too…Yugi pleaded. His mind was filled with nothing but craving for him.

Pharaoh stuck his fingers into Yugi’s mouth, and he could feel the faint warmth and wet of Yugi’s tongue. He drank in the sight of Yugi pathetically sucking on his fingers while jerking off and his whore Miho throwing her hips back against his cock in absentminded ecstasy. All the while, the cheers of his people below urged him on.

Damn, it felt good to be a king.

“Oh no! Miho is cumming!” She shrieked and the walls of her pussy flexed hard around his cock. The pharaoh felt as if he were going to damn near pass out as he quickly pulled out of her, and his long viscid ribbons of semen shot from his cock across her ass.

Miho’s knees buckled and she collapsed onto the balcony, panting in exhaustion from her intense orgasm.

The crowd below cheered as the boy king hoisted her over his shoulder and brought her back in the room, tossing her worn-out body across the bed.

"King…." she kept moaning absently. "Give me more, King…."

You were so wild, Yami...Yugi said, still very horny.

"Indeed, partner.” Depleted, Yami collapsed on the mattress.

He pulled out the steel plug from his asshole, tossed it aside, then searched for the cigarettes from earlier. “These ropes and steel plug were reckoning weapons of choice. Now I understand why you enjoy them so much."

But before Yami could light his cigarette, he was on his feet as a loud bang kicked open the front door. A crowd of thugs rushed into the room, each of them holding bats, chains, or pipes as weapons and they surrounded him.

What’s happening?! Yugi shouted, but Yami was just as unsure.

Bullseye sauntered through the door with an ecstatic grin plastered on his face.

"Heard you just put on quite a show for the folks outside. Heard that ain’t the only kinda shows you do either." Bullseye threw down a piece of newspaper that had a picture of Yugi with his duel disk on the front of it, pronouncing him the winner of the Battle City tournament. "I finally figured out who the hell you are. You’re that hotshot Duel Masters brat."

Yami’s eyes narrowed into angry slits, and he set his teeth. "You got the wrong person."

"I ain't stupid, kid! And I know plenty of people that would pay top yen for your head,” he laughed. “I can’t believe I scored such a deal when I plucked you off the street!”

Oh no! He figured us out! Yugi panicked. What are we going to do?

"Don’t think I'm giving in that easily, Bullseye! So, let’s make this interesting. How about a wager? You like gambling, right?"

"The hell are you goin’ on about?"

Yami pointed at the bundle of darts in Bullseye’s suit pocket. "Let’s play a game of darts to decide the winner. If you win, you can have me."

Bullseye laughed more and shook his head. "You're a real nutcase. What the hell’s stoppin’ me from just nabbin’ you by force?"

"You’re welcome to try," Yami held out his arms. "Anyone wanna come ‘nab’ me?"

He offered himself to the group of thugs, but no one moved. Sweat poured off him and he smelled ripe of sex. His clothes hung halfway off, exposing the red ropes still covering his body, and his nose had started bleeding down his top lip. And they all were keenly aware of the two naked people in the room, groaning half alive. But what kept the thugs at bay was the short boy’s fearless feral grin and the twitchy way his crazed red eyes locked on every single one of them as if he were ready to pounce. The wider he grinned, the more it seemed as if the corners of the room were closing in on them, threatening to trap them all in like rats in a cage with a rabid animal. No one dared to step forward.

"You bunch of pussies!" Bullseye spat at the men. “So what happens if I lose, huh?”

“Then I. Get. You.” Yami licked the blood from his top lip.

The circle of thugs went wide-eyed, and Bullseye looked sick to his stomach. “Fuckin’ midget! Fine, you lil fucker, bring it on! But you just fucked up because I’m the master at darts. They don’t call me Bullseye for nothin'!"

"Excellent. But we're playing my way,” the boy’s voice seemed to reverberate across the room and the weird triangle necklace around his neck flashed and made everyone take an instinctive step back. “I’m evoking a shadow game!"

Suddenly, the bed and furniture, even the floor faded into deep black nothingness. The others in the room also vanished, and the only ones left were Yami and Bullseye.

“W-what the hell is goin’ on?” Bullseye looked around. “Where the hell are we?”

“Yami!” Yugi ran up to Yami. The only thing he was wearing was his shibari ropes.

“What the fuck! Who the fuck is that?!”

“This is my partner,” Yami replied. “Isn’t he cute?” He kissed Yugi in front of the man, moaning, finally able to feel his soft pillowy lips, making it hard for him to tear away from them. “I’m gonna need his support after this game. That alright?”

“Of course.” Yugi was also in bliss after finally being able to feel Yami for the first time the whole night.

“Enough of this, you psycho fuck!” Bullseye yelled. “I don’t know if you slipped me a mickey or somethin’, but I ain’t fuckin’ losin’ to you. Let’s do this!”

“Very well. Let’s start.”

A few feet in front of them, a small digital timer materialized then two inky shadows emerged from the ground and morphed into two human silhouetted dartboards that resembled Yugi and Bullseye.

“What the hell….” Bullseye’s jaw dropped in disbelief.

On the boards, 11 red, green, and white targets displayed on different parts of their bodies. On each of their heads, two red targets where their eyes were indicated that those were worth 50 points each. The small red space in the middle of their eyes indicated that it was worth 75 points. The shoulders’ white targets were worth 15 points, and their white hands were worth 10. Moving down their bodies, their green abdomens read 25 points. Each green thigh was also worth 25, and their red crotches were worth 50 points. Lastly, on the top right of their chests, a big red heart-shaped bullseye indicated it was worth 100 points.

“500-point rules, 10-minute time limit. 3 darts per round then we switch,” Yami said. “All you have to do is hit your own board’s targets, and the first of us that gets down to 0 points wins. You can go first.”

Bullseye smirked and pulled his gold darts from his jacket pocket. “That’s it? This’ll be fuckin’ easy.”

He threw his first dart to his body-shaped board and struck it directly in the heart-shaped bullseye.

Beep. Bullseye, 100 points. The dartboard’s female automated voice sounded.

“Ha! Bullseye bi-” the man suddenly lurched over and collapsed to his knees, clutching his chest as a sharp horrific pain squeezed his heart. He tried to scream but instead coughed up a fistful of blood. He scratched at his chest and gasped painstakingly for air before finally being able to speak again.

“What the fuck! What the fuck is happening?!” he continued to gasp like a fish out of water. He felt like he was dying.

Yami let out an evil laugh. “Sorry, I forgot to mention that in this game of darts, wherever you strike yourself on the board, you’re gonna feel some awful pain there. So, if you don’t want to feel some extreme pain then it’s best not to hit the vital spots with the highest points, but if you want to win, then you’re gonna have to get used to the pain. And I can tell you—I love the pain.” he laughed more.

“Yami, this is going too far!” Yugi tried to talk him out of it. “You’ll get hurt too.”

But he wasn't listening, and his eyes were blazing with sadistic enthusiasm.

Bullseye kept gasping for air and sweating profusely. “What kind of shit is this? What tricks are you pullin'?”

“It’s still your move, Boss. Two more throws before my turn.”

“You’re just tryin’ to sike me out,” Bullseye stood on wobbling legs. “I’m winnin’ this game!"

He threw the second dart, and it struck him in the right eye.

Beep. The board chimed. Right Eye, 50 points.

The man felt his eyeball pop like a crushed grape then he let out a blood-curdling scream, clutching his right eye and writhed on the floor as dark red blood seeped through his fingers.

“You son of a bitch! It hurts! It hurts! Fuck!” A mixture of pain, fear, and rage-filled his other working eye.

“Already 8 minutes left,” Yami thumbed to the timer. “Throw your last dart so I can go.”

The man panicked and trembled as if he finally realized the horrific gravity of his situation. This was real. Very real. He didn’t want to feel pain anymore, but he had to win. He already scored 100 points thanks to hitting his heart target minus 50 from his eye. That left him with a score of 350. That was a decent score, right? He could afford to hit one of the less vital areas, but that pain—he didn’t want to feel that pain again! It felt so real. He slowly got to his feet and threw the last dart, hitting his right thigh.

Beep. Thigh, 25 points.

Bullseye screamed and collapsed to the ground, cradling his punctured thigh and red blood ruined his white pants leg.

Player one, score 325. Ready, player two.

Yami grinned. “325. Not bad, but not good either. My move now.”

The shadows handed Yami three purple darts then he took aim at his board and threw the first one, striking him in the heart.

Beep. Bullseye, 100 points.

Clutching his chest, Yami yelled and collapsed to the ground, gasping for air.

“Yami!” Yugi knelt to help him.

“I’m fine, Yugi,” he said, letting his partner help him to his feet.

He aimed his second dart and threw it, pinning him again in the heart.

Beep. Bullseye, 100 points.

Yami let out more pain-filled screams and fell over. A stream of thick blood erupted from his mouth, spilling onto the ground. It took him longer to recover and catch his breath, but once ready, he slowly got to his feet “last one...”

He threw his last dart and it hit between his eyes.

Beep. Pineal gland, 75 points.

Yami’s deep agonizing scream filled the void, and the world around them seemed to tremble like an earthquake. He dropped to his knees, raking at his forehead.

“Yami stop, please!” Yugi cried. Large tears welled in his eyes and streamed down his cheeks as he knelt to help his screaming partner. “This is too much!”

Through labored breath, Yami grabbed Yugi and kissed him deeply, his blood flooding into the other’s mouth, then pushed him aside.

Player two, score 225. Ready, player one.

“My score is 225,” Yami panted with a tired but satisfied smile. “I have a 100-point lead on you. You’re going to have to step up your game if you want to win, Boss.”

This guy shot himself twice in the heart and he was smilin’? Bullseye thought. He really was a fuckin’ psycho!

That was one of the worst pains he had ever felt in his life! But if he wanted to get a lead, he’d have to hit his vital spots. Either his heart again, between his eyes, or his dick. God, anywhere but that place… He already couldn’t see out of his right eye, so he couldn’t hit his other, or else he would be fucked.

He bit his lip and tried to steady his shaking throwing arm. He wasn’t about to lose to this little smug asshole!

He threw his first dart, hitting his heart again.

Beep. Bullseye, 100 points.

His vision blurred as the heart-stopping pain coursed through his whole body again, and he dropped to the ground. He bit his lip hard. This time he wasn’t going to let these little punks hear him scream.

After a few moments, he stood, braced himself again, and threw, hitting the small space between his eyes.

Beep. Pineal gland, 75 points.

This time he couldn’t hold back the gut-wrenching scream that escaped his throat as a deep visceral pain he had never experienced before pierced his brain. He sprawled out on the floor, clutching his head, and sobbing. It felt like someone had knifed him through his brain.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” he cursed and screamed.

“Stop wasting time, Bullseye! There’s less than five minutes left!”

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” the man screamed through tears. “I don’t know what kind of bullshit you’re pullin' here, but I’m going to win! I’m going to crush you into dust!”

With his newfound rage replacing the pain, Bullseye stood on unstable legs then threw the last dart aiming for the bullseye again, but his unsteady hand misfired, and the dart struck his abdomen.

Beep. Abdomen, 25 points.

Bullseye screamed from the knife stabbing feeling in his gut, and it hurt so bad it made him lurch over and vomit clumps of blood and sour undigested food.

Player one, score 125. Ready, player two.

“…125…” the boss panted and managed to aim a wicked smile at the duo. “I’m goin’ to annihilate you in the next round, and once I win, I’m sellin’ your slutty asshole to the next sadistic highest payin’ bidder I find!” 

“Try not to excitement my partner too much, Bullseye.” Yami grinned, and the shadows gave him back his darts. “That’s my job.”

Yami took his first aim then launched the dart, striking his right eye.

Beep. Right Eye, 50 points.

Yami’s head flung back, and he screamed from the pain, but he somehow managed to stay on his feet.

“Yami!” Yugi saw the blood oozing from Yami’s closed eyelid and tried to keep from crying more.

Yugi was trying to stay strong for his partner because he was doing this to protect him after all, but he couldn’t bear to watch this anymore. It was too much! He had never seen Yami so worked up before, and Yugi didn’t know what to do or how he could help.

Yet even though Yami was in agony and bleeding all over the place, Yugi could feel the demented pleasure he was having through it all. It scared Yugi yet aroused him at the same time. Yami was truly amazing, and Yugi just wanted him to hurry up and win and take him.

Yugi shook his doubts away. From now on he wouldn’t look away from Yami’s pain anymore. He was going to cheer him on and help him any way he could.

“H-hang in there, Yami! I believe in you!” Yugi rooted.

Yami’s body swayed groggily and his aim was starting to shake, but he managed to give his partner a confident smile.

He launched his third dart, and it struck the red of his crotch.

Beep. Crotch, 50 points.

Yami hollered in excruciating pain, holding his crotch, and falling onto his back.

“Fuck!” he hyperventilated. “Fuck that fucking hurts! FUCK!”

“Yami! That’s terrible!” Yugi tried to comfort him.

Yami snarled in pain but managed to give Yugi a demented grin. “Make it better, partner. Make it better!”

Yugi took it out and kissed it and massaged it gently.

“Better?” his teary-eyed smile was just as demented.

“You two are fuckin' crazy!” Bullseye yelled and darted around for a place to escape. “I gotta get outta here now!”

“If you forfeit the match, I win by default,” Yami said, using Yugi’s shoulder to help him get to his feet but still looking worse for wear. “Your soul is mine if you do.”

“Soul? What the fuck are you talkin' about?”

“Our deal. If you win, you get me, and if I win, your soul is mine.”

 “I don’t know what the fuck you’re talkin' about but there’s no way in hell I’m lettin' your sick ass have me!”

“Then man up and get ready to throw! I’m getting tired of this prolonged game, and I’ve kept my partner waiting long enough…” he winked his good eye at Yugi then used his free hand to throw the dart, targeting his left eye.

Beep. Left eye, 50 points.

Yami yowled in pain, grasping his head. Now both his closed eyes bled tears of murky red.

Player two, score 75. Ready, player one.

“Your…turn…Boss.” Yami slumped against Yugi.

“Hang in there, partner." Yugi encouraged him. “I’m here with you all the way!”

Bullseye didn’t understand all this crazy soul bullshit the kid was spouting, but he had had enough of fucking around with these dips! This brat was going to make him millions of yen, so he needed to win. He was going to win! He was Bullseye of the motherfucking red-light district, and he wasn’t about to let anyone threaten to take his ass or his soul!

He regained his backbone and took a deep breath then threw his dart, hitting his crotch target.

Beep. Crotch, 50 points. 

His testicles popped as if someone had punctured them with an icepick, causing him to suddenly shriek and collapse on his side, cradling his crotch. He tried to breathe but another volley of bitter vomit came up from his stomach.

Don’t let them hear you scream….don’t….

He took a minute to recover to one knee then launched his second dart, striking his abdomen.

Beep. Abdomen, 25 points.

He lurched over again, dry heaving, unable to vomit any more fluids. His whole body was shaking and pleading for him to quit, but he stood again and threw his last dart aiming for his crotch again, but his trembling hand misaimed, and instead the dart struck his right thigh.

Beep. Right thigh, 25 points.

He collapsed on his side as his right punctured thigh bled like his left one.

Player one, score 25. Ready, player two.

There was less than one minute left on the timer.

“Ha! Ha! I win! I win!” Bullseye wobbled to his feet and laughed wearily and bloody drool leaked from the side of his mouth. “All I need is 25 points and I win!” he stumbled. “Y-you’re as blind as a goddamn bat, so there’s no way you’ll be able to hit the targets!”

Yami’s damaged eyes squinted in a smirk. “You’re wrong, Bullseye. I don’t need my eyes to beat you because I don’t need to see the targets.”

"W-what the hell are you talkin' about?"

Yami's fingers instantly found Yugi’s mouth, and Yugi moaned as they played with his tongue.

“I know my partner’s body better than anyone else, so I already know where the targets are. See?” His fingers left Yugi’s mouth then lightly traced down the front of his body, finding his small hard nipples, and Yugi shivered.

“Nipples,” Yami grinned, his teeth a bloody mess.

He then traced the diamond-shaped pattern ropes down his torso and fondled his abdomen.

“Abdomen,” he threw his first dart to the board, and it struck the abdomen target.

Beep. Abdomen, 25 points.

Yami lurched over, swallowing back the vomit from the pain in his stomach but quickly recovered.

He traced further down and found Yugi’s erect cock aimed forward, and Yugi yiffed when he gave it a playful flick. “Hmp. Cock.” Yami chuckled then traced the ropes down to his soft thigh and gave it a squeeze.

“The left thigh,” he threw the dart to the board, hitting his left thigh.

Beep. Left thigh, 25 points.

Yami collapsed to one knee but was too giddy to acknowledge the pain.

“Once I hit my other thigh, you’re done, Bullseye.” Yami’s grin grew wider, and the walls seemed to start quivering at his impending victory. “You’ll be mine. Consider this game over!”

Bullseye felt sick to his stomach again and stared at the timer’s countdown.


No…he couldn’t believe it. He was gonna lose. Him? Not him. He couldn’t lose! No. He WAS NOT about to lose. Not to these little perverted freaks!

He lunged at the shorter naked boy and grabbed him by the neck. He pulled out his revolver from the back of his pants and pointed the barrel at his head.

“Yugi!” Yami reached out for him.

“Enough of this crazy bullshit!” Bullseye screamed and pulled back the gun’s hammer. “Let me out of here or else I’m blowin' this little fucker’s head off!”

“Yami help!” Yugi cried and tried to struggle away, but the man hit Yugi's head with the butt of his gun then he went limp in the man’s arm and blood poured from his scalp.

“Shut up! I mean it! I’m sick of you and your fucked up game! I’m not even going to sell you anymore. I’m just going to kill you if you don’t fuckin' let me out now!” 

When Yami heard Yugi yelp in pain then go quiet, a blinding rage he couldn’t even register overtook him so quickly that his skin and the rest of his human features melted off him down to his feet, leaving nothing but a murky black silhouette of himself then he suddenly sank and disappeared into the nothingness of the floor beneath them. 

A menacing rumble of strange laughter resounded from all around them, getting louder and louder making Yugi groan back into consciousness.

Penalty game…. penalty game…. penalty game…. Whispers came from all around them.

Bullseye jerked around trying to find the other boy. “Where’d the fuck you go? Come out now! Don’t think I won’t kill him!” he pressed the gun harder into Yugi’s head.


That was Yami’s voice, but Yugi wasn’t sure. It sounded like he was broken and distorted—demonic.

“Should have…. accepted…death… like a…God. Damn. Man…”

Yugi jolted awake, fully conscious now as he felt Yami’s hostile emotions quickly closing in around them.

“Yami, stop!” he shouted. “Snap out of it!”

Inky black shadow tentacles shot out from the dark beside them and snatched the man’s gun arm away from Yugi. He dropped it, giving Yugi a chance to stumble away from his grasp.

“W-what the fuck is this!” Bullseye shrieked, trying to pull away from the thick black mass wrapped around his arm, but another one clutched his other arm then yanked him off the ground.

“Wait! I’m sorry!” he struggled and sobbed. “I’ll leave you alone! I promi—” But another inky tendril wrapped around his neck, crushing his throat, causing the man’s face to quickly turn blue.

More strange laughter cackled around them as the tendrils around the man’s arms roughly yanked both of his arms far apart, as if they were playing a brutal game of tug of war against the other at equal strength. Unable to scream, a horrific guttural sound came from the man’s throat as Yugi heard the snapping sounds of his shoulders dislocating then they came apart from his torso, a fountain of blood following afterwards. The man’s eyes were wide and in shock, and he had gone ghostly pale.

Suddenly, a huge shadowy hand emerged from the side, holding an enormous, long-tipped golden dart the size of a shotgun. Its sharp tip blazed red like a fire iron then the hand slowly inched it towards the man’s temple. The man pointlessly tried to move his head out of the sharp tip’s trajectory, his legs flailing beneath him, but the hot tip eventually reached his temple, and Yugi quickly shut his eyes before he could witness the dart pierce the man’s head.

Yugi tried not to scream and vomit from the sound of the man’s pain-filled gurgling noises along with the smell of his cooking flesh as the dart’s hot tip slowly sizzled through his brain. He heard the sickening cracking sound of his skull break open, then the man's thrashing ceased. When Yugi gained the courage to reopen his eyes, he saw that the dart had skewered the yakuza’s brain, with the hot tip poking out from the other side of his head.

Smoke billowed from the new holes in his skull, and his eyes had disappeared into the back of his head. The shadow hand roughly yanked the dart out of his head then spitefully jabbed it back in. Over and over the hand angrily skewered the man's limp dead head until his face had separated from his skull and his cooked brains fell out on the floor.

“Yami! Stop this!” Yugi screamed in horror. 

In a second, the shadows had dropped the man's body but now had Yugi by the neck, his feet dangling inches off the ground. He gulped for air and tried to tear away, but the tendril’s grip was unyielding.

The shadowy tendril around his neck morphed into a silhouetted arm and connected to it, Yugi saw Yami’s shadowy figure emerge from the darkness. He grew and towered over the shorter boy, then his two vacant golden eyes flicked open and his radiant third eye rolled awake, locking onto Yugi. 

“Y-yami- you’re s-scaring me,” he choked. He rarely saw Yami in his shadowy form, but he knew that whenever he was like this, something was very wrong. “W-wake up!”

Extra tendrils parted from his body then snaked their way up Yugi's legs and tightly pinned his thighs up to his chest. More tendrils wrapped themselves around his torso, making him shudder from their eerie sensation then another pulled his arms behind his back, forcing him to uncomfortably suspend horizontally. Yugi was disorientated because his vision was upside down, and this embarrassing hog-tied position left his lower half vulnerably exposed. He felt Yami position between his legs and felt something hard poking at his exposed backside and knew from his stance what it could be.

"No, Yami! No!"

But he felt Yami’s strange hardness thrust in his hole, and Yugi cried out at the unexpected girth that filled him. Yami's silhouette leaned over him and his thrusting sped up. He had no mouth, but Yugi could hear deep guttural grunts coming from him with his every thrust.

“Ya-mi- st-op!” Yugi cried at each of his rough thrusts. Yami’s shadowy clutches held his torso in place as he thrashed him around like a doll. Yami was penetrating him deeper than he had ever been penetrated before, his pelvis slamming against his ass, making Yugi’s insides churn.

The tip of one of the black tentacles slithered up his chest and tried to enter his mouth, but Yugi kept his mouth shut, but the tendril around his neck tightened causing him to lose air and feel dizzy until stars danced in front of his eyes. It then loosened allowing him to suck in a lungful of air then the tendril that threatened his mouth slithered in far enough to gag him. Yugi spluttered and drooled uncontrollably as the thing continuously slid halfway out then all the way to the opening of his throat, and whenever his teeth knocked against it, the tendril around his neck constricted. 

Through his struggles, Yami’s three eyes never looked away from him, and whenever he tried to turn his head away, extra tendrils forced his head back around, as if Yami were demanding him to look at him.

Yugi cried and gagged as the wicked shadow entity fucked him more. His own traitorous cock had hardened against his will, but he was still terrified. Through their forced connection, he could viscerally feel all Yami’s raw emotions barraging him.


He wanted to cry from guilt. This was his partner. He shouldn’t be afraid of him, but his primal emotions were overwhelming and murderous, and they were all thoughts about him. He was the one that made him like this. His anger. Madness. His lust. All for him. They overflowed into Yugi’s head and echoed through his mind, like a chaotic incoherent orchestra of Yami’s real feelings.

Yami wanted Yugi to stay like this, the two of them connected forever. It hurt Yugi to see Yami like this, but at the same time, his heart was fluttering. No one had ever loved him so deeply before.

Yugi’s mind was starting to get a little cloudy, and he could feel his energy draining like he wanted to go to sleep. 

This was okay, right? Yugi thought. The two of them like this together in the dark for all eternity.

He looked into Yami’s beautiful empty golden eyes, and a tear rolled down Yugi’s cheek.

 I would have really loved that.

“Ku-li…bor...” he said, trying to mouth through the thick mass still sliding down his throat, but Yami didn't stop. Yugi fought hard against the shadows and roughly jerked his head to the side, expelling the mass from his throat and wretched. 

“Kuriboh, Yami!” he shouted. “Hey! Remember our safe word! KURIBOH!” 

Yami halted and his third eye snapped shut then his two red irises spun forward from the back of his head. The shadows binding Yugi uncoiled from his body and roughly dropped him on the ground, slithering back to Yami’s feet, and his bloody human features rematerialized.

“Yugi!” he screamed and crawled beside him. His eyes were back to normal but were large with fear and regret. “Y-yugi! I’m sorry! I'm sorry, partner." He cradled him. "I lost control a-and hurt you. Please forgive me, aibou! Don’t hate me, please!”

Yugi leaned up and kissed him. They were both looking pretty beat up, but Yugi was just happy he was back to normal. Yami was surprised by the unexpected kiss but reciprocated it, holding him tight, afraid of letting go until Yugi broke away.

“I could never hate you, Yami, but you did really scare me. I thought you were…gone.”

Yami’s eyes glistened with shame, and he looked as if he wanted to sink into the void again, but Yugi winked at him. “But hey! You remembered our safe word! So, everything worked out.”

“Yugi…” he still wanted to apologize over and over, but Yugi didn’t give him the chance as he pulled him back down into another desperate kiss.

Yami sucked in a breath and fell on him, ravaging his soft lips.

He clumsily stripped from his clothes while desperately trying not to tear his lips away from his partner. He pushed back Yugi’s sweaty bangs and wiped away his bloody forehead. The heat from his mouth, each deep lapping of his tongue, and the wanting moans from him threatened to melt Yami again.

Yugi wrapped his legs around Yami’s, and their erections furiously humped against one another’s, both of them sighing into the other’s mouth and enjoying the sensation and heat of their bodies pressed together. 

Yugi’s one hand pulled roughly at the nape of Yami’s hair, and the other rubbed down his strong arms and back, making sure to feel every flexing muscle. They squeezed and coiled into each other like two angry snakes and refused to stop kissing, not even for air.

Yami lined himself up with Yugi’s hole, and Yugi sharply inhaled then his whole body flushed as the tip of Yami’s cock poked then finally slid inside him. Yami shuddered as he went further in, feeling the heat of his partner’s insides. For a few seconds, he didn’t move, relishing in the sensation of his heat and silky tunnel. He positioned himself on his knees and elbows for leverage, and Yugi held onto him around his neck and whimpered as Yami started thrusting his hips. Their eyes never left one another’s, not wanting to miss any expressions the other would make.

In this suspended realm, between their realities, they could feel each other more, but it was like touching in a vivid dream. They felt the sensations, the heat of their bodies, their distinct smells, and the taste of each other, but after waking, the sensations would dull and eventually fade into the back of their minds, the only evidence of their consummation was the sticky evidence of a wet dream. The powerful sensations lingered on, but they were never real. To Yugi, it was the cruelest most torturous thing in the world. He wanted to feel Yami in the flesh, but he knew this was the closest thing he'll ever have.

Yugi could tell that Yami was moving at a steady considerate pace, careful of trying not to hurt him again.

“Pharaoh, don’t hold back. Go harder.” Yugi pulled his nape harder. This was no time to be gentle. He hadn’t been gentle all night. He wanted to feel Yami.

Yami choked back an aroused groan and wrapped his arms underneath Yugi’s armpits then his thrusting got considerably rougher, his hips pounding in and out, much to Yugi’s pleasure. Yami squeezed him harder, and he thrusted at lightning speed, their sweaty entanglement echoing throughout the void.

“That’s it, Yami! Keep going!” Yugi bit his lip to keep from screaming, but he let his overwhelmed tears fall.

It was so good. He could never be mad at his other half because he was unfathomably happy that he could share this side of himself with someone. Before, Yami, he was so lonely and never dreamed of divulging his naughty secrets. He didn’t feel like a sicko with Yami. Not demented or shame. It was freeing.

A twinge of pain went through his heart as he thought of the fact that Yami would have to leave him one day.

“What’s wrong, Yugi?” Yami slowed down.

“Nothing,” he quickly shook the thought away, only wanting to focus on the present. “You make me so happy.”

Yami smiled. “You make me happy too.” And the swelling warmth from Yami’s emotions made Yugi squeeze tighter around his neck.

Yami went back to his rough thrusting. Yugi’s breath quickened and the swelling in his testicles quickly surged up through his cock.

“Yami,” he panted.


“Yami,” he was almost there.

“Yugi,” he sounded close too.

Yami—” his voice got quieter, shutting his eyes tighter, then he grunted as he shot his first copious load of the entire night. He let out a hoarse scream as the warmth of his semen ejaculating from his tip felt immeasurably good and spurted onto his own abdomen. 

Yami squeezed Yugi tighter, and his movements became jerky. He grunted painfully then his cock spasmed and flooded his lover’s insides with molten semen, and he couldn’t prevent himself from jerking until every ounce of him was spent promptly in Yugi’s bowels.

The pair stayed coiled together, hearts pounding, breathing hard, and allowing their sweat and fluids to mingle together as they bathed in the afterglow of their shared post-orgasm euphoria.     

“That was fun.” Yugi sighed and felt a little sad when Yami uncoiled himself from him then sprawled out on his back.

“Yes, it was,” he sighed too. “You were magnificent as always. What’s next?"

"Hmm," Yugi sat up on his elbows, wincing a little at the back in his lower back and bottom. “Let's eat something. I'm starving."

"Nice idea.”

“What are you in the mood to eat?”

Yami wiped the sweat and blood from his forehead and thought for a moment. “I really enjoy the cuisine called Oden.”

"Ah! That’s a good idea. It’s definitely cold enough for it, and I think I saw a food stall that had some on the way here.”

Yami stood and put his clothes back on then the void around them brightened, and the dirty carpeted floor and yellow walls of the hotel room reappeared.

Yami’s damaged body was back to its previous normal state. Yugi's body was going to be a little sore for the next few days, but thankfully there wasn’t going to be any internal damage.

It felt like they had been gone for hours, but in reality, it had only been a few seconds.

Still standing, Bullseye’s eyes rolled back into his head, and blood gushed from his nose and mouth then he fell to the floor like a bag of bricks. Dead.

The thugs looked at Yami, their mouths hanging in shock. They didn’t understand what happened. One minute their boss was laughing and accepting his challenge then a few seconds later, this.

“It’d be best to forget all this unless you want this to be you next time,” Yami’s grin was back to its sinister style, and he snatched the newspaper from Bullseye’s dead hand.

The thugs parted a path for him as he stepped over their boss’s body and walked to the door. 

Wanna find something else to play after we eat?" he asked.

Of course! Yugi reappeared, grinning. The night's still young!

"Right you are, partner."

Yami left the hotel room, excited to fill their bellies, then be back on the hunt to find their next exciting game in the red-light district.

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