A Love of Skirts

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As Astral walked to school with some of Yuma’s friends and the polysexual group, he smiled. He saw a sea of bare hairless balls, dicks, and pussies from people of all ages around the school. The wind was blowing their skirts up, showing off all the sexy goods for anyone and everyone who wanted a good morning fun. And knowing Heartland, there were people young and old who were doing just that.


“Ahh the sounds of sex in Heartland,” Yuma said with his hands behind his head, “You never get tired of the moaning, groaning, pounding, queefing, cumming, spraying, and more in the morning.” Astral suddenly had a question.


“Yuma, may I ask what it is that is the goal of human life?” Yuma looked over at him, their dicks bouncing in the opposite direction of each other. “That’s a pretty big thing to wonder about,” Yuma said, “I don’t know. Spread love and kindness? Make other people happy?” Astral thought about his response.


He then looked over and saw Kotori getting it on with a man in his 80s. “Yes! Yes! Keep pounding my pussy! Oh…” The larger man grinned as he was bald and both were completely naked. “You know, back in my day,” he began, “The women would be much more quiet. Here…” He gave her a gag ball and Kotori smiled. “Yes! Yes! I love it!” She quickly put it on and the man continued pounding her 13 year old pussy. 


“Would you say happiness is like that?” Astral asked as he pointed to Kotori. Yuma and Astral’s dicks quickly shriveled up as they watched Kotori getting pounded by a guy. “Well...he did give her a gift, and she was thankful for it. So, yeah. I guess that’s one kind of love and kindness.” Astral nodded. “Right and he is giving her love by giving her his dick too.”


“Yes...Yes…” the man said in synch with Kotori’s muffled cries, “Kattobingu!” They both came at the same time and he unloaded a sea of cum that poured out of her virgin tight pussy. A giant puddle soon formed of both the old man’s cum and Kotori’s wet vagina juices.


Yuma took Astral’s hand. “Come on. Let's go find ourselves somewhere we can have our own Kattobingu with some of our boyfriends.” Astral smiled and their dicks got hard and bouncy once more as they went to have some rounds of sex before class started.


Later on, Astral was thinking more about what being a human really was. As much as Astral knew about humans, there still were some things about human life he was curious about. Of course, Yuma had once said that there are some things in this world people still don’t know the answer too.


At the same time as Astral was debating this, he was also still getting used to being a human too. He decided it would be best to consult two people who were once humans, then Barians, and now back to humans again. Maybe they might know the meaning of human life! He asked Mizar and Dumon to meet him during lunch, as students were allowed to eat outside. When Astral got there, he saw they were both totally naked with Mizar’s dick up Dumon’s ass. 


“Yes...yes!” Dumon cried, “Kattobingu!” Dumon’s dick started quickly shooting a massive stream of cum. “Kattobingu!” Mizar cried and his dick did the same, only it overfilled Dumon’s butt. As they gasped for air, they both smiled as they kept feeling waves of pleasure. They then spotted Astral.


“Hey….Astral,” Mizar said, “We didn’t know when you were coming...ugh...yes...so we thought we'd get in a quickie.” Astral smiled. “I don’t mind,” he replied. Mizar pulled out of Dumon’s ass and a pool of cum poured out. Their dicks kept shooting massive amounts of cum as well.  


Once they both calmed down and put their uniforms back on, Astral finally got to sit down, eat lunch, and ask them a question that was on his mind: “What exactly is a human’s goal in life?”

Dumon looked to Mizar and Mizar stood up, with his massive dick bouncing like an anime girl’s bouncy boobs. “Well, to me, being human means knowing who you are and that other people understand that. Like III, I got confused for a girl, and still sometimes do. I had to show off that I’m proud to be a dude and a male with a dick, balls, etc.” He lifted up his skirt showing his groin bare in all its glory. Astral and Dumon quickly felt their groins getting stiff at the sight. Mizar then continued.


“But to be honest, having to prove that I am a male made it better for me.” He put down his uniform. “It made me realize who I wanted to be.” Astral tilted his head, “And that is…” Mizar smiled. “To be proud of who I am and to make other people realize that too. We aren’t all perfect either, but if we embrace who we are, then that is a great thing to have.” Astral tilted his head. “So you’re saying that the meaning of life is to discover and know who you are?” Muzar nodded. “Yes. And I’m proud to be a man, with balls and a dick, and having poly sex with a lot of other boyfriends.”


Dumon stood up. “And what about you Dumon?” Astral asked.  Dumon stood up. “Well, I’m going to answer your question about what being a human is to me by showing you.” Astral was confused, so Dumon clarified. “I will do so by doing Mizar at the same time,” he said with a wink. Mizar smirked and they both quickly got their uniforms off and naked once more.


“At first,” Dumon started, “Being human was like this.” He started stroking his meat stick. “I didn’t remember what humans all did before and I had to learn.” As he stroked himself, his meat stretched and grew longer and longer and thicker and thicker. “As I did, I got used to it. I soon learned and remembered how humans behaved each day. We usually have a schedule and stuff.” 


He then put his dick against Mizar’s butt and rubbed it. “However, sometimes we have to break from that schedule. I started wanting to try new things, like going to this school for example.” He shoved his thick, massive dick into Mizar’s virgin tight butthole. “At first...things were scary,” he said as he tried to get more and more of his meat inside. Mizar moaned from having a new presence inside of him. “Ahh yeah,” he cried.


Astral found himself getting turned on and his meat growing too. Not to menton Mizar’s already was too. 


“Finally….I got to try some of this...ugh...new stuff,” Dumon said as he finally managed to get all those inches and all that thickness into Mizar. “And I had to learn the...ugh...yes...things,” he continued as he started slowly going in and out of Mizar, “And slowly...ugh God yes! I learned...mmph...how to get better at it.” He started speeding up and going in and out of Mizar faster and faster. Every one Mizar’s yellow long hair bounced like crazy and they thrusted and humped in synch. This clearly wasn’t their first time doing it together.


“And soon…” Dumon kept going, “I finally got good at those things too. Until...I could do them...yes...without any problems.” He smiled. “But I think the best thing for me to do is...oh yes...was to have sex.” He gripped Mizar’s hips with his hands. “Yes...Mizar...I’m gonna…” 


“I know. Me too Dumon. Let's do this together.” Mizar looked over his right shoulder and him and Dumon locked eyes.


“Kattobingu!” they both cried.


Just like the round before, they both came like crazy. Dumon pulled out and kept spraying, along with Mizar’s meat, and cum poured out of Mizar’s tight behind. Once they got calmed down and finally stopped spraying gallons of the thick white stuff, Astral finally tried to clarify.


“So, what you two are saying is that human life is about learning about yourself or knowing who you are as well as learning new things?” Mizar and Dumon looked at one another. “Right,” they said in unison, “But...” 


“But?” Astral asked. Mizar and Dumon looked at one another. “Didn’t you catch the end of each of our stories?” Mizar asked. “We both said that sex was the best way to achieve our goals,” Dumon said.


“Sex?” Astral asked. He thought about it for a moment. “Well, Yuma did say that spreading love, happiness, and kindness was a human’s goal.” Mizar smiled. “And what’s the best way to do that too?” he asked.


“Sex,” Astral replied.


Suddenly, the school bell rang, signaling the end of lunch, and everyone headed back to class. The three men stood up. “I think we made our point clear,” Dumon noted. “And Yuma seems to agree too,” Mizar added. Astral put a hand to his chin and thought about it all the way back to class.


After school, Yuma raced out of class with his poly sexual harlem. “Okay guys! Let's go blow our bings!” They all cheered and found a place out front to have their orgy. Astral, meanwhile, decided to wait a bit. He walked around the school and watched as almost the whole school was having afternoon sex.


“I wonder if they were right about sex being the meaning of life,” Astral said to himself, “It seems like each of the things they said to me can be done with it. Hmm…”


As Astral soon caught up to Yuma and his sexual boyfriends, he smiled when he saw Yuma having a foursome with the Arclights. “Alright! Lets go!” Yuma cried as the three males helped him get into position. They started going and each Arclight had a different job. III was doing Yuma from behind, while Yuma sucked V off, and IV was having Yuma’s massive thick long cock going into him from behind. IV was also stroking himself from the pleasure Yuma was giving him too.


Astral watched as each massive length was getting it’s own pleasure. He then looked at each person and how they were smiling and crying out for joy with each thrust, suck, or stroke. He could see that sex was giving the love and happiness Yuma talked about earlier. They were also having positions, like the one the four males were in currently, being a learning experience (even though it looked as though they had practiced or had done this previously). On top of that, they were discovering more about who they were and what they enjoyed doing. The common dinominator was that sex was helping them do all this.


Finally, after several minutes of grinding, humping, sucking, and stroking, it was clear they were all getting ready to blow their bings.


“Alright guys!” III said, “Let's blow our bings together.” They all sped up and moaned and groaned even louder. “Kattobingu!” the three brothers cried. 


“K..tt..bin...gu…” Yuma muffled out as he had a mouth and throat full of cock.


On cue, the cum and orgasims started. Astral watched as the brothers and Yuma moaned with delight. They came as though they hadn’t gone to the bathroom all day, but instead of urine, it was cum that came out. Just like before, after several minutes, the cum started to finally slow. Though, it didn’t prevent them all from standing in a giant pool of the thick white stuff.


That pool was about to get a little bigger as V pulled his long length out of Yuma’s mouth. Yuma had been drinking V’s cum like he ran a marathon and hadn’t had a drop of water to drink. Astral chuckled as he knew what was about to happen.


“That pool is going to get a lot deeper,” he said to himself.

V pulled out and there was a moment of quiet. Suddenly, the cum started pouring out of Yuma’s mouth almost as fast as it went in. Though, it didn’t take nearly as long, since Yuma’s body could reject the cum in bigger amounts than any man could shoot it. When the last of it finally came out, Yuma got to stand up straight.


“Thanks guys! That was amazing!” he shouted. The four then group hugged and Yuma gave them each French kisses. When he was done and debating who should be next to have Kattobingu fun with him, he spotted Astral.


“Hey Astral!” Yuma cried as his length stretched and grew longer, “Wanna go a few rounds with me?” Astral smiled. “Sure Yuma. I would enjoy giving you love and happiness, while at the same time being proud of who I am and learning new things.” Yuma was confused.


“Huh? What are you talking about Astral?” Astral closed his eyes and crossed his arms. “Well...lets just say that I’ve found the meaning of life and something that can help me do all of it and much much more.”


Yuma still didn’t understand. Despite maturing, he still had his moments of little kid attitude. “I still don’t get it.” Astral just chuckled and opened his eyes. 


“Lets just say that the meaning of life you and other people have talked about all can be done with one simple activity.” He paused a moment before finishing.




Yuma smiled gleefully. “Yeah! That’s totally true. Especially for everyone in Heartland. With wanting to have sex 24/7, as much as possible, and all that stuff..” Astral nodded. “Yes and I’ve found that it is my meaning in life as well.” Yuma took his hand. “Well, want to go do the meaning of life together and with some more of our boyfriends?” Astral smiled. “I would love to.”


They held hands and went into the orgy of boyfriends having sex. “Hey! Who wants to have sex with me and Astral?” Yuma shouted over the sounds of moaning, groaning, queefing, etc. “I do!” a voice said and it was on from there.


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