A Love of Skirts

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Since Yuma and the guys didn’t want to leave III all by his lonesome wearing the female uniform, they decided to wear it for at least a few weeks.


As they walked to school, Yuma’s dick was bouncing and poking through the skirt. Kotori watched admiring his tall (for his age), thin, tight, and lanky frame. As Kotori watched, she slid her hand underneath her skirt, touching her hairless groin. ‘I want a massive dick like that in me so bad,’ she thought.


Yuma’s cock quickly started getting hard, as he spotted Kaito doing it with Shark at their usual meeting place. Kaito and Shark were also wearing the female uniform, but instead of being pink like Yuma and Kotori, Shark’s was green and Kaito’s was blue.


“Hey Yuma!” Kaito said as he went in and out of Shark’s tight butt. Yuma and Kotori walked up and smiled, as they saw a ton of cum flowing out of Shark’s butt from Kaito and Shark’s massive cock as well. The cum then flowed onto the street and down a drain, signaling they had done a number of rounds together.


“So, where’s III?” Yuma asked as Shark and Kaito. “Here I am!” III cried. Yuma smiled as III was running down the street, his dick bouncing freely with each and every step. Yuma and III both felt their dicks become hard as Yuma ran up to him and they hugged. “Hey Yuma!” III said. The two of them kissed on the lips and then smiled at one another, before going at, just like all the other people of Heartland did dozens and dozens of times every single day and even out in public.


III and Yuma took little time getting their tongues involved and started trading saliva, as their cocks quickly got nice and hard. They bounced like crazy with just slight moments and they started to moan. Kotori, meanwhile, could look around and see dozens of males making out with each other, but her eyes were on Yuma and III as she started playing with her hairless pussy.


Yuma and III, as well as all the other guys in Heartland, had hairless groins as well, so it was easy to watch their groins rubbing up against one another.  Yuma smiled and started to grind his groin with III a little bit harder and more playful. III laughed and the two moaned as they ground their massive dicks together. They both wanted to get past the usual 100+ round threshold per day as usual for all the citizens of Heartland who were Yuma’s age of 13 and older. Finally, whether it was Kotori watching two boys having sex in broad daylight or like Kaito and Shark or Yuma and III being the ones having sex, they all had to release their limitless urges and juices at some point.


“Kattobingu!” they both cried as they came. “Kattobingu!” Shark and Kaito cried as they came as well. “Kattobingu!” Kotori cried as she had finally gotten herself off.


Kattobingu had become, not just Yuma’s catchphrase, but also what everyone in Heartland said when they orgasimed. And with everyone doing 100 rounds a day or more, you could hear it pretty much around the clock 24/7/365.


They all went a few more, “Kattobinu” and rounds when Yuma suddenly heard the sound of a voice calling to him. “Hey Yuma.” Yuma looked up from III doing him doggy style and saw Fuya running towards him. III and Yuma “blew their bings,” and then got up to greet him.


“Hey Fuya!” Yuma said with a smile and saw he was in the Heartland’s male uniform. “Today’s your first day here right?”


“Right,” the TV star replied, “Though…” He looked at III and Yuma’s uniform. “I was really hoping to get to wear the female uniform. It wasn’t made available for me until after I had enrolled and made all the classes and uniform decisions.” Yuma put his arm around Fuya’s shoulder.


“Don’t worry! We’ll go to the school shop today after school and get you fitted for one.” Fuya’s face lightened up. “Really? Thank you” Yuma and III smiled at him. Fuya then leaned over and kissed Yuma on the cheek. Yuma then kissed him back and the two started getting their tongues and moaning involved. Yuma started to unzip Fuya’s zipper, when he heard a voice call to him.


“Come on Yuma!” Kotori yelled, “The warning bell is going to be ringing soon!” Yuma laughed. “We can get a few rounds in. You guys go ahead.” She rolled her eyes and walked away, but looked over her shoulder and smiled as she wanted Yuma and Fuya pleasuring each other.


After school, Yuma, Shark, Kaito, III, and Kotori all led Fuya to the school’s store. However, there was a massive line coming out of it. “Hey! What’s with the line?” Shark asked. “They’re wasn’t a big special or anything today,” Kaito added. They all took notice that line was completely made up of males.


Suddenly, a large groan could be heard and the line dispersed. “What’s going on?” Fuya asked. They looked ahead and saw near the door was a sign with big letters:


“All female versions of the school uniform are sold out! In every grade level.” They then spotted the student council president standing next to the sign.


“Hey Takashi!” Yuma greeted him, “So, the store is out of female uniforms?”


“Yeah,” Takashi replied, “Every guy in school saw how cool and hip it was to wear the female uniform. Plus, it’s a lot easier access for them to explore their sexuality and do it more frequently. So now, every guy who doesn’t have a female uniform wants one.”


“So, how long until I can get one?” Fuya asked.

“Well,” Takashi replied and thought for a moment, “The school usually doesn’t need to order many uniforms once the school year starts. So, it will probably few a few months.”


“A few months?” the group replied.


“I’d be willing to wait a week or two for it,” Fuya answered, “But a few months? There’s an extremely high demand for them. So, shouldn’t they try to get them ordered ASAP?”


“Well...” the president thought, “We could do an emergency order, but we would need to show that they’re is a high demand. We have our meeting in a couple days and we would probably need like a bunch of signatures to show how many uniforms we needed. Plus, we probably would have to show that we can make it the official school uniform for everyone, but with the option of wearing the male uniform...”


“Great!” Yuma cried, “We’ll get every guy in school to sign up and then we can place an emergency order!”


“But how will we do that?” Kotori asked.


“Simple!” III replied quickly, “We can print off a bunch of copies of sign up sheets. Then, we bring it to the school board at their meeting! We did it once before!”


Soon, the whole group smiled and agreed to work together on it.


That night, everyone printed off sign up sheets and made copies of them, so that every guy in school could sign up.


Over the next couple of days, Yuma and Co. went around the school and tried to get every guy sign up for it. However, even some females were in full support of the female skirted uniform being the uniform for everyone. So, they added those signatures as well.


By the time the school board’s meeting was about to begin, Yuma, Shark, Kaito, III, Fuya, and Kotori were all carrying big stacks of paper. They could barely see around them and they were all quite tall for their ages.


“With Heartland Academy having over 10,000 students, it’s no wonder we needed IV and V to help us with it,” Yuma noted. IV and V followed behind the group. “It’s no problem,” IV said as he took a few that blew off III’s stack, “Anything to help out our friends.”


When they got inside, Takashi smiled when he saw them come in with the stacks of paper. The school board members were all surprised, however. After doing some of the usual boring, beginning of the meeting things, they opened up to issues brought to by the audience.


Yuma smiled as he headed to the microphone, in his school uniform nonetheless, his dick bouncing with each step, and a big stack of papers in his hand.


“What is it now Yuma?” the president asked, “We already let III and you get to wear the female uniform, as long as you don’t wear any underwear or undergarments. Plus, before this meeting in fact, we had been told that the school’s sexual activity has greatly increased, in just the short amount of time since the switch over. Which must include you and make us all very happy with the change.”


“It is a good change,” Yuma replied, “And III and all the guys that are wearing the female uniform love it. It lets our dicks bounce free of constraint, lets us get to show off our body just like the females have for many years, and of course provide easier and faster access for exploring our sexuality. However, there still seems to be an issue that needs to be addressed. You see, now every male student wants to wear the female uniform and we would like to make it the standard for every student. They can still have the option to wear the male uniform, of course, but once they get to try the female one out and experience it’s benefits, I doubt they will switch back. In order for the school to order a bunch of uniforms, since they only order a small amount a few times a year once the school year has started, they need proof, and rough estimate for the amount to order. We have collected every single student’s signature from Heartland Academy, which you can verify for yourself, saying that they want the female uniform to become the standard uniform for everyone, as well as be able to place an order so that all male students can get a uniform. On top of that, with our order being so big, we found out that the company will come out and make sure that the uniforms are at wrist or buttocks length, whichever is shorter, and do the tailoring for free.”


All the school board members smiled. Yuma and his friends all put the information on the school board’s long table. As they walked back, each of their tight butts were shown off in their uniform, as the air in the building blew their skirts up. The board then looked at the information and nodded.


“Well Yuma, as long as your information is accurate, I think we can happily accept this offer. Unless of course, there are any objections.” He looked at the other members and everyone shook their head, to signal no opposition.


“Okay. By unanimous decision, we elect to:


#1 Make the female uniform standard for every student, regardless of sexuality, unless there is any objection

And #2 Place an emergency order on uniforms, so that all students can be fitted and tailored for them for the following school week.”


The gavel swang down and everyone cheered. Fuya went over to Yuma and hugged him. “Thank you Yuma!” he said with a big smile.


That weekend, all the male students were in line at school to get their uniforms to be the correct shortness and size. Even females came to make sure their uniforms weren’t too long or could be as short as possible.


As Fuya got his done and tailored, he smiled as his friends looked on. When he was done, he ran on over, his dick bouncing happily as the rest of his body was.


“I can’t wait until Monday!” Fuya said, “It’s going to be so cool having everyone with the same freedom and happiness of wearing this. And it’s all thanks to you Yuma.” Yuma blushed as Fuya hugged him.


“Well, it’s not just me, but everyone else here too,” he noted as Kaito, Shark, the Arclights, Kotori, and Takashi were standing nearby watching. Fuya went over and gave each of them a thank you hug to each of them as well.


The following week, the sun rose on a warm Heartland City.The birds chirped and there seemed to be a bit more happiness in the air.


As students headed towards Heartland Academy, the was a sense of unity in the air. All the students headed to school with their short skirted uniforms. Bare butst, hairless pussies, dicks, and balls all bare and completely exposed in the gentle wind.


Fuya was smiling as his cock bounced as he headed for Yuma’s house. There, he saw Shark, Kaito, the Arclights, and Kotori all waiting. “Where’s Yuma?” he asked. Kotori giggled. “He’ll be here in 3...2...1.”


“I’m here!” Yuma yelled as he ran up to the group. He smiled when he saw Fuya. “Fuya! You’re in your new uniform. How does it feel?” Fuya smiled as he pulled his skirt up, showing his bare crotch. His dick was long and hard. “I think this says it all,” he said with a smile. The rest of the group licked their lips in wanting Fuya’s long, hard cock inside one of their holes.


“Come on,” Fuya said as he let go of the skirt, “Or we’ll be late.”


As they walked, III went up to Fuya and whispered something in his ear. Fuya then nodded and Yuma was curious as to what it was. When III got back to Yuma’s place in the group, Yuma gave him a curious look, but III just smiled and winked back.


When they got to school, Fuya seemed on a mission. As they approached closer to it, Yuma smiled when he saw it:


The water fountain


The same water fountain that III first went to when he wore his skirted uniform. After III had has drink of water that day, the rest of the group followed. Just like III, stood on their toes, letting their new skirt fully exposed their tight butt for the world. On top of that, their dick and balls rubbed and got hard against the side of the fountain as they drank from it.


The group smiled when they saw Fuya doing the same thing. He stood up, letting everyone see his tight bare butt and everyone got erect (or in Kotori/females cases wet) when they saw his dick and balls rub up against the side of the fountain. They were hairless and completely exposed for the world.


After Fuya got his drink, soon other guys followed suit and line formed as they followed. As the group stood there, cocks fully aroused and exposed from their skirts, they smiled at one another. They knew they were the reason everyone got to do this now.


“This is a new tradition,” Yuma said, “The first time a student gets to wear the uniform, they will drink at the water fountain and let the world see them in it for the very first time.”


And sure enough, Heartland would keep that tradition, even until the end of time.


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