A Love of Skirts

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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL or it's characters. I own the title and the writing. This is non profit story and I am not making any money from this.

NOTE: I aged some of the guys down, since it would make more sense for going to the same school and I don't exactly agree with the ages given in the show. So, IV and V are 14 and 15. Kaito is 15 and III is 13 like Yuma.

This story is based off an idea a person gave to me: III wanting to wear a skirt at school after Astral World (Hence Astral is not in this). With the fanservice and sexy pictures of ZEXAL (until about episode 100 give or take) I tried to add it for this as well. There is more guy fanservice than females, but I didn't want to go full blown on females (as I know it is generally more uncomfortable and disliked). Most of it comes from three head canons of mine for ZEXAL:

-No female underwear, of any kind, is allowed in Heartland
-All guys in Heartland have huge, massive dicks
-Heartland, including the school, is extremely sexual and into having sex (Girls at school have to be on the pill to prevent pregnancy)


As guys and girls walked around Heartland Academy, Yuma, III, and Kotori came up to the building. As they looked around, female skirts were being blown up, showing the fact that no female underwear, bras, etc. of any kind were allowed in Heartland. As the group of three walked inside, the skirts kept going up, even with no wind. Bending over, running, or even just walking blew them up for the whole world to see. The school was known for it's wrist-length skirts and the students loved it. On top of that, the school was big on spending time at the swimming pool, which led to lots of sexual things, including playing with the female skirt when changing.

Still, as III walked, he started to think about the skirt. He had one on his regular clothing and liked it a lot. He remembered the first time he wore it, he put it on like the girls did. However, his brothers were scared he would get made fun of, so they had him put it over his usual more "manly" clothes. III didn't mind and understood why they did it. Over the years he got used to it and found it fun to always wear with his non-school or formal clothes. He loved it as it made him different, stand out, and it was fun for him. Still, as III sat in class, he found himself zoning out more than Yuma was. Soon, he thought of an idea: What if he wore a skirt to school?

III looked down at his school uniform. It wasn't that he hated the uniform or anything, but with Heartland City itself being extremely sexual in nature, couldn't a guy get away with wearing a skirt in school? He already did it outside of school. Plus, III knew both guys and girls would probably like it and even get turned on by it.

Not to mention, III always got confused for a girl anyways. III practically had to pull his pants down to convince people he was a dude when he first moved to Heartland. Granted, wearing a skirt might not help, but people at school knew he was a boy born with the boy equipment downstairs. Plus, III easily could handle it if anyone got confused anyways and he didn't mind proving it. Still, the biggest problem would be the uniform. How could he convince the school to let him wear a skirt?

III looked at the females as they got up laughing, smiling, and talking after class. He would obviously have to ask for a female uniform, as a brand new custom made one would not work. People could make minor changes to the uniform such as bow ties for guys, but that was about it. Not to mention it would save the school money by making more of the same female uniforms from the same supplier.

As III walked to his next class, he found himself staring as the skirts of the females constantly blow and go up. Their tight, tiny groins and butts were in full view. This then made III think of the million dollar question: How would III deal with the length of the skirt? It would certainly go up and show off his naughty bits and butt like the girls. III knew he could wear briefs, but he was a boxers man and the skirt would certainly show off his underwear. Still, if it meant getting to wear something he both wanted to wear and enjoyed wearing III didn't care. Plus, it could help other guys, even though III wasn't, who might be transsexual. They could wear the skirt too. It made total sense.

Even though III found himself getting more and more excited about the idea, he started wondering who he could go to for help. He then got an idea.

At lunch, III went up to Takashi, the student body president, and tell him about his idea. Once III took a seat and they greeted one another, he bit his lip. "Takashi, I have a proposal for you that I think you should suggest to the school board." Takashi looked at him. "Okay. What is it?" III gulped. "I want guys to be able to wear the female uniform." Takashi nearly chocked on his hot dog. "What?" he asked, as he gasped for air. III gave him a firmer look. "I want guys to be able to wear the female uniform with a skirt." The student council president looked at him funny. "Why?" he asked.

"Because I wear skirts in my normal clothes and want to wear one at school." Takashi then answered back, "But what about people making fun of you? Laughing at you? Thinking you're a girl?" III's eyes narrowed. "I don't care about any of that. People already confuse me for a girl. I love how I look and I'm proud to be a man. If they can't handle it, that's their problem."

"What about the length?" Takashi asked, "That's the million dollar question. Girls love how short it is and guys do too. Yet, how will you do? Certainly your underwear will be shown." III shrugged. "I don't care. As long as, at the end of the day, my school uniform has a wrist length frill on the end, I'm happy." Takashi thought of another question. "Do you just not like the uniform? Is that's what's causing this?" III shook his head. "Completely opposite. The uniform is very nice, but I want to wear what's right for me. Besides, what if other guys want to wear it? It could become a new hit trend or help guys who might actually be transsexual." Takashi looked at him funny once more. "Are you saying..."

"No!" III shouted and people turned to their direction. III laughed.

"Uh...anyways, how about that baseball team?" he said awkwardly. People went back to eating and Takashi picked up his tray. "Let me think about it," he replied and went over to put his tray back for cleaning. III frowned. That usually meant that he wouldn't agree to it and III worried that Takashi might spread rumors about him liking skirts. However, at the risk of both his school representative and reputation, Takashi did no such thing. Instead, he really did think it over, and decided to break the news to III after school. Just as III was walking out with Yuma and Kotori, Takashi went up to him.

"III, I've thought it over, and I can tell you whenever is a good time." III smiled. "I have to talk to him about something quick. Just wait a minute." III and Takashi went away and Takashi broke the news, worrying III might flip out. However, he did no such thing, and thanked him for caring about him. However, just before Takashi said goodbye, III said something else to him, "I can always bring it up directly to the school board." The blue haired man froze. "III. That might not be such a good idea..." III quickly answered. "Like I said, I don't mind what gets said or thought of about me. I really want this." III walked away and Takashi bit his lip. He didn't want III to get in more danger than he did. "III are you sure about this?" III looked back and smiled.

"I am," he replied and kept walking.

When III got back with Yuma and Kotori, they started walking home. "What was that about?" Yuma asked. "Yeah. That was really weird," Kotori added as her skirt went up, showing her bare butt. III sighed. "I guess I should just explain it to you." III then went on tell the two of them about how he wanted to wear a skirt. Not because he was transsexual or anything, but that he just liked it. He was staying within the school uniform code, just changing which one he wore. By the time they go to the Arclight house, Yuma and Kotori were convinced.

"I agree," Yuma replied, "Go to the school board and ask them." Kotori nodded and III smiled. "I will. Thanks." They said goodbye and went their separate ways.

When III got inside, he could easily tell his brother IV and V were there. As III changed into his usual clothes, he put on his top first and looked at his bare groin in the mirror. Heartland City was not only known for the no underwear law for females, but also that it's males were all packing huge size downstairs. Massive, thick, many, many inches of dick was in every guy's pants, when aroused, and they could cum and go on and on for days without stopping or losing power. Not to forget the massive balls in each male's groin too.

Still, III decided that this might not be a good time to talk to his brothers. So, he did his homework. A few hours later, IV and V were soon at the dinner table with III eating supper. As they ate, III finally brought up the question. "Um...there's something I want to talk about." IV and V were all ears. "I want to be able to wear the female uniform at school." Both of his brother's knives dropped. "What?" IV asked, "Are you trying to tell us something?" III shook his head. "No," he replied, "I just really like wearing a skirt in real life, so why can't I wear it at school? I would just have the female version of it." IV gulped. "But what about bullying and teasing?" he asked. III stood tall with his words. "I don't care. I might get confused for a woman more than I do now too, but I don't care. I love skirts and I'm proud to be a man. Just because I like it doesn't mean I shouldn't be allowed to wear it. I'm not hurting anyone and it wouldn't cost the school any more money. I want to wear one." IV and V asked him more questions, trying to make sure their youngest brother didn't get hurt.

But III stayed firmed. He made it clear he wanted to wear the female uniform. And he didn't care what problems he may face. "I'm going to go to the school board and tell them my proposal. I'll note how it would be economical, okay for me, and how it could help other students too." IV and V looked at one another. As odd as this was, they had to stick by their brother. IV sighed. "Alright," he replied, "We'll go with you."

The following week, III went to the school board meeting with his brothers. For being student body president, Takashi had to attend every school board meeting. He sat with the other adult members and squirmed in his seat as he saw III and his brothers come in, with III holding a piece of paper. He kept looking away and trying to get them to avoid any attendance questions or concerns. However, the board quickly got through their work and got to the public questions and concerns. When they asked, III was the only one who stood up and went to the microphone.

"Thank you ladies and gentlemen of the school board. I have an issue that I think would be quick, easy, and most importantly, important for students. As you can see, despite being a man and being proud of being a man, I am wearing a skirt. As a student of Heartland Academy, I think that males should be able to wear the female school uniform. It will help guys who want to be females, as well as guys who just want to wear skirts, regardless of sexual orientation. It would be easy to implement by just having the guys order the female uniform instead of the male one." As III finished, Takashi squirmed in his seat. III finished up his speech and people applauded him for his effort.

"Well?" the school board president with balding hair asked. A female member spoke up. "I think it would be good, but we need to make sure it's fair to everyone." Takashi spoke up. "Right. I mean, what about bullying? Being made fun of?" III spoke up. "I wouldn't mind and I think a lot of guys would like it. Most of the male students, if not all, are at least bisexual. Plus, many would probably want to stand out. Even if not a lot of them do it, it would still make the school stick out. Having all females on the pill and guys preventing the spread of STDs has brought the school tons of positive attention. Plus, having the highest sex rate by any school in the world, by far, has also drawn in an extremely high demand for entry into school. It has also brought unanimous praise and support for students being able to explore their sex life in a safe manner." The school board nodded.

"I think we should make sure we add some details to it first," the head of the board announced, "Maybe we should discuss it and then introduce it." Takashi smiled. "Yes! That'd be good!" he replied. "Takashi, I don't think you want this idea," the female board member from before noted. Takashi sighed as III frowned. "I just don't want students to get made fun of. That's all." The head of the board spoke up. "We can talk after the meeting." He turned to III. "In the meantime, I think you, III, should try to find a way to support your claim. If other guys really are willing to wear the school skirt, then it would be very easy to pass with more student support." III nodded and the board then moved onto the next issue and III sat down.

Afterwards, III and his brothers left the building. "Takashi wanted to keep me from having guys wear skirts," he said. IV smiled. "Can you blame him though? He raises a good point." V nodded. "Yes and not everyone will be as open or supportive of it as you. There will be people that will bully and make fun of you." III put his fist in the air. "I don't care! I want to wear the female uniform! Measure it to my wrist and make it just cover my butt! I want to feel it go up with the calmest breeze, because I love wearing skirts!" III stopped walking and IV and V stared at him. After a moment, they both started laughing. "Great speech," IV noted and III laughed too. There was so much truth in his statement. Yet, III frowned, as he knew getting support for the measure would be hard.

Back in the school, Takashi was listening to the board members come up with a compromise. "We certainly want it," the head board member said, "It would help with our extremely high sexual image and help other students that may feel the same way." One of the female board members nodded. "I like that and I'm sure once more and more get used to the idea, the bullying will stop, and it will be accepted." A third member, a male, added, "Plus, with just about every guy being at least bisexual, many guys might not even notice or care that much. Females will like it, because it'll let the guys see what it's like to have the skirt go up in even the calmest conditions."

"Speaking of which," the president of the board noted, "What if we make it fair to the guys and have the no underwear rule applied? That way, it's fair to everyone." All of the member smiled and nodded. "Yeah. The guys can let their junk out for everyone to see, just like the females do with their groins," the female member noted. "Not to mention bare butts all over. I'm sure guys and girls will like that." The council members tuned out Takashi's concerns and seemed to more and more approve of the idea. "But will that still be good enough for III to accept it?" one board member asked. The Principal smiled. "We'll see what the demand is like. If there's a good response, we'll pass it."

However, as he went home, Takashi felt like he should warn III about the no underwear rule. He decided that it might be best to wait, before telling him though, as he didn't think III would want to talk to him right now.

The next day, III walked around the school campus, jealous of the females as they blew up and showed off their bare skin. "I want to show off my penis like they get to show off their vaginas," III said. After sleeping on it, III knew that getting guys who wanted to wear the female uniform would be tricky, if not impossible. As III was looking sad during the day, Yuma tried to talk to him. "No guy besides me would wear the skirt," III told him, "And the school board wants demand for it as well." Yuma smiled. "Maybe we can talk to Takashi and he would know what we could do." III frowned.

"I don't think he wants it to pass," III noted, "He didn't seem that way last night." Yuma frowned. "I think it might just be a misunderstanding. After all, he takes protecting students pretty seriously." III folded his arms. "I don't know." Yuma rolled his eyes and grabbed his hand. "Come! You two need to work this out!" Yuma took his and they soon found Takashi. III frowned. "Hey Takashi!" Yuma said happily, "I know you and III were having a fight and I want you guys to work it out." Takashi frowned now too.

"We're not fighting. I just worry about students safety," Takashi replied. "But what about student freedom?" III asked, "And what about being able to have at least a slight ability to choose what we wear?" Takashi closed his eyes. "Look...III. Last night after the meeting, there's something that happened." III's frown went away. "What?" he asked. Takashi sighed. "Look, maybe I'll get in trouble for saying this, and maybe I won't, but if the guys get to wear the skirts, they can't wear underwear." Yuma and III gasped. "To make it equal for the girls," Takashi added. III frowned.

"Oh great! Now I have an even smaller chance of getting it passed." Takashi looked and saw how sad III was. "No you don't." III looked up. "Guys already are getting boners all day every day and it's constricted to their pants. Don't you think it would be a lot more fun for guys to let it hang out?" Takashi asked. "Yeah!" Yuma shouted, "I get hard so much it's like uncountable!" III chuckled. "Plus," Takashi noted, "Every guy in Heartland is pretty much 12 inches downstairs. So, you don't have to worry about size being a factor and, as you noted, it could help the school's sexual reputation." III nodded. "That is true and I'm sure guys and girls would love having the guys having their junk hang out." Yuma put an arm around him.

"See III! We can easily get guys to support this." Takashi nodded. "Yes, but lets be sure to go to the meeting next week without pants. That way, we can prove that guys are okay with both the skirt and not wearing underwear." Yuma turned to III. "See? I told you this would be good. Now, in order to prove they support it, we need guys who are okay with going to the meeting without pants and we're good to go." Takashi smiled. "Really?" he asked. Yuma nodded. "It's the only way to prove we're not lying." Takashi nodded. "After school, lets talk to our friends first. They'd be the easiest to agree and help us." The three boys high fived.

Once school was out, III, Yuma, and Takashi were debating how to go to each guy. "Maybe we should talk about this at their houses," Yuma noted, "This probably isn't something we want to be talking about out loud in public." III nodded. "Lets start with my brothers. They should be pretty easy." The three nodded and headed to III's house. When they got there, they had an easy time finding them and an easier time explaining the situation, since they already knew.

"And so now we need enough support to get it passed, but I'm worried not enough guys will be into the no underwear rule and having their junk hanging out," III explained. "And we know we should all go there with no pants, but worry the guys will say yes and then chicken out." IV smiled. "You wanna know how you know they support it?" III, Yuma, and Takashi nodded.

IV went and dropped his pants. He then pulled down his boxers and stepped out. All the men in the room stared as IV's long stick of meat swung and bounced. They all got a little hard just seeing it out in view. "This is how you do it," IV informed them, "You tell them if they're with you, they have to drop their pants and show their junk in front of you. If they can do that, they can go to the school board without pants, and can surely be okay with wearing something that manages to barely cover their junk with a little skirt."

V smiled and pulled down his white pants. He then pulled down his boxers and his long, thick meat bounced, as it was a little hard from being turned on. V gripped it with his hand. "Yeah. Not to mention, if guys are okay with walking to the school board like this, then they definitely are okay with going to everyday school walking like this." III, Yuma, and Takashi smiled and pulled their pants down. Then, their boxers too. All three of the 13 year old's giant meats bounced. Their cocks got harder at seeing the other's big meat. They got longer and longer too.

"So you'll help us?" III said to his brothers, just to clarify.

IV and V looked at one another. They smiled and moved their hips, making their thick, double digit length penises bounce up and down. Every one smiled and laughed, as all their cocks started bouncing too.

Finally, it was time to look elsewhere, so III, Yuma, and Takashi, the following day, went to Tetsuo and Tonkunosuke with their problem. "Um...are you sure a skirt can fit me?" Tetsuo asked with his giant gut. "And me?" Tonkunosuke asked with his tiny frame. Takashi smiled. "We get them custom made to fit any size," he noted, "There is a store for you to buy and make them in." The two boys smiled and agreed to help. "Wait!" Yuma cried and whispered what they had to do. Tetsuo and Tonkunosuke smiled and pulled down their pants and boxers. You could actually make out Tetsuo's massive meat in spite of his big gut and Tonkunosuke's was pretty easy to see as it stuck out long and hard. The guys all smiled and went to find more members.

They went to two of the toughest guys that they could probably get next: Kaito and Shark. When they went to Shark, he laughed. "Why should I agree to this?" he asked, "What do I get out of it?" Yuma smiled. "The fact of helping someone in need," he replied. III nodded. "And doing something to support your friends." Shark sighed. "Am I going to get another friendship speech from Yuma now?" he asked. Yuma laughed. "Not unless you agree to help us." Shark rolled his eyes and pulled down his pants and boxers, letting his thick, juicy meat come free.

"Thanks Shark!" Takashi said as Shark smiled.

The guys then headed to Kaito's house. It was large and grand. Kaito listened to the three guys make their plea for why he should help them. "Plus, you're super smart and can see both sides of an issue, especially after Yuma helped you out," III noted. Kaito sighed. He was extremely smart, but having to hear the guys flatter him with compliments, even though it was a very simple issue to him. Kaito stood up, undid his big buckle, dropped his pants, and then boxers. The guys gasped as he wasn't even aroused and he was huge to start out. "Okay. I'll help you," he said, "But enough with the flattery okay?" The guys all laughed.

Finally, the next school board meeting was going to happen. Yuma, III, Takashi, Kaito, Shark, III's brothers, Tetsuo, and Tonunosuke were waiting outside at Yuma's house. They were all not wearing pants. "Okay," Yuma said as he looked at the guys, "Lets..." He stopped and saw a bunch of guys coming. Each one had no pants on and their cocks were swinging back and forth as they walked. Yuma and the other guys smiled, but III was stunned.

"What are you guys doing here?" he asked. Kaito smiled and turned to him. "We got the word out and it spread like wildfire. They all wanted to support you and the idea is much more popular than we first though." III smiled and almost teared up. "Aww you guys!" All of them weren't wearing pants. "I've never been so happy to see guys without pants." The guys all laughed and Yuma smiled. "Should we get going? We don't wanna be late."

As the guys walked, their bare cocks swung in every direction. Some guys were turned on as they started walking, but most were limp. As they kept walking, guys were getting more and more turned on at seeing other attractive guys without pants. Not to mention there were crushes and couples that couldn't stop staring at one another. When the guys got to school, it looked like an army of guys who were going to have a giant gay sex orgy (which every one of them would love).

Takashi, led them all to the meeting and the school board members looked up, once they saw III walk in, his massive member bounced like crazy as he took a seat. Guys followed in behind him, their groins doing the same as III, and there were not enough seats for everyone. Once the meeting got started, and usual business was taken care of, III's issue came up.

"And now I'm guessing that's the reason why you are here III," the head school board member noted. III nodded and went to the podium. "Yes sir. As you can see, I have drawn support for my measure, including for the no underwear rule." The members were puzzled. "How did you know about that?" the female member asked. They all looked at Takashi who grinned nervously.

"Hmm..." the head board member noted, "Well, now that the cat's out of the bag, we wanted to introduce an amendment that the males, who wear the female uniform, cannot wear any underwear or any kind. Just like the our city's proud tradition of no female underwear being allowed. All those in favor?" They all approved of the amendment.

"And now for the final vote on the measure. Though, I must warn, even a passage is not certain." III and the other guys were stunned. "Since inside information was spread, we will talk about this to Takashi, and make sure no rules are broken. All those in favor?" III and other guys bit their lips.

Slowly, one-by-one, each member raised their hand.

"The motion has temporary passed," the school board member noted. Yuma flashed III a smile, but III reminded him, "It's only temporary, not final."

Once the meeting was over, the guys waited outside, hoping to get final word. Takashi got a good scolding about spreading outside information. Though, the members did agree that he seemed against it at first, so his attitude changing might have been more good than evil for why he did it.

Finally, Takashi came out smiling, as he raced out the school, his meat swung like crazy. "It passed you guys! It passed!" The guys all cheered and III got hugs from his brothers and Yuma. "So, when can we start." Takashi smiled. "You can start looking at uniforms in the school shop tomorrow and they'll be ready for the next day." III smiled. "Yes! I can't wait!"

The next day, the guys were all excited getting to go to the school and get their skirts. However, Shark was feeling awkward and seemed concerned every time they mentioned going to the skirt shop. "Lets do it some other day," Shark noted. Yuma frowned. "No way Shark!" he said and took his hand, "Lets go!" When they got there, the guys gasped.

A bunch of new female students were in a line that was going out the door. "Aw crap!" Kaito shouted, "It must be the day when all the girls coming in next year get to get their uniforms." Takashi rolled his eyes. "Either that or the store got another shipment in of dildos." As the guys had to excuse and get around the long line of females, they soon spotted girls getting custom fitted for their uniforms. When they got up to the front, Shark closed his eyes as the other guys opened their eyes wider.

At the register, Rio was happily ringing girls up. "Thanks. Go try out the uniform on our wind simulator," she said to one of the customers. Rio pointed to an area of the store, where wind blew up from the floor. She then spotted the guys. She went around the counter and her skirt blew up showing off her long legs and bare groin. Rio was the only person in school who was still a virgin. Rumors spread about whether she was bisexual, not into sex, or a full blown lesbian. The no sex was quickly shot down as Rio was comfortable with wearing the short skirt and showing off her naughty bits from day one. She flashed her pussy hundreds of times playing sports vs. the school's various clubs and almost never held her skirt down in the wind. Usually, females took a week at the most to get used to the skirt. With Rio into it from day one, it was clear she wanted sex, but just never got into it with anyone. Still, as much as Rio was secretly into sex and not afraid to let the world see her naked body, she brushed off all guy and girl offers to get it on. Even with those offers, that's not what upset Shark the most right now. Shark growled as Rio's skirt was continually going up from the air that was coming in from the open door and the simulator. Rio kept her hands at her sides and let it blow more and more, enjoying the fact that she was making her brother angry.

"Rio! Do you have to stand right next to the wind simulator, so that we constantly have to see your groin?" Shark shouted. Rio frowned. "Says the guy who wants to wear a skirt so that people have to see his dick all the time." Shark looked stunned at her comeback and looked away with a frown. Yuma stepped forward. "Well, we'll both being seeing each other's groins a lot now that the school board passed the guy skirt rule. So, can you help us Rio?" Rio smiled.

"Of course!" she said and then pointed out the door.

"You'll have to wait in line like everyone else." The guys all groaned and got the end of the long line. As the guys waited, they had to hear girls talk about how excited they were to get in the school. Along with all that came the sexual moaning and groaning of trying out the new uniform with no underwear. "It feels so good," as one girl came out of the store. IV frowned. "If I hear that one more time, I'm going to lose it." III smiled. "Maybe you should use your popularity to distract them and get us farther in line." IV rolled his eyes. "They don't even know who I am," IV noted.

"Ahh! I know who you are!" a girl said as she turned around. She was right in front of the guys. "I was so scared to say anything, because you're so cool!" IV smiled. "Well, I do have a way with the men and the ladies." Other girls squealed, ran up to him, and gave him their notebooks. "Can we have your autograph?" IV smiled. "Of course. And you shouldn't be so shy about coming up to me." The girls smiled and turned back around. "Hey Suzy! Angela! Come here! IV says it's okay!" Two girls made their way through the crowd back towards him. As IV autographed for them, more females came up to IV.

"Now's our chance," Yuma said as he took III's hand, "Come on guys." They all crocheted down and crab walked their way past their screaming crowd of girls. As IV took care of them, Yuma giggled as they walked by. "Man, without any underwear, all these girls are soaking wet," Yuma noted, "He does turn the girls on." V smiled. "Not as much as when the girls start wearing the school uniform, but he's pretty darn close."

As the guys sneaked way farther ahead in the line, they soon found themselves at the front. Rio looked at them confused. "How did you...?" She looked outside and saw girls screaming at IV in joy. Rio sighed. "Okay. Follow me."

The guys were led to a room full of uniforms. "If some of you are too big or tall..." She looked at V and Tetsuo, "You can get just the size custom fitted as well as length. We have a custom making machine right there." Since most of the guys were lanky and skinny with tight bodies, they fit into most of the uniforms on the rack. V and Tetsuo went to the machine and the guys watched in amazement as it made the uniform for them in no time. IV soon made his way to the room with them.

"Uh. It's so hard giving so much fanservice to every one of my fans." III smiled. "You'll be giving them a lot more of it once they get to see your dick on full display." IV laughed and soon found a uniform for himself. Rio smiled. "Okay. Those skirts are way too long for everyone that didn't use the machine. They go all the way down to your fingertips and we need them to be much shorter. So, I need someone to come up to the machine."

III came first and stood in the designated spot. "Put your arms at your sides and let the machine do the work." III did and the machine found his wrist length as well as butt check length. It then made a smooth, safe cut and cut in the skirt at the shortest length possible. Once it was done, III almost had tears in his eyes. "Finally, I have my skirt!" he cried. Everyone there applauded him, including Rio.

Soon, the other guys got their skirts cut too. The color of the uniform matched their school year. "And why don't you guys try out the wind simulator before you go?" The guys all smiled and went back to the front of the store. They got on the wind simulator and their skirts blew up. Rio smiled as she turned on the one behind the counter too. She moaned as it blew up her skirt. "This feels so amazing," she said softly to herself.

Back at the front, III smiled. "There's a breeze between my knees and I am happy," he said.

The following day, all the guys were waiting at Yuma's place. Their skirts, including Kotori's, blew up and showed their naughty bits. The guys, unlike most of the females, didn't cry out. Instead, they all smiled at how good it felt to not wear underwear and feel a breeze against their balls.

Finally, three guys came up and everyone smiled. V, IV, and III came up, their junk bouncing and swinging as they walked. The guys felt their meat getting hard as they came up. "You ready?" Yuma asked. III nodded. "Lead the way," Yuma replied.

III started walking, his brothers and friends followed behind. Their dicks got harder as they walked and bounced and swung more and more as they walked. Kotori looked around and wanted to suck off of one of them so bad. 'There's going to be so many other females like me that want to get it on with them,' she thought as she remembered all the girls at school who wanted the giant Heartland meat inside of them.

When they got to school, everyone took notice of the group of guys with no pants on and their groins on full display. Almost everyone seemed like they were okay with it, as word had gotten around the past day or so, and no one mocked or made fun of them. III smiled. "I'm free! And so happy! I finally won and get to wear my skirt." He looked at his friends and family. He was almost in tears. "Thank you all. And, if you want to take them off now, you can." Yuma and the rest of the guys shook their heads. "No way," Yuma said. "We don't want you to be the only guy out here alone with his dick hanging out," Kaito added. "Besides, I'm getting used to it," Shark noted and they all laughed. III went and hugged each one, thanking them for their support, especially his brothers IV and V.

III then saw a water fountain and walked towards it. Two guys blocked his path and one started pointing and laughing. III gave them a firm look, before the second male saw all of the guys behind III.

"No. Let him go," he said to the other they stepped aside.

As III went to the water fountain, he leaned forward and his skirt went up, showing his bare butt and balls. His cock fell out of the skirt and rested against the side of the fountain. As III moved to get more water, his cock rubbed and fell against the right side of the fountain and pressed more firmly against it. It even started to get hard.

As everyone watched, they all smiled and all the guys started to get firm erections. Kotori soon felt one of the poking her from behind. She turned around and IV apologized. Kotori soon realized that she was surrounded by giant, double digit inched cocks that was full on hard. She frowned, realizing that the guys were getting turned on about this. However, she soon smiled as did all the guys while watching III get drink in his new skirt, with his junk being on full display. You could say it was caused by a love of skirts.

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