Leo for Sale

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This is your first visit to the Pentacle Lodge. A hub for many of the underground's most potent duellists. Though you were disgraced in the junior league as yourself, you found glory in the underworld of dueling as the Black Skull Dragon. The eyeholes of your mask give boundary to the scenery of the gardens and your dark cloak gives shape to the gust behind you.

The hedges are tended to by naked young girls, coerced into bondage and servitude from misfortune. Parents in debt, traded for favors or simply random abductions. l But you are not here for them. You saw a flyer with your invitation. An exclusive to the estate to entertain duelists like you.

And there he stands in a female school swimsuit, the dark blue fabric stretched around his exposed genitals and one of the straps undone. On the white rectangle where one's name would be are printed the words RAPE ME. His hair is longer than it was on the flyer and there was more of a calm in his eyes. The gust picks up his emerald hair and the metal tag on his collar clinks against one of the snaps. Molded into the tag is a name.

"My name is Glitter," he says breathily as he takes your hands. "You have travelled so long. We hope you enjoy your stay. Please...make love to me as many times as you wish." He leans on you and puts his hand on your chest. "I am your slave for all of your stay."

You guide him to the bathhouse, all the while swearing you saw this boy before and at the bathhouse he strips off the uniform and you see his figure in all its beauty. You step in the shower with him before dipping in the mixed bath area where there are other slaves. As he scrubs you all over, you plant a kiss on his lips. He doesn't resist. he ceases scrubbing and embraces you as you play with his ass.

Your fingers then go into his anus. He involuntarily moans from pleasure...and then you recognize him. He is the rich kid from your old academy who had gone missing a few months back. The news wouldn't shut up about him. How the tables had turned.

You, the flunkie who was expelled had risen to power and the student you tried to be was now yours to command. You remember him but he doesn't remember you. His mind is broken from being raped nonstop. You pull your fingers out followed by a string of juices.

Glitter is ready. Not that you needed to prepare him. His anus was artificially stretched out and in this realization, you remember that he is property and you slam him against the wall and plunge your cock in him.

He moans in pleasure again. It's over in a countable number of thrusts. You had saved your loads in anticipation of the trip and you're ready to fuck him again. But not here. This isn't a sector security juve cube. You're gonna finish this in the mixed bath.

Your legs in the water, Glitter is pinned against the cobblestone. You drown out the moans of the other sex sleeves being raped by their masters. You cum in him again...and again...and again. He never tires. He is your slave but he continues in commanding you to keep going until the water in the bath could not make your dick any wetter than it already is. It dangles there, coated in your cum mixed with his butt juices. As he lies there, his legs submerged in water, his chest and stomach covered in his own cum as yours piles out of him like lava from a volcano, you wonder to yourself, how did someone of status end up in such bondage...and how was this boy with gumption transformed into a mindless doll for sex?


'YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!" Leo pleaded as he was lifted out of the trunk, his hands and feet bound. "WAIT! YOU DON'T WANT TO KILL ME! I'M RICH! MY PARENTS CAN PAY RANSOM!"

"Your parents?" said a kidnapper. "Your parents already paid us a hefty fee."

"So you know who I am." Leo breathed a sigh of relief. A few more hours and he'll be back home.

"All too well," the lead kidnapper of three replied. "Really cute. But your parents aren't coming for you. Or anyone. In a few days, your parents are going to receive a very hefty life insurance policy."

"What? No. Dad would never do that. Especially if it's just for some insurance money."

"Oh that's just the cherry on the sundae. You see election season is coming up and your dad is about to get a lot of free press and a lot of pity votes. You see he was gonna trade you to some politician for a committee seat but our boss approached him with a better idea."

Tears welled up in Leo's eyes. Could they be telling the truth? "Please...don't kill me!"

"Oh. No tears," the kidnapper mocked. "We're not going to kill you. See we know your dad's ripping us off so we've decided to up our payout."


"We're going to sell you, Leo. And then we're gonna slit the throat of some Satellite kid and throw him in the canal. Whatever the gators spit up, they'll assume is you."

"S-sell me?"

"A teacher at your school sells little demo reels of boys showering. We're gonna get top dollar for you." the lead kidnapper pulled out a pistol. "Now undress."

"Wha?" A knife cut the ropes that freed him but he could not run.

"Your buyer wants to see his merchandise. Take off your clothes or I will shoot you in the foot."

Leo scowled. "Yeah! Shoot me! Damage your merchandi-AAAAHHHH!" copper bounced off the gravel next to Leo's sneaker.

"Oops. I missed." Leo clenched his eyes, holding back more tears.

"Okay! Okay! I get it!" After slipping off his wristbands, Leo took his sneakers off and then his socks. His feet now felt the coldness of the warehouse's concrete floor. The only relief being when he had to step out of his shorts before unbuttoning his shirt. More tears escaped his ducts and gave radiant tracks to his cheeks as he let the sleeves slip past the arms.

"Let your hair down." Leo turned to see another one of the kidnappers holding a camcorder. Leo nearly turned red as he saw the lens.

"Do it or I'll shoot," their leader said sternly. Leo undid his hair tie and then pulled his undershirt over him and letting it drop to the floor on his shoes. "Underpants. Now." Leo took the waistband. The last threads of his dignity and slipped off his white briefs, stepping out of them and dropping them on his shorts. His dick stood tall and erect. "Oh my god! You have a boner!" If only Leo could blush brighter. "Why don't you calm that thing down for us. The boss like them dangling." He pointed his gun at him but not so far to stay out of frame. "Take care of that."

Humiliated, Leo grasped his penis and began to rub the skin, all the while trying to imagine himself home in his bed, thinking about all the cute boys in his class. But for some reason, it wasn't taking as long as usual. Did he actually like being watched. Did he actually enjoy being filmed?

"I-I-I'M CUMMING!" His seed shot out and splattered on the concrete floor. He then collapsed into the arms of the third kidnapper, the same one who cut his ropes and now the one who was injecting him in the arm with something.

Disoriented, Leo felt a wet wipe clean the cum off his torso and genitals. Leo was stood up on his feet as the head kidnapper tucked the gun into his pants and put a pair of handcuffs on him and the third one put a ball gag in his mouth and tightened it. Through the black blindfold that was put over him, he saw filtered light of a door opening as a van pulled up. The clattering of shoes grew closer as silhouettes of men in suits approached. Older hands were now inspecting his naked body.

"Uncut. Nice." Something probed his anus. "And he's a virgin. That's full price."

Leo turned to see what looked like one of the men handing the kidnappers a briefcase that their leader opened. The cold metal of a collar was then felt on his neck preceded by the rattling of a chain that was now pulling him. He was too calm to run or to try to cry out through the gag. Not that it would do any good. That van would probably ditch its plates and they would likely beat him.

The plastic lining of the van's floor was a relief to Leo's feet. He even took pleasure in sitting on one of the ridges, allowing it to press against his naked anus. A clicking was heard. He was now cuffed to the floor. The doors slammed. There was no more light. He was tired. So tired. But they wouldn't let him sleep. They were going to break him.

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