A Love of Skirts

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As Yuma went outside ready to start another day, Astral was taking his time getting ready. “I’ll be waiting outside!” Yuma called. He then noticed Shark waiting on the sidewalk. “Morning Shark!” Yuma called. Shark then smiled as he saw Yuma’s long, massive length bouncing as he ran up to him. Shark just grinned at him. “Wanna get in a quick round before Astal comes?” he asked. Yuma grinned. “You know I’m always down for a butt ache,” he replied. Yuma got on all fours and Shark got behind him, his massive length all set and ready for it. Shark inserted himself into Yuma and started humping. 


“Yes! Oh God yes!” Shark cried as his hips humped and his balls swung. Yuma grinned as his length kept slapping his stomach and the sounds of Shark’s hips slapping against his tight white ass made them both even more aroused.


As they kept going, Kaito was walking up the street. “Katobingu!” Shark and Yuma cried. They both took some deep breaths as their massive lengths kept shooting thick, huge loads of cum. They both then spotted Kaito and they all stared at each other. Kaito’s long thick, dick came alive and shot out from underneath his skirt. “Wanna do a threesome?” he asked. Yuma and Shark nodded.


As Astral left the house, he walked out and smiled at what he saw.


Shark was doing Yuma from behind and now Yuma was also doing Kaito from behind. All three men kept on humping and groaning in pleasure as they kept on having hot, steamy sex.


Finally, all three men Kattobingued and their huge bouncy balls tightened as they sprayed buckets and gallons of semen. They all got reorganized and started heading for school. 


“Remember when we all used to be rivals?” Astral asked and they all laughed. Astral then asked a question. “Say Yuma, did you ever get a chance to duel Kaito again after dueling me? Did you ever win?” Yuma grinned and looked at Kaito. “I’ll let you answer that one Kaito.” Kaito huffed, but then smiled.


“We have dueled many times since Yuma and Astral had your duel,” he explained, “And Yuma won every single time since you left.” Astral’s mouth dropped open and Yuma chuckled as Astral stared at him in disbelief. “Close that mouth Astral,” Yuma commented, “Or I’m going to have to stick something else in there.”

Astral quickly shut his mouth, even though he wouldn’t have minded Yuma putting that in there. “Well...I’m shocked,” Astral admitted, “And what about you Shark? Have Yuma and you dueled since I left?” Sharked nodded as the four of them walked and their long thick dicks bounced with each and every step.


“Yes sir,” he replied, “And Yuma’s beaten me every single time.” Again, Astral was stunned, but when Yuma looked at him this time, he quickly shut his mouth and gulped. Yuma laughed. “Wow. You sure swallowed that,” he remarked. Astral was still in disbelief. “Yuma, you’re telling me that you went from dueling, well...not very well, to beating two of the strongest duelists you and I ever faced with ease.” Yuma shrugged. “Guess you were just that good at helping and teaching me to duel,” Yuma noted. While Astral blushed at Yuma’s words, he was still in total shock. “Have you dueled your other friends Yuma?” Astral asked. “Oh yeah! Lots of times,” Yuma replied, “In fact, if you wanted, you could ask them about it when we get to school.”


When they did arrive at school, there was a sea of sexual orgies going on in front of the school. Thankfully, all of Yuma’s boyfriends and friends that were female were just getting done with each of their orgies, so that Yuma and the others could greet them. 


“Hey everyone!” Astral said as they met in a group, “I have a question: Have any of you dueled Yuma since I left?” The Arclights, Fuya, Shark, Kaito, and even the likes of Dumon and Mizar came up and said they had. 


“And has Yuma beaten you?” Astral then asked. Again, all the guys said they had. “In fact, I don’t think I’ve lost since you left Astral,” Yuma commented. Astral's mouth dropped open once again. “If you do that one more time, I’m really going to stick my dick in your mouth,” Yuma noted. Astral turned to the group and III stepped forward.


“It’s true,” III assured him, “I can vouch for myself and admit that I haven’t beaten Yuma in a duel since you left Astral.” Fuya stepped up to the plate. ”Same goes for me. He’s really good.” The other Arclights and guys agreed. “I even have dueled Cathy and Rio and beat them both easily,” Yuma noted.


Speaking of which, Rio came up to them, just as the first bell was ringing. Her bare ass and pussy showed off for the entire world as her skirt blew in the wind. “Alright. Speaking of me,” Rio noted, “It’s time for class.” The group all nodded and headed inside.


When they got insides, Astral sat down at a desk with Yuma and III. “Okay class,” the teacher Ukyo said, “It’s time to hand back your test results from last week. I’ll tell the top three their scores and then we can go over it together.” Astral rolled his eyes and smiled. ‘I’m sure Yuma will be here to review a lot of the answers,’ he thought.


Takashi was smiling proudly as Ukyo started, figuring he was easily in the top three. “And the top score, a perfect score at that, is...Yuma Tsukumo.” Astral’s eyes grew wide as he turned to Yuma. He looked around, looking to see other people in shock too. However, everyone seemed content. “The second best score was...III.” III smiled as he got his test back. “Wow! I only got one question wrong!” 


“And the third highest score, who also only got one wrong was...Fuya.” Fuya smiled as he looked at his test. Takashi hung his head in shame as Ukyo then added, “Since you all three got nearly perfect scores, and Astral since you’re new here, why don’t you four all wait out in the hall? You could have some good sex out there as a reward.” The four guys all smiled and quickly headed out the door. 


When they got outside the classroom, Astral folded his arms. “Okay Yuma. What’s going on?” Yuma looked confused. “Huh?” he asked. Astral rolled his eyes. “You were never a good student when I was with you. In fact, you spent more time talking about dueling, sex, food, and other stuff during class than actual schoolwork. So, how on earth did you get a perfect score on the test and how did no one else seem to be bothered by it?” Yuma sighed and then smiled.


“I guess since I met you Astral and helped save the world with you Astral, you showed me how hard work can be paid off. So, while yes I still do enjoy my sex, dueling, food, and all that stuff now, I realized that school is also important. I know I slacked off and got off track when you first came back, but once I got over you being here for good now, I went back to my new focused attitude that I started since you left. I think another reason my attitude changed was seeing just how much you wanted to learn new things and how much you wanted to find out more about Earth and our world. It made me realize that I should do the same. I mean, I’ll never be able to explore and find new stuff with all my boyfriends, if I don’t know anything. I guess you can say your hard work, us teaming up, and you wanting to learn about everything made me both a better duelist, student, and person.” Astral was stunned, so III and Fuya stepped up.


“He’s right. You made him a better person Astral,” III then added, “And the lessons he learned from you really helped.” Astral smiled. “Well, he also has so many boyfriends and a poly sex group for support too. Don’t count yourselves and the others short too.”  The four of them hugged. “Let's be sure to tell this to my other boyfriends too,” Yuma noted, “But for now…” He looked down and saw all four of them had big, hard boners. The four of them smiled. 


“Yuma, can you put it in my mouth?” Astral asked, “You being a great duelist and student has made me go…” He let his mouth open and Yuma went and pulled Astral down by his hair, making him take his dick. III and Fuya joined in as well.


Later, after school, Yuma’s harlem of Astral, Shark, Kaito, III, IV, V, Takashi, and Rei met at the front of the school. When Kotori tried to join in, Yuma put a stop to it. “No! Guys only!” Yuma said firmly. When Kotori pleaded and her pussy ached for Yuma’s dick, Yuma finally had to put his foot down. “No! You need a dick for this meeting. No dicks mean you can’t come to the meeting.” Yuma then turned around and headed to meet all the guys. At first, Kotori was upset, but then she felt another student bumping her back door with his large, thick cock. She nodded and quickly they started having sex right then and there, and she forgot all about Yuma’s boyfriends only meeting.


When he got there, Yuma explained to all of them what Astral, III, and Fuya had talked about when they were waiting out in the hallway. “And it’s not just Astral that has made me a great duelist, student, and sexual partner, it’s all of you guys too! All of you being my boyfriends, having never ending sex and orgies, dueling, schoolwork, and more with me has made me a better person.” All of his boyfriends smiled. “Group hug!” Yuma cried and all the guys came in for a group hug.


After that, Yuma grinned at seeing all of them with their big, massive Heartland boners poking out strong and proud of their uniforms, including his own. “But we all know what’s better than hugs right?” Yuma said as he put his right hand of handiness in the air. The boyfriends all did the same.


“Sex!” they cried and all of them took off their uniforms, so that they were all totally naked. They all then started a giant boyfriend orgy right then and there.


That night, Astral was flipping through TV channels. He had only ever seen the channels that Robin/Fuya was on and news. However, he had never seen the other channels. He was stunned that most of them were not related to TV shows, news, sports or anything like that. 


They were porn and sex channels.


A few were for porn porn (like TV shows/situated porn), but most were either home movies and security cameras live or taped from around Heartland. Just to name a few:


-Males Only Sex Channel (aka gay males)

-Female Only Sex Channel (aka lesbian females)

-Straight Only Sex Channel

-Heartland Academy Sex Channel

-Dick Close Up Sex Channel

-Vagina Close Up Sex Channel

-Anal Only Channel

-The Orgasim Channel


And many more


To Astral’s surprise, he could find Yuma on most of the channels, besides the obvious like female or straight channels. As Yuma was finishing his schoolwork, he looked over at Astral as he could hear his own moans coming from the TV.


“Am I on there?” he asked knowingly. Astral turned to him. “Yes Yuma. And I can see you on many channels even at the same time. How is that possible?” Yuma smiled and explained to him. “Live TV is happening at this moment and what you are seeing now is prerecorded from earlier,” Yuma explained. Astral nodded. “Yes. I understand, but are Heartland people okay with having cameras all over recording their sex lives?” Yuma laughed.


“Are you kidding?” Yuma asked, “People love it! They even look forward to trying to see if they get on one of the channels. Here. Let me show you.” He took the remote and switched to the straight channel. Yuma and Astral immediately lost any arousal in seeing a female butt and pussy. However, they soon recognized the face and Yuma picked up his phone. He dialed and then said, “Hey Kotori! You’re on the straight sex channel right now.” Kotori moaned.


“Really? I’m a little busy getting it on with a guy two grades above us...Oh yes….do me right there....that’s the...ugh...my pussy yes….the third time I’ve been on this week. I’m...yes...happy about that...almost as much as I...god yes...for your dick. Thanks for...god yes your dick is so big...telling me...oh god…” Yuma finally hung up, before Kotori would go any more in her sexual things. “You see?” Yuma said, “It’s like a really proud moment if you get on there.” Astral nodded. “But Yuma…” He flipped back to the other channels and their bread down there rose into massive tight balls in their pants. Astral flipped through a few and all had Yuma having sex with one of his poly friends and even some random guys from Heartland. “You’re on here multiple times right now.” Yuma winked.


“Yeah. I do get around a lot. The more times you have sex, the better chance to get on TV. The more chances on TV, the better chance of winning at the Heartland Sex Awards.” Astral tilted his head. “Heartland Sex Awards?” Yuma nodded.


“Yeah. It’s an award ceremony honoring people in Heartland who help encourage, practice, and spread love and sex throughout Heartland. Just like with having sex, you’re eligable when you turn 13. So, a lot of my friends and I are able to be nominated for the first time this year. You are eligible every year from 13 years old for the rest of your life.” Yuma grinned. “I hope I can win at least one Sex Award in my lifetime!” Astral chuckled. “I don’t think you’ll have a problem,” he replied, “Though, is it just one award that gets handed out?” 


“Actually, there are tons of awards given out. Like many award shows, there are tons of categories you could win, and there’s a male and female side for each one as well. Like…” He grabbed his phone and found a list:

Best Newcomer

Lifetime Achievement

Best Cummer

Best Pleaser

And many many more!


Yuma laughed as the list seemed to never end. “Do they hand these awards out all in one night?” Astral asked. Yuma shrugged. “I think some are given out or planned beforehand, like the lifetime one, but it’s kind of an all day even over both days of a weekend. I should see when they announce nominations.” He quickly looked it up. “Wow! In two days, they are announcing the nominations! So cool! I should talk to my poly and friends to be sure they know about it too. I’m so excited!” Yuma’s length quickly stretched and got hard.


“Well, if you want, we can try to calm some of that excitement right now,” Astral noted. Yuma grinned. “You know the males and females of Heartland can never keep this excitement down.” They both laughed and quickly got naked. Yuma got on top of Astral and shoved his mouth into Astral’s. It wasn’t before long that he got his dick inside him too and the two took turns on top for their many rounds that night.

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