A Love of Skirts

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A bright new morning was shining over Heartland. The sounds of sex could be heard all around the city non-stop as the day began. The sounds of slapping meat, butts, queefing, and cries of pleasure from both males and females echoed through the streets like it did all day every day.


As the sun shined on the streets, the wind blew the on female Heartland Academy uniform, which was renamed to simply just uniform as all the males and females now wore it. The tiny skirt, made to go up even with the slightest breath of wind, went up and showed the bare butts of all the males and female students that were wearing it.


At the front of the school, students were getting it on, trying to get in as many rounds as possible before classes started. Kaito, Rei, and Yuma were having a threesome in the nude with Kaito doing Yuma in his tight 13 year old butt while Rei was giving his hairless dick into Yuma’s mouth.


“Try and say your catchphrase now,” Rei joked, as now that all the evil had been eliminated from his heart, he only liked to make sly remarks as his bad side. Kaito moaned as his long, thick meat went in and out of Yuma’s virgin tight butt. “Ugh...he’s just….yes….kidding,” Kaito moaned and groaned, “We love...yes! So much dick! Ugh...hearing your Kattobingu and it does help us cum more.” Rei grinned as his tight lanky body pushed his massive meat in and out of Yuma’s mouth. He could see a grow and shrink in Yuma’s throat from the massive thick size of his cock. “As if we needed more of that,” he replied.


Finally, all three couldn’t handle the pleasure anymore. Rei pulled out of Yuma’s mouth, as he gave him a thumbs up. Yuma himself had his thick, massive meat hard as a rock and was going to cum just like the other two males. Yuma gave a 1...2...3 with his right hand.


“Kattobingu!” the three shouted and their thick massive cocks exploded with a steady stream of cum. The balls of cum would go from their massive balls, up their long thick shafts, until finally spraying out of their dicks like a fire hose.


Kaito pulled of Yuma’s tight butt to join the other two males.Other students came over and laughed as the three massive dicks kept blowing their bings and making a small rainshower of cum. Yuma’s butt quickly went back to being virgin tight, just like all males and females of Heartland did, after each and every round. Thus, their millionth round of sex was just as tight and plasurable as their first time.


“Yuma!” a female voice called. The three men looked over and they saw Kotori with her skirt blowing up showing her hairless pussy and butt on full display. Their cocks started to shrink and shrivel at the sight of female nudity. “You need to get dressed or you’ll be late for class!”

“Fine,” the three males said in disgust and quickly slipped on the uniform with nothing underneath. Their their hairless groins and butts were now covered, but quickly became exposed once more once they saw their other male friends come up to them.


“Hey, that was some sexy humping you did,” Shark said as he put an arm around Kaito’s shoulder, “You wanna do some humping to me like that later?” Kaito and Sharks dicks quickly became hard and bounced as they walked side-by-side. “Of course! I always love getting it on with you.” 


III and Fuya came over to Yuma and gave him hive fives. “You think we could have a threesome later?” III asked shyly. Yuma grinned and put an around Fuya and III. “Of course. We can go as many rounds as needed.” The three boys laughed as their long, thick meats became hard once more and they bounced with every step as they walked into school together.


As the gang got into school, they soon discovered something weird: each one of them got a note in their locker. Kotori was the first to notice hers and, as the day went along, the rest of the gang got them as well. When Yuma pressed other students, asking if they got one, he was met with shrugs and shakes of the head. Even in the other two grades with Shark and IV asking their class, as well as V and Kaito, but they all got the same response as Yuma.


Even the class president Takashi sent out a school wide message about the old-fashioned paper notes and the only students to reply were Yuma’s friends and their polygamy sex group. What was even more strange was that all the notes said the same thing:

Meet me after school where Yuma and Shark first dueled


Everyone was in wonder as to who or what group of people sent the message. Although, having the whole gang so to speak meant that they probably weren’t looking for a fight of any kind.


At the end of the day, Yuma has his friends Kotori, Kathy, Tetsuo, Anna, and Rio as well as sexual partners Shark, Kaito, III, IV, V, Fuya, Takashi, and Rei all meet outside the school where Yuma and Shark had their very first duel.


“I don’t get why we are all here,” Kotori said nervously. “Just wait,” Yuma said.  Soon they gasped when they saw a tall lanky male figure come towards them. He had pale white skin, yellow eyes and light blue hair. Everyone gasped and smiled when he saw them.


“Astral?” they all asked.


Astral smiled. “Hello everyone,” he said calmly. The whole gang rushed over as there was the biggest surprise of all: he was a human. “Astral...what...how did this happen?” Yuma asked. Astra smiled. 


“I will answer everyone’s questions as best I can. Basically, after you came and helped stopped the conflict in Astral world, we had a few things to get cleaned up. Once that was done, I was asked what I would like to do and that was to come back here to Earth with all of you. So, I was given the ability to do this...:”


Astral snapped his fingers and he went back to his blue Astral form they all knew from before. “And then I do this…” He snapped again and went back to human form. The gang gasped and smiled in approval.


“So cool!” Yuma cried. Astral smiled and then looked at the others. “Although, I came here wearing the uniform the males wore when Yuma attended before.” Astral looked around at everyone wearing the female uniform. Seeing the male’s dicks, balls, and groins caused a huge lump in his pants. Astral looked down embarrassed. “Though, I know some ways of human life, I'm still not completely used to all this. Not to mention why you all are wearing the female uniform.” He looked confused. “This,” III smiled, “Is a long story.”


Yuma then explained to them how they fought to make the female uniform the standard uniform for everyone. They all pitched in and helped make sure to get Astral up to speed.


“Well that all sounds great,” Astral said, “But I think I’ve been waiting for the most is this…” Astral dropped his pants and everyone got huge smiles when they saw the big, thick Heartland dick on his human body.


“Now…who wants sex?” Astral asked.


Everyone knew Yuma should go first. “I’ve watched you have sex thousands of times,” Astral noted, “And have had sex with me. However, this will be the first time I can be the one putting my dick into you.” Yuma grinned and got naked. “I want to have sex with all of you. Except, I know you don’t want to have sex Rio.” Rio nodded as everyone else got naked. Then, they made a line for their turn to get it on with Astral. 


The watched as Yuma got on all fours. “Put your dick in my virgin tight butt!” Yuma cried. Astral smiled. “Alright. Here I go.” He stepped up and slowly put his new human cock slowly into Yuma’s tight butthole. He slowly, but surely put more and more in.


“Ahh! This feels so good! No wonder Heartland people always want sex!” Astral cried as just the pleasure alone from inserting himself made him feel tingly. Yuma grinned. “It feels good for me too Astral. Finally getting to feel your meat put into me. Wait until you get to hump me.” Astral grinned as the only way they could do it before was either with Yuma putting it in Astral’s butt or Astral’s mouth. Now, Yuma could return the favor. 


Once Astral got his footlong all the way inside Yuma, he paused, gasping from pleasure. “Yuma. It’s so hot, tight, and pleasurable. Is it okay to hump you like I’ve seen you do?” Yuma looked over his shoulder. “Bring it to me Astral.” Astral grinned from Yuma’s excitement and started thrusting in and out of him. 


All the guys watching started feeling their lengths grow and get hard as the females felt their groins start to get wet with arousal. Just watching Astral start to moan and groan from pleasure as he kept going in and out of Yuma was a turn on. Not to mention Yuma, who’s equally massive meat slapped his stomach, keeping it hard and pleasurable, made similar sounds to Astral.


Finally, Astral couldn’t contain his pleasure built up in his new human dick. “Yuma...I can’t go much longer.” Yuma grinned. “You know what to do Astral.” Astral smiled and nodded, as he saw Yuma do this thousands of times. 


“Kattobingu!” they both cried and started cumming like crazy. Everyone cheered as they were all soaked in a giant spray of cum.


“Is it okay if we go again?” Yuma asked. “Go as many times as you want,” Kotori said, “We can wait our turn.”


Astral and Yuma then switched it and, like pretty much all of Heartland’s, they went multiple rounds. They even did some in Astral’s alien form, just like the good old days. Finally, everyone else, except for Rio who declined, got their turn with Astral.


When it was the girls turn the guy’s massive lengths shriveled up, but they still watched and supported Astral as he pounded the other girls with his rock hard cock. “Ahh! My pussy!” Kotori cried as she felt Astral go in and out of her always virgin tight pussy. “Yeah. Never thought you’d get to do this with me,” Astral said with a wink. Kotori moaned as Astral pounded her until they Kattobingued.


The guys grew big once again as Astral got to go round after round with guys, some that used to be rivals. Kaito moaned as he got to do Astral in his always virgin tight butt. “Yeah. Never thought someone you dueled as an enemy you’d eventually get to have sex with,” Kaito said, 


“Kattobingu!” they both cried. Their cocks sprayed just as much cum as the first round of sex in the day and, once they were both done cumming, they quickly went from shrivled to hard in seconds for yet another round.


By the time Astral was able to do everyone in the group for as many rounds as they wanted, it was well after midnight. As everyone got their clothes back on and decided to head home, there was the obvious question of where Astral would stay.


“You can stay at my place,” Yuma said quickly. Astral smiled and gave him a thumbs up. 


As they walked home, Astral reminded him of something. “Yuma. You will have to get me used to having a human body. I need to figure out how to do other things than just sex.” Yuma grinned. “Don’t worry. All of us will teach you.” 


As they walked through the night, sounds of sex, moans, queefing, and screams of Yuma’s catchphrase continued. Astral smiled at hearing the 24/7 sounds of sex. “What is it Astral?” Yuma asked. Astral smiled as he turned to him. “I missed this. Heartland feels like another home and I missed watching you fall asleep to the sounds of sex all throughout the night. Of course, now as a human, I will be able to fall asleep to them. Just like you do.” Yuma grinned and his cock grew inch by inch until it was hard once more. Astral smiled as it poked out on full display through the skirt and bounced as they walked. He then noticed his cock doing the same thing.


 “Or we can have some more sex and then fal asleep,” Astral noted. Yuma grinned and winked. “Sounds good, but let's get some food first.”


Yuma and Astral tried to be as quiet as they could as they entered the house. “There should be some leftover pizza and other stuff in the fridge,” Yuma whispered. Yuma opened the fridge and started getting out food. With all the sex, they were both hungry, and felt like they could eat a horse. As Yuma tried to figure out what to get, the fridge soon alerted others of their presence.


“Beep. Beep. Beep,” the fridge beeped.


“Oh shoot,” Yuma said and a light turned on. It was Akari. “Yuma. How many times have I told you? When you have a late nigtht sex orgy, bring a guy who so he can do…” She paused. “Who’s this?” she asked. Yuma smiled and turned to Astral. He snapped his fingers and turned to his alien form.


“I am Astral.”


Akari’s eyes grew big and she quickly raced over to him. “Hi. I’m Akari. News reporter. Tell me: What was it like having to be around my brother 24 hours a day? Does Astral World have as much sex as they do here? Also, why does everyone in Astral wear clothes, but you are completely naked? Are you really a nudist…”


“Aright sis. That’s enough. Astral has no comments on this story.” He took Astral’s hand. “I will answer your questions at another time,” Astral said respectfully as Yuma and him took the food up to his room.


When they got up there, Astral turned into his human form and they started eating. “Yuma. Don’t you have school tomorrow?” he asked. Yuma shrugged. “Yeah, but it’s fine. I didn’t have any tests or anything.” Astral frowned. “Do you think you’ll be sleeping in class like usual from all the sex?” Yuma smiled.

“Yeah, but Kotori will take notes. Not to mention, with you now here, all I need is to say you’ll have a few rounds of sex with her, and she’ll do my notes for a month.” Astral jumped at what Yuma noted. “Yuma. I want to go to school with you.” Yuma looked at him confused.


“What? But Astral, you know nothing about this world. How in the world do you think you could stay up to date in school.” Astral smiled. “Yuma. I bet you have some homework that’s not due until next week right?” Yuma nodded. “Give it to me and I’ll prove to you that I can do it.”


Yuma took out his homework and computer. “There’s some math, history on Heartland, and a paper. How will you be sure that it doesn’t look like you wrote for me or something?” Astral smiled. “Don’t worry Yuma. You get some sleep and leave everything to me.”


Yuma got into his pajamas and crawled into bed. “Okay. Good night Astral. I love you.” Astral smiled. “Love you too Yuma.”


When the sun rose and Yuma heard the sounds of moans coming from downstairs, he opened his eyes and rolled over in his hammock. “Good morning Astral,” he said as he lazily opened his eyes. He suddenly gasped and saw that Astral was watching TV of his favorite show with Robin.


“Morning Yuma.”

Yuma looked stunned as he went over to his computer and saw that, not only was Astral done with all his homework, he had nearly perfect scores on everything. As Yuma sat in disbelief, Astral commented.


“I would have gotten everything correct, but I know that would look rather obvious. I mean, the only things you are perfect at is loving others, sex, and well….blowing your bing.” Yuma was still stunned. “How...what..how did…”


“I got a bunch of human and Heartland information put into me in Astral World. Let's just say I’m smarter than you think.” He winked at Yuma and Yuma smiled. “Now, get ready for class Yuma,” Astral instructed him. As Yuma got dressed, Astral told him his plan on how to get him into school.


Later, Yuma walked up to school and his group of friends came up to him. “Yuma, where’s Astral?” Kotori asked. Yuma yawned.


“He’s staying at home today,” he replied, “However, we are going to try to get him into Heartland Academy.” Tetsuo laughed. “How’s that? He barely knows about being human, let alone school stuff.”


Yuma then explained the whole story of last night and Astral having human information put into his brain as they all walked into school. “So, I think we could apply for him today and have him get the uniform tonight.”

“I can get all the forms he needs to enroll,” Takashi replied, “I can fill them out by this afternoon.”


“Great!” Yuma replied, before yawning. “Yuma, did you get enough sleep last night?” Kotori asked. “Yes and if you take my notes for me, Astral said he will Kattobingu inside you later.”

Without hesitation, Kotori immediately agreed to do it. When they got to class, she started squirming in her seat as she got wet thinking about Astral’s massive meat going in and out of her. Not to mention, feeling all that cum overflowing her.


By the time school was out, the school council leader showed the group the enrollment forms. “He’s all set. I had to fudge some information, but the school doesn’t look at it that closely. As long as he can have sex and add to the school’s sexual reputation, that’s all that matters. Now all he needs is to sign and get the uniform.” Almost as soon as he said that, the males’ dough started rising and the female pussies started to get wet. “Lets go get him!” Yuma cried and they raced to Yuma’s house with their dicks bouncing and pussies squirting.


When they got there and explained what was going on, Astral smiled. “Thank you Takashi,” Astral said as his dick went up. “You wanna reward for that?” Takashi nodded and bent over as Astral started pounding him with his cock. Astral looked to Kotori as he kept humping the male.

“And Kotori, you’re next.” 


Kotori grinned and Yuma nodded as it was returning the favor for taking notes for him.


Later,  Astral was trying on the school uniform in the school shop. He pushed a button and the air blew his skirt up, showing off his hairless groin and butt. The guys all felt themselves get harder and the girls got wetter as they watched. 


“I think this is it,” Astral said. Yuma stepped forward. “Wait. On your first day, there’s something you need to do.” Astral looked at him confused.


As the sun rose on Astral’s first day, Yuma’s harlem all went to the spot that everyone went to for either their first day or first day with a new uniform change. The school had made small changes to the uniform, mainly with the fabric, so that it was as short and would up go up as much as possible. Astral looked at the group and they all nodded. Astral smiled and, as he walked, the wind blew his skirt up showing his tight butt. 


The group got aroused, but it got even more exciting with what Astral did next. He leaned over and started to drink from the water fountain. His uniform went up, exposing his bare butt, balls, and hairless groin once more. His massive dick got hard from the friction, and he continued to rub his dick and balls against the side of the fountain.

Just like when III and everyone else drank from the fountain, the male’s cocks grew long and hard, poking out strong from their skirts. Kotori looked around at all the sexy meat and felt her wet groin starting to leak down her leg, along with the other females.


They all had used the water fountain before and exposed themselves with it many, many times. They knew it was now Astral’s time to join them too.


It was time for Astral to be a part of most sexual place in the world. It was time for him to be a part of Heartland and Heartland City. And all the hot, sexy, Kattobingu fun that came with it.


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